Unexpected delight


Unexpected delight
Wife was going to visit our cottage with one of our sons and his good friend, Amal. They were all set to leave our house and pick up Amal, then the phone rang. Our son’s employer called, there was an accident at work and he needed our son to fill in for the day otherwise the restaurant would be super short of cooks. So our son said of course he’d come in as his boss was very accommodating whenever he needed a favour. Son told my wife to pick up Amal, drive to our cottage and he’d be up shortly or tomorrow.

Wife drove to Amal’s, then they drove up to our cottage, just under a 2 hour drive. Wife didn’t think anything of it as she’s known Amal since he was born. They arrived at the cottage, got set up and went outside to do some yard work. Wife became super hot in her top and shorts, so went inside to change into her one piece black bathing suit. As she’s 53 she doesn’t feel comfortable in a bikini as she use to wear. Her 44EE-37-45 figure fills out the bathing suit rather nicely, her ample breasts are very visible as the one piece bathing suit shows a fairly generous portion of her breasts.

As they worked in the yard she couldn’t help but notice Amal’s stares, he tried to hide them, but every time she bent over he would catch a glimpse of her cleavage. She also could feel the backside of her bathing suit becoming more or less a thong from time to time. It was normally very discreet, but doing light digging and such it would ride up on her hips. Of course, she discreetly caught Amal looking at her lovely and well formed butt cheeks. She also noticed when she pushed down on a shovel, up and down, her breasts would wildly bounce up and down, again, she noticed Amal taking notice.

She was a bit concerned as she’s 53, known him all his life, he’s a good friend of one of our sons, our son, Robert is 18 so she thought Amal was roughly the same age. Even with her trepidation, she was incredibly flattered this handsome young black man couldn’t take his eyes off of her mature white body.

She made dinner and phoned our son, Robert. Robert informed her the accident at work was more serious than he had thought it would be. Another cook required several stitches from a bad cut. So he informed her he couldn’t make the cottage trip until the coming weekend at the earliest. That’s 4 days away. She didn’t tell Amal Robert wouldn’t be up later that night, she loved the added attention.

After eating they watched a movie. Wife was tired so wanted to visit her bedroom, have a bath, read then get a good nights sleep. She told Amal to stay up if he wanted to, no problem.

As she laid in her tub in the ensuite bathroom of her bedroom she heard his foot steps coming upstairs. She heard the shower come on. She exited the bathroom, grabbed her bathrobe, then rehung it. She wanted to be nude as she laid on top on her bedsheets to read a much anticipated book. Side light was on, she loved the light evening breeze blowing against her clean skin from the window.

Couple of minutes passed, she heard Amal’s bedroom door open, couple of footsteps, then he went quiet. She was lying flat with the book raised just above her bare breasts. She wondered “why is he quiet now?” Then she heard a very faint creek, if you didn’t know to listen for it you’d never hear it, this was proof he was walking down the hallway towards her bedroom. She quickly looked beside her book towards the bedroom door. She gasped to herself as it was cracked open about 3 inches.

No time to get up and close the door. This sent an immediate warm rush throughout her body, she decided to give him a show. Made sure her book covered her face so he couldn’t see her face, her legs were crossed, so she wasn’t showing any pussy lips just her pubic hair. Next she moved her left arm under her left breast so it wasn’t flopped over to her side. At 44EE this sexually displayed her ample left breast and nipple. Her right breast nipple was on full display from her right breast which had flopped over to her right side.

Her heart was pounding in her head, such a turn on! But all was quiet, then she heard a very faint grunt. “What was that?” she thought. Then the sound on him quietly walking back to his room, she knew he tried to close the door without making a sound, but it’s her cottage, she heard it. She rolled over to the side of the bed, put her feet on the floor, stood up and on her tiptoes walked to the door. She opened the door a bit, wondered what Amal had done?

