Well-Planned Bus Ride_(0)


Jack was not a violent kid. Hell, he was probably one of the nicest gentleman of his entire city. Which was exactly why that bitch had some nerve…

Amber broke his heart, plain and simple. He had invested time, money, emotions, everything into that girl for years, and she decided to just hop on the next dick she saw? That was just plain fucked up.

What made it worse, she seemed outright hurt that Jack didn’t want to be friends with her after the fact. “I’m sorry it ended this way too, but we can still be friends if you want. That’s better than nothing, right?” WRONG….

Jack sat at his friend’s party, not really partaking in the festivities. He was merely sipping on his drink, doing a good enough job pretending to be merry. There were 6 guys and a girl all sitting around the dinning room table sharing the hookah pipe, chatting back and fourth. They all were laughing at Matt’s latest politically incorrect joke while sharing the week’s events.

Hannah, the sole girl, actually came up with the idea of revenge. It was such a small idea at first, but throughout the night, it would be honed into a great plan, greater than any of them could imagine.

“You should really pay that cunt back for all she did to you, Jack,” She blatantly stated out of the blue. “I’m sure the 7 of us could help you out.”

“Hell yeah man!” shouted Reg, trying to sound black. “You say the word, we teach that bitch some respec!”

Jack had admittedly replayed giving her a piece of his mind many times over in his head. But not liking confrontation, he had brushed the thoughts away, not wanting to bring it up and cause drama.

“You know, my cousin’s got one of those rapist vans. The E-350s with the sliding doors? With the couch style back seat! We could pick her up in that, and ship her cheating ass straight to Mexico!”

“That’s hella fucked up man…” Travis said sternly, then laughed, adding, “Why let the Mexicans have all the fun?!?”

Jimmy piped in with his monotone voice “No lie, man, she was fucking hot as hell. Wouldn’t be the end of the world if I got to teach her a lesson…”

“Shit guys, whats wrong with you?” Jack said, playing off the situation jokingly. But after much serious debate, (how much had they had to drink?!) they convinced him that they should, indeed, teach her a lesson sexually.

“Come on man, she cheated on you, which makes her a whore. Whores just need sexual discipline, that’s the only way they learn,” persuaded Matt. Finally after a few more minutes of discussion, with even Hannah taking the side of the perverted revenge scheme, Jack conceded. “Fine, if you guys want to fuck her, by all means, treat her like the whore she is.”

The group cheered at their verbal victory, and the plans were soon discussed in detail.

“Do you have any blackmail you could use as leverage to get this started??”
“My friend drives the city bus. I’m sure it wouldn’t take much of a bribe for him to drive in circles while we did our thing.”
“You know, the trick is to make her feel safe. You should text her and apologize, saying you are alright with being friends.”
“I’ll get a shit ton of people to form a boundary around us, so no one will be able to see.”

In the end, numbers were dialed, plans were laid out, and timings were set. Jack called Amber to apologize for his getting upset.

“Hey, uh, Amber?………. Yeah it’s me………. Yeah I know it’s late………. Yes, I know I’m drunk………. Would you just listen to me?….. Thank you. I uh, wanted to say I’m sorry that I reacted so pissy to our breakup. I miss being around you, and if, uh, if you’re willing, I am willing to be just friends……….. Really? That’s great!………. Do you, maybe uh, wanna hang out this weekend?………… Yeah, no that’d be great!………… No, my car isn’t working quite right. Maybe we could take the city bus?………….. I know it’s weird, but I do miss you. It’d get us where we want to go…………. Great! Thank you. Yeah, we’ll just leave after school Friday………. Okay, I lov-………. Sorry, old habits die hard………… Yeah, uh… bye.” He hung up his cell. “Guys, it totally worked. We’re going to Riverside Park after school Friday. Can we set it up that soon?”

“Lemme jus call my boys, I’ll see what they can do,” Reg said, and with that, the subject was dropped.


Friday couldn’t come by fast enough. Throughout the week, the group made little changes to the plan, but kept Jack out of the loop, as the less he knew, the better he could lie. Almost every one of them felt odd about the entire situation, but didn’t want to be the first one to back out of their drunken pact.

