Voyage of the Naginata Pt. 08


Content warning… violent content… it IS a sci-fi story after all.

Cali is dead..

Il’taira sat again in a deep trance, trying to reach Cali’s psyche. The darkness became overwhelming and she began to get lost. Not only in the darkness of Cali’s mind, but her own sorrow. Over the last few days all of the crew had attempted to console her, but she could not be consoled. As she brought her mind back to “reality” Il’taira’s thoughts began to wander to her past as a child of “cursed origins”. As a youth, she didn’t really think she was any different. She knew she liked different from either of her parents, but they never gave her any idea that was a bad thing. In some remote area of Wrolmar there are even writings of Kurn like her being revered as sages, shaman and soothsayers. But, as she became an adolescent the sideways glances, the whispers and rumors started. As those threats started getting louder, he father became distant and neglectful. Her mother continued to be fiercely protective of her daughter and defense her nearly daily.

One day, her father, on the verge of leaving to save himself, was approached by a liaison of the royal house. They offered to take Il’taira into “captivity” to lessen his burden. He was even offered a large amount of money and a position in their local counsel. He jumped at the chance to be rid of the stigma of having a tainted offspring. The day the men in black robes came to take Il’taira was like a nightmare for her and her mother. She was scared, confused and lost. She was being taken away from the only person who ever did, or could love her. She could very vividly see her mother’s face from that day, tears streaming down her face, screaming and reaching for her daughter as these strange men took her away.

The first few weeks of her new life were almost exclusively in a small, unremarkable room. A bed, small dresser, chair and a privy. If she knew what a prison cell looked like, she assumed it was this. She was visited several times a day by an old woman with dull white skin and gray hair who brought her food. She did have to admit, the food was the highlight of her day. It was the best she ever had. Once a day, about two hours after lunch, she was visited by another woman. Fierce red skin and jet black hair. Her eyes were cunning but also very wise. She never even mentioned her skin, she only ever talked about her life, and if she’d ever “heard ” anyone’s thoughts. This line of questions confused Il’taira until, after months of this routine Il’taira unconsciously answered her questions before she asked them. The next day she was moved to a larger room, with a bigger plush bed, books to read and even a small enclosed courtyard where she could sit on grass and feel the sun on her pale skin.

She began to have regular visits throughout the day by teachers who talked a great deal about mental powers and the supernatural. She continued to hear the questions in her mind before they were asked. She even began to learn to move things with her mind! After a lot of practice.

This lasted a few weeks, until another man came to visit her one day. He was tall, powerfully built and had an air about him. He was obviously very important, but she couldn’t be sure, and he would take her out into the courtyard, sit on the bench with her and just talk. Never about powers, or her condition, just about her life, what she wanted from the future and even her dreams. He seemed to focus on her dreams, even bringing in a scribe to write down the details of her dreams.

One morning, after breakfast the man came for a visit. That day he brought her a small gift. An amulet she could wear wherever she left her room.

“What’s this?” Il’taira asked as she put the silver cord around her neck and held up the silver and black metal amulet.

“Is a very special amulet, I need to wear it whenever you leave your room.”

“Leave my room?!” She looked up at the man wide eyed. He chuckled, “Yes, this amulet will allow you passage through much of the palace.”


“Yes, you’ve been staying in a secluded area of the Wrolmar royal palace.” He stated.


The man smiled and put a gentle hand on Il’taira’s shoulder. “Il’taira, ” it was the first time she’d heard her name spoken since coming to this place. “This is your home now and you can go almost anywhere you like.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I’m giving you a type of freedom from this room and your life…but,” he paused for a moment, his face turned very stern and serious. “I need you to work with a teacher.”

“I have been sir.”

“This will be a different teacher. She will help you find your full potential.”

Il’taira nodded.

“Good.” He smiled at her. “Oh, one other thing. I need you to listen to your dreams.”

“Listen to my dreams?”

“Yes, remember when someone would talk to you about your dreams? Well, I want you to really focus on your mind and thoughts as you go to sleep at night. I will have paper and writing utensils brought to your room.”

“What batıkent escort should I think about?”



“Il’taira, just whatever thoughts enter your mind, remnants of your dreams… anything you think might be of interest. Everyday, your teacher will discuss your writing with you and take the papers away. They will always make sure you have enough to write down whatever you feel you want to.”

“Yes sir.” She nodded. The man smiled and stood.

