Watching my mother with men weakens my resolve


Watching my mother with men weakens my resolveMy mother was into BDSM, she would writhe in pleasure unashamedly as the group of men pleasured themselves while touching her intimately, she helpless to their sexual lusting, pulling hard on one rope, the rope between her legs, as they sprayed their adoration onto her exposed flesh and endured their differing flavours, when they cleaned themselves on her moist lips.I grew up witnessing ‘Facials and Cream-pies’, from men who were neighbors, who’s daughters I went to school with, I watched silently from my secluded hiding spot, as their fathers, some pillars within the church, traded their halos for horns, and penetrated my mothers hot flesh, as other held her open for their manhood’s to enter and freely seed.The act of istanbul escort sex changes people, turns them from lambs of God, to monsters of Satan, my mother preached purity and chastity, then in the heat of desire, begged for the unspeakable, her white flesh marked by the leather tawse, the pain drawing pleasure, the tawse marking and drawing blood, while she begged for more.She wore high necked clothes and mid length frocks, hiding her unadulterated marking, people thought her a bible thumping convert, in truth she hid her sexual excesses, her markings and sexual decadency, her thin veil to the world, and the men who new better as she passed them walking with their own wives, sending her secret signals avcılar escort to them, yearning for more markings. Of course I was drawn into their excesses, as I watched men drop their facades and become vile over a beautiful nymphomaniac, their excesses were fodder for my mother, and with their heightened senses, I could feel they were smelling my heat, an uncontrollable heat emanating from my ever warming lubrication’s, their nostrils flaring as my teenage odors wafted amongst them, like vampires seeking warm blood, they knew of my existence, they just needed to find me, and drag me amongst them.They set traps and conspired to lure me out, the mother was a submissive, surely a product from her excesses, will be of similar chaste, şirinevler escort my virginity became a quest, my panties drawer a cock wipe, they were leaving their affection in the gusset of my school knickers, soiling them as a message of their need of me, I had developed senses for men’s cum, its colour, smell and shamefully, its acrid taste.How many teenage girls conjure an image of standing naked by their knickers drawer, her eyes closed as her face caresses her panties, freshly soiled by desirous men, their still warm sperm smearing her nose and lips, their fresh deposits heightening her touching, sperming her onto orgasm, my knees buckling as it comes in waves, uttering, ‘I will be there soon’, my mothers debauchery growing within me, the urge to be taken, tied and fucked, breaking my will, protecting my cherished virginity until fifteen, seems distant, though twelve days to go, I have two more meets to endure, on Friday night the first, but my flesh is too weak, I need your help, please join me on Friday and see if these dirty old men find me, and release their fever over me.

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