VerySexy on a Date From : MrTitLover and VerySex


VerySexy on a Date From : MrTitLover and VerySexYou like nice sexy lingerie and you have a lot of it?Hmm but you like to wear it right?When do you wear it?Never when you go out?Hmmm Gorgeous!!!!Imaging you wearing this with a black short skirt and a dark blouse…High heels and going out for dinner with me…You would be my sexy date we would go to a quiet but nice restaurantcandle lights on the table….and I would place you with your back to the personal and the other visitors…You drink wine ? Red or white?A white one then, I order bottle from the waitressafter she has poured us both a glass we toast on a hot eveningI tell you the waitress is busy at the other end of the restaurant and no one near us… so I ask you to open an extra button of your blouse… hmmm open one more sexy lady…after taking a sip of my wine I ask you to move your blouse a little to one side… so I can see your sexy brashow me sexy lady, Hmmm Yes that is what I wanted to seethen I ask you to make your nipples naked…Hmmm looks very hot, you know exactly what I like!!rub those nipples a bit so they get hard, but before you can do so I can see the waitress coming in our direction…she is with us before you can close your blouse, so she sees a bit of your bra… and your nippleshe sees you are a bit embarrassed but she says its ok…she is used to see certain things… and she winks to us bothDon’t be… embarrass I saw the twinkle in the eye of the waitress; I think she liked it as well…after pouring us some more wine she left again and when I ask you to open your blouse again for me, you first look around and behind you but it is safe again…Hmmm so you go on with your sexy show for me…Hmmm you make me hot…With those sexy nipplescan you make them naked for me…? hmmmm Yes Sexy Ladyluckily the tables are not big so when I reach out with my hand I can touch them… and make them even harder…you like it don’t you? you want it a bit hotter?Hmmm while you sit in front of me and my fingers are touching your nipples I can see the waitress coming towards us again…but she has her finger in front of her mouth a sign not to warn you…she comes slowly closer… while I still touch your nipples…naked and exposed for me until… she stands next to you all of a sudden… I just move my hand away just before she was there but she fully understood what I was doing… and she could see the result as well…very lovely nice hard nipples of yours…she just smiles… and licks her lips while looking at your nipples….On the table I have laid my hands on top of yours so you cannot even close your blouse…you want to order the food now??the waitress keeps on licking her lips while she asks thatas she bends over to pour us some more wine I see you looking inside her blouse as well… I think she also opened an extra button…so we can both see her bra as well…I let go of your hands and order some food for us… You just sit there not moving, not trying to cover yourself as I and the waitress is the only ones who can see you… its oka little later she comes back with the food while I asked you if you likeit that she saw you while we eat I see other people leaving the restaurant… and I have one of my feet touching yours…I ask you to take off one shoe and lift your leg under the table…and have your foot between my legs so you can feel how hard you made me….but then you feel my toes also between your legs…moving your short skirt even further up… My toes feel that hot shaved pussy… you even spread your legs a bit further for me…Added by : VerySexyYou start to rub your foot up and down my smooth pussy.I give a slight start and a small sigh escapes my mouth.You continue to move your foot on my pussy, and You feel me starting to get wet. You tell me to pull open my blouse some more and play with my nipples. By this time the restaurant is almost empty, and unknown to me the waitress is watching us from across the room.You are now running your toes on my clit and pushing them into my pussy. You tell me to take my tits out all the way, I stop and say no. You push your foot hard into my pussy and tell me that we are the last dinners here. I glance around quickly and turn back to you, You tell me to take them out now, and play with them . I bow my head down but I scoop my tits out, and start to kneed them and pull on my nipples.You rub my pussy faster and harder. I keep playing with my tits and nipples and start to moan softly. I close my eyes, and you look over to the waitress and see her with one of her hands running up and down along the flesh exposed at the top of her blouse. You motion for her to come to us. She walks slowly to us , coming up behind me quietly. I now have my head back , eyes closed and my moaning is loader. The waitress is now behind me and you motion for her to reach down and squeeze my tits. She reaches over me and puts her hands over mine on my tits, My eyes open with a start and I look up at her in shock and embarrassment.She sssssssshhhhhhhhhh’s me and pushes my hands away and squeeze my nipples. I