Visiting Cindy


Jenna is… my friend? Friend with benefits? Fuck buddy? Partner in crime fits best, I think. You see, while we’re rather conservative on our own, together we love to push each other to do things we wouldn’t normally do, and we love to do things just to ‘impress’ the other. You wouldn’t know it from these stories, but she’s quite conservative. If I wasn’t there to push her buttons, you’d think she’s a virgin Ms Prude. Once she gets going, though, well… it’s always a fun ride. I’m rather shy, as well, and without her to be my catalyst, I’d be leading a much more quiet life.

Jenna had been messing with her phone all morning as she had been getting ready for her class. “You know Cindy, right? From down the hall?”

“Of course. How can I forget? She’s almost as attractive as you!” Cindy was her smoking hot girlfriend that lived in the same dorm as me. The dorms are in an L shape with one side being men and the other side being women, with a lounge right in the middle. She was on my floor around the corner, three doors down on the right. I rarely interacted with her, though because, well, I have Jenna, and our shenanigans keep me fulfilled, plus Cindy has a boyfriend of her own, and through he seems like a nice enough guy, our interests don’t really line up.

“Compliment accepted. Anyway, she was telling me about how her boyfriend never likes to go down on her…”

“Well, that’s not what I expected you to say… but now that you’ve said it, why not? It’s the best thing ever! He doesn’t know what he’s missing! It’s probably my favorite thing to do!”

“I know it is, and you’re quite good at it too! I even told her as much!”

“You told her I’m good at going down on you? Is this a normal topic of conversation for you?”

“It just came up. You know how it is. Anyway, ever since I did, she won’t shut up about it.” She took up a posture to imply she was impersonating Cindy ‘And he still hasn’t gone down on me. Not like your boyfriend!… Oh how I’d love to get someone to eat me out like your boyfriend!’ on and on. It’s kinda getting annoying.”

“Well, what do you expect? Teasing her with good oral when her boyfriend’s depriving her?”

“Yeah yeah, I know. In any case, do you want to?”

“Do I want to what?”

“Do you want to eat out Cindy? I thought the question was obvious!”

“What kinda question is that? Of course I do!”

“Good!” She poked at her phone for a few seconds. “Ok. I have to get to class. I’ll be right back here after. You go and tell me how it is!”

“What? Now?”

“Yes, now. She’s in her room waiting for you. But just eat her out, don’t fuck her. She thinks that would be going too far, what with the boyfriend and all.”

“Of course.” I say, somewhat amused by whole thing.

“And no jerking off, either. I want you to save all that for me later, got it?”

“Sir, yes sir!” I joked as she headed for the door.

“Have fun! See you later!” she added as she disappeared down the hall on her way to class.

I made my way down the hallway to Cindy’s door, and not knowing exactly what to expect went to knock at the door, but before I could it opened up halfway and Cindy was there poking her head around the door and waving me in. As I did and she quickly closed the door to reveal that she was already completely naked. A quick turn of the lock and she turned around towards me and I got a clear view of what I could only imagine before. From her perfectly shaped and sized breasts down to her perfectly clean shaven pussy, she was every bit as sexy as her clothes implied. She giggled with excitement as she hopped over to the bed and plopped down on her butt, scooted back on her elbows and spread her legs out to give me easy access.

“Don’t be shy! I’ve been waiting for this for a while now!”

“Oh, I’m not shy, just a little surprised… Do you want me to take my clothes off or something?”

“No need. Besides, I think it’s hotter being nude with you being fully clothed. No more talking, please!”

“As you wish!” I replied and positioned my head between her thighs. She had obviously been anxiously awaiting this because she was visibly wet. I leaned in and started licking around her pussy, not quite making contact with her more tender bits, teasing what was to come.

“Oh, please! No teasing! I can’t wait anymore!” she begged, and I was more than happy to oblige. I gave her a big lick from the bottom to the top as she let out a huge sigh. She definitely had a different flavor to Jenna. More tangy, if you will. Not quite what I expected, but not bad. Quite enjoyable, actually. I proceeded to go to town on her. Probing her as deeply as I could with my tongue, licking all around her folds. sucking on her clit and flicking it with my tongue… the works. She was absolutely loving it and it wasn’t long before she had a shuddering orgasm and pushed my head away. “Too sensitive!” she exclaimed. And took several seconds to recover. “That was awesome! You have no idea. Probably the hottest thing I’ve done in a long time!”

“I’m glad you liked it!” I replied.

“Oh I did.”

“So did I. Nothing quite like eating a girl out and making her come!”

“Wish my boyfriend felt the same way!” she lamented.

