Two Days Ago


I had set up the appointment with Retta (I’m certain that’s not her real name) a few days earlier. I’d been searching for a photographer in the “creative” section of Craigslist that had been suggested by a friend had because they specialized in pet photography and I wanted to get a gift certificate for my stepmother for her birthday. No luck on that, but I did stumble across Retta’s ad and it immediately caught my eye.

I had visited her once before a couple years earlier. She advertised as a specialist in Tantric massage. Tantric ideals have always fascinated me, but I can’t say that I’ve had much experience with regard to it, only the one massage. Even though I enjoyed it immensely, I got caught up in my career and the place was just far enough away from where I lived and worked that I just never managed to get back. I eventually lost her number as well.

That first time had been pleasurable enough. There was no “happy ending” involved, but it had been highly sensual and surprisingly erotic considering she had not undressed, barely spoke at all and what little was said was about nothing of a sexual nature. Finally, she never touched my genitals. All that didn’t mean that I didn’t get excessively aroused – It had been like being held right at the brink of a huge orgasm for over forty-five minutes. When she finished the massage, she left the room and I took care of things myself at that point.

The more recent ad allowed me to contact her via e-mail and after I did, she responded within a couple of days. She recognized my name from previously and was pleased that I had decided to at long last return for another session. We set a date and time.

Her location had changed. Now instead of a nondescript office building, she was located in a lovely semi-restored farmhouse set deep in the countryside. As I drove up the long driveway on a warm sunny Friday morning, I immediately felt strangely at ease and at the same time slightly aroused. When I knocked at the side door, Retta answered, a soft smile gracing her lips. She was of average build with long brunette hair and dressed in a tunic and leggings. Her feet were bare.

She asked me to remove my shoes, then showed me into a simple kitchen and on through first to the dining room and then the living room. Settled into the sofa was a delightful woman in her thirties (I guessed) with kinky blonde hair just past her shoulders, dressed in daisy dukes and a tank top. Retta introduced her as Sandy. Retta explained that Sandy was an old college friend who was staying with her for a few days as she blew through town. Our eyes met for a moment and I felt something primal as they did, but then Retta took me by the hand, leading me down the hall to her massage room. It was lit with dozens of candles and smelled delightful.

“Why don’t you undress and get on the table – I’ll be back in a couple minutes”

I did as instructed, slipping off my jeans, my black T, and the microknit briefs I’d taken to wearing recently. I left the door open, a plot beginning to hatch in the back of my head. After a bit, Retta reappeared and as she reached for the doorknob I asked if she could possibly leave the door open.


“Yes” I replied firmly.

“Sandy hasn’t left the house yet, she might…”

“I don’t mind if she sees something.” I interrupted.

Retta acquiesced, shaking her head and rolling her eyes as she reached for a bottle of scented oil. She poured a little on my naked back and some more on her hands, then spread it over my back and shoulders and down my arms. I’d forgotten just how magical her touch was and in no time I was carried off to another place where all that mattered was the contact between her hands and my naked flesh. My fingers were individually fondled and then stretched, my arms and shoulders caressed, ulus escort my shoulders, my lower back. She bent one of my legs at the knee and kneaded my calves and foot, paying extra attention to the arches. Then she gently lowered the leg and repeated the process with the other leg and foot.

Next, she worked her way up my thighs. When her hands made contact with the inside of them I groaned with pleasure. I love to be massaged there and I could feel an erection coming on as her fingers wandered. Keeping one hand on my left thigh her other then started caressing an asscheek and my erection intensified. I drifted further off into that blissful zone I remembered from the first session.

“Want me to close this?”

I raised my head to see Sandy standing in the doorway. Our eyes met again and I was suddenly very aware of just how hard and engorged my cock was as I lay there with it pressed between my body and the table. My entire backside was on display as Retta was on the far side of the table, affording Sandy an unobstructed view.

“No, he says he wants it left open. Says he doesn’t mind if you see something”

“Is that so?”

