Watching Kate


Chapter 1

The men shook hands. The deal had been done.

Carlos had asked Mark to his office on the recommendation of a friend. He took out a brown envelope and handed it over.

“Half now and the rest in two weeks.” He said without a hint of question in his voice.

Mark took the envelope and deposited it into his rucksack, then turned back to Carlos who was now searching in his desk draw. He could see a half empty bottle of whisky, a large box of expensive cigars and a few porn magazines. Nothing unusual for an aging business tycoon. He had expected to see a gun but that may have been hidden elsewhere.

His eyes swept over the room. Someone had tried to decorate it so it looked cosy but had only made it look stuffy despite the high ceilings. Carlos was sat in a brown leather high backed chair, the deep studs made it looked cushioned and soft, but as it was identical to the one Mark had chosen to sit in he knew this was not the case. A fire roared in the fireplace throwing out the heat of a furnace, and upon the chimney breast a large dark oil painting sat, supposedly of a fresh open countryside but as the picture was so old and dark it only forced the room to look smaller and dingier than it actually was.

Carlos pulled out another larger envelope and passed it to Mark. He looked inside there were a few photos and some slips of paper with various names of gyms and tennis clubs written on them.

“I’ve listed the membership subscriptions that I pay for, the names of her favourite restaurants, hairdressers, beauticians and a few of her close friends.”

Mark nodded and glanced at one of the photos, he was surprised to find that Kate was stunning. Her hair was shoulder length and golden blonde; she had clear blue eyes and full red pouting lips. The thing that stood out most was that she was at least 20 years younger than Carlos; she could have easily been mistaken for his daughter. Mark wondered why she had married him. Probably for his money he decided as he slipped the photo back.

They shook hands again and arranged to meet again in 2 weeks. With that Mark picked up his rucksack and walked out of the warm office onto the slightly cooler hallway. He dug his car keys out of his pocket and made his way down the stairs. A large bodyguard was waiting with the door open he nodded.

“Goodbye sir.” The bodyguard muttered in a gruff deep voice that reminded Mark of Barry white.

Outside the brown, crinkly leaves were swirling in the fresh autumn breeze; he pulled his jacket tighter around him and briskly walked to his car. Once inside he immediately started the engine, put the heaters on and started his journey back to the apartment he had rented especially for this job.

On the 40 minute drive Mark thought about the case; it had started 3 weeks ago when a friend rang him to say he had recommended his services to Carlos Santino, a rich business man who 30 years ago was one of the most feared men in the West End, but after a few years he had faded into obscurity, the rumours being that he wasn’t as tough as he thought he was. Carlos had phoned the next day to ask if Mark would follow his wife as he suspected her to be having an affair. Mark had agreed and they had arranged today’s discussion.

Being a private detective Mark looked into Carlos’ finances, personal life and health before going to see him.

It turned out that he was a very wealthy man who had had a string of affairs mostly with 18 year old glamour models, hoping for their big break.

But all the money in the world didn’t buy you health, in short he was dying. 2 heart attacks, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and the latest, inoperable cancer of the spinal cord. Mark guessed that he wanted to find out if his wife was having an affair before he left his millions to her.

The job its self was an easy one, follow his wife Kate around for 2 weeks and collect any evidence of an affair. Mark was pleased with the fact that his name as a respected private detective was spreading amongst the rich and famous, and with enormous cash payments that he could demand for doing something he enjoyed.

Chapter 2

Kate had been in the gym all morning. Her clothes were stuck to her damp sweaty body and she desperately needed a shower. She walked in to the empty changing room and started to take off her leotard, when she was naked she headed towards the shower cubicles grabbing a white fluffy towel and complementary shampoo and shower gel on the way.

She turned on the shower and stepped under the icy needles of water instantly cooling her burning skin, making her small nipples tingly and erect. She lathered her hair and rinsed, the bubbles snaking a slow path between the valley of her breasts over her taught stomach and between her thighs.

As she massaged herself with the shower gel she thought of her lover. Peter had been away on business for a week and was due back today. She had met him at a party just over a year ago and they had become Mamak Escort lovers shortly afterwards. It was a passionate relationship which satisfied her sexual needs, he was also married so there was no pressure for commitment.

