Alone, lavishing in the luxurious hotel shower, she startled at the click of the shower door.

His jacket opened, tie loose, a fire in his eyes, he stood, staring at her supple, naked body.

Their eyes met as he stepped into the large shower stall.

She started to speak but his words came first.

“All I could think about during the interview was you.”

He snuggled his soaked body to her back, pressing his hips to her soft ass. He reached up to move her long, wet, hair from her face. She snapped sensually at his fingers, taking them into her mouth and biting hard. He pushed, sliding his fingers over the rows of her teeth, feeling her strong, sensual tongue, as she bit down firmly.

She leaned her head back. Her mouth opened, releasing him with a sigh. Pressing hard, he slid his fingers down, curling her thick lower lip as they passed over her chin to her neck

His hands moved over her breasts and fell slowly to press flat against her round belly, drawing her soft, wet body back to him.

Her skin flushed. Her heart raced with the thrill of the moment.

His breath fell hot against her neck. “I couldn’t even hear what the guy was saying. I’m sure I fucked Escort Esenyurt up the whole thing.” He reached lower to massage her pussy in the flow of the hot water.

“I need you baby.” He nibbled passionately on her shoulder. “I need you now. Right now,” he said, drawing her closer.

“Right now,” he repeated, . “Right now.”

His fingers spread her soft, shaved, pussy lips, letting the hot water flow over them.

She leaned back to take his tongue into her mouth. The kiss was long and hard He pressed his finger to her hard clit, rolling it gently, but deliberately. She tensed as orgasm approached. He spread her lips wider and held her tightly while her body shook softly through her climax.

He dropped his jacket to the floor. She turned. He brushed the wet hair from his brow and quickly unfastened his pants, stepping over them as they sunk into the steamy foam below.

He stroked his swollen, throbbing cock.

She knew full well what he wanted, what he needed.

Her eyes softly reached to his through the smoky haze, her lips sensually parted, she lowered slowly to her knees, cradling his turgid flesh gently, lovingly in her soft Escort Avcılar fingers.

He touched her shoulders firmly, turning her face to the corner. He grasped her hips, lifting them, pulling her back toward him. Following his lead, she bent over, leaning her hands on the shower stool and spreading her legs wide to accept him as he needed. The hot water flowed down her back, collected in her ass crack, and descended from her pussy in a stream, caressing her silken, pink flesh with its gentle warm fingers. She bent her knees and rested her breasts on the stool, letting her head fall until it nearly touched the tile floor. A pile of wet hair formed under her.

He spread her cheeks, lifting her pussy to him. His hot, throbbing cock burst into her like a hard steel tool. His passion on fire, he pumped her furiously, intensely. He pulled her hips to him, plunging his cock fully into her then pulling completely out to drive his swollen, purple, head once again between her thick, glistening cunt lips.

“Push back for me,” he demanded, tugging her hips to him. “Push that hungry cunt into my dick.” His voice was coarse, growling. His breathing was rapid Escort Beylikdüzü and irregular.

She pushed her ass back, devouring his hard cock as he lunged forward.

“That’s what I want. Give me that hungry tight pussy.”

She reached back and spread her cheeks wide for him, taking him deeper, pushing back with all her strength each time he lunged forward.

“Yes, my sweet love. Give me that hot cunt. Give me all of that cunt.”

She sighed out loud as the pounding of his cock took her closer to climax.

“Fuck me hard!” She demanded. “Harder, goddamnit! Give me that cock.” She screamed. “Fuck my cunt … hard. Use me, baby. Fuck me.”

Hic cock throbbed. She could feel it. He could feel her strong muscles drawing him in, pulling, milking him, tightening their powerful grip on his steaming flesh, sucking him in deeper.

A heavy groan ascended from somewhere deep inside of her.

Her legs went limp. She stumbled, almost losing her balance.

Quickly, his arms pulled her tightly back to him. His teeth clenched. A grunt.

His cock exploded, discharging his hot seed deep inside of her.

She screamed out loud in orgasmic delight.

They stayed together, soaking in the hot stream until it was over.

He took her hand, lifted her. She turned.

They kissed.

She smiled warmly.

“It’s only a job,” she said, touching his lips gently with her finger. “And we don’t fly until tomorrow night.

“Yeah, but we should dry off.”

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