Using My Slave with My Boyfriend


Ever since I met my boyfriend Triss and it got serious between the two of us, I had less and less time to meet my girlfriends, but somehow I always remembered Martina’s words when she once said that I could not “cover her in jizz”. So I finally wrote her an email asking if she had time so I could “introduce” Triss to her. She was happy to hear from me and looked forward to it.

We met in a larger city this time and had set a certain parking garage as our meeting point, from where we began walking through the city centre. Martina liked Triss, but what Triss thought about her was not immediately clear to me. He was nice, but he was nice to everyone. Other than that, he showed no particular emotion. Finally, we went looking for a café again and I began to talk with Martina about our usual topics. She was a little embarrassed to talk about her sexual problems and fantasies in front of Triss and I didn’t want to make it uncomfortable for her. Triss was understanding and laid back as much as he could.

She seemed to go through a rougher time than she would let on, but between the lines I could hear she needed someone to talk to and had missed me. I felt sorry for her, and guilty for not having contacted her in so long. On the other hand, she could’ve messaged me as well. Anyway…with time she began to relax some more and noticed she could talk to me as usual, even in Triss’ presence. Somehow his male presence seemed to be good for her, and she started to laugh and joke about “us women” and our strange problems. Triss was calm as usual and had the right answer to almost everything. I held her hand and tried to show her that I was there for her.

I told Triss before we got together about my lesbian side, and that I probably wouldn’t lose that. He didn’t seem to mind and he encouraged me even to stay as I was, and do as I used to. We agreed to tell each other right away when we did something the other couldn’t tolerate, but so far neither of us had made use of that. So it also didn’t seem to bother him that I liked Martina and caressed her and held her hand while she spoke. Somehow everything was very natural, which I liked a lot.

After coffee we walked some more through the city. I chose our way to lead us past some sex shops, which had the desired effect on Martina. She stopped and stared at the windows, while I still held her hand. I noticed it getting damp and felt what she needed. “Let’s go inside,” I proposed. She said nothing, but followed me and her eyes lit up. Triss came along behind us.

The shop was a little brighter and cleaner than was usually the case. From the entrance a staircase led up to the usual stalls, and a side entrance led to the actual store. Martina and me walked through the toys section while Triss browsed through the porn movies. She stopped at the dildos. “Which ones do you have?” I asked.

She blushed. “I just have one,” she said. “And that one’s secret.” She pointed at a golden shiny metal vibrator. “One like that.” I nodded and caressed her breast. She breathed in deep and said: “You know exactly what I like, Kat.” I smiled.

She looked down in the lower part of the shelves, where the special toys were. “Wow,” she said. “Something like this would be cool.” She picked up a dildo that was almost as big as her lower arm.

“Do you think that would be fun?” I asked.

She looked at me with her slutty expression. “If I can get your hand in, then I can get that one in too.” Somehow she was right. “I’ll buy it,” she said decidedly. We went to the sales desk where we met Triss again.

“Found anything?” I asked, while Martina paid.

He shook his head. “Modern porn is just joyless,” he said. “Nothing for me.” He eyed Martina’s new purchase as the assistant put it into a blank plastic bag. “Seems you had more luck,” he said.

“Depends,” ofise gelen escort I replied and took Martina’s hand. “Wanna try it?” I whispered to her. She looked at me incredulously, but said nothing. We went to the exit, and I led her upstairs to the stalls. Aside from the “normal” ones, this shop had a “partner box”, which was double as wide as the other ones. That was the one I led her to. Triss hesitated, unsure what to do. “What’re you waiting for?” I asked. He shrugged and came into the stall with us.

Inside was a wide seat with leather upholstery, and a screen with coin slots at the opposite side. Besides that were tissue dispensers and a trash can, which smelled faintly of sperm. When I closed the door, Martina placed her bag on the seat and I grabbed her tits right away. She looked at me surprised, then at Triss, but let me have my way. As usual, she wore a tight top, this time a simple black t-shirt with a leather jacked over it and again a tight pair of jeans. Flat shoes to go with it. I had a flowery silk blouse and nice loose brown denim pants on, and wore a warm coat. It was autumn, after all.

I didn’t wait for her to take off her jacket and just pulled up her shirt until I could see her tightly filled bra. She wore naughty lingerie which only covered the bottom part of her breasts and otherwise showed everything, so I didn’t bother to take it off and started sucking her nipples right away. She moaned. “Oh Kat,” she said. “I need you so, my goddess.” I grabbed her butt and pressed her down on the seat. She sat down and looked up at me as I got out of my coat and opened my pants, sliding them down.