“That’s what he says”

Sandy remained in the doorway. Retta continued to gently stroke the inside of my thigh as she caressed my ass, then shifted to running her nails gently across my back and the backside of each thigh. When she shifted to work on the other thigh she also changed to the other side of the table and at that point Sandy entered the room to stood right alongside, where Retta had been prior.

“He has a nice ass, doesn’t he?” Sandy cooed.

“I guess so.”

“Can I touch it?”

“Have to ask him I guess.”

What was I going to say? No, don’t touch my bare ass to this stunner? I don’t think so.

“By all means, please do.”

My little plan was working better than I had expected. I had hoped to be able to indulge my exhibitionistic proclivities a bit, but this was even better.

Sandy placed a hand on the asscheek that Retta wasn’t caressing and mimicked her motions. My massage had turned into a three handed one. I groaned in appreciation.

“Nice.” was Sandy’s comment. “Very nice.”

That continued for a while. At one point I detected that Renna’s hand had left my ass and that Sandy was using both of hers. Then I felt Renna using both hands on my thigh. Now it was officially a four handed massage.

Shortly after that, Renna announced “Time to roll over.”

The exhibitionist thrill thing went suddenly into overdrive. Here I was, completely naked with a raging hard-on, rolling over to expose my condition to two women standing right on top of me. I had hoped to perhaps get caught in this condition as Sandy walked by the open door, but she would be witnessing it right up close.

Once I was on my back I could again see both of them. Renna resumed her ministrations, starting with my shoulders and chest, then moved to the head of the table and began a sensual scalp massage. The first time she had also done so and again it was incredibly arousing. Sandy in the meantime had been pretty much just staring at my package but eventually she glanced up at my face. Once more our eyes locked and I could sense that she too was about ready to explode, a victim of total wantonness.

“Can I touch it?”

I felt Renna’s hands stop, but she said nothing. I could tell she didn’t approve, but at that point, what the hell did she expect me to say?

“I’d very much like it if you did.”

Sandy placed a hand directly on my rigid member. It twitched involuntarily as she did and a devilish little smile crossed her lips. She stroked it lightly and then wrapped her fingers around it. It was heavenly to feel her delicate digits gently squeezing around yeni mahalle escort the shaft.

“Can I kiss it?”

Oh my god. Did she really just say that?

Renna made for the door saying “I’m done here.”

Sandy stared into my eyes again, this time in a pleading manner. This girl was dying for some cock.

“Can I?”

“On one condition. You have to allow me the opportunity to return the favor.”

She giggled a little and said “We’ll see.”

Bending over she brought her face to my crotch and then kissed the shaft. I felt her hair softly tumble down onto my groin as she lingered with her lips. Her hot breath felt wonderful as she paused there. She kissed it several more times, eventually reaching the knob.

“Can I lick it?”

“I’d be very disappointed if you didn’t, but why don’t you get undressed as well? I’d love to see you in all your glory.”

She straightened up and began a slow, shy sort of a striptease for my benefit, first sliding out of the shorts to reveal a sexy pair of teal colored lace panties that contrasted wonderfully with the coral color of her top. That came off next, revealing a lovely set of tits, one of which sported a tiny flower tattoo. She did a little spin and I discovered that the panties were actually a thong which displayed her sweet little ass to great advantage. Not that it mattered much whether they were panties or thong, as it was soon off as well, unveiling a gorgeous puffy pussy with a sliver of a landing strip that guided your attention directly to paradise.

Returning to her former posture she again bent over me and I felt her hot wet tongue on me, running it from the base of my shaft all the way to the crown, then her fingers again wrapped around it, holding it vertical as she licked the pre-cum that had oozed from the tip by then.

“Can I suck on it?”

“What if I said no?”

“I think I would do it anyway.” She giggled.

“Well OK then, but why don’t you lick my balls a bit first?” I had shaved them smooth that morning and truly enjoy having them tongued. She obliged me, never letting go of my shaft.

But she was dying to get my cock in her mouth. Again holding it upright she took first just the head between her lips, swirling her tongue around it and pumping the shaft ever so slightly with her hand. Then she slowly, sensuously drew the entire thing deep inside and twisted her mouth around it, back and forth before initiating a bobbing motion, facefucking me with a hand coddling my nuts.