“That’s his loss!… ofise gelen escort and my gain!”

“We need to do this again… soon!” she said, excitedly.

“Anytime is good with me!” I replied, and meant it.

“I’m gonna just lie here and enjoy the afterglow. I’ll see you later, ok?”

“Sure!” I answered, and showed myself out.

A little while later Jenna returned from her class. “Well, it seems you were quite the hit!”

“Oh, you’ve heard?” I questioned and she replied by holding up her phone and shaking it.

“I think you may have a repeat customer!” she joked. “Did you like it?”

“Of course! You know I love eating out, and she was delicious!”

“Delicious, eh?” she giggled.

“Yum!” I added.

“I’m really happy to hear that!”

“Yeah. It was really hot how into it she was. She must have been starving for some good head!”

“Oh she is, and I know how good you are. You enjoy going down on me so much.”

“I sure do!”

“Well, you know how you always want to go down on me after we have sex, but after you cum you just can’t quite make yourself do it? The cum just turns you off?”

“Yeah… “

“Well, I thought I do something for you, since you were so willing to do Cindy a favor.”

“What’s that?”

“Well, just before you got over there her boyfriend left.”


“And they just had sex! He came in her just before you got there. You ate his cum out of her!”

“You’re kidding me!”

“I am not. She said it made her feel extra hot knowing she was being eaten out while filled with cum… I mean, she wiped the big gobs away. We weren’t sure if you’d go for it.”

“Not sure if I’d go for it? I wish you told me. That would have made it even better for me! No wonder she tasted different!”

“I’m so relieved to hear you say that. And it’s good timing, too!”

“Why’s that?”

“Well, her boyfriend has another class now, but he had just enough time to stop back at the dorm for another quickie. He just came in her again and is getting dressed right now. She’s waiting for you!”

A bit thrown for a loop I replied “Really? Now?”

“Well, not now… ” She said while looking at her phone. “… Now! And don’t knock, just go in. The door’s unlocked. I’ll be waiting here for you!” She had just got another message on her phone. I practically sprinted out of the room and was walking swiftly down the hallway when her boyfriend came around the corner on his way to his class. I slowed my pace to a more casual one as I passed him, and sped back up as I rounded the corner. Arriving at Cindy’s door, I quickly went inside and closed it behind me, locking it as I did. Cindy was on the bed covered up to her head with a huge grin on her face.

“Long time, no see!” She joked as she threw the covers to the side, revealing her still completely naked form, in all its glory, only this time with a blob of cum slowly sliding out from inside of her. I wasted no time and practically dove between her legs, giving her a big lick and scooping up the cum in the process. It was a more potent form of the flavor I had tasted earlier, and it all made sense now. With gusto I licked her all over, cleaning her up and making her squirm. “That’s the hottest thing ever! I’ve been eaten out before, but being eaten out when I’m full of cum… This is a whole other level!” It wasn’t long before she had another shuddering orgasm and she pushed my head away. “Thank you! That was amazing!”

“No, thank you! I’ve been wanting to do that forever, but can never bring myself to after I cum. Speaking of which, Jenna’s waiting for me!”

“Wait! Do you think you’re up for some more?”

“Of course! If you’re not too sensitive.”

“I just takes a few seconds to pass. Can I…” She hesitated “Can I sit on your face?”

“Sure! I love that position!”

“Oh good! I’ve always wanted to do that! Here, lay down here.” She said as she moved to give me enough space on the bed. Once I was laying on my back, she climbed onto her knees and scooted over top of me, positioning her pussy right over my face. She lowered down and I raised my head to meet her. “My god! Your tongue… so good!” She writhed above me as she ground her pussy on my mouth. “Oh! I can feel more cum leaking out!” I licked her with more enthusiasm as I could taste still more cum that gravity pulled out of her. “Oh god that’s so hot! Oh… my… god!” she exclaimed as she ground into me and she came again. I could feel her pussy spasming as it forced even more cum out, and I licked her clean as she moaned in ecstasy. Finally spent, she fell down onto the bed next to me. Breathing heavily she looked me in the eyes and whispered “Thank you!” as if that was all she had the strength to get out.

“My pleasure!” I replied. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m about to burst!” and I headed out the door and down the hall back to my room.

Jenna was sitting up on the bed reading a book wearing only a stretchy crop top and panties. Looking up from her book she asked “Have fun?” I responded by lifting her butt to slide her down flat on the bed and pull her panties off. Throwing them across the room, I quickly started taking off my clothes. “Oooh! otele gelen escort Someone’s excited! You owe me for this one!”

“I sure do!” I replied as I pulled my underwear off.