In the beginning she often thought of his wife and wondered if she knew, this made her feel guilty but after talking to Peter, he had told her that his wife didn’t like sex and expected him to go to prostitutes, but Peter thought too much of her to do that and had been celibate for a number of years before meeting Kate.

Kate had no feelings of guilt where her own husband was concerned. Her father had offered her to Carlos as payment for debts, and they married with in 2 months of meeting.

Kate had never loved Carlos and had never pretended to, but he worshiped the ground she walked on, and had said that if she ever left him he would have her killed and then kill himself. She knew without a doubt that he would carry out his actions, he had killed before. So she had resigned to spending the rest of her life with him.

After a year of marriage he had grown bored of forcing her into sex and had started to have affairs, which the press always seemed to find out about.

Apart form those annual humiliations Kate had had a good life with Carlos and never wanted for anything except passion and love.

The shower was warming up now, Kate’s fingers slipped between her legs, grazing her lips. Gently she parted them feeling the drips of water kiss her cleft. Slipping a finger inside she thought of Peter, how he licked, tasting her like a fine wine. Moaning gently her finger built up a steady rhythm; fondling a stiffened nipple with the other hand she shuddered as she gently came.

Chapter 3

Unaware of anyone following her she drove into town parked up and made her way to Peter’s office. It was a few streets away from the shops set in the middle of a terrace and consisted of one room down stairs with two desks, computer, fax, phones and the usual tea and coffee making facilities. Under the desks were piles and piles of paper, half finished work, two calendars of the naked women variety and several unwashed plates. Upstairs was a bathroom, a sofa an easy chair a fridge, a small sink and more piles of paper.

He was one the phone to a client when she walked in, smiling up at her he pointed jokingly to the plates, making a gesture for her to tidy them up.

Shaking her head she bent over sticking her pert bottom out provocatively. Wiggling it at him as she picked up the plates, placing them at the bottom of the stairs.

She walked around to his side of the desk and knelt in front of him, opening his flies she smiled at herself Peter never wore underwear not even in winter. He was hard already; she ran her tongue up his full length sweeping her tongue around the thick circumcised knob.

He leaned his head back against the chair and closed his eyes trying hard to concentrate on the person at the other end of the phone.

She placed the shaft between her full red lips and drew it in to her warm inviting mouth. Sucking it in until it touched the back of her throat, his breathing grew raspy and his voice began to falter.

After a few moments of this delicious torture she slid his dick out of her mouth and let it slap against his belly, moving her head further down she took each one of his big hairy balls in her mouth in turn.

He took the phone away from his face, covered the mouth piece and groaned loudly.

“You fucking tease.” he growled

Smiling she took his dick back into her mouth wanking it with one hand, fondling his balls with the other.

“Yes erm hang on a moment, I‘ll just check my diary” he said pressing the hold button on the telephone and replacing the receiver.

He stroked the side of Kate’s face and gently grabbed her hair. She looked up at him he smiled back.

“God I’ve missed you.” He whispered hoarsely.

He closed his eyes again as he shot his load in her willing mouth. She drank it greedily licking the last drips with a cat like tongue.

She placed his flaccid penis back in his pants and fastened the buttons.

“How have you been, did you have a good trip?” Kate asked as she sat crossed legged on the floor.

“The usual boring meetings, But I did get a new contract he said pointing at the phone”

“Oh my god I forgot, you finish the call and I’ll make you a coffee”

She jumped up and went to the kettle as he finished his call. She switched it on and began looking around for a cup. Eventually she saw one under a large sheet of paper, it had obviously been their for some time she took it upstairs to wash it, taking the plates as well.

15 minutes later she put a cup of steaming coffee before him. He nodded and winked. She sat before him crossed legged on the floor.

“Thanks Jim, I’ll have the estimates with you by Friday. Ok, Bye.”

He hung up grinning at her.

“Thanks, Masaj Yapan Escort mmm. That’s great” he said taking a sip of his coffee.