“Than you Il’taira, I truly appreciate your willingness to help the Empire.”

His words confused her, but she smiled and nodded at him. He nodded and turned to leave.

“Oh, sir!” She called him. He turned and looked down at her. “Yes?”

“What’s your name?”

He smiled, gave a slight chuckle. “It’s Haston.”

“Is very nice to meet you, Haston.”

He smiled and nodded to her. After he left, Il’taira sat and dwelled on the man’s name… a few moments later….The Emperor?!

In their suite, Serra and Kat lounge on plush couches just relaxing and breathing. Serra had been in a whirlwind of “excitement” ever since the Kurn duo, and later trio arrived in her ship. Now she sat in peace and comfort with a woman she never even thought she’d be able to love like she did. Planning to marry in the next few days. The two of them had gotten so comfortable with each other, they could sit in silence and just smile at each other. Serra did break the silence.

“This is so nice.”

“What is?” Kat asked.

“Being here, with you, without a care in the galaxy.” Kat smiled and nodded. “I mean, I know we’ll have to get back to work, but it’s nice to have a break, especially after… everything.” Serra said.

“I am sorry about that… all of it.” Kat replied soberly.

“No! Please don’t do that. I would go through it all again if it meant being with you… getting married.” She grinned.

“Yeah, that’s the best part.” Kat agreed with a grin.

“Tell me something.”


“If you had ended up finding a different ship, would you be back on Wrolmar? On the throne, or as Lord Marshall again?”

Kat thought for a couple moments. Then smiled at her. “Most likely I would have retaken my position as Lord Marshall, but… I suppose that depends on if we had found, and convinced either my father or my brother to return.”

“I see.” Serra replied.

“That’s a strange question, why do you ask?” Kat asked.

“I was just curious if you think if you went back, you could have permanently changed the Empire.” Serra elaborated.

“I would imagine, if I took the throne, I could, but as Lord Marshall, I couldn’t. I wouldn’t have any real power. And I would never want to repeat the mistakes of Kered’un the Dread.”

“Kered’un the Dread?”

“He was Emperor before my great grandfather and the last of his line. After he ascended to the throne, he named himself Lord Marshall and used the Crimson Empire’s forces as enforcers of his law.” Kat explained. “There was no one to question his authority.”

“Oh…” Serra replied. Serra stood and moved to sit next to Kat. She snuggled close and sighed.

“This is the best.” She said,

“Agreed.” Kat said and kissed her on the head.

“Saph, have you seen some place to get something to eat?” Lexi asked the Kurn as they walked hand in hand through the social center of the district the Naginata was assigned to.

“No, but I am kind of looking for something in particu-” Sapphire stopped and pointed. “There!”

She pulled Lexi toward a shop at a corner. Dark glass and metals stuck Lexi, reminding her of an Organization building.

“What is it?” She asked, trying to keep up. They entered and Saphina smiled. “Kurn food!” she declared and inhaled deeply.

“Do you smell that?” She asked. Lexi inhaled and tilted her head.

“I smell it, what is it?” Lexi asked.

“It’s the BEST food ever!” Saphina declared and hurried to the counter. Lexi stayed behind for a moment and watched her stand at the counter and survey the food selection. She smiled to herself and watched Saphina’s excited enthusiasm.How in the core did i ever fall in love with a Kurn?! Honestly, love isn’t a word that I’ll ever be able to use and mean it, but… now, I feel it.

“Lexi” Saphina had been trying to get her attention.

“Huh? Oh, sorry Saph.” Lexi replied.

“You okay?” The Kurn asked as she sat next to her.

“Actually…” Lexi paused, then looked up at the beautiful, white-haired Kurn and smiled. “I’m… very okay.”

“I’m glad to hear that.” Saphina replied.

“Hey, I want to ask you a question.” Lexi said, her voice was low and shaky. Saphina stroked her cheek and smiled sweetly. “Ask.”


A loud crash followed by a scream caught their attention.

“West the hell?!” Lexi said as she jumped up. She grabbed Saphina’s hand. “Wait here.” She said and made her way to the causeway. She looked out into the large passageway.

“Shit!” beşevler escort She swore under her breath. She looked on as a unit of twenty black coat Organization troopers stormed in, knocking people to the ground and causing havoc. Lexi crept back to Saphina.

“What’s going on?” She asked.

“The Organization is here.” Lexi said as she watched the doorway.