Friday afternoon came, and 7th period was finally let out, Jack walked to the flagpole rendezvous with the shakes. It was always where he and Amber met up after school to talk to their mutual friends before piling in Jacks car and driving off. Today, no friends were gathered, as it had been awkward ever since the break up, many of them choosing sides.

Seconds later, he saw Amber come out of the school’s side door, books in hand. She was a gorgeous girl, one of the prettiest Jack had had the pleasure of getting to know very well. She stood 5’4, with red shoulder length hair. Her eyes were green, but when she was highly emotional, they turned a blueish color. Her body was pale, a typical ginger, with 34C boobs, not sagging an inch due to her youth. But it was her ass, yes definitely her ass that was her best feature. Words could not describe the ideal curve to her backside, which was sticking out well past her waist. Her curves formed perfectly, which was a miracle how large her ass was, because Jack could not find an ounce of fat anywhere else on her body.

She was wearing a very sexy outfit today, extremely short denim shorts, which Jack was positive were too short for the school dress code. They were paired with a tight black t-shirt that showed off her cleavage as much as Amber dared to. She walked towards him with a sexy smile and, just as she reached him, she hugged him like an old friend, exclaiming her excitement that he was done overreacting and was happy they could still be friends.

Just moments after, Jack saw Michael, one of their many class mates, come up behind Amber and grab her in a startling hug, to which she squealed, turned around, and planted a kiss on his awaiting lips. “Oh, this bitch has to go!” thought Jack to himself, doing his best to hold in his ever-building rage.

“I told you I was going to the park with Jack today, right baby? I’ll call you tonight when I’m home and you can come over.” She handed her book bag off to him, like he was a pack-mule, and with another quick peck on the lips, she left her new boyfriend and headed toward the bus stop with her ex. “What a slut she is… How can that Michael even trust her with me?” thought Jack. But it was no matter to him, for he knew for a fact she wouldn’t be faithful today, whether she was okay with it or not!

Climbing onto the city bus, Jack paid for both of their fares, as the driver tipped his cap and shut the doors quickly behind them. He proceeded to drive off immediately, leaving the next few kids who hadn’t yet boarded stranded waiting for the next bus.

Amber followed Jack towards the back of the bus, as it was pretty full. She recognized a few of the faces. That was Jimmy, one of Jacks closer friends, sitting next to his sure-to-be gay lover Travis. She rolled her eyes as she mocked the boys in her mind. Directly behind them was another couple of Jack’s friends. Hannah, a slut who must have fucked all the guys she was constantly around. Surely since she was with that group ALL THE TIME, she HAD to be a skank…

Sitting beside her was… oh, what was his name? She drew a blank, but still found it odd that they all didn’t even say hi to Jack as he boarded. Weren’t they all friends?

Jack pushed past all of his friends without saying a word. He shuffled to the back of the bus, which was already standing-room only. He grabbed onto one of the poles for support as Amber quickly followed suit. There they stood, Amber obviously annoyed with the travel conditions. She was used to nothing less than riding shotgun in Jack’s classic Chevelle (sometimes persuading Jack to let her drive.) She recognized yet another extremely familiar face, but couldn’t put her finger on who it may be. Was this yet another of Jack’s friends? She couldn’t remember this specific person, and she’d rather not be caught starting at the bus-folk if it did happen to be a stranger.

Time crept gaziantep evi olan escort slowly, as Riverside Park was a good 20 minutes away by car, so Amber guessed it was nearly double that on a bus. A few minutes later, the bus neared another known bus stop, but oddly enough, it didn’t even slow down, let alone stop to see if anyone needed a ride.

Odd, Amber thought to herself. Maybe there was no one waiting. She quickly forgot about the unimportant event, knowing she was far from a city bus expert.

Jack began small talk with Amber, asking about the new ‘fella’ she was with, and how her family was doing with the change. Amber answered with excitement, as she did enjoy talking about herself. That was one reason she wanted to keep Jack as a friend, he was such a good listener. She could talk for hours, and he was always very tuned in to whatever her life was focused around at any given time.

She explained how he was definitely NOT the same guy she cheated on Jack with, that he didn’t mean anything to her, so not to worry about him, thinking it would make Jack a little more at ease. She continued, explaining to her “friend” that she had yet to tell her parents about the breakup since they had been so fond of Jack, when, suddenly, she felt a hand gently caress against her right butt cheek.