She was about to close the door then noticed something, she knelt down and realized there were 3 gobs of thick sperm slowly running down the door. Then she noticed a pool of sperm on the floor. She thought “wow, those big black balls of his were loaded! And I turned him on”!!

This sent an immediate charge through her body. Pussy lips, womb instantly became warm, her breathing picked up. She took her index finger with her middle finger and scooped up the gobs of thick black sperm Amal had running down her bedroom door. She spread her legs apart and rubbed his sperm between her pussy lips. Next collection she rubbed inside her vagina. Then she went back into her bedroom, came back to the door and collected the sperm on the floor onto some paper. Closed the door and came back to her bed. She put a pillow under her butt to raise her midsection. Then used her left hand to open her pussy lips and with her right hand she poured Amal’s sperm from the paper into her vagina. She liked how it slowly poured down as it was very thick.

Next she moved the pillow and went to town giving herself a massive orgasm. Hard to keep quiet, but she tried. She held a mirror down at her pussy lips and noticed the glistening sperm coating everything. For a second she became worried about getting pregnant, but thought at 53 I hope not. It felt so good.

After pleasing herself, she got up and opened the door slightly again, this time a little further about 5 inches open. Lied back down to read her book. This time she moved her right foot up to the inside of her left knee thus fully exposing her soaking wet pussy lips. She thought, “would he come back again”. She chuckled at the thought, but didn’t think he would. She started to read her book, then reached down to her belly, rubbed it and said in a soft, low voice “do you like his millions of young, vibrant black sperm swimming around inside my still fertile womb”?

She started to get tired, was thinking on putting her book down, turning off the light and falling asleep, then she ever so slightly heard Amal’s door open. Or did it? Very faint. Is he coming or isn’t he? She didn’t know. But she knew her pussy lips would entice him so she again moved her left arm under her left breasts to show it off in all it’s glory for him to see.

The book blocked him from seeing her face. Then she heard what sounded like him pumping his penis, she smiled, her heart started to pound in her head again as she was filled with anticipation. Then she heard his door open and close again. She quietly got off her bed and checked her door. Some more gobs of thick black sperm running down the door. She scooped them up again and rubbed them inside her. She collected the sperm pool from the floor again. She fell asleep on top of her bedsheets rubbing her belly almost wishing she’d get impregnated. She almost wished he’d just walk in and ask to make love to her!

She woke up at 3am in a panic. Asked herself “is he 18”? She quickly, but quietly, exited her bedroom as she remembered his wallet was on the fridge downstairs. As she passed his room she realized she’s naked with a few hundred million of his sperm swimming around inside her still fertile womb. That thought just made her smile, she didn’t care if he walked out right now and saw her naked!

She frantically searched his wallet, relief!! He’s 18 and 3 months!! She almost laughed out loud then caught herself, “oops, be quiet”! She went back upstairs. Stopped at Amal’s door, it was slightly ajar. She knew how to quietly open it, so did. He was lying on top of his bedsheets completely naked lying on his front. Not much light, but she liked his butt cheeks, looked masculine. Amal was a striking figure, stood about 6’4″ tall, fairly muscular, handsome facial features. She had never seen a nude black man before, she very much liked what she saw. She stepped inside his room, took a deep breadth, said to herself “oh well, just go for it! After all, his sperm is inside me trying to fertilize an egg of mine, what have I got to lose”? So she without waking him lied down beside him on top of his bed and amazed herself at how at ease she was, didn’t really care if he woke up. She shortly fell asleep.

She woke up, looked over to the clock, it was 6:30am, sun filled the room. She looked to her right. Amal was lying on his back, sound asleep. He had a full morning erection. She gasped to herself, without disturbing him sat up, his face was facing away from her. This was the first nude black man she had ever seen in the flesh, what a specimen! Her eyes were fixated on his ‘morning wood’ in full and glorious view! She guessed it was about 8-9 inches in length, extra thick, very good! It had 3 large veins, a very generous foreskin that even though he was fully erect the foreskin still had a large clump of skin at its head. Next she noticed his large ball sack that would easily hang down 5-6 inches with 2 massive balls. She bit her lip as she now knew where he got all the sperm she had rubbed into her vagina from. “Wow”, she thought to herself “he must make a billion or 2 billion sperm each day with those big balls”.