“Why? What are they doing?” Saphina was obviously scared. “Why would they do this?”

“I think…” Lexi swallowed. “I think they might be looking for me.”

“You?! But… why?” Saphina asked.

“I think that the Templar who boarded the Naginata must have turned me in.” Lexi explained.

“But why?”

“The Organization doesn’t like losing their property.” Lexi said.


“We need to get out of here!” Lexi said as she scanned the area, looking for an exit. Not seeing a safe way out, she turned to Saphina and looked at her intensely. “When I say now, I need you to run to the left and don’t stop.” She said,


“Please, I need you to get to safety and find the crew.” Lexi insisted.

“Okay.” Saphina nodded grimly.

“Ready?” Lexi asked. Saphina nodded. Lexi pulled her close and kissed her. “I love you Saphina.”

“I love you Alexandria.”

“Now!” Lexi shouted and launched herself and the lead black coat, knocking him down, wrenching his gun from his grip, shooting him in the head. Saphina dared a glance over her shoulder as she ran and she saw Lexi dive into another doorway firing and hitting more black coats. She ran as fast as she could, passing by security forces and into an area not affected by the chaos. Saphina made her way to the area where her suite was. She could still hear the alarm board in the distance. Just as she reached the door to Serra and Katarina’s suite, the door slid open. Both geared for a fight.

“Saphina, what’s going on?” Kat asked her.

“Lexi is fighting Organization forces in the dining causeway.


“She said to find you guys.” Saphina added.

Kat stepped past Serra and Saphina and looked back at them. “Saphina, I need you to go to the Naginata and in my quarters are the Gauntlets of Mellain. Bring them to me.”

Ever the handmaid, Saphina nodded and rushed off.

“Shouldn’t she stay here where it is safe?” Serra asked.

“She’ll be fine, going to the ship puts even more ground between her and the battle.” Kat explained.

“You’re the warrior.” Serra winked at her. An explosion rocked the area. Kat pulled the heavy pistol from her hip and primed the firing mechanism.

“Serra, I need you to stay safe, you need to stay as far away from the-“

“No.” She drew out her pistol, laughably small in comparison to Kat’s, but very lethal nonetheless.

“Please my love, I need you alive if I’m going to marry you.” Kat said with a smile. Her full, dark red lips made Serra swoon.

“You better come back to me.” She smirked.

“I’ll always come back to you.” Kat replied and pressed those full dark red lips against Serra’s.

“Yum!” Serra said.

Just then, Saphina returned, struggling to carry the huge gauntlets. Kat slapped her pistol back in her hip and took them from her.

“Thank you Saphina.” She said, sliding her armored hand into one of them. As soon as it was locked in place, Serra could hear a faint hum of power. Then she put on the other and flexed her fingers.

“Truly the warrior queen of the Crimson Empire indeed.” Saphina said fondly.

“Never to be Queen again, my friend…” Kat said, nodded to Serra and took off down the hall. After she disappeared around the corner Serra took a deep breath and slowly exhaled.

“She’ll be fine Captain. ” Saphina reassured her.

“Ahhh… but you won’t be.” A familiar voice said from behind them. They turned and both frowned. “Devni? What are you doing here?”

“Well, I brought some friends to deal with your friends, so no one would get in our way.” Devni said. Just then several of her mercs appeared, followed by a large man whose face was obscured.

“Why?!” Serra cried over the nearing fighting.

Devni just smirked and stepped aside. The large man stepped forward and pulled his hood down. Serra’s eyes grew large with shock.

“Hawk?! But… how?!”

He said nothing, he just charged toward her. Serra braved for the impact, but he dodged around her and kept going.

“What?” She spun back toward Devni, who much to her surprise, was mere feet from her.

“Hi.” She grinned holding out a small rod with electricity jumping around the end.

“No…” Serra pleaded, but Devni shoved the rod into Serra’s gut and the pulse knocked her unconscious!

Elsewhere, Kat battles Organization troops, trying to get to Lexi who had been trapped inside an eatery. Her broad brutal blows sent black coats flying ten feet back! Bodies lie broken, bleeding and bear death at her feet. The Gauntlets of Mellain hundred a happy tune of violence. Several charged büyükesat escort her at once, they tried to shoot, but the gauntlets had an energy shield that protected her from light arms fire. As the four men closed in, Kat raised her fist high over her head and brought it down onto the ground. The shockwave knocked them off their feet. Another brought an assault carbine to bear and open fire. The bullets were slowed, but a few bounced off her armor and gauntleted fists. Before she was able to step toward him, a shot rang out, exploding his head. Then, Lexi appeared out of a side doorway and waved. Kat smiled and sighed, but before she could even say a word, a huge figure appeared out of the smoke and swatted her away!