Her eyes widened, and she stopped talking, to which Jack asked what the matter was. She brushed the event off, blaming it on either a pervert trying to cop a feel or an honest mistake due to a sharp corner. She would rather not cause a fuss in case it was the later of the two. She continued her story when, again, she gasped. The hand again felt her up, she was SURE of it! She glanced behind her, only to find the familiar-looking boy from earlier listening to his iPod. He wasn’t paying any attention to her at all.

Amber turned back to Jack, who had a weird look of confusion on his face, as she assured him that it was “Nothing, I just… got cold all the sudden. Stupid breeze.”

The words had barely escaped her lips, when again, the hand touched her, grazing against the bottom seem of her jean-shorts.She tried her best to ignore the prodding hand, but after another 5 seconds or so, it was back, running its fingers across her bare skin, too low for the shorts to cover. She again turned back, only to see the familiar stranger looking a bit TOO preoccupied with something on the ceiling. She turned back around, hoping her accusing glare would crush her molester’s braveness.

Again, she was proven wrong, as the hand returned, this time distinctively squeezing on her ass. She quickly swatted at the intruding hand without looking back. Jack looked even more confused as Amber again continued with her story.

Growing braver now, the hand returned a few seconds later, another squeeze of her ample tush. She swatted it away, harder this time. Turning around, and without a warning, she scolded the familiar stranger with a firm “You had better cut it out, got it?” The stranger looked at her, blankly, without emotion, which really bugged Amber. Shouldn’t he at least be ashamed I caught him? she thought to herself.

She awkwardly turned back around, but almost immediately, the hand returned, lightly spanking her ass. She was shocked that her public declaration wasn’t sufficient enough to stop her assailant. She felt extremely uncomfortable now, and glanced at Jack, who was more confused than ever, asking what the hell that was about. She told him nothing, as to not make a big deal out of it, which seemed to encourage the stranger even more.

The hand started to squeeze her ass without ceasing now. She turned her head slightly, this time asking the stranger to stop in a pleading voice, not knowing what else to do. To no avail, she faced forward yet again, but slapped the hand away with hers.

As soon as she returned her hand to her side, the stranger replaced his, which she honestly wasn’t surprised about. What did shock her was the feeling of a second hand joining the first, squeezing her left cheek. She was honestly worried now, not only upset. She felt the hands start to full-on grope her ass, as she looked to Jack with worried eyes. He looked back at her, unaware of what was happening, his view obstructed by the angle.

One of the hands attempted to sneak into her jeans, entering from her waist band, downward, feeling at the fabric of her lacy panties. Enough was enough, decided Amber, and if they wouldn’t listen to her, they would surely listen to the muscular guy standing beside her.

“Jack, these guys are NOT leaving me alone. They keep grabbing me and will not keep their hands to themselves!” She scolded in a hushed tone, as to not upset the entire bus.

Jack stood there, eyes straight ahead, as if he hadn’t heard her at all. The hand, now successfully feeling her ass through her panties, was becoming rougher with her, as the second hand started to reach around, touching her jean-shorts at the zipper, pressing against her teenage mound.

“JACK! Did you hear me?! Please tell these guys to leave me alone!” Again, there was no change on Jack’s face, no acknowledgement that what she had just said had even registered. “JACK?! Oh come on! Jack! You fucking prick! Help me out here!”

The second hand was now unzipping her jeans, her hands trying their best to swat away the intruding digits. Realizing Jack wasn’t going to help her, she turned her pleading to the other members of the city transportation system. “Help me! These THREE men are molesting me!” That would teach Jack! He would be in just as deep of shit as the other two fuckheads!

As if she had said nothing, not a single body turned to face her. She begged “ANYONE?! HELP ME!! PLEASE!! DRIVER STOP THE BUS!!” There was still no response! What was going on?!?! OH! A girl stood up in the front of the bus! Finally, someone with decency to stand up for her!

Amber’s hopes were short lived however, as she realized it was Hannah, Jacks friend. Amber got a feeling in the pit of her stomach that there would be no aid coming from this girl. Still, she clung to the little bit of hope that the girl would feel pity and save her from this torment.

