Vegas: The Dirty Dozen Ch. 04


One late Saturday night, I had stopped by an ABS that was way out in the country. I stopped there occasionally, especially, during hot summer nights.

It was an ideal place to hook-up and then go outside: the front of the parking lot was dimly lit; the rear lot was almost completely dark as was one side of the building; trees and bushes surrounded the parking lot; and, and a big sidewalk circled the building. Despite the availability of seclusion outside, hardly anyone ever came here.

It appeared that was to be the case this night. I cruised the place thoroughly, but I didn’t see anyone interesting. I was resigned to leaving when a young, good-looking couple walked in the front door.

The female was about 5’5″. She had brown eyes, long auburn hair, and, despite a pale complexion, a pretty face. She appeared to be slim. I couldn’t tell for sure because she was wearing a black trench coat.

The male was quite tall and lanky. He had light brown hair, a hawkish looking nose, and sharp blue eyes. He wore a corduroy sports jacket, t-shirt, jeans, and cowboy boots.

I thought their clothes were rather unusual for this place. They must have been out clubbing and had gotten super horny to drive all the way out here.

They looked at some sex toys, but also observed the handful of customers, including myself. They also went back to the video booths, but came right back. Nothing was going on back there.

The couple went back to looking at the toys. I assumed they were stalling – not quite ready to give up. No, I didn’t know what they were looking for, but if they were here to play, I wanted to be in on that. I decided I would to find out.

I went to a video booth in the back. I stroked my cock as I watched a buxom lass taking it up the ass, while sucking a big one. When my cock was hard, I pulled my shorts over it, left the booth, and slowly walked by the couple on my way to the cashier.

Bingo! I saw the young woman take a sneak peak at the bulge in my shorts.

I told the cashier in a voice loud enough for the couple to here that I needed change for the screening room. (The screening room was bigger than a video booth. It was set-up so that you could watch a full-length XXX movie. It had a 38-inch screen and a few comfortable chairs.)

The cashier gave me change and I headed to the screening room. This time when I walked by the young couple, I looked directly into the woman’s eyes. I gave her an almost imperceptible nod.

When the electronic insert accepted my 10 spot, the door buzzed open, and I stepped inside. I left the door cracked and sat down – with one eye on the door.

Like bees to honey, the couple appeared outside my door. With a hand gesture, I invited them in. The man sat down on a chair. The woman sat down on his lap.

We just looked at each other. Yes, it was awkward for a few moments, until the woman took off her trench coat and began unbuttoning her white blouse.

Then she stood-up and began a seductive strip to a rhythm in her head. When her blouse was completely unbuttoned, she backed up a couple of steps, took it off, and dropped it on the floor. Although I knew that her bare breasts would soon be on display, I couldn’t wait to sincan escort see them.

As expected, her bra came off next, but first she teased a bit by dropping her bra shoulder straps, then unhooking her bra strap, but leaving it in place.

After dancing a little more, she pulled her bra off with one hand, but left the other hand covering her titties. She threw her bra to her man.

After a few more moments, she grabbed her breasts with both hands and started to shake them. She danced around and pointed her nipples at each of us as she shook them.

Her breasts were firm and full – probably 35C’s. Her aureoles were just larger than silver dollars and her nipples were pink and erect. She watched my eyes as she grabbed a booby and tongued the nipple. Then she reached around to unzip her skirt.

When the zipper was down, she backed away from us again, lowering her skirt past her hips. Still dancing, she let the skirt slide down her legs to the floor before stepping out it. She was now standing in front of me wearing nothing but high heels and a sexy, black thong.

She reached down to her thong, putting her thumbs inside the waistband and started to pull it down, but she stopped just as her landing strip came into view. Then she turned around and tugged it back up, looked back over her shoulder, and stuck out her smooth ass. She slowly worked her thong down her perfectly shaped cheeks, rolling them from side to side with the waistband. Her feet kept moving the whole time.

Her curvature was astonishing – from top to bottom. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more exciting, sensual body. Before I had any other thoughts, she took a step toward me, turned around, slid her feet far apart, and bent as far over as she could to pick up her discarded thong. I swear she winked her little, puckered anus at me. It was a fantastic view. This woman was a real pro and she wasn’t thru, yet.

She began running her fingertips up the insides of her thighs and through her wet slit – several times, before she turned around to face me and erotically lick the pussy juice off her fingers. When she was through, blew me a kiss. She smiled knowingly at my incredulous look.

Feeling self-conscious, I turned away to look at the male, but he was not in his chair. He was slouched against the wall, by my chair, and was slowly stroking his large, semi-erect cock. His heavy balls swung loosely with each stroke.

She walked over and stood by him. As they both watched me, he cupped her left breast with his free hand and rubbed his thumb around her erect nipple. Then he offered me his cock. Without any hesitancy, I got down on my knees. I felt quite feminine, even giving them a shy smile.

I was eager not to rush the moment; I grasped his balls in my right hand and squeezed them gently. His thick cock was hardening rapidly before my eyes, growing with each second that passed. I could see I wasn’t going to be disappointed. I bent forward and took his cockhead into my mouth as I peeled back his foreskin with my lips.

I simply held it in my mouth and savored the feeling of it hardening, before slowly and teasingly, circling my tongue around the tip, which oozed precum. It tasted sıhhiye escort sweet.

