Unfinished Business


Months had passed. I tried to forget about him. I even went as far as sending him an email. I was hoping he would write back, assuring me that he still wanted me, he just needed time.

Unfortunately, I didn’t hear back from him. After months of talking and emailing and describing in great detail what each of us wanted from the other, it was over.

Our one time together had been just a taste of how good things could have been between us. We were only in it for the sex. Each of us wanted that one person who could fulfill our baser needs. That one person who would do what our spouses wouldn’t.

I searched Literotica and wondered if he still posted. I hadn’t seen anything from him in quite a while. So, I decided to take a chance and I emailed him. Within minutes I received an email back. We were both cautious at first. He had been busy over the past couple of months. His company was growing and he had spent more time out of state than in.

We emailed daily, learning what the other had been doing, careful not to say anything sexual. I waited for the slightest hint that he wanted to see me again. Finally, I gave up and just came right out and said something.

“Mark, I’m heading to Westport on Friday. Can you meet for lunch?” I hesitated a moment then sent it. I was disappointed when I didn’t get an immediate response back.

I was shutting down my computer for the day when my cell phone rang.

“Hello.” I said, not recognizing the number.


I felt my pussy suddenly quiver at the sound of his deep voice.

“Yes Mark.”

“Were you serious?”


“I don’t want to meet for lunch.”

“Oh.” I said, hoping to hide my disappointment.

“I want to meet and do what I wanted from the start.”

“And that is?” I asked, my pulse starting to quicken.

“I want to fuck you.”

“Oh” I said a bit breathlessly.

“Friday. The Marriot in Wesport. Ten o’clock. I’ll call you with the room number.”

And then he hung up.


Friday couldn’t come soon enough. I took special care getting ready. I packed a few toys in my purse and headed down I-95 to meet Mark. I checked my phone constantly, hoping he wouldn’t cancel at the last moment. I finally reached the hotel. My phone started to ring just as I pulled into the parking lot.


“Room 532.”


My body was a mass of tingling nerves as I stood outside his door ten minutes later. This is what I had wanted from Mark from the start. I knocked on the door and smiled as Mark stood there.

“I really wasn’t sure this was ever going to happen.” He said, taking my hand and leading me into the room.

“Neither did I.” I agreed, letting him take my purse.

The room was large and sported a King size against one wall. The sheets had pulled off and lay in a pile on the floor.

“Undress me.” Mark said, pulling my thoughts from the bed and the fun to come.

I slowly unbuttoned his white shirt baring his hair covered chest. I slipped it from his shoulders and turned to place it over a nearby chair. I ran my hands over the crisp hairs, enjoying the tickling feeling on my palm. Then I dropped to my knees before him and undid his belt. I took my time unbuttoning and unzipping his slacks. I looked up at Mark as I did this. His eyes stared down intently into mine.

I slowly pulled his slacks and boxers down his legs. I removed his shoes and his socks. I turned and placed the rest of his clothes on the chair. I sat back on my heels and looked up at him.

“Since November I have not been able to stop thinking about your wicked mouth.”

I smiled up at him. I leaned forward, stuck out my tongue and licked just the large, purple tip of him. I heard him groan and then Avcılar Escort his fingers slid into my hair. I opened my mouth wider and swallowed him to the base.

“Fuck baby” I heard him hiss as he flexed his hips, forcing himself deeper into my mouth.

I placed my hands on his thighs and started to move my head. This is what I wanted. I wanted his thick dick down my throat. I pulled back, letting him slide from my mouth. I looked up at him. His head was back and his eyes were closed. His chest rose and fell with his unsteady breathing.

I took him back into my mouth, my tongue swirling around his head. I held it at the base while my tongue flicked in and out of his tiny hole, around the ridge and the little “v” at the bottom. I held it as I licked my way down his dick to his balls and took them into my mouth, gently sucking on them, swirling them with my tongue. I spent several minutes just sucking on them, enjoying Mark’s groans. Then I licked my way back up and took him deep into my throat again, until my nose was buried in his coarse pubic hair.

I felt Mark’s fingers tighten in my hair and then he was holding my head still, fucking my mouth with his cock. I braced my hands on his thighs again and gave up control to him. Another thing I had wanted to do since we had started talking.

“Fuck Rachel…here it cums baby….swallow my cum” Mark growled, his hands holding my head down on him.