moan again and close my eyes tightly. She caresses my tits and leans down and licks my ear, and whispers “relax and enjoy sweaty”Your foot is still rubbing my now soaked pussy. I am humping back at you foot trying get it into my cunt. The few dinners (a young couple and two businessmen) are now watching us.From : MrTitLoverThe waitress is standing behind you and you put your head back against her breasts.. you can feel she isn’t wearing a bra anymore…the young couple is sitting next to each other with their face in my direction, they cannot really see what is happening to you but they can guess well enough. I can see it turns them on tremendously…. he has one hand over her shoulder disappearing into her blouse… and the movement of her hand under the table in the middle of his legs I can see that she is rubbing his dick… probably with an open zipper already…The waitress keeps on rubbing your hard nipples while you move your head slowly from the left to the right and back feeling her breasts against your head. The two businessmen who were almost ready with dinner pick up their coffee and the glass with liquor and move to a table with a better view… they are sitting on the right from us now and can see us very well from the side… but they also can see the young couple who just continue with what they were doing… he even opened her blouse a bit more as well and she shows off a nicely shaped breast with a very hard dark nipple…My foot is still rubbing your soaking wet pussy between your wide open spread legs…Added by : VerySexyThe waitress moves to my side so she is facing the two businessmen,She pulls her blouse to one side so one of her breasts is exposed…She puts her hands on my head and turns it to her breast… telling me to “lick my nipple”. I try to look around, but she holds my head tight to her. I stair at her breast and long hard nipple… Thinking how much bigger and firmer they are compared to mine. I all of a sudden feel the desire to lick her nipple. I hear a grown come from across table. You reach over and take my nipples between your fingers and pinch them… And say to me to “Lick her tit and suck her nipple”. I do just that, thinking this is so wrong but how turned on I am from this. You playing with my tits and you foot rubbing my pussy. Me sucking and licking another woman’s tit. You look over at the young couple, they both are still watching us, he now has her blouse open and is playing with her tits also,. You can see her arm moving a little faster under the table. You turn to look at the two men Bakırköy Escort at the table to our side and see they each have a hand under the table on their own crutches. This makes you think of your own now hard cock. You take your foot away from my pussy and slip on your shoe. You get up from the table and pull your chair around so you are next to me…From : MrTitlover… you saw me move from the corner of your eyes for they are focused on the tits you are licking with your tongue, automatically your hand reaches for my crotch and rub my hard dick through my pants…your fingers are looking for my zipper and you open it and grab inside my pants… feeling my dick getting harder… The young couple is getting more and more aroused and he is now also licking her now fully exposed breasts… she has her eyes closed and her mouth half open of pleasure while still rubbing his cock under the table… the waitress takes your other hand and pulls it towards her leg just under her short skirt and you also start rubbing her leg… going higher and higher with each stroke …the young girl is getting more and more aroused and she is moaning softly… but all can hear her… also the two business men hear her and because I block their view on us a bit they look at each other to decide what to do.. stay where they are or make another move forwards…Added by : VerySexyUnaware of what is going on around me, I am lost in lust. One hand on your big cock, stroking it up and down. The other hand sliding up the silk covered leg of the waitress, and my mouth sucking and licking the big tit in front of me. I run my hand up the waitress leg , up to her panty covered pussy. The waitress is so wet I can feel it through the panties, so wet and hot. And the hard cock in my hand is leaking precum making my hand slide so smoothly on your cock. You lean down to my ear and moan your encouragement to me. Saying “stroking me fast and hard baby, all the way up and down, is she wet on your hand?” I moan yes around the nipple in my mouth. You tell me to rub her pussy, put your hand in her panties and play with her.The two business get up from there table (both realizing that they both have their cocks out and where stoking them) and walk over to the far side of our table. They stand there with their cocks hard and throbbing and pointed at us, they watch our sex play and start to stroke their cocks again. We can hear the young couple moaning loader, both of them close to orgasm. From : MrTitlover The waitress sees the two businessmen in front of her and with Verysexy playing with