Eventually, he took over and grabbed the back of my head and slowly but forcibly pulled my head down his length. I did not resist and swallowed his cock as he pushed it in, until my mouth was fully stretched and his big cockhead filled my throat.

Soon my head was bobbing up and down his thick cock. I would guess it was almost 8 inches long.

I raised my eyes to look at her as I sucked and deep throated her man’s cock. She had a slight smirk on her face and was looking right back at me. He seemed content to just enjoy the moment.

After a couple of minutes, I heard the door creak. I looked up at the screen and saw from the reflection a young man entering our room. He stood and watched for a few minutes, until he bravely reached around me and began to feel up me up. He ran his hands over mover my chest, squeezing my nipples, before going to my groin. He stopped there to rub my semi-hard cock.

As I continued to suck cock, he pulled my shorts down. To no one’s surprise, I was not wearing underwear. He took immediate advantage of the situation and began caressing my smooth, hairless cheeks.

Since his caresses were superb, I offered more of my ass to him by standing up and bending over with the cock still in mouth. In seconds, I felt a lubed finger wiggle into my anus. I squirmed and clenched his finger with my sphincter. When he inserted a second finger and began moving both of them around my tight anal ring, I felt it really begin to loosen up. He continued with his finger playing as I groaned my approval and began moving my ass up and down in a fucking motion.

This was the invitation he was looking for. He pushed one of my legs with his so that my legs were as wide apart as possible and without further adieu, pushed his hard cock into my wide-open asshole. Lucky for me, his cock was not huge. I could handle it.

She must have turned the man fucking me on, too. He put on quite an ass fucking show, although brief. He continuously pulled his cock out of my ass, until just his cockhead was inside, and then would slam his cock back into me. Each thrust forced the cock in my mouth deep down my throat.

At one point, he pulled out completely and out of the corner of my eye, I saw him motion for the woman to look down at my gaping asshole. After the brief pause, he began slamming his cock back in and all the way out, again. He didn’t last much longer.

Without even asking me, he blasted stream after stream of warm cum up my ass. He came so much that his cum leaked out around his cock and dribbled down my legs. I felt like a real whore, especially, when he immediately pulled out and walked out.

When my ass fuck man left, the woman told her man to suck on her titties. She seemed to be getting inpatient. That appeared to do the trick. When he leaned his head over to suck on her luscious titties, his cock immediately began to swell and he began using my mouth the same way he’d used her pussy.

He began to fuck it with quick, long strokes, until he suddenly grabbed my head and pulled it to his stomach. With my nose mashed against him, I felt his thick cock throb tandoğan escort for a second before it began pulsating repeatedly.

The first load blasted against the back of my throat, and was quickly followed-up with volley after volley of ejaculations that filled my mouth to over flowing. He came so hard and so much that my hungry belly felt satisfied.

When he released my head, I gasped for breath and at the same time, I felt something at my rear. I immediately turned my head around to see what was going on and saw the young woman. Apparently, she was no longer bored. She was standing behind me, gazing at my freshly fucked anus. She had decided she was going to fuck my ass, too – with her hand.

She placed several fingers close together, forming a small beak like shape and pushed slowly into my anus, gradually forcing my rectum to stretch open, even wider than before. I tried to rise up when I felt the penetration, but she pushed my back down while guiding it over the back of a chair. I was at her mercy – bent over the back of the chair with my cheeks naturally spread. My anus was exposed and it was defenseless.

The coating of sperm in my ass helped, as she ever so slowly, began to move her fingers in and out of my anus, gradually getting more of her little hand inside me. I grunted and moaned as she twisted her hand in my anal cavity, making her fingers move from side to side.

My groaning only grew louder, as she pushed her hand in further. I squirmed and my sphincter clenched her wrist tightly, but she did not stop. Sweat began to drip from my forehead, as she continued to twist and push.

My head began swimming when she began to concentrate on my prostate. Erotic, lustful thoughts flew through my brain. I relived the sensation of the two men emptying their balls in my mouth and ass. I thought about her small, curvy, naked body and her pink asshole, as she hand fucked me…

Several minutes later, I began to hear her panting loudly. I realized she was tiring – as were my legs, so I desperately began to stroke my hard cock. I wanted to cum before she was exhausted.

The precum steadily flowed as I stroked my cock and unabashedly pushed my ass back on her hand, as she methodically thrusted it into me. In no time, the tell tale orgasmic signs started. My legs began flexing as my prostate began to emit feelings of ecstasy. I saw a blinding, white light in my brain. Then my entire body began to shake, as if a large train was passing by, just inches away.

Then it hit me. An almost animal like cry came rushing out of me as I felt a dual eruption rip through my rectum and balls at the same time.

All I could do was jerk up, rear back, and shoot load after load of cum into the wall – several feet away. The impact of my cum hitting the flimsy wall was – awesome. I turned and looked at her. Now, she was wearing the incredulous facial expression.

My after tremors were unreal. I felt like I was going to pass out. I grabbed the back of the chair and held onto it.

When I finally caught my breath, I saw that the woman she was also now bent a chair back and being fucked. They both were grunting. They both came quickly. Before leaving, they both asked me if I was okay. It would not be the last time I would be asked that question. I assured them I was okay. I just needed to recoup. I sat there by myself, until I felt able to negotiate my way home.

A couple of days and hot baths later, my ass stopped being sore. A day after that, my cock got hard, again.

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