“I’m serious! You got something you’ve been wanting to do for a long time, next time we’re doing something I’ve wanted for a long time!” She exclaimed with her knees pressed together, holding for an answer.

“Yes. Next time’s for you!”

“And this time, you make me cum with your mouth, first. You’re not going to last in this state, and I’m getting at least one orgasm out of this!”

Grinning at her, I replied “Good point. Ok. Next time’s all you and one orgasm coming right up!”

She looked at me with puppy dog eyes while sliding her hand between her legs and playing with her clit “Promise? My turn?”

“I promise!”

She spread her knees out in a slow deliberate ‘Opening a large door’ kinda way. “Then you may enter!” She joked, and I started to position between her legs. “Wait!” she let out, raising her hand to stop me. “First, a kiss!” I smiled and moved up to kiss her. She gave me a big slow sensual french kiss as I realized that my face must be covered in Christy and her boyfriend’s combined fluids. I didn’t even think to wash my face, as I was so fixated on getting back here. “Delicious!” She said, obviously tasting them on me and not bothered in the least by it. “Now, get to work!” She exclaimed and I moved down and planted my face right on her pussy. I went at her with all the enthusiasm that I showed to Cindy as I relived the thought of eating a fresh creampie out of her. It wasn’t long before Jenna tightened up and came, pushing my head away. “Ahh. That hit the spot.” She joked. “Just a bit…” she added as she came down from her orgasm. “Now fuck me! And don’t hold back!”

I was more than happy to oblige as I moved up and slid my cock into her with one slow movement. She was more than wet enough, having just cum. As she said, I didn’t hold back and fucked her hard and quick, desperate to unload what had been building up all day. I told myself that this time I would do it. I was going to cum and then immediately slide down and eat her out. The thought drove me closer, quicker. Just as she predicted, I didn’t last long and pushed in hard as I released inside of her and as I did, the desire to eat her out went away just as fast. I fell to the bed beside her, exhausted.

She slid her hand between her legs and scooped up the cum that was dripping out of her with her finger and started spreading it around her pussy. “It’s too bad you lose interest, cause that must have been a big load of cum you just put in me.”

“Yeah. Strange how the desire just drains out of me as I’m about to cum.”

“Well, glad you got to experience it anyway!”

A little over a week later and Jenna’s back over in my dorm room late on a Friday dressed down to ‘comfy’ levels as we hadn’t planned to head out that night. For Jenna this was a stretchy crop top, sans bra, which not only form-fit her breasts and made her nipples fairly obvious, but also left her sexy belly exposed all the way down to her very low cut bikini panties. We hadn’t seen each other all week as we were both busy, and since Jenna had asked me to not even jerk off for the week because she wanted me super horny, I just assumed we’d spend the night, and maybe the weekend, in bed. We were watching a show, but she was distracted with her phone again. I was about to say something when she piped up “Ok. Here we go!” She popped up off the bed, grabbed her skirt and started putting it on. “Put on some shorts!” she said as she zipped up the side of her skirt. I gave her a confused look as I grabbed a pair of shorts and put them ok.

“What’s going on?” I questioned.

“It’s my turn!” she said with giddy excitement.

“What does that mean, exactly?”

“You’ll see!” she answered with a grin.

“Don’t you want to put on a bra?” I asked, pointing at her now obviously erect nipples.

“We’re not going far.” We headed down the hallway and past the stairs, meaning we weren’t going out, and when she stopped in from of Cindy’s door I gave her another confused look. “I think you’re going to like this. I know I will. I’ve been waiting a while for this. Now. No talking until I say so, ok?”

“I’m so confused right now.” I admitted.

“I’m serious! No talking. Not a peep, ok?”


She opened the door and Cindy was in the middle of the room and ushered us in, and I closed the door behind us. It wasn’t until I got in that I saw Cindy’s boyfriend laying on the bed on his back, arms over his head cuffed to the bed, a fairly substantial blindfold covering his eyes and wearing nothing but a pair of sport briefs that left little to the imagination. Not that I knew how big he was, but it didn’t look like he was hard. Probably nervous with what might be happening. My somewhat shocked expression was met with a finger-over-the-mouth ‘shush’ from Jenna. Cindy was wearing a sundress and also obviously not wearing a bra underneath. “So this is my friend.” Cindy said to her boyfriend. “We’ll use the name ‘Robin’ to keep anonymity. Robin has helped me in the past, and can use my help, so here we are.” This rus escort confused me. What would Jenna need Cindy’s help with? “Robin wants to practice sucking cock.” Cindy stated matter-of-fact-ly.