I felt him thicken and then convulse in my mouth as he shot his load of cum deep down my throat. I reached my hands around and grabbed his ass, pulling him deeper in my mouth. I sucked and swallowed until I felt him start to soften and then let him slide from my lips.

Mark grabbed my shoulders and urged me to my feet. He ran his thumb over my glistening lips then brought it to his mouth and licked it. Then he pulled me close and kissed me, tasting his cum in my mouth. I felt his hands on my body, removing my blouse and bra, unfastening my skirt and letting my clothes fall to the floor. I stood before him now in nothing but my panties and sandals.

“I’m glad you emailed Rachel.”

“I really wasn’t going too.” I answered honestly, staring in those intent hazel eyes.

“Are you sorry you did?” He asked, his hands went around my waist and pulled me closer.

“Not yet.” I said with a smile.

He raised his eyebrows at that.

“Well, let’s see what I can do to make sure you don’t regret it.”

I squealed as he slapped my ass and pulled me toward the bed. His mouth found mine and we kissed again. I felt the mattress at my knees and with a light push from Mark, I tumbled backwards onto the bed. I propped myself up on my elbows and looked up at him. He put his hands on my knees and pulled them wide, exposing my freshly shaven pussy to him.

“You have no idea how bad I want to eat your pussy Rachel.”

“Show me Mark.”

I watched him kneel and with his hands under my ass, he pulled me to the edge of the bed. He spread my legs wide. I could feel his hot breath on my pussy. I looked down and met his gaze.

Holding my eyes, he stuck out his tongue and slowly ran it from my ass to my clit. I groan in pleasure and fell back against the bed. He had the most wicked tongue. With his thumb and index finger, I felt him part my pussy lips, exposing me to him. The tip of his tongue touched my clit, rubbing over it in small, light cirlces.

“Mark…” I moaned, my hands going to my breasts and pinching my hard nipples.

I heard Mark growl, the sound vibrating off my pussy. I felt his teeth nibble on my clit, pulling it out, sucking it hard into his mouth.

“Mark….yes” I cried, starting to feel my stomach tighten with my orgasm.

“Come Beylikdüzü Escort for me Rachel.” He commanded, burying his face deep into my pussy. His tongue delving into my hole and fucking me.

“Yes…yes…..yes…” I chanted, rocking my hips against him.

Mark spread my legs wider and higher, exposing my ass. I felt his finger against my ass, pressing, pushing, until it was buried deep inside me. Between his wicked mouth and his finger deep in my ass, I knew it wouldn’t be much longer.

“Yes! Mark!” I cried, my thighs quivering as I came, soaking his face.

Mark continued to eat me until my body was limp. He placed a soft kiss on my sensitve clit then crawled on to the bed next to me. His hand went to one nipple and flicked it.

“I’ve missed these.” He said, watching as he pulled my nipple roughly with his fingers.

I moaned in answer. I felt the bed shift and then he was straddling my waist. I looked up and saw him looking down at me. Both hands now playing with my nipples. I watched as he pinched and pulled. The pain of it making my pussy gush more cream.

“You like that, don’t you?”

“I fucking love it, Mark.”

I heard him chuckle and then pull harder. I reached up and rubbed my hands over his rough thighs, sliding them up to fondle his semi-hard cock. His grunt was all the answer I needed as I took it into my hands and began to stroke it.

“Fuck Rachel…….” Mark hissed, rubbing his cock in my hands as he pulled unmercilessly on my nipples.

“Mark, please” I begged, not sure what I was begging for.

He pulled even harder. The pain/pleasure of it spread throughout my body. I was ready to cum again.

“You want to cum?”

“Yes Mark.”

“You want my dick inside you?”

“Yes Mark”

I felt Mark shift, and then there he was, between my thighs, his hard cock pressing against my soaked pussy.

“Tell me Rachel….Is this what you want?” He said, teasing me with his dick.

“Yes Mark. Fuck me baby.” I pleaded, lifting my hips up to him.


“Now Mark, fuck me. Fuck me!”

“Shit!” Mark drove into me, pushing my hips down to the bed.

I cried out as I felt the fullness of him deep inside me.

“Shit, baby, are you ok?” He asked, buried to the hilt and looking down at me.

“Fuck yes. You feel so good inside me Mark. I just knew you would.”

He smiled at that and slowly began to move his hips.

“Do you remember what I said about after I cum the first time?”


“Then you know I’m going to fuck all your holes before I cum again, don’t you?”

“Yes.” I answered, my body tingling with that knowledge.

