Wedding Night Blues


“What the fuck are you doing Cathy?”

Cathy jumped up from the bed pushing Danielle aside as she ran after her husband of thirty minutes. How the hell could she have been so stupid to get busted like this on her wedding night? This was not happening to her. She knew it was risky but Danielle had been very persistent all day.

“Wait Mark. It is not what you think. Danielle was only trying to help me adjust the straps on my stocking. The straps were too tight and they were tearing the top of the stocking.”

Cathy was telling the truth partially. She was a tall girl and the straps on her garter were a little short for the stockings she was wearing. Her white stockings reached a few inches above her knees. The lace elastic straps from her garter belt were a tad short. Danielle had done her best to attach the straps to the top of the stockings but the tension made Cathy a little uncomfortable.

She has tried to adjust one of the straps during the wedding ceremony but it was a bad case of mission impossible. Danielle had been willing to make the adjustment but Cathy declined her kind offer. Danielle had fast hands which had a way of wandering everywhere. Those fast hands had been busy all day.

The photo shoot had been unusually long but once it was over Cathy encouraged Mark to go mingle with his friends while she and her maid of honour disappeared to do some girl stuff. Mark reluctantly obliged her asking her not to be too long. The caterers were very efficient and the food was almost ready.

Cathy raised her bridal gown to show her husband the torn stocking but regretted doing that when she saw the look of disgust on Mark’s face. She glanced down and wished there was a hole under her that she could have falling into and died.

Danielle had pulled the slender piece of lace covering her pussy to one side and it was still pretty much in the same position. Her hot dripping cunt was totally uncovered.

“You must really take me for an ass Cathy. You two were having such a good time that you did not even notice me standing here by the door.”

Cathy’s heart sank further. She had been caught red handed by her new husband and there was no way she could deceive him. In desperation Cathy threw herself at Mark causing him to lose balance.

They both crashed to the carpeted floor. There was no distinct plan in Cathy’s mind but she knew she was going to have to fight to keep Mark from walking out and exposing her little secret to their families and friend.

“He is such a hypocrite Cathy. I don’t know why you put up with his black ass.” Cathy was on top of Mark trying her best to prevent him from getting up. She felt some of the fight leave Mark as he turned his attention to Danielle.

“Don’t you dare say another word Danielle or I will make you regret the day you were born.”

Danielle jumped off the bed and pounced on Mark. The two women struggled with him until they were both sitting on top of Mark pinning him to the floor.

“I am sorry to have to tell you this on your wedding day Cathy but this choir boy husband of yours had no qualms about fucking me as recent as last week.”

Mark renewed his efforts to free himself from the grasp of his wife and her maid of honour. The two women were surprisingly strong and he did not want to hurt either of them so he relaxed and allowed the women to savour their little victory.

“That is a damn lie Danielle. I have never fucked you. I don’t even like you. The thought ofise gelen escort of fucking you makes me want to throw up.”

Danielle was sitting on Mark chest with her breast pressed against his face as she continued to restrain his hands. She had her dressed hiked up to the point where her red lace panty was clearly visible. Danielle released Mark’s hands and pulled her panty to one side revealing her freshly shaved pussy.

“I am yet to meet a man or woman who would throw up at the sight of my beautiful cunt Mark. Stick your tongue out bitch. You know you want to lick my pussy.”

Danielle inched herself forward bringing her cunt within inches of Mark’s mouth.

“You caught us fair and square so you have to choices. You can lick my cunt then fuck both of us or you can run from this room crying like a little bitch.”

Danielle eased her cunt down on Mark’s mouth as he extended his tongue to take a taste of this unexpected wedding gift. He could feel the anger leaving his body as his wife’s maid of honour started grinding her wet cunt all over his mouth and face.

“Yeah Mark. Lick my cunt while your wife takes your cock out your pants and suck on it.” Cathy was surprised at the speed with which Mark had given in to Danielle. She could not bring herself to believe that Mark had actually fucked Danielle before. She had known Danielle for many years and fair play was not one of Danielle’s strong points.

Cathy could feel her own excitement rising as she listened to Danielle’s voice directing their little passion play. She knelt between Mark’s legs working his pants and brief down to his ankles. The hardness of Mark’s cock was a sure indicator that even if he had never fucked Danielle before he certainly wanted to fuck her now.

She could feel the green monster of jealousy awaking inside her as she glanced at Danielle’s ass which was gyrating frantically over Mark’s willing mouth. She had just been busted by her new husband but she could not help but feel betrayed by Mark who had only minutes ago pledged his undying love to her.

Could Danielle have been telling the truth about Mark? Had Mark really fucked Danielle a week before their wedding? Why had Mark given in to Danielle so quickly and most importantly why was his cock so damn hard? There were so many questions circulating in Cathy’s head.

This was not the usual wedding night scenario. A new bride should not have to watch her husband sinking his wet tongue in her maid of honour’s equally wet cunt. She could not see Mark’s hands but she was certain that he was caressing Danielle’s ample breasts.

Cathy brought her lips down to her husband’s cock engulfing the head and shaft. This was the second time she would be taking Mark’s hard cock in her mouth. She had been more than willing to suck him off in the past but he kept bringing up all kind of religious reasons why they should wait until they were married.

Religion was nothing more than a lot of mumbo jumbo to her. She really did not care for all those rule and ideas that Mark had been on and on about in the past. When she was ready to fuck Mark would just keep talking his religious trash until she got bored and lost interest.

“Open your mouth wide Mr Mark. I have a little wedding present for you.”

Danielle’s voice snapped Cathy out of her mental reverie. She watched as Danielle raised her cunt up from Mark’s face. Shock and disbelief registered on Cathy’s face otele gelen escort when she realized what was about to happen. Before Mark could protest the deed was done. Danielle forced a jet of her urine straight into Mark’s mouth.