her pussy she gets very horny…. her hands wink the two guys closer and she grabs both their cocks and starts rubbing them …… because of that move her nipple slips from Verysexy’s mouth … but she moves her head towards my hard dick and she starts licking the tip of my dick….. I take a nipple of Verysexy between my fingers and start playing with it….. one of the businessmen grabs the tits of the waitress….. the young couple now also stand up and come closer to us….. the young guy is so horny that while walking he pulls down the skirt of the young girl and she arrives at our table with her blouse wide open and her tits out and her shaved pussy completely naked….the young guy pulls her towards our table as well and lays her on her back on the table…. the other businessman grabs her tits and starts playing with her nipples….the young guy spreads her legs wide open and ……. Added by : VerySexy he puts his hands on her smooth pussy and spreads the lips wide open for all of us to see. you whisper in my ear, ” doesn’t that look sweet and wet” I just stair and nod my head yes. you say ” don’t you just want to lick her” again I just stair at her spread pussy and nod my head yes. you smile and move my head down to her spread legs and pussy, I stick out my tongue and taste my first pussy (and it taste so sweet) I can not believe it , here I am in a restaurant my tits out a hard cock in my hand a wet pussy in my other hand a sweet pussy at my tongue, surrounded by a bunch of horny peopleFrom : MrTitlover Hmmm Verysexy is a hot woman…. after licking a breast, my cock she now is licking a wet pussy….. I bet her pussy is very wet by now as well….the waitress sees me standing there with my dick out and very sexy licking a pussy and now she takes the young girls hand and leads it to my dick….. Verysexy’s pussy must be asking for some more attention……. and so is my dick…… the waitress is now sucking on one of the dick of the two businessmen and wanking off the other one…. Added by : VerySexywith my hands now free I reach up and start to play with the young wife’s tits and nipplesher husband now has his hands in my hair and is holding my head in place as I lick his young wife From : MrTitlover I make my move and I lift Verysexy from her chair I stand behind her while she is forced to lick that wet pussy, not that she minds to do so,….. I lift her skirt and feel up her wet pussy with my hands first…….. Added by : VerySexyI moan into the young wife’s pussy as you rub my wet look over at the waitress and she is now kneeling on the floor with both of the business men’s cocks in her hand, going from one cock to the other, you thick what a good idea and kneel behind me, and pull my panties down you spread my ass cheeks wide apart , and lick your lips before you lick mine, you lean in and start to lick me with long strokes from my clit to my ass I match your licks , lick for lick on this girl as her husband moves to her head and feeds her his cock .From : MrTitlover the young wife is getting more and more horny and she is asking for a dick to fuck her mouth….. I’m licking Verysexy’s wet pussy and also playing with her tits.. her nipples are nice and hard…… the waitress is now sucking on one of the dicks of the business man.. she is making very sloppy sounds……. the young guy walks across the table and wants to fill his girlfriends mouth with his dick but the waitress sees him and grabs his dick and pulls it to her mouth.. at the same time she turns a bit and offers her wet pussy to the business men, one grabs his dick and puts it deep inside her in one shot.. this makes her move forward so the young husbands cock disappears deep into her mouth…… the other business man now moves his dick to the young girls face….. her hands are on Verysexy’s head and pulls her hard on her wet pussy….. she opens her mouth for the business man to fill her up with his dick… she is licking him….. and he plays with her breasts together with Verysexy.. their hands both rub the young girls nipples…… Verysexy is moaning of pleasure while I lick her….. she is so wet… it feels like she wants to feel something else….. Added by : VerySexyVerysexy lifts her mouth from the young girls pussy and turns her head back to look at you , and says ” Please put your cock in me, fuck me now”. You push Verysexy’s head down to the pussy she was licking and tell her to “keep licking her”. You then take a hold of her hips and push your cock into her very hot tight pussy, all the way till you are bearied to your balls. You start thrusting in and out slowly , savoring the tight velvet grip of her pussy. The businessman in the young girls mouth is now fucking it like a pussy, hard and fast and deep.The girl takes her hands off Verysexys head and starts to play with his balls. The waitress is rocking back and forth on the young guys cock and the other businessman’s cock. From : MrTitlover hmm the pussy of Verysexy feels so hot and tight….. I Escort Bakırköy hold her hips and start slapping her ass cheeks with another hand…. Verysexy tits rock