She stared at my pussy and leaned in to lick it. I turned halfway to Triss and motioned him to come next to me. As Martina’s tongue slid through my pubic hair down to my clit, I reached between his legs and noticed a distinct bulge in his pants. “Don’t you want to give him a little more room?” I asked. Without a word he opened his belt and pulled his pants and underwear halfway down, until his cock was visible.

Triss was circumcised and despite that, or because of it, very well endowed. His shaft was nearly 9 inches long, which would fill me up nicely. His dark blonde pubic hair circled his cock and balls, and when Martina saw it, she began to purr: “Mmmh, your man looks appetizing.”

I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. “And you’ll see how appetizing he tastes, slave.” She nodded. I guided her to Triss’ crotch and she caressed his dick with her fingers gently before wrapping her lips around its tip and starting to suck.

Triss moaned. I looked around and noticed some conspicuous holes in one side of the stall. Besides that, there was some motion in the stall on the other side. I went there and spread my legs in front of the opening, pulling my labia apart. If somebody was watching us, they better get something out of it. I inserted two fingers into my slit and moved them a few times in and out, until they were nicely wet. Behind me, Triss was moaning more and more while Martina was humming softly and continued working his prick.

She definitely was starved for sex. I suddenly noticed another hard cock coming through the hole from the other side. I went back to Martina and pulled her head back. Saliva was stringing between her lips and Triss’ wet penis. I led her to the whole in the wall and she bent forward and began sucking the other cock as well. It was shorter, as far as I could see, and had foreskin, but she didn’t mind. While she leaned against the wall and licked the head carefully, I opened her tight jeans and pulled them down under her ample bottom, until they fell to the floor.

Underneath she wore a thong which cut deep into her bum. I caressed her buttocks and licked them when I noticed Triss taking the otele gelen escort opportunity to penetrate me from behind. Something about his cock was so good that it always hit me in the right places. As if it was made for me, it filled up my twat completely and pounded me incredibly well. He started fucking while I circled Martina’s little rosebud with my tongue and she blew the stranger’s cock.

After a short while I straightened up, as hard as that was, and let Triss slide out of me again. I wanted Martina to enjoy him first, so I got next to her and pulled her ass cheeks wide apart, until her anus showed and gaped slightly. The thong covered almost nothing.

Triss understood immediately and brought his cock in position, oiled slick from my pussy juice, but Martina seemed to be lost to the world around her and groaned surprised when his thick cock head entered her ass. “Oh YES!” she moaned and tried to relax as much as possible, so he could enter her easily. “Fuck. Me. Up. The. Ass.” she gasped breathless.

Triss didn’t hesitate and grabbed her hips as he shoved the whole length of his shaft inside her. It seemed she came already just from that, but pushed back and took the other cock back into her mouth. I reached for her nice hairy pussy and began to insert my fingers into her cunt hole, in addition to my boyfriend’s cock. Her tits were swinging wild and she could hardly stand but bravely continued to suck the other cock.

“Good,” I said to Triss. “Fuck the dirty ass cunt of my slave whore. The little bitch needs it bad.” Martina moaned and trembled. I felt her vagina twitch and tighten and knew she couldn’t hold back much longer. I motioned Triss to pull back, and she sank to the floor, still making sure to service the stranger’s cock in her mouth. My fingers wandered from her pussy to her ass and I fucked her where my man had just pounded her. She yelled and shook. The cock from the other stall pulsed and pumped some shots of cum onto her face, but most of it already ran from her mouth. She rippled onto the floor herself from the anal orgasm I gave her.

I pulled my finger out of her ass and turned towards Triss. He had sat on the bench and his had lost some of its verve. I knelt before him and looked up. “And what may YOUR slave girl do for you?” I asked.

He smiled. “You know what to do.” I nodded and licked along the length of his shaft. It tasted spicy, faintly of nuts, of Martina’s ass and I did my best to clean it.

When he got harder again, I turned my back towards him and straddled his crotch. His member slid into my slit all by itself and I rode him slowly, meditatively, to feel every centimetre inside me. He grabbed my tits from behind and rolled my nipples between his forefinger and thumb. Martina came crawling over to us and positioned herself between my legs. She looked up at me adoringly, cum-covered and happy. Then she buried her head in my muff and licked broad strokes along my clit and Triss’ balls, as he thrust deeply inside me.