“I should think so, this place is discust…”

Before she could finish the door handle pulled down. Quickly she dived under the desk between his legs and held her breath. The desk had three solid sides with one side open where the chair went, so she couldn’t see who came in and they couldn’t see her.

“Hi Troy, what brings you here!”

“Hello Peter, just wondered if you fancy coming out for a drink tonight with the guys”

Under the desk Kate ran her hand up Peter’s legs towards his groin. She could feel him becoming hard under her touch. He shuffled down in his chair so she could reach his buttons. Ignoring the gesture Kate continued to fondle him through the restraints of his trousers. She put her mouth on the material and blew warm air against the throbbing phallus, making it spring out further.

She could feel herself getting wet and for the second time that day reached down her jeans and began to massage her hot pussy.

Peter thought his friend would never leave. His cock almost tearing its way out of his trousers felt deliciously painful. He glanced under the desk to see Kate one hand on his cock the other down her jeans. Her eyes were glazed over, her tongue licking her lips.

“Sorry mate, I’m snowed under.” He replied pointing to the vast amounts of paper on his desk.

“I can’t even stop for a chat.” He hoped Troy would take the hint.

“Well maybe next week then?”

“Sure, you name the time and the place and I’ll be there.”

They chatted for a few more seconds then Troy left. Relived Peter stood up locked the door and shut the blinds.

Kate stood up. Her jeans were open, her hair tousled. She looked beautiful.

“You’re a naughty girl,” He growled “You deserve a spanking.”

He grabbed her and roughly spun her around and forced her over the desk, ripping her jeans down with one hand the other pressed down between her shoulders, pushing her against the flat surface. A sharp slap sounded, Kate moaned loudly.

“Please don’t spank me any more sir, I promise I will be a good girl and do any thing you say” Her voice sounded like an innocent school girl.

Her firm smooth bottom had the beginnings of a raw red hand mark appearing on it, so he knelt behind her and kissed it softly. He could hear her sighing and beginning to relax across the table. He trailed his tongue across the vicious mark and then blew gently.

“Take off your jeans.”

She scrambled up and kicked off her trainers and then her jeans.

He stood behind her, reaching around, he began to unzip her jogging top. She was naked underneath. Sliding it off her shoulders he nibbled her neck, it smelled of clean scented shower gel. He cupped her breasts in his hands, tormenting her nipples with his thumbs.

Leaning backwards, she put her head on his chest and put her hand on her mound.

Her delicate fingers began exploring the folds, grazing her clit, dipping into her slick hole, coating themselves in the delectable creamy fluid.

Watching her pleasuring herself drove him nearly over the edge, her loud moans made him want to tear into her there and then. Taking her hand he placed her fingers into his mouth one by one, tasting the molten juices, wanting more. She turned around to face him and slowly trailed her tongued across his lips; He opened them slightly pressing his lips to hers their tongues twined together tasting each others heady juices.

He picked her up and sat her on the edge of the desk, she was as light as a feather.

Stooping his head, he took each nipple in his mouth in turn suckling like a new born baby before dropping to his knees in front of her. Spreading her knees wide he lapped up the moisture on her thighs moving upward towards his goal. His lips found the place where her fingers had just vacated. The deep musky scent turned him on even more. His tongue brushed against her clit making her moan even louder. Kate grabbed his hair as he forced his middle finger into her tight wet hole, slowly he withdrew it and then inserted two, then three fucking her with them until he could feel her muscles begin to spasm he removed his fingers and replaced them with his tongue, with a loud groan she came on his face, Sweet nectar trickling from her glistening pussy.

He stood up and kissed her mouth so she could taste herself once more, she grabbed his waist and wrapped her legs around him pulling him closer. Bending his legs slightly he drove into her, Crying out with relief. Then picking her up, still impaled he carried her to the wall and roughly thrust into her again and again crushing her against the cold hard surface until he came with a loud wail.

Shaking, she lowered her to the floor as Peter withdrew and watched peter as he grabbed a handful of tissues and wiped himself then Moldovyalı Escort he disappeared upstairs, she could hear him scrubbing himself clean to rid his body of her scent just in case his wife smelt it and was upset. Kate could understand why, she didn’t want to hurt anybody either but surely he could wait until she was gone! All she wanted was a big cuddle and for him to tell her that she hadn’t risked everything to come here for just sex. But he would be down in a minute and would expect her to be ready to go, maybe that was exactly what it was, just sex, and she was the only one that felt more.