in the rhythm of me fucking her hard and deep….. my balls slapping against her as well… she keeps on licking the young girls pussy … the young girl is moaning with pleasure with a dick deep in her mouth…. her tits are red because of all the pulling and rubbing from all the hands touching her…. the young guy can’t hold it much longer and pulls his dick out of the mouth of the waitress and he turns towards his girlfriend on the table for he wants to cum on her hot tits….. he changes his mind when he sees Verysexy’s mouth licking his girlfriends hot pussy… he points his dick to her pussy and aims at the tongue of Verysexy…. will she open her mouth to receive the cum ? Added by : VerySexyThe young man starts stroking his cock as he watches this very sexy woman lick his girlfriends pussy. he strokes faster and faster , and as he gets ready to cum he tells Verysexy’s date to pull her head back so he can cum on her face and tongue. You grab Sexy by the hair and pull her face up so she is looking at the young guys big cock. You tell her to open her mouth wide and drink his cum. The young guy is stroking his cock real hard now , and is ready to cum. His cum shots out and the first shot hits Verysexy right in the eyes and nose, his next shot lands right in her mouth followed another two loads. Verysexy swallows the hot cum.From : MrTitlover Verysexy is looking so hot with her face covered in cum that the two businessmen cannot hold it anymore… they need to cum urgently now… will they hit the face of the waitress or will they use Verysexy also to put their load on…… ? Added by : VerySexy the two businessmen pull their cocks out of the waitress and walk over to Verysexy. They stroke their cocks a few times and they both cum all over Verysexys face at the same time. From : MrTitloverHmm m Verysexy’s face is now covered in cum……it is dripping off her face onto her tits when she turns to me….. I ask her where she would like to have my sperm load…….. on her body somewhere or inside her ??? Added by : VerySexyVerysexy looks at you through cum covered eyes and says cum on my face and in my mouth. From : MrTitlover The waitress hears the request from Verysexy and while I take my hard dick away from Verysexy’s hot wet fucked pussy the waitress comes to me and grabs my dick… Verysexy turns around and the waitress now starts jerking off my dick aiming at the face of Verysexy….. I’m on the edge of cumming and just when Verysexy wants to lick and kiss the tip of my dick I give her the first load of sperm right on her lips and in her nose… the waitress keeps on rubbing my dick and more loads follow all in the face of Veysexy….. I would love to see her face covered with cum like that …..while I was cumming Verysexy was rubbing her clit and she came right with me….. She is such a Hottie !! Added by : VerySexyThe waitress stops stroking your cock after you are done cumming all over my face, and kneels down in front of me. She puts her hands on my tits and start playing with them and pinching my nipples. She leans in and starts to lick the cum off my face. I reach one hand down to her very wet pussy, and rub and finger her. My other hand goes behind her head so she can’t back away. The young man pulls his girlfriend off the table and pushes her to her knees by the two of us and tells her to lick up the cum too. I move my hands so now they are on both of their pussies.The four of you men gather around us and start stroking your cocks. Your cocks all get hard again from watching us. From : MrTitlover I can see that the waitress is playing really severe with your nipples.. pinching them and twisting them….. the young girl has her mouth full of our cum and she gives you a kiss transferring the sperm from her mouth to yours……. you let it drip out of your mouth again so it can be licked for the second time….. some of it drips on your tit and is rubbed in by the waitress arousing you more and more again….. I see three pair of eyes looking at our cocks begging for more sperm to come…… you play with their pussy’s and have two fingers in each…… and they rock up and down on your hands……. the two businessmen have one hand on their dick and with the other they play with the tits and nipples of the waitress and the young girl…. I have my other hand on the ass of the waitress rubbing and pinching her.. sometimes our fingers touch…… Added by : VerySexyI pull you down to me so I can tell you that I want you and the other men to take meFrom : MrTitlover I smile when you ask me, then I lay you on your back on the table and go stand between your wide open legs… all can see your nice hot wet pussy,, and all the men wished they were me. I grab my dick and in one move I shove it between your aroused pussy lips. The young man then grabs your head and tells you to open your mouth. When I start fucking Verysexy’s hot cunt he has his dick deep in her mouth and almost chokes her on it. The waitress and the young girl take each a business man but all eyes are focused on you Verysexy !! Added by : VerySexyThe waitress and