“And so I offered up your cock, because, well, you love getting your cock sucked!” I noticed the bulge in his underwear expanding in response. Addressing us Cindy said “I’ve asked him to not have an orgasm all week, so he should give you a good helping of cum. Will you be swallowing today?” she asked as if she was a waiter asking if we’d like dessert with our meal. Jenna nodded enthusiastically. “Oh good. He does enjoy that! Now, I’m going to put these headphones on him. They’re playing white noise because we don’t want any stray sounds giving clues to who our friend is, plus I think the sensory deprivation will be fun for him. Any questions, anyone?” I raised my hand because at this point I was thoroughly confused, but Jenna quickly waved me down and gave me another ‘shush’ gesture. Cindy’s boyfriend (I couldn’t even remember his name!) shook his head, and Cindy put the headphones on him. She moved close to us and whispered “Talk in whispers. He can’t hear us if you talk real soft.”

I gave Jenna a look to ask if I could talk and she nodded. I whispered “What’s going on?”

Jenna whispered back “Weren’t you paying attention? He’s getting a blowjob!”

“I figured that much out, but why all of this?” I gestured a the whole headphone/blindfold/cuffs situation. “It’s not like you have trouble finding cocks to suck. Did you want to suck his cock, in particular, and just didn’t want him to know?”

“Oh, this isn’t for me.” Jenna responded. “Well, I mean, it IS for me, but I’m not sucking his cock. You are!”


“Yes, you. You’ve already ate his cum. This isn’t that different.”

“It’s quite different.” I retorted.

“Hey, it’s my turn, and I really want to see this. Besides, I think you’ll really like it, once you get going. Sucking cock is my favorite thing to do, besides being fucked, that is. Go on. We’ll be right here to act as encouragement. Kind of like cheerleaders!” Jenna pulled down the zipper on her skirt and it fell down to her ankles. She proceeded to do a mock cheerleader stance. Cindy followed up by pulling her sundress over her head, revealing her skimpy panties, and also assuming a cheerleader stance. I gave her a worried look. “Just relax. Here…” She gently pushed me down to my knees next to the bed, then taking my hand, placed it onto his bulge, and pushed my hand down into it. He let out a sigh. Reluctantly, I rubbed my flat palm up and down his length a few times, feeling him grow harder as I did. “Here. Let me help you.” Jenna whispered and grasped the waistband of his underwear on either side. As she pulled down, he raised his hips to allow her to pull them further. As she did his cock sprung back and smacked into his belly. She pulled his underwear down off his feet and tossed them across the room. I couldn’t help but stare at his cock. It wasn’t bigger than mine. I’d say it was a tad thinner, but about the same length. The head was ‘pointier’ than mine, and the whole shaft managed to hold itself up away from his belly. Mine would just lay on my stomach if I was on my back like he was. I’ve seen cock before, but besides my own, very rarely, and definitely never from a foot away.

I must have been staring for too long because Jenna took my hand and wrapped it around his cock. “Go on!” she urged, and moved back to sit next to Cindy, who had her hand down her panties and was slowly fingering herself. Jenna followed suit by sliding a hand down the front of her panties. I turned back to the cock before me and gave it a few tentative strokes. Every stroke I did caused more precum to leak out of the head. This was new to me. I would only get any precum at all if I edged for a while, keeping myself close to orgasm, and even then only a little. He was putting out several drops with every stroke. I had read that some guys are like this, but never saw one. I climbed onto the bed to get a closer look as I slowly stroked more out of him. It had dripped all over his head and was running down my hand. I brought my hand to my mouth and licked the drip running down the side. A quick inhalation of air brought my attention to the girls whose eyes were wider and hands were moving with more enthusiasm. His precum tasted much like mine. Sweeter than cum, and actually kinda good.

I took hold of his cock again and gave it a couple more strokes, bringing more precum out of the head. I leaned in and tentatively put my lips over just the head of his cock, using my tongue to lick at the opening and tasting more precum. This was way more mesmerizing than I thought it would be. I stroked him again, and licked away more and more precum with every stroke. I was really starting to enjoy myself, so I thought I’d try something else. I let go of his cock, but kept it in my mouth. I put a hand on the bed on either side of him and lowered myself down, taking more of his cock into my mouth as I did. He let out a sigh as I got down to about half his length. I raised up, sucking as if using his cock as a straw, and pushed my tongue down on the underside as I did to pump more precum out with my mouth, and was rewarded by even more. I did this several more times before I realized that I bottomed out and had his entire cock in my mouth and pressing at the back of my throat. I was quite surprised I didn’t gag. I pulled up and then back down a few times, bottoming out each time just to make sure I could, and still, no gagging.

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