Vault 139 in London and the Homeless lad


Vault 139 in London and the Homeless ladVault 139 is in Whitfield Street in London. It’s a great joint!It was a Wednesday. That meant one thing, that Pants at Central Station wasn’t open so I’d have to seek my fun at the Vault 139 club.Tuesday night I was unable to sleep well. I was getting horny thinking about the afternoon ahead. I had been working hard and had decided that I could afford an afternoon off. That means one thing to me, sex-crazed that I am, ‘an afternoon with the boys’, away from my work and mates, and I was pretty sleepy in the morning after so little sleep. But my dick was rearing up and in need of satisfaction. It gets big and remains pretty full hard when I’m in that mood.I got on the bike and cycled to the Vault. My dick got fully hard with the cycling activity so the ride was mildly uncomfortable. The lads I cycled past made the blood rush to my head and hot desire filled my senses. God I needed dick, and soon.I got there in time to be the second new face there at lunch time. The sexy door-keeper and the topless buff bar-man recognised me and I was welcomed in as usual. I ordered a beer and changed out of my jeans into a slack, loose fitting pair of trackie shorts I love wearing when I’m feeling horny. I wear them commando so my dick is fully visible as it slops around inside the fabric, tenting over my hard-on.I spent the first hour watching porn, jerking and eying up the new arrivals. Some older guys, suited some of them, some in casual gear. A handsome Indian lad, Baz, who I’d met before came over and chatted and I squeezed the bulge in his jeans as we sat at the bar. I remembered him fucking me over the bar stools there one wild night – he’d cum all over me too.Then I hung out in the glory-hole cabins and had my dick serviced a bit by a couple of good suckers, trying not to shoot what was a big load stored up in my balls for a few days.Then I felt like a smoke. I never smoke except when I’m having fun. It relaxes me and makes me feel even hornier. Küçükçekmece Escort So I got my wrist stamped by the door-man – that meant I could come back into the club after smoking outdoors.I went to the local newsagent, aware that I was getting the odd appreciative look from passersby as I had those slack shorts on: my half-hard junk was swinging about in them, and it was odd to see a guy in shorts as it was pretty cold. The newsagent, a softly-spoken Pakistani lad, seemed to notice my bulge too.He sold me 20 John Players and I went to the little square in front of the club where there are a few benches. Opposite the club is a sports ground where lads meet up to play football inside a high-fenced area. I sat there legs splayed, my dick hanging down the leg of my trackie bottoms, and inhaled the smoke. The afternoon atmosphere lightened. I felt cool, calm and relaxed. My legs opened a bit more and I could sense that my knob was probably in view if anyone looked my way. The lads playing football were too engrossed in the game to notice. They were so fit and sexy to watch, their own dicks clearly bouncing in their silky shorts as they jumped up and down, kicking the ball and leaping to do a header. I imagined them naked, my head buried in their laps as I gulped down their sweat and semen.I went back into the club for a bit and wanked off for a bit with a Venezuelan geezer with a beautiful thick dick which I took in my mouth for a while, sucking it slowly. He was groaning with appreciation. I didn’t want his cum, yet, though. The afternoon was young.Then out for another smoke after a bit. By now it was getting slightly darker, though still light. I sat at the same bench, and as I smoked two cigarettes in succession I realised I needed to piss.I let it flow. Yeah, right there in the open, no concern, just horny relief.I was sitting on a bench made of perforated steel and I could hear the steamy piss as it splashed on the ground. There was a Küçükçekmece Escort Bayan sexy, probably homeless, guy sitting opposite me who seemed to notice what I was doing. He came over to me and I gave him a cigarette. He had a nice bulge in his jeans and a sexy toothy smile. I was feeling deeply horny as I let the piss flow and my trackie bottoms soaked up a lot of the bladderful I was releasing.The homeless lad smiled at me and I was sure he rubbed his crotch. I asked him:‘You wanna come join me in the club over the road?’‘What? That one’s full of queers…’ he smiled, puffing on the cigarette. There was irony in his voice.‘Come on, I’ll get you in’He looked intrigued, and eyed me long and hard. I didn’t know what to expect.‘OK, buy me a drink and I’ll come’ he said, at last, stubbing out the cigarette.We went over the road. I got the doorkeeper to let me get the guy in for a little less as I said he’d ‘never been before and wanted to try it out’.‘Your shorts are soaked’ homeless guy said.‘Yep, I like piss big time, even my own.’‘Fuck, that’s dirty. And I need a slash too’ he said.‘What’s your name?’ I asked him.‘Patrick’ he told me.‘Patrick, come to the toilet with me. I’ll let you know how dirty I can get.’So we headed into the toilet. It was empty, thankfully and Patrick got his dick out to piss in the urinal. I looked down. It was a beauty – thick and uncut, and with a big helmet. He was not shaved, the thick dark ginger pubes set off his shaft nicely.‘Don’t waste it in there’ I said. ‘Come in here with me and let me have it all.’I pulled him by the wrist into the cubicle and locked the door.I yanked down his jeans. His dick was getting harder as I felt under his big balls and touched his perineum.‘I need to piss…’ Patrick whispered, ‘Don’t get me hard….’I got down under his long legs and aimed the tip of his dick at my open mouth. It took him a little while to relax enough to let it all flow but when he did it was well worth Escort Küçükçekmece it. I gulped and guzzled as I took the strong man-piss in my mouth. The flow was pretty fast and some of it splashed all over me and my trackies. I was soaked in his and my own piss.‘Fuck. You’re a complete slut, aren’t you?’ asked Patrick‘Oh, yeah’ I answeredWhen he was done, we got out and I bought him a beer. He was super friendly and grateful.And later, he fucked my willing and needy arse: I pulled a rubber onto his thick shaft and guided it into my well-lubed man-cunt as we were watching porn in the barrel room. We had a lot of attention. I gave Patrick poppers – he said it was his first time with those – he was 26, he said, so a bit younger than me and less experienced, I guess….He heaved and pushed his hips against my arse as his strong long legs thrust forward. I was rock-hard and very aware of the fact that six or seven lads were wanking their dicks off as they watched us. One, a black guy with a big thick dick, pushed his helmet into my mouth, and the combination of the taste of his oozing pre-cum and Patrick’s amazing fucking pushed me well over the edge. A big load of cum splattered out over the floor and I felt my own legs buckling with the orgasm.Patrick pulled out and I heard the rubber being discarded. He came around the front and pushed his knob into my face. I guided it to my open mouth and just in time. I have no idea how long it had been since this man had last cum, but it must have been a while. It seemed never to stop. My mouth filled with his sweet semen. It dribbled down my face and over the trackies. He was shouting out as he shot.We spent a little longer there – he was such a nice and horny, intelligent guy. I bought us a kebab on the way home. He was from Liverpool and had been down south for a month. He wasn’t getting much by the way of work and he thought he’d probably head back up to his city soon. We parted good mates. I am glad I met this sexy bright soul and hope he’s well. If I’d been living alone as I had for a few years before, I’d have had him stay with me for a few night at least. I’d done that before and it had always been a good feeling to help out a mate in need. Patrick was special.And I’ll be back in the Vault again, I can’t stay away. Maybe meet you there?

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