young girl move to ether side of Verysexy pulling the business men with them.They take Verysexy’s hands and puts them back on their pussy’s. Verysexy starts to push her hands into the two wet pussy’s, while they in turn stroke the hard cocks of the business men. You and the young man have a hard and fast rhythm going. Fucking Verysexy in her pussy and mouth.Added by : MrTitloverVerysexy enjoys it very much to be fucked in her hot cunt and in her mouth at the same time…. she fingers the wet pussy’s of the young girl and the waitress while they play with the hard dicks of the two businessmen… all eyes are on Verysexy though… we see her all enjoying it so much…. The men are almost ready to cum again and I plunge my dick deeper and harder in Verysexy while the young boy goes deep in her mouth and is now holding his hard dick deep in her… the waitress and the young girl pull the hard dicks of the businessmen towards the naked tits with hard nipples of Verysexy and keep on jerking them off aiming at Verysexy……. all are on the edge of cumming….. Added by : VerySexyThe pumping and stroking keep going on until all at once, You and the young man pull your cocks out of Verysexy and shoot your cum all over her. At the same time the two businessmen cum all over Sexy’s tits. The four of you just keep cumming and cumming …. 1…2…3…4…5… Huge shoots each all over VerySexy.The waitress and the young girl take the businessmen’s cocks back into their mouths and clean them off and then turn to you and the young man and suck your cocks clean also. They then look at each other and with a knowing look start to lick up all the cum off of VerySexy.Added by : MrTitloverVerySexy loves the licking of the two girls on her tits, they clean her very thoroughly, making VerySexy’s nipples hard again….. also her pussy is licked clean but sweet wetness keeps on dripping out of VerySexy…. VerySexy would love to continue… but the restaurant actually needs to close and VerySexy’s hubby is waiting…… I think he for sure also wants some piece of her…… Do we make an appointment to see each other again….. ? Or Do I join VerySexy right away to her house…. ? And if so, … will the others join us as well ? And how do we go to the house of VerySexy ?? Added by : VerySexyAfter ever one cleans up and are Bakırköy Escort Bayan dressed again, we all kiss and take a few extra gropes. You and I are the last to leave, I turn and see our waitress cleaning up the table we were at . She leans down and licks up the last of the cum from the table. This gets me so hot again that I rush over to her and give her a big deep kiss. I ask her to come home with us I want you both to meet my husband and show him a good time too. Added by : MrTitlover Hmmm I bet your husband will be pleased to receive such a hot wife back home together with a sexy waitress and me…tell me how will he welcome us ? Added by : VerySexyhe would be waiting for me, to tell him how my evening went. I would walk through the door and he would give me a big hug and kiss. Then he would see the two of you. He would ask me “what is this?” I would whisper in his ear ” I Brought home desert” He smiles and hugs me tighter and squeeze my ass. You both look on and see his reaction and smile. MrTitlover His reaction is a rising dick ??? VerySexyAs we hug I feel his cock getting hard and press against my wet pussy. I turn my head and smile and wink at the both of you. Letting you know that we are going to have some more fun. MrTitlover I see your husband watching the waitress , how will he greet her ? VerySexyHe eyes her up and down, and likes what he sees. He asks me if he can have her. I tell him can have all of her MrTitlover You take the waitress by her hand and guide her to your husband… once there you hold one hand of her and grab a hand of your husband… then you push his hand to the waitress.. where will you let him touch her…. VerySexyI place his hand on her ass, and help him squeeze it. His other hand goes to her breasts, and he gives them a good squeeze too. MrTitlover The waitress sees his dick growing in his pants and all of a sudden she kneels in front of him and she lowers his pants and she starts sucking his dick as if she never had some for ages…. Your hubby enjoys it and pushes your head to my pants and he says ” welcome our guest in our house in a proper way” …….. VerySexyso I open your pants and pull out your hardening cock, and start to lick it up and down (tip to base and back again) my husband and you take hold of the of our heads and push your cocks into our mouths all the way, and hold us there till we start to gag. You both then start fucking our mouths with hard and deep thrusts. MrTitlover You look into my eyes while I fuck your mouth and your hubby is fucking the waitress in her mouth too… then you look into your hubby’s eyes and he looks back to you. you both see that both of you are enjoying it…then you feel the hands of the waitress opening your blouse and she starts touching your tits again…….. what will your hands do ??? VerySexyI open the waitress