She looked down at those 3 extra inches at her waist and thought “why was he turned on by me”? Then she smiled and looked at her 44EE breasts, “yes, men can’t resist these” as she said this to herself with enthusiasm.

She then noticed his six pack, lovely skin, strong legs and arms. Her womb instantly became wet again! Then she noticed his penis start to bob and gyrate up and down. “Oh no, he’s going to have a wet dream! I can’t waste all that sperm”, she said to herself. She noticed the empty water glass beside the bed. She grabbed it, gently moved it in front of his penis’s head holding it with her right hand. Next she used her left hand to ever so slowly pull his foreskin back off of his penis’ head. She loved how large its head was. Next he started to unload into the glass. She hoped he wouldn’t wake up, he didn’t.

After he finished, she was impressed by the amount of sperm in the glass, she released his foreskin, it quickly covered his head again. She slid off the bed and quietly walked back to her bedroom. She lied down on top of her bedsheets and admired the sheer volume of his sperm. She dipped her finger in to taste it, she found its taste rather pleasant. Said in a quiet voice “I can see why some women go on about a black man’s sperm and how good it tastes. But I don’t want to eat it, I want his millions of sperm swimming inside my old but still fertile womb”!! She again raised her hips using a pillow and slowly and sensually poured his sperm into her vagina and pleased herself. Next she noticed all the sperm had left her vagina. She grinned, rubbed her belly knowing that her cervix had pulled his sperm up into her uterus. She imagined her uterus and fallopian tubes full of his sperm with an egg of hers forced to swim in a sea of his sperm! She actually hoped if she had a waiting egg that he would fertilize it!! She had dreamed of a black baby for decades, could this be the time??

She fell asleep with a big smile on her face. She woke up about 90 minutes later, got up, went to grab her bathrobe, then thought “no, something more revealing”! She took out a pull over night top, didn’t really cover everything, but that was the idea! She wore nothing underneath, at each side it had a big slit about 4 inches wide and came up about 10 inches. The back of it wasn’t quite long enough to cover her whole bum, a little showed from behind. Her large breasts flopped around freely with her pointing straight down nipples easily seen. She looked in the mirror, “yes, this is what I’ll make breakfast in”.

Amal was still in bed. As she walked past his bed his nude body on display and it looked good! She went downstairs, made pancakes, sausages and as she was just finishing up she heard him walk downstairs. He came down in his bathing suit, stopped and gapped at her as she came into full view. She knew he wasn’t expecting that sight! She told him to come down, breakfast is ready. He sat down, still looked stunned. They started to eat and discussed plans for the day. As they ate their breakfast she felt some of his sperm run out of her vagina down her leg, this really excited her! He offered to wash the dishes, wife said “great, I want to look something up in the meantime”.

As he washed by the sink, she sat down on the sofa with a magazine in hand. She crossed her left leg over her right knowing with the large slit in her top shirt her entire left leg was visible right up to her ribcage. When he looked over to her she noticed his eyes couldn’t help but explore her complete left leg and side of her butt that were completely uncovered. She rose up giving him a quick full pussy view then she went upstairs to change. She came out with shorts and a tank top, again giving him an excellent view of her breasts. Also, she didn’t have any underwear on so her shorts rode up into her pussy lips displaying a very impressive cameltoe that based on his glances he very much approved of!

They worked hard all day, both were dirty. Wife warmed up some dinner, then said we’d better have a shower to clean up before we relax tonight, Amal agreed. He walked into the bathroom at the end of the hall upstairs, she entered her ensuite bathroom, took her clothes off. Then looked into the mirror and said to herself “he kept getting erections off and on throughout the day peaking looks at me, he’s going to masturbate in the shower. I can’t let his sperm run down the drain, I want EVERY DROP inside me! Time to get bold”!

