Weekend Worrior


The dictionary will have you understood that a weekend warrior, a man that serviced the long 48 hours of parting and endless drinking on his feet. However this is my story and I’m a solder in the US army reserves, we train hard and fight harder for every inch of respect that we gain.
It would seem that every time I came home off the road there was always a watchful eye somewhere looking out for me. I could always feel the wraith of her stare from the window or as she past me by – by mere coincidence she would find that solo moment when only the two of us where in the darken hallways of the apartment house that we lived in, but I would make her wait for months somehow fuckin her was going to cum to easy or there was just something holding me back… so Dirty Diana was just going to have to wait.
Long red hair she stood out in the dusty streets, but in the shower of this small home I shared with another mate, the candles that burned in the corner and on the shelf helped her hair to glow hues of orange and dark yellow all around the small space. The silky soap of the warm bath slid down her skin so slowly every time I raised my hand to touch her breast or lower my hands to rest along her thin waist as she was riding my cock to the splash of the water hitting the floor over and again. The soft ride was so intense, the hot water pouring in from above and below. I kept one hand stretching her pussy to know end, helping her to take my rather thick cock with some ease, the more I pulled my rough finger back and forth the more she more she would crash into me. The smell of lavender and honey filled the warm room hot and musty from the beating sun that was just starting to set in the low county of Mendoza. I pulled her close not allowing her to move only fell the weight of my cock thick inside of her, a strong grip on her neck she is breathing hot breath of anticipation as we meet eye to eye. I release her then have her to stand over me, the honey Maltepe Escort yellow skin ever perfect, lean thin muscle framed this farmer girl. Dark red hair and yellow eyes specs of tan and brown, she moaned so lightly as I touched her red pubic hair that trailed to her wanting treasures in a single straight line. As if it were an arrow pointing you in the hot furnace of love. Beautiful tones of yellow and sun kissed brown skin overlapped each other as I sit in the warm water looking up into heaven. I assaulted her pussy with my rough toung and nibbled goatee, as she weaken trying to stand in the tub over me with the shower overhead spraying down slow mist of hot water to her back. I got to my feet and twisted her around fast to face the slightly cool ceramic tiles of the all-white bathroom. Behind with that slow mist of hot water landing between us, I took her ass inch my inch, the head of my dick being the hard part to take as it’s so round and fat reaching over 3 inches from side to side. She barked at the wall and placed her face against the cool tiles, when she could feel the passage give way and begin the journey down the shaft, melting down till she reached my freshly buzzed playground.

Knowing she was ready for what lie ahead, I reached around to shut the water, with my strong foot I released the tub as well, we stood motionless until the water and all its slippery soap had vanished away. I pulled out fast, listened has she gasped just maybe she was ready for my tricks, a few slaps to her wet ass sent to a shiver, so I walked her to the bed. Tucked under a window, the thick heavy wood bed sat in a corner no doors just a heavy curtain, helped to keep it tucked away like a sleeping car on a fast moving train.

Our wet foot prints marked the trail from the warm bano, Argentina had been a nice trip for me, hard work and long nights, however with my troop leaving in the morning back to the US, this was the Maltepe Escort Bayan send-off that I had waited for as most of the guy took liberties night and day, my picky ass only wanted the sweetness of honey yellow skin soft like butter. She was tall and leggy like the grape vines out in the country field not far from the base. I took my time with nice conversation whenever we past the fruit stand each morning, (banana,grapes,apple) knowing all the time that if she would allow me one time and one opportunity that I could be that happiness man on the moon. Always picking a banana with care, it was some indication – but not one clue to the thickness that lived in my Hanes boxers.
As we lay in the bed I was taking my time, looking at her intently every inch of her skin played like a melody in my head, that lowering sun now beamed straight into my eyes, she questioned me with questions and again and again “what and why” all I could do is smile. People would tell me Ezekial your smile could win war and peace. I put it to the test as I answer none of her questions, and playfully looked at her body so clean and so wonderfully seanted before me. I rose and pulled her to the very edge of the bed, keening her mound with my rough hands and welcoming touching in fast repeated motion, she moved from side to side and squirmed for release I had no emotion to give as I wanted this yellow skin in my hands as though it where a drug, so with every pull of my tongue I was getting higher and higher.
My God she was so sweet and body so warm from the hot bath, I nuzzled in and kept my face strong in place as her breath was escaping her time and again. One hand cup’ed her breast, the warmth of her thighs squeezed my head and then let go. I could not stop the heat of her thighs and the quiver of her body was enough to send me into sugar shock, I jumped to my feet, she fell on my dick the choking sound was the biggest turn on, so I held her Escort Maltepe close and helped her to breathe and open for my girth. Never before had anyone lost themselves to the magic of giving head, but I could see that I was a drug to her as well. Finally I could fell it was time for me to enter her, so I placed in the buck (missionary) there at the edge of the bed, my feet firmly on the floor as we plowed over and over she begging me to stop and when to go.
My large purple head was filled with blood, strong like steel, when I pulled it out, it popped hard against the suction of her loosening walls. I pulled her in the center of the bed and drew the curtain closed. How allowing her to once again ride me at her will and take control of the race to get higher. With my fingers in her ass I watched her face as she took the time to starch her own pussy, dropping high and low. The ride was intense and it showed on her face, my thick cock getting larger as I can feel the cum beginning to muster up the courage to burst forward. She was so high at this point I didn’t want to stop her and I love every minute of watching the glow of her yellow skin, but I pulled her close to me. My strong biceps surrounding her small frame as I held her every so close to my chest. I was pushing strongly upward, by now she had weaken, and the slapping of my skin to hers was yet another high for the two of us so enjoyed the sound of good sex. The speed of my waist pushing again her firm ass, caused her pussy to sweat even more and air pockets and spurts of cum filled the small space as she came one time on top of another, so wet now my bulging dick slipped out a time or two – knowing that this anal canal would be so tight, I spent my last five minutes fighting my way inside, letting go I place my thickness on the small of her back and let my hot cum paint her back.
When I returned to my small apartment in the middle of the night, back in the US… there she was Dirty Diana with that watchful eye and seemlying waiting for me, as I climbed the stairs with all my gear over my shoulder and ice cold beer in one hand.

© C Cory June2012

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