Using Jane for my needs 2


A couple of days later I contacted Jane. “Be at the apartment at 7:00 tonight” I texted her.

“You can go to hell!” She texted back. “You’re a sick, pervert and I don’t want anything to do with you.”

“Suit yourself, but I’m sure everyone you know would love to see the video we made together. It’s really quite lovely, especially the part were you tell me how much better I fuck you than your husband. All while you’re cumming on my cock.” I really have to congratulate myself. The editing I did on the footage I shot would make Jane look like a complete whore to anyone watching it. I sent a small clip of the best parts to her and waited for her response.

“I’ll be there at 7.” She responded back several minutes later.

“I thought you’d come around. Oh, and wear a short skirt and no panties.”

That afternoon I gathered the various items I would need for the evenings entertainment. I then headed over to the apartment to set up. I had no idea what I would do when my friend returned this weekend, but I would think of something.

When arrived at the apartment I placed the supplies in the bedroom and strategically set up my recording devices to capture every angle of the action. I was going to do some very dirty things to her and I wanted to be able to relive it over and over again in great detail. Besides, every video of her that I had was more material I could use to keep her under my control.

Promptly at 7 there was a knock at the door. I opened it up and Jane was standing there wearing a red halter top, a white half sweater over her shoulders, a dark plaid schoolgirl skirt, black Mary Janes with white ankle socks.

“Well don’t you look good enough to fuck?” I smirked.

She started to move past me, but I stopped her on the out on the landing. I moved my hand under her skirt and up to the juncture of her legs. My fingers reached the curly brown hair unobstructed by panties.

“Good girl.” I murmured in her ear.

I moved my fingers along her slit and much to my surprise found the lips to be slick with her juices.

“It seems to me that you might actually be enjoying this.” I said with a smile on my lips. She turned a dark crimson and looked at the ground. “You like being dressed like a slut? Were you hoping people would get a good look at your slutty pussy? How about we give them a real show?”

I shoved two of my fingers deep into her cunt. She gasped and went immediately weak-kneed. I had to hold her up with my hand inside her snatch. I started to roughly work them in and out of that fine tight snatch. Jane had to clutch the door jamb to keep from collapsing as I finger fucked her right out in the open.

“Does it make you hot to know that everyone can see what a slutty little whore you are? What kind of good, wholesome girl lets a man do this to her in public for the entire world to see?” These words just seemed to make her hotter. Jane’s eyes were squeezed shut and she was breathing raggedly through her mouth as she humped at my fingers in her hot, wet snatch.

“You’re nothing but a cheap whore to be used aren’t you? Are you going to cum on my fingers? You do don’t you?”

“Uh huh” She moaned.

“Then do it cunt, cum on my fingers.” I ordered her.

She began to moan and grunt as her whole body shuddered its way through a powerful orgasm. She clutched at the door frame with all her strength until the moment passed and she started to regain her senses. I slipped my fingers out of her wet snatch and pushed them into her mouth to clean them off. She knew what I wanted and reluctantly sucked and licked on them until all her juices were cleaned off.

“Get inside slut we have a lot more to do before you get to go home to your family.” As she moved past me I ran my hands up the back of her legs and gaziantep escort tanıtımları lifted the skirt up to reveal her naked ass to the building across the way. I hope somebody got a great show.

Inside the apartment I led her into the bedroom. She eyed the supplies I had laid out apprehensively. I’m certain she didn’t even know what most of them did.

“Don’t worry about those. You will become intimately familiar with all of them in time.” I grinned. “But first things first, strip for me.”

Jane slowly started to remove her clothing. First it was her sweater, then her halter top. She removed her bra next and demurely tried to cover her small breasts, which I thought was ridiculous considering the things I had done to her last time and the display she had just put on outside.

“Stop covering your tits and get on with it. Take off your shoes, but leave the skirt and socks on.” I ordered. After she removed her shoes she stood awkwardly with her eyes on the floor. “Now, get down on all fours and crawl over to me.”

She complied without complaint. When she reached my feet she sat with her ass on her heels and looked up at me in humble submission.

“Good girl.” I told her in the same tone you would use on a slightly retarded dog. Amusingly she had the same vapid look of pride as said dog. “We’ll make a useful fuck toy out of you yet. Now remove my clothing.”

