Unplanned Wife Swap


My wife Beth, and I have known Kate and Larry for about 3 years. We occasionally have dinner with them and have them over to our house, but we’ve never vacationed with them before.

Beth is my 5 foot 6 blonde, petite, horney wife. Kate is almost 6 foot, brunette, and very fit as she runs marathons and has competed in triathlons. Both Larry and I are your average 50+ year old guys who have slight beer guts, but are generally fairly fit.

We planned to go to a concert one Friday night with them but since the venue was 2 hours away, we decided to get a single hotel room with 2 double beds to sleep in for the night rather than driving back home. It did not seem awkward because we figured we would just crash after the concert, wake and leave, and after adding up concert tickets, outrageously priced beer at the venue, parking fees, etc., we wanted to save some money.

We got to the room about 3, checked in, and hung out by the pool for a couple hours. The girls can still rock bikinis, and Kate’s was especially small. Around 5pm, we changed and went to dinner where we had ample wine. We got to the venue about 7:30 as we did not care for the opening band. The concert was great and finished about 10 – I guess there is some kind of noise ordinance.

We got back to the room around 11 and decided we were all too wired to sleep, so drank beer, wine and smoked some more weed on the balcony. We were having a great time but I guess we were a bit too loud because security came and asked us to keep it down. We decided it was probably time to go to sleep anyway. We let Kate and Larry use the bathroom first to get ready for bed. Then we went in. While changing and brushing our teeth, we heard Kate giggling and wondered what those two were up to. When we finally came out and walked into the bedroom, we were shocked to see Kate and Larry completely naked in the 69 position with Kate on top. Beth said “guys, get a room” and we laughed and even heard a muffled laugh from Kate. It was a shock, but we were pretty high and drunk and it did not phase us as much as I thought it might.

Beth and I climbed into bed, but there was no looking away from the sex going on right next to us. We didn’t say anything and Kate’s moans grew louder and more intense. A few minutes more of watching them and Artvin Escort Beth reached back and felt for my hard dick and began rubbing it through my boxer shorts. I reached between her legs and her panties were already soaked. I slipped my fingers inside them and massaged her clit. A few moments later and Beth suddenly threw off the sheet, knelt in the bed and went down on me. I reached back between her legs and under her panties and continued rubbing her pussy. I still had a good view of Kate and Larry and every so often Beth would stop sucking my dick, catch her breath and view them fucking for a second.

Then we heard Kate say “fuck me” as she rolled off Larry. He sprang up on the bed and climbed onto her hands and knees at the edge of the bed. Larry got behind her and slid his dick into her as she let out a loud moan. At this point, Beth still had my dick in one hand but had stopped sucking and was watching them. She then got up, and without saying a word, she positioned herself like Kate, on her hands and knees at the end of our bed with her ass arched up, silently begging me to fuck her from behind like Larry was doing to Kate. I stood behind her and easily slipped into her drenched cunt.

I looked over at Larry and he was watching me fuck Beth. We looked at each other and he gave me a thumbs up and I did the same. It was a little louder with the slapping of balls and stomachs against the girls asses, and with their moaning, but everyone fell silent when Larry looked at me and said “Want to swap?” I stopped sliding in and out of Beth and my heart skipped a beat as I asked her, “Is that OK?” Beth surprised me and said, “I don’t care who fucks me, just don’t stop.”, as she continued to rub her clit with one hand. So I started back up and motioned for Larry to come over, which he did. As soon as I pulled out, he took my place and effortlessly slipped inside my wife and banged her hard. I watched for a second and there was no tinge of jealousy at all – in fact, I was happy that my wife was going to have a great orgasm, so it seemed. I slowly moved behind Kate and turned my attention to her beautiful pussy. I dropped to my knees because at that moment I wanted to taste her more than I wanted to fuck her. She was soaking wet and I made her even wetter with my mouth Artvin Escort Bayan and tongue.

