Unique Physical Therapy


“Hey Dylan, can you help me lift this box?  I know it is supposed to be a one-man job but I am having trouble with my left hand and don’t want to drop it.”“Sure, Hank,” Dylan said, coming over to help him lift it onto a lower shelf.  “How long have you been having issues with your hand?”“A couple of weeks.  It feels a bit numb and at times it is hard to grip things.  I know I should have it checked out but cannot afford to take time off from work.”“I understand, but if you drop something, it is going to come out of your check, and you may even lose your job if the boss sees it,” Dylan told him.  “You know he is.”“I’ll think about it,” Hank said.For the next few days, Dylan tried to stay close to Hank, helping him when he could.  Finally, Hank couldn’t take it any longer and called in on Friday to go to the doctor.  When he walked into the doctor’s office, he registered and took a seat in the waiting room. After an examination and some x-rays, the doctor came back into the exam room and said, “You have a pinched nerve in your wrist.”“What’s the treatment?  Am I going to have to miss much time from work?” he asked, worry working its way into his voice.“It depends on how the physical therapy works over the weekend.  You may have to miss at least Monday for a follow-up to see Nancy Mersin Escort McFall, the physical therapist I am sending you to see today.  Her office is about a mile from here.  She is expecting you.”  The doctor handed Hank a business card and stood up.  “She has great success with her treatments.  I know because I saw her for my pinched nerve.”When Hank looked at the card, it suddenly hit him that her last name was the same as his doctor’s.  “Is she related to you?”“She is my wife,” he said walking out of the room.Hank checked out and headed to her office.  When he walked in, he was pleasantly surprised at the calm ambiance of the room and soft jazz music playing in the background.“May I help you?” the receptionist asked.  “Do you have an appointment or need to make one?”“My name is Hank Richards.  Dr. Allan McFall said he had made me an appointment and to come right down.”“Ah, yes, the pinched nerve in the wrist.  Nancy will be right out to get you.  Can I get you something to drink while you wait?”“No, I am good, but thank you,” Hank said taking a seat.About five minutes later, the side door opened. A young woman with red hair stepped into the waiting room.  She didn’t appear to be old enough to be Dr. McFall’s wife, so Hank figured that it was Mersin Escort Bayan her nurse as she was probably twenty years younger than Dr. McFall was.  So, he was surprised when the receptionist called her Nancy as she pointed toward him.“Hi, Hank. Allan told me you were having issues with your left hand.  Come on back and we will get you started on your physical therapy.”Hank followed her back to the examination room.  “Thanks for working me in.”“It was no problem,” she told him, opening the door to an exam room, and motioned for him to go on in.  “Are you right or left-handed?”“Right-handed,” wondering what that had to do with his issues.“Which hand do you masturbate with?”“Which hand do I what with?” he asked, sure he had not heard her right.“Masturbate with,” she repeated, gesturing for him to sit on the exam table.Hank did not answer her at first, wondering if this was some type of joke, that it was a way Dr. McFall got his kicks.  No, he is not that type of man.  He is a respectable doctor, Hank thought.“Look, Hank, I can’t help you if you won’t tell me.”“My right hand,” he said softly, feeling funny discussing this subject in front of a woman, especially his doctor’s wife. And he still did not know what that had to do with his problem.“Okay.  Escort Mersin I will admit this is a very unusual form of physical therapy, but it does work.  You just have to continue to do it at least once a day after this weekend,” she explained, taking a small cup out of the cabinet and showing it to Hank.  “Will this be big enough or do you need a larger one?”The cup was about the size of a cup you would get with a kiddy meal at a restaurant so he said, “Yes, that will be big enough,” although he was not sure what she wanted him to do with it.“I want you to masturbate in that cup, and then I will show you how much herbal powder to mix into it.  Once it is mixed, you will rub it on your wrist, both sides, and your hand, leaving it on for thirty minutes before washing it off.  For the first three days, you will need to do this at least four times a day,” she said as she handed him the cup.“You want me to sit here and masturbate into this cup and then rub it on my wrist and hand?” Hank asked.  “Are you a real physical therapist or just some whacko who gets her kicks picturing a man jacking off and rubbing it on himself?”“I am a licensed physical therapist and do regular therapy.  This is a special treatment that Allan and I have found works for your type of issue.  I learned about this when I did mission work in Uganda several years ago, which is where I met Allan.” Nancy explained.  “And you must use the hand with the pinched nerve, which is why you have to use your left hand.  You are getting pleasure along with exercise, so let’s get started.”

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