Wendy gone astray


Wendy was a real cutie with, Tight little body. Nothing about her 36-year-old petite body betrayed enough sag to indicate she bore three children. She was enjoying her monthly outing with her best friends and co-workers. Only tonight was different. A group of guys latched on to them and followed them around. They skipped out of the last place and went to a friendly dance club, convinced they had dumped the dudes.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, one of them appeared and dragged her to the dance floor. What the hell? She loved to dance, and the music was hot. She went back to the table and had a few drinks, then back to dancing. She was having the time of her life. She didn’t seem to notice when the music slowed, and she was being held close by his hands on her ass. She felt hands squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples. Wendy was dancing with two guys, how hot. Somebody handed her a drink while she was dancing, followed soon after by another. She seemed to be in a fog, suddenly realizing she was in just her panties and bra. She struggled to break away and was pulled back, a hand in her panties. No one had ever touched her there except her husband. Fingers inside her, she was moaning, humping the hand in her panties. She orgasmed and almost collapsed. She had to get home.

She was led to a side door into a waiting cab. She struggled as her panties and bra were removed,

“No-no,” she wailed as she was roughly entered.

She was a virgin when she married, so the shock of being entered almost overtook her it was so big felt so different. Her head was pulled into a waiting lap, and a cock shoved in her mouth, being fucked and sucking a cock at the same time, she couldn’t imagine such a thing. The guy came in her mouth and made her swallow. She was dragged from the cab into an old house and laid out on a mattress placed on the floor. Üsküdar Escort Someone else entered her, and another cock went into her mouth. She lost track of how many they just kept coming, and she had turned into an eager participant. She lost track of how many orgasms she had. They turned her over and fucked her ass. She loved it. They went at her all night. Then, around 10 in the morning, they dumped her out in front of her house in her torn panties and bra.

She walked into the house past her awe-struck husband and went up and showered, put on clean underwear, and lay on the bed.

Her husband burst in, “Where the hell have you been.”

“Heaven, she murmured your next,” opening her legs.

John went back downstairs confused, concerned. He went back up a couple of hours later to check on her. She was in a deep sleep. He put her nightgown on and tucked her in, giving her a tender kiss. He was making breakfast the following day when she came down. She sat at the table, a nightgown strap slipping off her shoulder, exposing a breast. She made no effort to cover up, so unlike Wendy. Fortunately, the kids were off on a week-long vacation with her sister. So far, no words had been spoken. John started to talk. She raised her hand,

“John, I’m leaving you.”

Again he started to speak. Wendy took over.

“John, I’ve done things which will never allow me to share a marriage bed again. So I was horrified when I woke this morning and found myself in our marriage bed.”

“Wendy, we can…”

“No, John, we can’t. I was fucked by more men than I could count. I sucked cock and swallowed cum, loads of it. I let them fuck my ass, no I begged them to fuck my ass. There is no going back, John, No forgiveness. I’ve broken our vows and went to a place I can’t escape from. I’m leaving, don’t look for me. Now leave Escort Üsküdar me in peace.”

With that, she got up, walked upstairs, changed, packed, and left. She took a Cab, leaving her keys and her car and her life behind. John was speechless, confused, and in extreme emotional distress.

He had married Wendy right out of HS. He loved her dearly. He worked hard, provided well, and built a very successful business. One day, he had it all. The next day it was gone. It meant nothing without Wendy. He sold the house, and the kids went to live with Wendy’s sister, and he moved into a small Condo. He took up drinking and bar hopping, always looking for her. The years passed, and he spent them alone. The drinking finally caught up with him, and he ended up in a detox center, The drying out process was painful, but he took it seriously. It was time to stop feeling sorry for himself.

He gave up drinking and barhopping and rebuilt his business better than ever. He still lived alone and still had Wendy’s portrait hung in the hallway. But, the pain was gone, and acceptance had moved in. There would never be another Wendy. He had just finished his vigorous workout routine when the phone rang. He seldom received calls, so he was a little surprised.

“Hello, John.”

He gasped at the tiny voice on the phone.


“Yes, John, it’s me.”

John choked back a sob and just listened.

“Meet me for lunch tomorrow John at our fav place at two o’clock. If you don’t show, I will understand.” and she hung up.

He was there a little early and seated at their favorite table, and he just sat quietly, not sure what to expect. Then she entered the slim, trim body still there in a long dress to her ankles. The ever-youthful face was gone, replaced by the face of a woman who had seen much pain. She wore no makeup, Üsküdar Escort Bayan and her hair hung straight down her back. Her hands were rough and red. He was shocked at her appearance, but so many years had passed,

John looked into her eyes, then he saw her. Wendy was in there.

“John,” she whispered.

“Wendy,” he answered, reaching across the table for her hands, she did not pull away.

“I have missed you so much. I knew you would come back.”

A smile crossed her face,

“I knew the day I left you would wait for me.”

She went on.

“John, I don’t have much time, two or three months at most. I wanted to spend it with the one true love of my life. I spent these years cleansing my soul of the things I did to you and to find peace with myself.”

John took her home and cared for her. What seemed a trim, slim figure was a frail and tortured body. He bathed her and caressed her many scars when he carried her and placed her in their marriage bed. A smile crossed her face, and her eyes brightened.

A whispered

“I love you, John.”

Were her last words. Her two or three months had dissolved into a few hours

John never learned of her years fighting human trafficking rings. she went back to the group that had ruined her. They soon had her turning tricks. She broke away a couple of times and took severe beatings. Finally gathering enough evidence, she turned them in, and several people went to Jail. Wendy managed to bring down two more groups but by that time. Her looks had deteriorated enough so that she could no longer be close to the higher-ups.

She then went to take care of homeless and battered women. Unfortunately, she suffered several severe injuries standing up for battered women. She worked with several religious groups. Her last trip to the hospital revealed her terminal cancer, she took it in stride and went back to work. One of the older Nuns she had worked with for years grabbed her.

“Wendy it’s time to go home, Love waits for you there. You have paid your dues.”

And so it came to be they spent her final moments together.

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