She removed my shoes, socks and pants. When she pulled my underwear off she reached out for my cock. I slapped her hand away.

“You haven’t earned that yet tonight.” I snarled. “Finish with my clothes.”

After she had finished undressing me I grabbed her by the hair and drug her over to the bed. I tossed her on the mattress and picked up two of the items. A pair of leather cuffs bound her hands together. Then I attached her ankles to the ends of a spreader bar. I fastened the cuffs to the center of the spreader bar. That forced her to curl herself into a ball. I rolled her onto her back and pulled her to the edge of the bed by her hair once more. I positioned her with her head hanging over the edge of the bed.

“Open wide slut.” When she opened her mouth I placed my balls in her mouth. “Now suck on those nuts like a proper cunt.”

She immediately went to work on my sack. Having never had a mans balls in her mouth before I had to give her some coaching on how to properly treat them. Several times I had to smack her upside the head when she got too rough. Eventually she got the hang of things and started to really give them a good working over. I was also enjoying the feel of her nose on my taint. After 15 or 20 minutes of this I was ready to move things along. I pulled my nuts out of her mouth and replaced them with my hard cock. Thrusting the length of my dick down her throat I got a vicious thrill as I watched my thick cock distend her throat with each thrust. I would bottom out repeatedly and hold it in her throat as my, spit-covered sack covered her nose and mouth. Eventually as she ran out of air she would begin to buck in panic. I would withdraw so she could catch her breath and then do it all over again. I kept this up for what seemed an eternity. Finally I could feel myself getting close, so with a few frantic thrusts I pulled out until just the head rested between her lips and emptied myself into her mouth.

I stepped back to watch her swallow my load. This was a fine beginning, but I had a lot more I wanted to do tonight, so I didn’t want to waste too much time. I turned around and backed up to her head, I could see the confused look on her face as I reached back and spread my ass cheeks. It wasn’t until I lowered myself on her face that the realization hit. She desperately tried to turn away, but gaziantep escort telefonları I held her head in place until my ring contacted her lips. Then I used my thighs to hold her in place.

“You better start licking my asshole or you will be there all night.” I said matter of factly. It took a few minutes but she eventually gave in and I could feel the first tentative licks at my puckered opening. “Oh yes, work that tongue. You really are a natural slut aren’t you?”

I looked down in to her eyes between my legs with my semi-erect cock lying on her forehead and I could see tears forming in them. This is just another barrier I would enjoy pushing past.

“I think I’m going to have you like my asshole every time we get together, seeing how you seem to be enjoying it so much.” I laughed at her. “Why don’t you push that tongue up there and really clean out the inside of my ass.”

She had given up any pretense of pride and immediately started to push herself into my ass. I have to admit it felt incredible. I had given rim jobs to many women and had more than a few given to me, but this was so much better. She had no choice in the matter and that was an awesome thrill. I could make her tongue my hole all night if I wanted. But, my cock had
reached its full hardness from her attentions and I really wanted to move on to some more fun.

I pulled off of her tongue and turned back around. I reached over and flipped her onto her front and placed her in the center of the bed. In this position her face was pressed into the mattress and her ass was pointed into the air. I couldn’t help myself. I pulled my hand back and brought it forward in a vicious swing. It landed squarely on one cheek. She cried out in pain from the blow. Then I repeated the process on her other ass cheek. I then squatted between her spread thighs, coated the mushroom head of my cock in the juices leaking from her slit, place it at the entrance to her hole and rammed my hard dick deep into her twat with one mighty thrust.

“Oooohhhhhhhhh god it’s huge.” She groaned as I filled her depths. I pushed it in until I bottomed out in her. I savored the feeling of that tight cunt squeezing my manhood. After several moments I pulled almost completely out of her before spearing her again. I pounded away at that sluts cunt like a man possessed. Each thrust would rub against her g-spot until I hit bottom and my nuts slapped her clit.

“Uh, uh, uh, uh.” She groaned mindlessly with each hammering thrust. She was completely incapable of forming a coherent thought as I pushed her to a mind-shattering orgasm. She wailed like a wild animal when her orgasm washed over her. I continued punishing her pussy at a frenzied pace. A second orgasm quickly followed the first. She was well primed by this time and a third rapidly crashed over her.