Hannah walked straight up to Amber, who’s shorts were now down to her ankles, the girl doing her best to squirm enough to at least make her molesters have a difficult time. Hannah looked into the girls eyes for a few seconds, which seemed like an eternity to Amber, when suddenly, SMACK! Hannah’s hand struck the ginger girl’s face. She continued to stare at Amber who was shocked, her entire body had stopped moving altogether.

Regaining cognitive function, Amber raised her hand to strike back at the bitch who hit her, when suddenly, she felt one of the stranger’s hands catch her bicep. Her left was quickly secured as well, as she found she was unable to move either of her arms and could not move her body much at all, as the stranger had a firm grip, not letting her wander any which way.

“Listen to me, you fucking slut,” Hannah said in a cold voice. “You are not getting off this bus any time soon. Every single person on here knows exactly who you are and what you did to Jack. You are a fucking disgrace, and you will learn a powerful lesson here today. Any resistance whatsoever will be met with immediate and extreme pain. Do you understand me, bitch?” She paused for a second, and when an answer was not given quickly enough, she again slapped Amber’s face with a full strength blow. “Answer me cunt!”

Amber started tearing up now. She nodded her head in defeat, only to be smacked a third time, harder than the first two. “I can’t hear you, you fucking bitch!”

“I understand!” Amber screamed, begging for the hitting to be over.

“That’s better,” said Hannah, in a mockingly soothing voice. Amber was now getting groped, her panties being tugged down by stranger number one, while stranger number two, who Amber saw was Reg, yet another one of Jack’s friends, reached around to fondle at her breasts through her shirt.

Amber was disgusted. Reg was severely overweight, at least 300 pounds. He called out to stranger number one “Damn Matt! This bitch has amazing tits!”

Matt! Of course, Amber recognized him now! But… if ALL of these people were friends of Jack…

Amber turned to see her ex-lover standing there, emotionless, watching her get molested. She knew. She understood exactly what was happening now. She started sobbing, a wave of defeat overtaking her entire body. She sank to her knees, at which Hannah reeled back for another blow.

“Hold on, Hannah,” interrupted Jack, which gave Amber new-filled gaziantep fetiş escort hope. She looked up with pleading eyes, begging her ex to let her out of this hell she found herself in. Her hopes were soon dashed, as he continued. “I don’t mind her being on her knees. That’s the only thing she was always good at anyway.”

With that, Jack stepped in front of her, undoing his jeans, planting his member straight in front of her face. Amber looked at him, full of anger and resentment. How many times had she sucked this very dick? Willingly, hell, she even enjoyed it. But this was so fucked up. She would NOT give him the satisfaction of giving in like that.

Jack waited a few seconds before leaning down to Amber, whispering not-so-quietly into her ear. “That’s okay if you don’t want to cooperate. You see Reg there? He’s never gotten the chance to put it in a girl’s ass before.” With that he stood up straight again, Amber quickly processing exactly what he was hinting at. She looked back at Reg, the short, extremely fat friend of Jacks. He was smiling from ear to ear, his face full of excitement.

Amber didn’t even have to think about it. There were no objections this time. She quickly took Jack’s dick in her hands and almost immediately placed it in her mouth, sucking him off full of enthusiasm. Never in her life had she felt the desire to please him more than she did now. Not out of affection, obviously, but out of fear of the alternative.

She had never had a dick in her ass, and never planned on it. The pain she had heard of, the pure disgusting image of a male penis actually entering her rectum, it revolted her so much. Add on top of that, that it was one of the least attractive boys she had seen around school, and you could say she REALLY wanted to please Jack with this blowjob.

Seconds later, Jack smiled, which in turn, made Amber happy. She prayed that this experience would be over once he was satisfied. Again, her hopes was dashed as he spoke. “Hey guys, why should I have all the fun? Gather round!”

Amber was bawling, her blue eyes begging them to stop what they were doing, to just let her go, but none of the boys were interested in what her eyes had to say. She was quickly surrounded by a dozen boys from her school. Hannah stayed in the circle as well, looking just as eager as the guys did. As if on call, pants started to be unzipped, and then dropped, as she was faced by 13 nude bodies.

Her crying only seemed to lead them on, as 4 of the boys, Jack, Jimmy, Matt, and Travis stepped closer. Each of them had their meat pointed straight at her. Jimmy quickly placed his member in Amber’s mouth, which she miserably accepted, knowing the consequences of resisting. The other three in turn surrounded the girl, placing her hands on their dicks, the fourth penis, Matt’s, eagerly awaiting a spot.

