Weekend Fun


Weekend FunWeekend Fun Fantasy!I have been thinking about this weekend when that guy comes over and thinking about what I want to happen. When he gets here we will have a few drinks and chat for a short while andthen I am going to send you to the store for ice and while you are gone I am going to make him pull out his fat cock and I am going to suck it slowly for a long time while I finger my pussylike a good whore. If his cock is as big as the pics he has sent then I will cum the minute it touches my lips and tongue.My pussy will already be wet from just thinking about what I am going to get. When you walk in the door you will see your Good whore doing her duty. I love it when you watch me; it feels me with pride and makes me feel like a Queen, the Queen of all things sexual and erotic.I know that while you are watching me as I cum sucking his cock that you too will be filled with pride. I want this man to beg to fuck me and I want to drag it out as long as I can. When he is begging to fuck me I am going to stand in front of him and pull my skirt up and push his head into my wet pussy and tell him to eat and if he eats it good I will allow him to fuck me anyway he wants. The minute his tongue touches Escort my clit I will cum and push his face further into me. I am going to grind my fat pussy into his face hard. As I stand in front of him I want you to come up behind me and remove my blouse and bra and fondle my tits and kiss my neck watching him eat my pussy. I know that I will go weak in the knees because I will cum hard when this happens. When you pull away from me I will know that it is time to try his cock on for size in my pussy. I am going to drop my skirt and get on all fours on the ottoman and tell him to fuck my pussy hard. He will come up behind me and ram his cock into me hard and I will scream and cum all over him. I will be looking at you watching you smile at your wonderful whore as he slams me like a mad man. You will tell me to tell him where I love it and I will tell him to fuck my ass. He is huge and so I tense up but that does not stop him from slamming his slick cock all the way into me. I scream from the pain but at the same time I am cumming like a waterfall, the cum will gush from me. I will let him fuck me until I start to feel sore and then I will tell him to take me to the bedroom, but you stop him and Escort Bayan shove your fat cock into my ass and pummel me from behind making me really sore, as you do this you tell him to make you suck his cock. You pull me up by my hair and let him sit on the ottoman and then you shove my head down on his cock and continue to fuck my ass. I pull off his cock and tell you that I am sore, so you pull me up and drag me to the bedroom and you tell me to sit on your cock backwards in my ass and you tell him to fuck my pussy, I position myself on your cock and it hurts but my pussy is oozing thinking about what is going to happen and that is when he sticks his fat cock into my pussy, I feel like I am so stuffed that I am going to split open. It feels so good but I tell you not to move because it hurts but still you push up into me. Then I feel this warm gush as the cum runs out of me and all over your balls, I feel the most intense orgasm and I beg for more. I no longer feel any pain at all, because it has all turnedto an intense pleasure so new to me that I cannot stop. You push me off of you and tell him to fuck me like a whore and then you shove my head down on your cock, I think that he Bayan Escort isgoing to fuck my pussy but he slams into my ass brutally and it feels like it rips me but I cum hard, I have reached the point that all pain is pleasure and I keep cumming as his fucks my ass hard and I lift my head just long enough to tell him to fuck me harder and that is when he fills my ass with cum, I feel it coming out of me and so I keep fingering my pussy until I cum again and fall limp on top of you. You turn me towards him and I see that his cock is still hardand you shove my mouth on it and then you shove your cock into my pussy and you start fucking me without mercy as I suckhis cock. You can hear my muffled cries as I my mouth is engorged with fat hard cock and you pull out and ram my ass, once again the cum gushes from me and he tell me to mount him and now you have both my holes filled again and I scream from the pain and the pleasure, he feels your cock rubbing against his from inside me and screams that his is cumming again. You fill him go limp and pull out of me and then you pull away and tell me to go clean up. When I come out, I tell him thank you and goodbye and that is when you take me to the bedroom and you don’t make love to me like usual, you fuck me like you hate me as I drift inand out of consciousness with each wave of orgasms. You pull out and cum in my mouth and lay beside me stroking my hair as we fall asleep in each others arms. 

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