Vacation of Lust


I am 28 Y/O Male and I have been away from my home town for a while now.
This is a true story that happened to me one time when i was home.

When I was home on vacation I stopped by to visit my cusin’s ex-girlfriend Sarah and there 2 kids. I had not seen them in over 4 years. I was so happy to see Sarah again she became apart of the family more then my cusin Chris. I got to see her boy Dave he had gotten pretty big he was like 16 now, driving and everything. He did not remember me much because it had been so long, Sarah and I had talked for a while to catch up on old times. After a while of talking I heard Ashley her daughter come walking in the door. Sarah at yelled out that I was there and to come say hi. This hot women came running into the kitchen and jumped and wrapped her arms and leggs around me giving me a hug. It was nice that she remembered me. As I let her down I could not help but see her breast in that low cut tank top she had on. I started feeling warm I am almost sure my face turned red. I still remember this 13 year old little girl running around. Now she was no longer 13 and she was no longer little.
After talking for a while I had to take off to make it to my parents house for dinner.
Ashley had said that she was having a few friends over later and asked if I wanted to come back and hang out by the pool. I could not turn down the chance to see her in a bikini. So I took off to the parents house.. and all during dinner all I could think of was Ashley in that small tank top with her nice had to be C cup breast, she was about 5′ 5″ about 100 to 110#, long dark hair, soft smooth tan skin, those long legs that lead up to those short lil’ shorts on her. I kinda felt bad at first.. Escort but she was my 2nd cusin.
Later I made it to the house. Sarah had told me to just walk in and make myself at home. She was single at the time and It was only the 3 of them there. I walked around the house calling to see if anyone was home. Nobody answered so I made it out to the back yard. Just as I was at the sliding glass door. I looked over at the hot tub where I thought I seen Ashley making out with this other hot girl. I guess I tripped over something laying on the floor and they looked up to see me. I came out side she jumped out of the hot top almost falling out of her top. I asked where everone was. Her brother was spending the night at a friends, and her mother was at work.
She told me she was sorry but only her friend Jen could come over. She also was very nervous when she asked how long I was standing at the window. I thought I would be bold. I asked why cause I might have seen you 2 kissing. I told her there was nothing wrong if she liked women. very nervous she begged me not to tell her mom. I promised her I would not tell. She can do whatever she wants she was 18 now and grown.
After a while of hanging in the hot tub and talking about life, and what we had been doing the past 4 years.. the topic went to sex. I found that she was a virgin, that is to a real man, but she told me she knows she could take 6″. I asked how she knew this, her friend then stood up and I seen a 6″ strap-on hanging off her friend. So thats what you 2 where really doing out here. Her friend joking said she bet she was bigger then me. both the girls dared me to take it out and prove who was bigger. Not one to back down from a dare. Escort Bayan I pulled myself out. It happened to only be half hard at this time. Jen had called me out first asking if to hot girls did not turn me on. Ashley moved closer to Jen and said I am sure this will help him as she started kissing Jen on her lips. At this time I grew to my full 6″. Jen told Ashley that she bet she could not take all of me. Ashley very sure of herself told me if she can take the dildo she could take me.. Jen dared her to prove it. I thought I would test Ash to see how brave she really was so I moved across the hot tub closer to her, Ash did not back down she moved in closer grabbing me. My dick was starting to hurt as this hot young women had me in her hand.. I pulled her close and started to kiss her as my hand started rubbing on her full beautiful breast. Jen had moved in behind her and started to uncloth her not like she had much on to begain with. I then pushed Ash up on the side. and kissing her body very slow and soft made my way down to her pussy I wanted to eat her so bad and now I almost coulded stop. she tasted so sweet and she was so wet. I then moved back up her body and asked if she was ready for the real thing.. I pushed myself into her hot wet hole.. it was tight but was not to hard to get in cause of the playing that she had been doing with her friend.. as we were going at it. I had felt something push near my ass. her friend was behind me and told me not to stop that she would take it easy and I would like it.. I just went with it. Next thing I know I am fucking Ash while Jen has the strap-on in me. It felt so good I could not hold back I warned Ash that I was about to cum. She just pulled Bayan Escort me deeper and told me to let go. I filled her with my hot cum. I was so excited I turned around and told Jen it was her turn and see how she likes it. . I bent Jen over in front of me and stuck it in her ass. as she bent over she started liking up the cum that was dripping out of Ash’s still wet pussy. After cumming again and going soft. I feel back into the hot tub to relax.. but Ash and Jen were not done. I got to watch a show of Jen fucking Ash with her strap on. These girls could go on forever. After a while when I came back around and got hard I went back over the the girls. Ash and Jen both start sucking on me at the same time. I felt like I wanted to burst again. When Ash stopped and said she wanted to be double pen. She had me sit down while she came over and me enter her from behind. Jen came up and put the strap-on in her wet hole. We traded off from hole to hole. Ash then wanted to be in me. she got hold of the strap-on and this time while she was in me Jen was sucking me and playing with my balls. This time when I was about to cum Jen took my whole load in her mouth. I almost felt like I was going to pass out. I watched Jen go up and kiss Ash still with her mouth full of my cum. They both took some and licked it up off of each others lips. We all layed down and rested for a while. Then Ash jumped up and told us her mom would be home soon. ‘
We all got dressed and relaxed in the hot tub. We started making small talk again.
Ash had told me that she had always wanted me but never thought that I would be ok with it. I was so glad she grew up to be so sexy and so bold.
At this time Sarah had made it home. She came out to the back yard and asked if we wanted anything to drink, and she turned and said. I see you have meet my girlfriend Jen. Laughing she said. I know she is hot I’ll share her if you want.

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