Half a dozen phones were now pointing at her from all angles, as the other countless boys were taking videos and pictures alike. After 20 seconds or so, Jimmy’s cock was removed from her mouth, and Matt’s was placed in front of her, which she unhappily accepted. He immediately pulled out of her, and smacked his dick across her cheek.

“Bitch! My dick is a fucking treat to suck! You best beg for it first, understand me?!” Matt instructed fiercely.

Humiliated, knowing there was no other option, Amber quietly asked to suck his dick. Jack walked around to her ass, lifting it up so it was facing upright in the air, spanking her bare flesh 5 times. “I think that means you weren’t loud enough for us, cunt!” Hannah shouted from the sidelines.

In a frenzy, pleading to not be hit again, Amber fully submitted to Matt’s agenda. “Please Matthew! Let me suck your dick! I need your fat cock stuffed in my mouth! Please give it to me!” She begged, very convincingly, and Matt quickly obliged. He shoved his long member passed her lips, while grabbing her fiery red hair, forcing her to take all 8 inches of meat at once, slipping into her throat.

Amber was gagging, her throat chocking on the invading substance, causing spit to drool down her lips onto her, now bare, lap. Matt was extremely rough, as he face-fucked the girl, showing no mercy as he shoved his entire dick into her each and every time. Jack, still standing behind Amber, again spanked her, scolding her, “No one told you to stop wanking the other two, hoe!” Amber quickly realised her hands had went still, correcting her mistake as Jack aimed his member at her pussy. He penetrated her dry snatch, as she screamed out in shock and pain.

The added vocal vibrations, added to the months of having no kind of intercourse whatsoever, was enough to send Matt over the edge. Without warning, rope after rope of sticky cum was hurled down the girls throat. More gagging, complimented by coughing and swallowing, left Amber stunned. Matt praised her for swallowing, as she should, calling her a good little slut. After a couple more pointless inserts of his semi-erect dick into her mouth, Matt retreated back into the huddle of bodies.

Jack, still not finished, still figured it was someone else’s turn, and also joined the ranks in the circle, slowly wanking himself to his ex girlfriend’s current predicament. Jimmy and Travis hurriedly shoved their dicks into the girl’s mouth at the same time, stretching her lips father than Amber assumed they would go. Travis soon left her oral cavity to partake in her vacant vagina, fucking her from behind as his friend had done, only moments before. Not long after, both boys were spent, as loads of cum were shot, again in her mouth, easily handled this time, and also into her snatch. She cried out in horror, “NO! I’m not taking anything!! I can NOT get pregnant!”

Hannah slowly walked up to the girl, and, as if anyone doubted it, she slapped her. “Bitch, you will take it WHEREVER these boys decide to give it to you, and you will be grateful and THANK THEM! Do you understand me?! By the time we’re done with you today, you will be drenched in every orifice you have. Get the day after pill tonight, and pray it works well, because there is no telling who the father will be after all of these boys are done with you. Now… its my turn for a while!”

Now Hannah was an incredibly sexy girl as well. She had straight, jet black hair, coming down passed her shoulder blades. Before the start of that school year, she had had an extremely flat chest, but by some miracle, she had grown into a smaller sized D in a matter of around 6 months. All of her guy friends had taken notice, and she didn’t mind the attention at all. Her ass, while always being outstanding, now had a perfect complimentary chest, making it even more voluptuousness than before. She was a virgin, strangely enough, partaking in everything short of penetration. Her rebellion towards her overly strict mother had escalated for some time now, but she had always kept her cherry intact.

Now that virgin pussy was inches away from Amber’s face, the impatient black-haired girl now grabbing Amber and pulling her face into her awaiting mound. Completely shaven, Amber’s lips were forced directly onto Hannah’s lips. “Come on bitch, pleasure me like you do every one else!” Hannah shouted, making Amber feel genuinely like a slut for the first time in her life.

Sure, Amber enjoyed sex, but what was the difference between a girl who liked sex and a slut? It seemed confusing to her, but her thoughts were interrupted by a hard smack to the back of her head, reminding her to stick her tongue out onto the folds of Hannah’s cooch. As she experienced the taste of her first girl, she realized how… odd the juices tasted. She was not a particular fan of it, but was able to make it through, as to avoid any more pain.