She exited her bedroom in the nude, walked briskly down to hallway, stood in front of the bathroom door, took a couple of deep breaths, opened the door and walked in. Amal was in the shower by now, he was washing his hair. He hadn’t noticed her, she thought about quietly exiting. Then she took another deep breath, stepped forward, opened the shower door and stepped inside with him. He was shocked, she apologized and offered to leave if he’d like that. He then smiled, looked down at her large breasts and said “Mrs. H, you are the most gorgeous mom I know of, I’ve always felt that way. If you want to stay, please stay, as I can’t stop thinking about you as it is”!

Next she asked for the bar of soap, told him she’ll wash him then he can wash her. After washing each other they seductively rinsed each other off, giggling along the way. They exited the shower, she dried him off and he returned the favour. She then said “my muscles are aching, how about we exchange massages?” She reached into the medicine cabinet and retrieved the lavender massage oil, smiled at him, moved closer to him, he leaned down (after all he’s 6’4″, she’s only 5’3″ tall) and they gave each other a quick kiss, then pulled away grinning at each other. She moved in for a slow, deep kiss, their tongues twirling around inside his mouth. She then grabbed his hand and walked him to her bed. He wanted to massage her first, no complaints from her!

He asked permission before touching her pussy lips, she gladly gave it and thanked him for asking. It became apparent he wasn’t familiar with a woman’s privates. So she educated him, he loved her very large pussy lips (they hang down about 2 inches, and are very thick), she had him reach inside with 2 fingers and feel the ribbed inside of her vagina, he loved it!

Now her turn, she loved his young, muscular back, butt cheeks which he flexed at her request! She asked often! As she massaged his genitals she complimented him of their size, veins, and extra long foreskin, which she absolutely loves! Of course, he had a continuous erection. As she slowly slid the top of her index finger inside his foreskin to gently rub around his penis head with all his pre-cum and play with the top of his penis where the shaft and head were she told him “it’s certainly true what they say about black men. You certainly are well endowed. You’re the first nude black man I’ve ever seen.”

He then complemented her, she stood up and took a couple of steps away from the bed. Faced him and said “so you find my old body attractive? You’re so toned and young, I have these extra 3-4 inches in my waist, can’t stand them. My breasts are big and floppy, (she turned around and stopped, giving him a side show) and I have these extra 3 inches on my thighs that won’t go away. Yet, you like my body?”

He told her to stand still. He got up from the bed, walked over to her, slowly slid his hands down her sides, this drove her wild with desire, she was saying to herself “all that sperm in my womb, please, PLEASE let there be an egg waiting to be fertilized!” Next he kissed the side of her neck while standing behind her as she felt his penis push into her right butt cheek and said “a black man has priorities as to who he wants to have intercourse with. Did you know that first on our list is a big breasted, all natural, curvy, mature, white woman like yourself?” Wife smiled in approval! They kissed for a few minutes, then both lied down on top of the sheets facing each other.

She was lying on her right side, him on his left, facing each other. She slowly ran her fingers through his hair and asked him “did you want to make love”. He grinned in approval. Then said “I always carry a couple of condoms with me, so I’m good”. She smiled and said “just as you black men prefer a white woman of my age and figure, we mature white women have 2 rules when it comes to black men. They are: 1. No condoms 2. No pulling out. Do you like that?”

He smiled and said “yes. But what about you getting pregnant? Aren’t you worried about that? At your age can you still get pregnant?” She smiled, tenderly kissed him, moved back facing him and said “yes, I still have periods, so pregnancy is possible. But I’m okay with taking that chance, always thought about having a black baby”. He said “I can’t afford to support a baby, I’m still a k**.” She said “I’m rich, don’t need your money. If it happens, it happens, I can look after it”. As they were talking her womb was on fire as he didn’t know it but there was already millions of his sperm freely swimming deep inside her still fertile womb in search of an egg to fertilize.