“Lexi!” Kat screamed.

He stepped into the clearing and hefted his huge hammer onto his shoulder.

“Time to die… princess.” He growled.

“Khaine? But why? You were an ally to the throne.” Kat said.

“Your family no longer claims the throne. You and your family have been declared enemies of the Empire.”


“And you have been marked for execution.” He smirked and pulled his hanger off his shoulder and grabbed the haft near its seething head.

“You can try, you traitor!” Kat growled.

“Traitor?! You should know, your whole traitorous family is marked and I will put all of you down!” His last word was a shout as he charged at Kat. The blow would have crushed her, but she jumped and rolled out of the way. She flexed her powerful thighs and launched herself at the Grimdrax. Her massive gauntlets almost screamed as they “hungered” for the battle. Khaine’s speed was shocking, he deftly stepped back and swatted Kat to the ground. The impact caused her to see stars as she rolled. She got to her feet but her legs were suddenly weakened. She shook her head and narrowed her focus. She could see Lexi just now starting to stir. Kat gave a brief sigh of relief that the tattooed woman was at least still alive. Kat drew up to her full six and a half feet and flexed the fingers of the gauntlets as she rolled her shoulders. Khaine raised one gloved hand, muttered a few esoteric words and closed his fist. A moment later that same first was ablaze with a bizarre energy, much like his hammer. He pointed his fist at Kat, then opened it. A beam of seething, lethal energy raced out at her. It happened so quickly that Kat didn’t have a chance to react. She held up her gauntleted hand and the blast impacted it. The beam had little effect against the artifact on her hand.

“I’ll take those damned gauntlets of your corpse!” He said and charged her again. This time, Kat just sneered and charged him as well. His hammer swung for her head, she ducked and launched herself toward, the mighty gauntlet caught him on the chin. He staggered back and down to one knee. He shook his head, but Kat was on him again. A fist came from above this time. Crashing into his eyebrow ridge. That put him on both knees, but he started to get up. She followed with a one- two combination that caused the Grimdrax the stagger and drop his hammer! Kat paused to glower at him and like a flash he launched himself into her. Tacking her to the ground, he attempted to pound her with his fists.

“Kat!” Lexi cried and fired at the half giant. Just then, more Organization troops appeared from one side and the suddenly not dead Hawk from the other. Saphina watched from the shadowed level above them. Seeing Kat fight for her life, Saphina began to tremble in fear. Even though her people were warriors she barely received any combat training, she was a royal attendant, not a fighter. Where was Serra, The new comer Amara and… she thought about Cali and Il’taira, but she knew they couldn’t help. She pulled the two ritual daggers she kept strapped to her back, under her jacket out from their scabbards and leapt to the main fighting area. She landed, not all together gracefully.

“Saphina?!” Kat explained while trying to defend herself. Saphina swung wildly at the Grimdrax, actually hitting him across his cheek. Khaine took a swipe at her, but she stepped away in time. This took his balance a little too far forward and Kat was able to push him forward off of her. Unfortunately, right at Saphina! He reached for her, but Lexi appeared next to him again.

“Don’t touch her!” She growled and shot him, point blank, in the face. Shockingly, the shot did little to him. He lunged at her, but she dove to the side into Saphina. The pair rolled and landed at the feet of Hawk! Something resembling a grin briefly crossed his face and he turned his carbine on the two.

“No!” A voice echoed down the hall. Hawk looked up.

“No.” The voice said again, this time with more cool control. Hawk stepped back and stone as still as a statue. Kat began to get to her feet, but was met by Khaine’s hammer and was launched across the causeway and slammed until a wall. She fell to the ground in a heap, unconscious.

“Kat!” Saphina screamed seeing her princess be cast aside and possibly dead. Khaine turned to where Kat laid, moving to gunship her off.

“Alexandria Blackstone…” Miss Kavanagh step through the rubble and stopped a few feet from Lexi and Saphina.

“What the fuck do you want?!” Lexi roared.

“Calm down Miss Blackstone, I’ve only come for what’s mine.” She said with a smirk. Hawk and Khaine stayed their hands for a moment.

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