Soon I couldn’t stand it anymore. “Your servant would like to come, Sir,” I gasped. He slapped my tits hard.

“How is that?” he asked.

“Your horny little cunt licker needs to squirt, please, pretty please. She wants you to make her flow over with your sperm so she knows she served you well.” With these words his club jerked inside me and I felt how it shot warm and wet high into my belly. It made me so horny I felt an orgasm sweep all over my body. I reared up and his cock fell out of me as I sprinkled it with pussy juice.

Martina made sure none of it was wasted. She first sucked the rest of his cum off his prick, then my wet puddle off the leather seat. I felt Triss’ sperm run out of me. Martina seemed to notice it as well, and held her mouth right at my cunt to rus escort lick and suck it out of me. She must’ve collected it in her mouth, for when nothing more would come out she pulled herself up and kissed me passionately, letting his cream run into my mouth. He tasted glorious. Mixed with my pussy juices, this cum cocktail was almost enough to make me cum again.

I only put on my coat when we left, and put my pants and blouse into my handbag. Martina left her shirt rolled up and her tits were bouncing nicely under her jacket. Only Triss got all dressed again. Neither her nor me were cleaning the cum stains off our faces but walked well-fucked and mucked up back to the parking garage.

When we arrived at Martina’s car, she looked at me sadly. “It’s always so good with you,” she said. “I don’t want to leave yet.”

I answered: “But it’s already late, and I don’t want you to blow your cover.”

She nodded. “I wish I could do that all the time with you two.”

Triss and me looked at each other. “We’ll give you something to remember us by,” I said.

“Blow his cock hard,” I ordered. She smiled and bent down to Triss while I tried to get her jeans off again. She had parked more or less hidden in a corner, and the garage was quiet around this time, but the thought of getting seen at any moment excited me. When I finally peeled the tight pants down her butt, she was already munching happily at the long hard fuck meat. I reached into the plastic bag and got out her new dildo. It weighed heavily in my hands and smelled of new plastic, but was relatively soft and flexible. I rubbed the thick trunk between her legs. “Let it flow, slave,” I said. She moaned with her mouth full and closed her eyes. A few moments later a little piss was splattering on the plastic cock.

I turned it between her legs, until it was equally wet on all sides. Then I just shoved it up her cunt. She moaned and tried to grab onto something. I screwed the dildo piece by piece deeper up her hairy grotto. She could not suck anymore and gasped for air. “Finish her off,” I said to Triss and squatted on the floor between her legs. Triss stepped across me and shoved his salivated stick into her ass again. Together we pounded her hard, thrusting deeper and deeper inside her, until the whole length of his cock slid up her asshole and the dildo filled her cunt all up. She only uttered guttural groans at that point.

Triss took her like a real woman. He knew how to treat her right and fucked her hard and merciless. I maltreated her hole with the cudgel in my hand. Now she was our sex toy, our fuck slave, and we used her without remorse. Martina screamed again. She came. The orgasm didn’t seem to want to subside. She moaned, grunted, yelled, trembled, shook and drooled. Triss continued to ram his cock down her anus and her tits were swinging wild below her. She was getting abused, and she knew it. She was just a fuck mare to him, a hole to dump his cum into, a horny cunt for me to suck dry. And she loved it. She loved nothing more than this moment, when she was completely, absolutely at our mercy and abused.

Suddenly Triss thrust in with all his force. His fuck cream shot deep up her bowels and she screamed from lust. “YEEES! Fill me up, stallion! Fill my asshole all up!” Quickly I went into position. He pulled his prick back, followed by a gush of sperm which I licked hastily. I stirred a finger in her ass and licked what I could get to. She was finished.

Triss looked around nervously if somebody noticed us while I helped her into her car. She didn’t care pulling up her pants, and the dildo was still inside her. She was happy, she was where she wanted to be, being what she always dreamt of, and wanted to savour the moment and the feeling. I kissed her goodbye, passionately, lovingly, let her taste Triss’ sperm and caressed her tits. She sat, her legs spread because of the dildo in her cunt, her tits barely covered by her jacket, and leaned back relaxed into her seat. I closed the door and we waved when she took off. Then I licked the remaining cum off my lips. Triss and Martina seemed to have no problems with one another.

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