They started to kiss, one thing lead to another, they made love for 90 minutes in different positions. In all he made 3 massive sperm deposits deep inside her. They fell asleep with her leaning on his chest with her left hand fingers in his right hand. She dreamt about her having an egg swimming in his sperm, she loved the thought.

Next morning they showered, walked downstairs in the nude, made breakfast and made love all morning in wild abandonment again and again! After lunch they took a nap on the back porch to feel the lovely breezes, next thing you know they were in each other’s embraces wildly making love. By dinner time he had made an incredible 7 sperm deposits. Relaxed watching a movie, more love making with 1 more sperm deposit.

Next 2 days were one love fest after another. She told him to kiss her belly to say hello to his k**, he loved that idea!

Our son called and said he’d be up in 2 days to spend the weekend with Amal and my wife. She asked our son “how come Amal won’t drive? He has a license right?” Son said “no, his brother can drive, Amal can’t. Next he said Amal is thinking on applying for his license as he turned 16 three months ago.” Wife was horrified at hearing this. Asked about Amal’s age, son said he’s almost exactly 2 years younger than Richard, his brother. Richard is 18 and almost 4 months, Amal is according to our son 2 years and a couple of days younger.

Amal went to use the washroom, wife again inspected his wallet where she thought he was 18, sure enough he for some reason had his brother’s driving license, she hadn’t noticed the name was for Richard Smith, not Amal Smith. She now knew Amal was only 16, she, a 53 year old woman has been making love to Amal even hoping he might fertilize an egg of hers. Her heart started to pound, she didn’t know what to do.

She went over to the washroom and told Amal she’ll be right back, has to quickly run into town. She left with her cell phone. She pulled over and called a lawyer she knows, came up with a rouse to ask about age of consent. He said it’s 16, it’s a misconception that it’s 18, every state is different. She thanked him and said she’ll pass it along to “her mysterious and imaginary friend”.

Relief!! She drove back, walked in, Amal was still nude wondering if she’d like to make love outside on the porch all night. She said “sure, sounds great”! They made love for a hour, 2 more sperm deposits. She had him lie on top of her, their hands clasped above her head with his legs on top of hers. He asked if his weight was hurting her. She said it feels great, she wants to feel the weight of the father of her next and last baby! He grinned from ear to ear.

After passionately and slowly kissing for 15 minutes they stared into each other’s faces, she asked about the age difference, she’s 53, he’s 16. How does he feel about trying to impregnate a 37 year older woman? He was surprised she knew his age, she told him to relax it’s fine, 16 is age of consent in their state, he liked hearing that. They discussed some baby names. They also discussed that if she didn’t get pregnant this would be a one off week of incredible love making, but it would have to stay between them. He agreed. If she does get pregnant, then she’ll have to figure it out, but she’s fine if he fertilizes a waiting egg.

He asked if she’s ovulating. She replied “yes. I started the second day we were here. So you’ve been flooding my fertile womb for over 2 days with one more day to go. My egg is definitely swimming in a sea of your sperm, it may already be fertilized”. She smiled, they kissed. He said “I’m glad you’re good with that, you’re the most beautiful mature, white woman I’ll probably ever know. To impregnate you for my first baby would be a dream come true.” She cried a bit and said “it’s tears of joy. I WANT your baby, so go ahead and impregnate this mature white woman who you love so much!”

On the last day before our son came up to the cottage he made an impressive 11 sperm deposits, one last go at impregnating her, he just never tired. Wife loved it!

Two months later she had another period. She was disappointed, tried a pregnancy test, was negative. She almost cried as she really wanted a black baby, but then again, her last baby she delivered 19 years previously and was just about to turn 54, so took it all in stride. Loved the experience of her black lover week!!!

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