“You have to swallow it Mark or no more of this pussy for you ever.”

Cathy squatted over her husband bringing her aching cunt down on his hard shaft. They were officially man and wife so Mark could no longer deny her the satisfaction she craved. She enjoyed the intimacy she shared with Danielle but Cathy needed a man to quench the fire that burned deep inside her.

The circumstances under which she was fucking her husband for the first time were strange to say the least but she was not about to look a gift horse in the mouth. Mark had caught her with her legs spread and her maid of honour’s face buried in her crotch. Now she had something on him that made them even. Danielle turned around and literally sat on Mark’s face covering his mouth and nose with the cheeks of her ass. She wrapped her arms around Cathy as their tongues entwined. Danielle ran her skilful fingers reached down Cathy’s stomach and found Cathy’s sensitive clit.

Cathy had been close to an orgasm before Mark’s interruption. The sensation of her husband’s cock in her cunt coupled with the way Danielle was caressing her clit drove Cathy perilously close to the orgasmic cliff from which she so desperately wanted to plunge.

She felt uneasy about one little detail. How could Danielle piss in her husband’s mouth like that and make him swallow it as well? She was sure that Mark’s tongue was once again connecting with Danielle’s hot cunt or maybe her asshole. Danielle seemed to posses the ability to get men and women to do whatever she wished.

Their family and guests were waiting in the reception hall. There would be lots of time after the reception to sort everything out. She was a little angry at Danielle but that would pass. After all, it was Danielle who had broken Mark’s resolve to leave and do god knows what.

She now had a fighting chance to salvage something out of this very unusual situation. She blocked out all negative thoughts and took the plunge of the cliff of ecstasy. She felt the surge of pleasure shooting through her entire body setting aflame her crotch and stomach.

Cathy could contain herself no longer. She summons all her remaining strength and concentrated it into one scream that echoed out into the stillness of the night.

“Shit Cathy. You don’t have to let the whole world know we are in here fucking.”

Danielle had her hand clamped over Cathy’s moth to muffle the scream.

“That was so fucking intense Danielle. I felt as though my head was exploding.”

Cathy eased herself up from her husband’s cock which was still rock hard and looking quite menacing.

“That cock felt so damn good inside my hungry pussy.”

Danielle took that as an invitation to try Mark’s cock as well.

“Let see how hard you can fuck me doggy style Mr Mark.”

Mark looked at his wife as though requesting her permission to proceed. “Go ahead and fuck her Mark. I want to watch you tear her pussy up with your long hard cock.”

This was going to be night that all three of them would remember for a very long time. Cathy had just given her husband permission to fuck her maid of honour. She wondered how many brides before her had uttered those same words to their husbands rus escort just minutes after taking their vows.

Cathy glanced down at her wedding dress. She had been careful not to allow it to get too ruffled. After all she was still the centre of attraction and would be on show in a few minute in the reception hall.

“We need to get ready for the reception hall so you two better fuck really fast.”

Mark knelt behind Danielle and eased the head of his cock into her waiting pussy. He could not wait to tell his best friend Lance about what had happened. He had always fancied Danielle. He had kept her at a distance to conceal the obvious. The woman had a way about her that just drove him wild with desire.

No amount of prayer and fasting helped to block out the wicked and lustful desires which haunted his days and nights. He had developed a rich, detailed set of fantasies where Danielle was the star. Maybe she already knew of his favourite fantasy judging by the way she had tried to humiliate him.

He was forced to summons all his will power not to cum when Danielle raised her cunt above his mouth and pissed in it. How did she know that he wanted to be humiliated by her like this? Danielle had his attention and he wanted more of this sexy dominating tigress.

“Fuck me you little bitch. Fuck me like you are a real man and you want to tear up my pussy.”

Mark allowed the words to sink into his consciousness. He had finally found a woman who could tap into a sexual vein that only he knew existed. This is what he had been longing for all his adult life. He wanted a strong woman who could dominate and humiliate him.

Danielle reached between her legs and started rubbing her clit. She was surprised at Marks excitement. Most men she had fucked resented being called a little bitch. She had seen many a man lose his erection and his interest in her when she addressed them in this way.

Maybe Mark would be a great subject for her domination fantasies. She had scored a first tonight with Mark. No man had ever allowed her to piss in his mouth and Mark had gone the extra mile by swallowing it as well.

She was glad Mark was Cathy’s husband. It would be easy to persuade Cathy to share her husband anytime. The possibilities made Danielle’s head begin to spin.

Danielle worked her fingers faster against her clit. She did not want to be the only one who failed to reach an orgasm. She could feel Mark’s hard cock ramming her pussy relentlessly. This was how she loved to be fuck. She did not care to be handled gently. She needed a little pain to push her over the edge.

“Harder mother fucker! Fuck me harder!” All caution was gone and the gloves were off. Danielle did not care if all the guests in the hall below heard her. She was in her element and she intended to do as she pleased. “Oh god. Fuck my pussy. I am cumming. I am cumming. I am cumming.”

This is what Mark had been waiting for. He hated cumming before the woman he was fucking. He grabbed Danielle’s waist and slam his cock into her contracting cunt again and again. He glanced over at Cathy whose hand was under her wedding dress rubbing her pussy as she watched him fuck her maid of honour.

This was the stuff of which Hollywood was made. This was a first for him in many ways. It was the first fuck with his new bride Cathy. It was his first threesome and definitely his first mini golden shower. Danielle was the first woman who had tapped into his secret desire to be dominated and humiliated.

Wedding nights should be memorable and special and his definitely was both. There was no need to hold back any longer. Danielle and Cathy had cum already and their guests were waiting. Marked closed his eyes and grunted as he shot his load of cum inside Danielle’s receptive cunt

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