Chapter 4

Outside Mark sat in his car. He had seen Kate disappear inside and watched as she had walked close to the window. Unfortunately he couldn’t see any further in than a few feet, and when a man had entered the office he had tried to look through the door but couldn’t see Kate anywhere but knew that she couldn’t get out any other way. The man had left after only a few moments and then the blind had been closed.

He had taken this opportunity to phone some contacts on his mobile phone and found out that the office was rented by Peter Samuel, a 36 year old project consultant, who had been married for 14 years, no kids, no pets, but a friend of a friend of Kate’s.

“Bingo, caught out on the first day.” He gloated.

He took out a notebook and pen and wrote down dates and times and actions then slipped it into the glove box. Her photo slid silently to the floor staring up at him, he bent to pick it up but instead of putting it back, he closed the compartment door, sat back in his chair and looked properly at the photo for the first time.

She took his breath away with her beauty. The perfect features he saw seemed to etch into his mind. He closed his eyes and saw her small 5”2 frame walking down the street, her petite bottom straining against her tight jeans. The way she flicked her hair when she looked to see if anyone was watching her go into that office, that office where she was probably being fucked right now.

He felt his cock thicken in his trousers.

“Fuck.” He muttered snapping his eyes open.

“I need to get laid.”

Putting the photo back in the glove box he wondered what would happen to her now.

Whether she would be cut out of his will and left penniless, or would he forgive her and take her back. Maybe the shock would kill him. As long as he got paid first Mark didn’t care.

That night as Mark lay in bed he could think of nothing except her. He had waited until she had left Peter 3 hours later followed her to the supermarket and then home, where she had stayed all night. He had only left when he had seen the silhouette of her getting undressed for bed, her gorgeous lithe body stretching upwards as she yawned. He could imagine her pretty pink nipples sat high on her firm round breasts jiggling up and down as she brushed her silky hair.

He had to mentally shake himself and drag his growing cock and over active imagination back to the car. Deciding a cold shower would be the best cure he headed straight to his apartment. Once inside, he poured neat vodka drank it straight down, then poured another. With his dick still raging in his pants, he went straight to the shower, switched it on and turned the dial to cold.

He discarded his clothes and stepped straight in gasping as the freezing water cascaded over his shoulders and down his muscular back to his tensed buttocks. He tipped back his head, wetting his dark hair then brushing it back away from his face.

The throbbing had not subsided.

Fiercely grabbing his hot hard shaft he began to pump it viciously, all he could think about was how Kate’s pretty pink lips would look around his wide dick, how her big blue eyes would stare up at him, how her tits would look when he shot his load over them.

Unable to tell if it was the vodka or cold water making him numb he leaned his back against the chilled white tiles, the glacial stream now ran down his hairy chest, making the dark nipples that stood there erect like hard pebbles. The muscles in his arm strained against his bronzed skin as he wanked his slippery dick, squeezing as hard as he could without causing pain, until he came, shooting hot milky semen into the incessant flow of cool water.

The next day dawned bright and clear, Mark awoke after a restless sleep with a mind full of doubt. He followed Kate around most of the day, a visit to the gym in the morning and then to Peter’s office in the afternoon and in the evening a drink at the pub with a girlfriend.

The pub was small and quiet; Mark chose to sit in a corner close enough to listen to the flow of conversation but far enough away so that he would look inconspicuous and read a news paper. As the night wore on and Kate and her friend had more and more to drink they began to look over in interest. When Kate went to the loo her friend came over.

“Hello, my name is Julia. I’ve never seen you here before.”

Mark looked up from his newspaper. He thought of making up a name, but one glance in his wallet at the name on his cards or drivers licence would have aroused suspicion.

“Hi, I’m Mark.” He replied with a firm handshake. “Just moved here with work last week, I’m just getting used to the area.

“Oh, what do you do?”

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