blouse and play with her tits and nipples. Pinching them and making them hard, pulling on them till we can see her whine in pain. You and my husband just keep on fucking our mouths. And watch our titty play. MrTitlover I love the way you play with her tits. Does she treat your tits the same way as you do to her ?? I hold your hair in my hand and have my hard dick deep into your mouth… your husband… does he like what we do to you ? VerySexyOh yes , she plays with my tits roughly and I like it. my husband is so turned on by what he sees that he pushes his cock all the way into the waitress’s mouth and holds her tight. MrTitlover The waitress almost gags on your husband dick deep in her throat… she gets tears in her eyes but she cannot escape the hands of your excited husband, her fingers pull your nipples towards her and pinches them hard but I also hold your head close to me so my dick stays in your mouth as well…. your husband looks at your face and your tortured nipples….. he looks into your eyes and sees……. VerySexypure joy….. That’s what he sees I tug and pinch her nipples even harder, making her whimper around her mouthful of cock. the both of you fuck our mouths harder and faster to see who can cum first…. MrTitlover hmmm I feel like I’ll cum deep into your mouth.. specially when I see the waitress grab your nipples hard and pull them really hard towards her… I can see your tits stretch and your nipples become purple…… as you do the same to her…… your eyes are full of tears now as well and because my dick is so hard and deep inside you.. your nose is pressed against my belly giving you a difficult time to breath and I can feel the pressure building up….. VerySexyoh yes… gag me with your cock. mmmmm the pleasure of the pain in my tits and nipples makes my pussy flow. I take one hand off her tits to see if she is just as wet as I am. and she is. so I feel for her clit and I pinch it hard and make her moan even loader around my guys cock. she thinks fair is fair and grabs my by my clit and pulls and pinches it too. oh the wonderful pain MrTitlover She feels how wet you are and pinches your clit again…it looks like she enjoys seeing your eyes in tears … but on the other hand she knows you will do the same to her… so does she like the tease and soft pain just as much… ? Because she let go of one of your tits I grab the nipple between two fingers and twist it really hard around while my other hand pushes your head harder on my hard dick…… when I push it in even deeper I can feel the back of your throat….. making me feel like cumming deep in your mouth more and more……. VerySexyOh yes she loves it too. But she wants more, she takes her hands off me and takes hold of my hand on her clit. She moves it down to her pussy hole and pushes my fingers up herself and at the same time pushes down on my hand. this gives me an idea , and I put all my fingers together to form a cone, and I start to push them back into her steaming pussy. You are still fucking my mouth and throat as hard as you can and moving your hand from one tit to the other one . pulling and twisting my nipples. my guy is so lost in his face fucking of the waitress that he does not see any of this. he is so close to cumming that he grabs her head and pushes his cock all the way into her mouth and throat. and cums, and cums, and cums filling her mouth so much that she starts to choke. She pulls away and sits down , but my fingers are still in her pussy, with no where to go but up my hand pushes all the way into her tight cunt. you see this and can not hold it any longer, and grab my head and shove your cock all the way into my throat and cum like you’ve never cum before. MrTitlover Your mouth is full of cum although you also had to swallow some because I cam so deep into your mouth… your hubby sees the cum dripping out of your mouth when I slowly take out my cock…… your hand is still buried into the wet pussy of the waitress and you are moving your hand up and down as far as possible….. she now closes her eyes and opens her mouth of joy and we see the cum of your hubby running down over her face onto her tits… red from all the pinching and pulling you have done !!! VerySexykeeping my hand up her pussy I turn her to me, and we kiss sharing all the cum we have in our mouths MrTitlover hmmmm that is such a horny view…… both your hubby and I are staying hard because of that…….. he is rubbing his sperm on her breasts and rubs it in the red flesh of her tits…. VerySexyI keep push my hand up her pussy and my arm follows, she breaks our kiss and screams in pleasure asking for more. I start pulling my arm out then pushing it back in. you and my husband push her down and lay her back, then each of you get on one side of her head and pit your cocks to her mouth. she open wide and sticks out her tongue…… MrTitlover she starts licking and sucking both our cocks while you keep on fist fucking her cunt………your hubby and I both grab a nipple from you… and start pulling……..

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