Amber again felt her ass being lifted up, as she again saw Jack out of the corner of her eye, positioning himself to take advantage of her vulnerable situation. He slammed into her with force, picking up a steady rhythm soon. With a dick in her pussy, and another pussy in her face, Amber felt strangely aroused. This made her feel so dirty, so… forbidden, that she honestly was getting sexual pleasure for it. Hannah continued to force her face deeper into her, as Jack continued pumping in and out of her, until she felt herself building up. With a few more pumps, she started screaming in pleasure.

This carried on for several minutes, as more and more of the crowd made the moaning girl jerk them off, but Hannah was getting the main attention now. Amber worked her tongue into the inner folds of Hannah’s untouched snatch, Hannah all the while spurring her on by gripping the back of her head, gaziantep bayan escort pushing her face against her with so much force, Amber could hardly breath anything but the pure aroma of feminine arousal released from Hannah’s longing pussy.

All of the sudden, Hannah’s legs snapped together, clenching a scissor lock on Amber’s ears. Amber cried out in pain, looking up at Hannah to see what the matter was, only to find the girl’s eyes were rolling back, a low-pleasured moan escaping from her lips, rapidly increasing in volume.

“Oooooooh shit! OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!” Hannah cried out to the masses, as a major orgasm struck the girl, making her shake with pleasure. To Jack, seeing Hannah get off on his ex’s tongue was too much to handle. He pulled Amber around, sitting her on her knees just in time for him to reach his limit, shooting his load all over her face. Amber was immediately covered in the sticky substance, as the first few shots landed on her lips and chin. A fourth spurt shot higher, hitting the girl in the right eye, causing her to close her eyelid on that side. Jack planted his dick inside the cum covered girl’s mouth, demanding she clean up his tip, to which she complied with no fuss. Jack pulled out, rejoining the circle, happily spent.

Amber took her finger, wiping the cum off of her eye, in hopes she would be able to open it again without much problem. She scowled at Jack for cumming on her face. He knew how much she hated that, as he had only tried it once while they were dating, and she let him know it would NOT be accepted a second time. Suddenly, another smack landed against her chin, as Hannah sternly scolded her. “Bitch! I told you to take it WHEREVER and to enjoy it!”

Noticing she had a bit of jizz on her hand from the slap, Hannah seductively tasted her friend spunk. She found it didn’t taste too bad and the reaction she received was incredible. So she proceeded to get onto her knees, licking Amber’s painted cheek seductively, as if attempting to turn on the men around her even more. She licked up a large puddle of spunk, deciding to kiss Amber, sending the jizz back and forth between their spit many times over.

Quickly, Hannah stood up, composing herself, and smiled at the nearest camera phone’s direction. Then she walked back toward the front of the bus, sat down, and acted as if nothing had ever happened. Matt quickly followed her, sitting beside her, also done with the little entourage. A stranger named Kevin, one of Travis’ older brother’s friends now stepped in front of her face. Amber quickly complied, placing him in her mouth, for fear of bringing Hannah back here with her painful hand.

Reg now stepped up to the plate behind her, completely dwarfing the little ginger girl with his size. He plunged into her pussy with his average sized dick, making Amber feel sick to her stomach. She could feel his enormous body slam into her, as she sat there on all fours, as quietly as she could, dick still in her mouth.

Kevin, having not had any sexual action in months, was already close to coming. He commanded that she beg him for his cum to be shot on her face. She looked at him as if he were crazy, that she was not inclined to do more begging that night. Seconds passed, and the pair of guys took that as a ‘no’. Reg quickly pulled out of the rebellious girls pussy, pressing his dick against her puckered ass hole.

“NO!!!” Amber screamed, falling completely into the boy’s agenda. “PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR CUM! I NEED YOUR CUM TO DRENCH MY FACE, PLEASE! I CRAVE TO HAVE MORE CUM DRIPPING FROM ME, IT MAKES ME FEEL SO HOT! PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME!” Amber played the part well, and Kevin lost all control, spurting wave after wave of cum, covering the girls cheeks all the way to her forehead, a few ropes finding her hair.