I heard Larry and Beth getting louder and knew they were both close. Beth came first – hard and long and let out shrieks id never heard before. She plopped down on her stomach exhausted, and left Larry’s hard dick hanging in the air. I felt sorry for him. He reached down to touch her pussy but she said, “Just give me a moment”. That’s the hardest she’s cum in a long time and I knew she’d be sensitive for a minute.

I stood up and guided my dick inside Kate as Larry watched. I started slowly, enjoying the moment and happy I had not drank too much. Soon Beth was back up on her hands and knees, and Larry quickly slipped back inside and fucked her little cunt. Beth cried out a little with each deep thrust. I turned my attention back to Kate. She had such a beautiful ass and asshole, and without thinking I massaged her asshole with my thumb. I didn’t go inside, but jut rubbed the outside and she made it known that she was enjoying it because her moans got louder and she said, “Oh yeah”.

At that moment, Larry came inside my wife with a loud grunt and extra deep thrust. He slipped out and milked the last bit of cum from his dick and wiped it on Beth’s ass.

That was hot and I was now nearing the end so slowed a bit to give myself more time inside Kates warm tight pussy. She reached under and I thought she was going to do what Beth does and rub her clit to cum, but instead she just placed her hand on my balls and then moved her fingers to the opening of her pussy so I could feel them as I slid in and out. Then I could feel the contractions of her pussy. I don’t think she was cumming but just tightening her muscles for me, and it all pushed me over the edge. I exploded deep inside her.

I was weary and my knees were shaky, but i looked over to my bed and Beth and Larry were both lying haphazardly with eyes closed. It was obvious they were falling asleep and that is exactly what i was thinking would be really nice. But Kate twisted around and began sucking my wet limp dick. There was no way i was getting hard again anytime soon, but i didnt want to tell her that. But soon, she stopped sucking and got up fully on her knees so that she was nealry eye-level with Escort Artvin me and leaned over to give me a kiss. She then flipped on her back, and with her eyes closed and legs spread, she began vigourously rubbing her clit with her fingers. Her eyes were closed and she came quickly.

I pulled the covers back and Kate and I got under them and we both quickly fell asleep. The next thing I remember is waking with a hard on, thinking what happened was a dream, realizing it was not, and that Kate was naked next to me on her side facing away. Without thinking I reached out and felt all over her body. I pushed her top leg over and she sort of rolled over more onto her stomach. i pushed that far leg more to open her up for me. The thought of fucking her last night was driving me crazy and I wanted to be back inside her more than anything.

My hand quickly found her wet mound and started to massage her pussy. It did not take long until I heard the soft moans and Kate moved her legs to give me even better access. I moved my fingers from her ass down through her lips and over her clit, then back, sometimes with a couple fingers slipping inside. As she awakened fully, she reached and pulled for me to be closer. She reached back and found my dick, lifted her leg, and guided me inside her. As I fucked her long and hard, I reached in front and rubbed her clit. Amazingly, we both came at nearly the same time; our louder and louder sounds clueing each other into our impending climax.

We both lay motionless and I, at least, was drifting back to sleep. Except I heard motion in the other bed. I turned over and saw Larry on top of my wife and thrusting. Beth was fully awake and enjoying her morning dick. Larry came with no sound, but just a final thrust. Her rolled off and Beth took care of herself, coming quicker than usual.

I think we all fell back asleep for an hour. Eventually it was time to get up, shower and check out. Larry and Kate went into the bathroom first. I climbed into bed with Beth and slid a finger inside her drenched pussy. “You are so full of his cum”, I said. She reached for my cock and found I was hard. She climbed on top of me and slipped me inside her and fucked me hard. It was really sloppy and messy and wonderful. I came just as Kate was walking out of the bathroom. She just said, “My god you guys…”

The 2 hour drive home was interesting and we made Plans to have Larry and Kate to our house the following weekend for dinner and drinks. Although no one mentions it, we all know it will be a night of amazing wife swapping sex

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