Mark smiled down at me and continued to fuck my pussy. He lifted my legs higher, placing his arms underneath them then forced them back, toward my head. I reached down and began to rub my clit.

“Come for me Rachel. Come again.” He encouraged, his cock pounding in and out of me.

I rubbed faster with one hand and continued to torture my nipple with the other.

“Mark!” I cried, lifting my hips as I came, soaking his cock and balls.

“Shit baby.” Mark growled, pulling out and flipping me over. “On all fours. Now!” He commanded, smacking my ass.

I looked back at him over my shoulder. He laughed and smacked me again. Harder.

“You like that, don’t you baby.” He said, taking turns to smack each ass cheek four times.

My ass was stinging. And I was ready to cum again. And Mark knew that. He positioned himself between my legs, his cock rubbing against my soaked pussy. I felt him rub his cock head against me, lubricating it.

Then his hands were pulling apart my ass cheeks, exposing my tight asshole to him.

“I Esenyurt Escort have dreamed about fucking this ass.” He said, rubbing is cock over my crack.

“Please Mark” I whispered, pushing my ass back against him.

I felt him place his large head against my hole. Slowly he pushed his way in. My ass burned with the pain of his big cockhead trying to push in. But with it also came the pleasure. I groaned and lowered my head to the mattress.

“How does that feel?” Mark asked, stopping while the head had my hole stretched wide.

“Wonderful.” I moaned, trying to push my ass back to take him deeper. He held me still with his hands on my hips.

Mark laughed and smacked my ass.

“Tell me what you want Rachel.”

“I want you to fuck my ass Mark.”

“Oh baby, do you know how badly I have wanted to do this?”

“Stop talking Mark and fuck me.” I all but yelled.

I gasped as he slammed his cock into me. His firm grip on my hips held me steady as he pounded his thick dick into me.

“Play with your clit Rachel. I want you to cum again.”

I reached a hand down and began to rub my sensitive clit. My pussy was soaked. I inserted one finger and felt his dick as he fucked my ass. I rubbed my finger along the wall of my pussy.

“Fuck Rachel……I’m not going to last long.”

I didn’t care at that point. I wanted Mark to come. I wanted to feel his cum fill my ass up. He pounded faster into my ass. His balls slapped against my pussy. I continued to finger myself and massage him.

“Here it comes baby.” Mark growled, slamming into me one more time, his hands holding my hips tight against him.

I could feel his cock jerking in my ass, filling it up with his hot cum. I groaned at the feel of it. Mark leaned over me, his chest resting over my back. I felt his hot breath on my neck, his lips nuzzling me.

“Damn baby, I can’t believe I almost missed this.” He said into my ear.

Slowly we sank to the bed. His weight still against my back. He rolled to the side and looked at me.

“I missed you.” He said softly. His fingers sifting through my hair and tucking it behind my ear.

“I missed you too. I wanted to email so many times.”

“Me too.”

He leaned over and kissed me. Our tongues met and duelled. I pulled my mouth away and looked at him.

“So what happens now?” I asked, needing to know where we go from here.

“You tell me. You know what I’m looking for Rachel. What I want. Is this going to happen?”

“I want it too Mark. You gave up to easily last time. I hope that isn’t a pattern with you. I might not always be able to get away, but when I can, it will be worth it.”

I held my breath waiting for him to answer. If he said no, I was going to get up and leave without ever looking back. If he said yes, I was going to blow him again and plan our next meeting.

When he said nothing, I rolled over and sat up. I wrapped the sheet around me and stood, gathering up my clothes.

“Where are you going?” Mark called from the bed.

I turned and saw him watching me. His naked body lying against the white sheets. His flacid cock nestled in the wet curls.

“I have to go.”

“I’m not done with you yet Rachel.” He said getting up and walking to stand before me.

He took my clothes and the sheet from me. I stood naked before him now.

“I will give you 3 dates a month that I can get away. You are to confirm one of them. If I need to cancel, I will text you. And you do the same. But then we pick another date. I want to fuck you once a month. Is that understood?”

I nodded.

“Say it Rachel. Say you understand and that you want this too. These past six months have been hell for me.”

“I understand Mark.”

“Good” He leaned close and kissed me. A gentle kiss.

“Now get going. I will be in touch soon.”

I gathered my clothes and quickly dressed as Mark watched me. One quick kiss on his cheek and I turned to leave.


I stopped with my hand on the door. I turned back to look at him. He smiled. I smiled back and left.

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