Reg then pushed fully into the girl’s anal cavity, without warning, without mercy. Before Amber could even scream, all 6 inches of his dick were balls deep into her tight, virgin asshole. Amber screamed bloody murder as every neuron in her brain fired nothing but pain. She started bawling, clenching her teeth as the overweight boy pulled out, only to ram himself back in again, the pain starting all over again. This continued for only 5 or 6 pumps of Reg’s hips, when suddenly, he sprayed his load deep into her ass. The feeling of the boy’s sperm inside her anal walls sent Amber into an orgasm so strong, she felt comatosed by it. She reeled back, shaking, screaming her profanities as a wave of pleasure matched the uncontrollable pain. She collapsed onto her belly, laying there, twitching from the aftershock for a good minute or so.

One by one, the remaining guys used her every hole however they pleased. She was filled with a cocktail of sperm in her pussy, at least 6 donors. Her ass was just as filled, now starting to ooze out the liquid. Her face was covered, dripping with spunk, as she was commanded not to touch it until she was told to. She simply laid there on her stomach as the bus traveled on.

She had lost all track of time, but now she looked up to see no circle around her. The bus was filled in a similar fashion to when she had first boarded. She heard Kevin shout out to Jack, “Hey man, I just finished this video, tell me what you think!” Silence followed for a good 15 seconds, until Jack’s phone went off, declaring the incoming text message. Immediately Amber heard her own voice over the phones speakers. “I NEED YOUR CUM TO DRENCH MY FACE! PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME!”

Amber bowed her head, knowing exactly what would happen next. She would be blackmailed, sworn to secrecy of this event. Jack called Reg over, asking for his phone as well. He sat on both phones for a good 5 minutes, saying absolutely nothing for the longest time. Finally he got up, approaching the expecting girl. She played out the conversation in her head. “If you don’t want anyone to see this, you’ll keep your mouth shut!”

That was not what Jack had in mind at all…

“Alright, cunt, I just got done sending this to your parents, along with a detailed text of “this is why your daughter is single now.” I informed them that this video was you cheating on me, and that is why we broke up. I’m sure you’ll be getting a call from them any minute. You are at liberty to try to talk your way out of it however you wish, but keep in mind that the video is pretty good evidence that you loved every second of it, and even that you organized the whole thing.”

Amber sat there, stunned. That was not what she was expecting. Sure enough, moments later, her phone buzzed, still being on vibrate from school. She reached for her wadded up jeans, finding her phone in the front pocket where she had left it.

She pressed the answer button, but couldn’t even force a hello out of her mouth. After a few seconds of stunned silence, she heard her father’s voice. “Amber? I just got a text from some random number… It was not something I ever wished to see. I really don’t understand what happened to make you do such a thing, but know for sure, your mom and I are not impressed. Expect some major changes around here, understand?” He waited for a response, and after not getting anything from his daughter, still in shock, he hung up, furious.

Hannah was approaching the dumbfounded girl when Amber noticed something metallic in her hand. She shrieked when she saw the needle, retreating, but being held down by Jack and Reg.

Hannah bent down to Amber’s level, and whispered softly to her “Don’t worry now, it’s only a little heroine. Well… it’s a lot of heroine. We need you to have a lot of this stuff in your system to falsify any testimonies you may give!” With that, the guy’s behind her shifted, holding her at her shoulder and wrist. Hannah warned, again in a nurturing voice. “Listen sweety, you really shouldn’t move while I’m injecting you with this stuff. If I hit a vein instead of an artery, and it goes straight back to your heart, you will die instantly. None of us want that, do we?”

Amber froze still, terrified about what Hannah had just said. Hannah was, of course, bluffing. She knew nothing of heroine, but knew that she sounded convincing enough to make the scared little ginger sit perfectly still. She pierced the girls arm with the needle, at an angle that would make it seem self injected. Then, she gave Amber a pill, commanding the girl to take it, or face the consequences, claiming it would only make her fall asleep.

Amber, believing every threat would be properly backed up, decided to comply immediately. She downed the pill quickly, and seconds later, was already feeling the effects. Her head was buzzed, drowsy, and her eyes were quickly starting to lose focus.

She could still make out Jack’s figure, as he bent down close to her face. The bastard was smiling. As her eyes closed, her brain registered his last few words before she slipped into a drug-induced sleep.

“I’m sorry it ended this way too, but we can still be friends if you want. That’s better than nothing, right?”

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