Part of me was tempted to keep going and see what would happen if I just kept fucking her like this, but I thought it best to stick to the plan. I promised myself that someday I would try that little experiment on this cumslut. When I pulled out she gave this mindless moan as though she was somewhere else, which was perfect because she wouldn’t see this coming.

I grabbed the lube next to me and applied a generous portion to my cock. I then smeared some on her asshole that was conveniently opened to me due to her position. The cold lube started to bring her back to awareness.

“Wha!?…no please not there! I don’t do that! I’ve never had anyone there please!” Sadly for Jane the thought of the pain and humiliation I was about to inflict on her just made me harder and far more eager to take her ass. I placed the tip of my cock at her tight virgin ring and grabbed her slim hips. Her pleading babble gaziantep escort videoları grew shriller as I braced myself for her violation. Finally I thrust my hips forward while drawing her back to me. Her asshole resisted the intrusion briefly before finally giving way and expanding to take my iron hard cock.

An ear piercing scream erupted from her throat as I popped her cherry. Luckily the bedroom was on the outside wall of the apartment complex and the nearest neighbor was an old man as deaf as he was blind. I can’t imagine how painful it must be to have my thick rod inching its way into her bowels. Of course I didn’t have to imagine it as she was very vocal in her description.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Take it out please!? Oh God! It hurts so much! It’s too big!…..” It went on like that until I was buried to the hilt in her ass. I paused there for a moment as she sobbed and wailed. I thought about giving her time to get used to the massive intrusion, but I was just too hopped up on adrenaline. I pulled my cock most of the way out and then thrust it back in with one shove. Again she screamed in agony.

At this point the only thing I could think of was my pleasure. Her screams of pain just fueled my brutal assault, as I rammed my cock into her asshole again and again. I held of my climax as long as I could but I couldn’t last forever with this kind of stimulation. At some point her ring had been stretched enough that her cries subsided to choked gasps and sobs. Finally after another 15 minutes I pushed in deep and held it there while I exploded deep in her guts. I softened inside her while she cried and sobbed. I pulled out of her and picked up one of the video cameras so I could get footage of my spunk filling her gaping asshole.

“I know how much you enjoyed that.” I told her as I moved around in front of her. “I’m afraid that you won’t get that treatment every time. I want to make sure that you have enough time between sessions of anal so you don’t get too used to it. I want you to really feel it every time I plow your ass.”

She was completely broken. She didn’t even fuss when I sat in front of her and pulled her face into my lap. She just took my cock into her mouth and cleaned her ass off of it. I was fairly certain that I didn’t even need the videotapes anymore. I could just order her to do something and she would do so without question.

In a couple of weeks I would bring her into bed with my wife Tina and me. We had been swingers for years and occasionally took our own lovers. She had always wanted a submissive girl to service the both of us and Jane would fit the bill nicely. Even better was the fact that Tina had always hated the stuck up, holier-than-thou Jane. I wanted to make sure that Jane was properly submissive first though, because I didn’t think Tina would approve of my methods for taming this shrew.

Her labors on my dick were starting to bring it back to life, but I really didn’t have the time tonight for another lengthy session. I pulled myself from her mouth and started to remove the bindings from her arms and legs. She curled herself into a ball on the bed. I didn’t have time for this nonsense so I grabbed her and dragged her into the bathroom.

“Clean yourself up cunt.” I said while shoving her into the shower. I turned the water on and walked back into the bedroom to clean up. My friend would be back on Friday and I would lose access to this place. I had the beginning of a plan forming in my mind and I think Mike would go for it. I heard the shower turn off and I returned to the bathroom with Jane’s clothes. She was just finishing toweling off and I threw the clothes in a pile at her feet.

“Get dressed and get out.” I snarled. “I want you back her at 8:00 on Friday. I have a special task for you to do. You may or may not enjoy it. I really don’t care.”

About 10 minutes later I heard her leave through the apartment door. I was to busy figuring out the details of my plan for her to pay it much attention. I don’t concern myself with the actions of a slut when she isn’t following my orders or servicing me.

To be continued….

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