Before long I felt the surge arriving that signaled an impending orgasm and stopped her. I wasn’t ready to blow my wad yet.

“Your turn.”

We swapped positions, but I positioned her so that her ass was parked right at the end of the table, which meant that I needed to support her legs for her. I put a hand at the backside of each knee and spread her wide as I leaned in and kissed first the inside of each thigh then her now distended labia. I lingered there like that and as I did I noticed Renna poke her head into the room. She didn’t stay, but she got a good view of what was going on. I noticed she didn’t close the door either.

My tongue came out and I started to lick her, at first up and down each side of her lips, then between them, parting them with it as I did and in the process getting my first taste of her sweet nectar that soon was flowing like sap from a maple in the spring. I burrowed it as deep into her juicy hole as possible, then wrapped my mouth around her entire piece of fruit, drawing the lips inside my mouth and swishing them around. Finally, I probed until I found her tender little kernel and began tickling it, at first slowly, then more and more rapidly. I guided one of her feet to my shoulder so that I could free a hand. I slid first one and then two fingers deep inside her and began a rhythmic in and out as I stepped up the rate of my tongue activity.

Sandy came suddenly with a groan that rose in intensity, starting low and quickly rising to a shriek. She gushed all over my face as she did. When I came up for air, she stared me in the eyes again.

“Fuck me.”

I love love love it when a woman says that.

“Not here.” I replied.

She looked a little frustrated, but I persisted.

“Lets go out to the living room.”

I helped her down from the table. She grabbed my cock and I bent over and kissed her, burying my tongue deep into her mouth, letting her taste herself. I spun her around and pushed her out the door and down the hallway. In the living room we could hear Renna fussing in the kitchen.

Sandy dropped to her knees and took my cock back in her mouth. This time she again did the wonderful twisting thing with her head/mouth but this time with more delicacy. This time she wanted simply to make certain I was good and hard and she had no intention of making me cum that way.

Renna was more than a little surprised to find us there like that, but this time stuck around to watch a little bit.

“You two seem to really be enjoying yourselves.” She wisecracked.

“Mmmmhummm.” was all that Sandy could muster.

I snickered and added “How could you possibly tell?”

“Well that banshee scream a few minutes ago was a good indicator.” Renna said before disappearing down the hallway.

Sandy’s mouth left my cock long enough to ask “Can we PLEASE fuck now?”

“Sure, but I’ve changed my mind about the living room.”

“Now what?”

I was looking out the window at the generous deck that ran out the back of the house. I could see a chaise parked right in the sun all ready and waiting with a nice padded cushion on it.

“Out there.”

Sandy was so desperate to get laid at that point that I could have said the moon and she would have done it. I led her outside and gently pushed her down onto the chaise.

“On your back and spread ’em.”

This time she held her own legs splayed wide, her cunt a hungry hole craving to be filled. The look in her eyes had turned to raw savage lust. I positioned myself with my tool right at the mouth of her fuckhole and quickly, cleanly, forcefully thrust into her in one smooth motion, burying myself to the hilt the first time in, ramming the head against her cervix in the process.

She gasped and I pulled out, then repeated the process.

“Oh yes, that’s it.”

Over and over I repeated the in and out routine before settling into another of just pounding away inside her. She felt good. It had been quite some time since I’d had bareback with someone and I was in heaven. It was hot, wet, and just the right degree of tight inside there.

We fucked and fucked and fucked. At one point I turned her over and took her doggy style. I didn’t see Renna again during all this, but I can’t imagine she didn’t get an eyeful from one of the windows. I wonder if she was playing with herself as she did.

From Sandy’s exhortations, I guess she came at least a couple more times before I could take it no more and blasted my load deep inside her twat. It just went on and on, my balls pumping their contents into her until they were spent. My knees were suddenly like rubber as I pulled out of her where she lay now again on her back. But Sandy still wasn’t satisfied.

“I want to taste your cum.”

She slipped off the chaise and squatted in front of me as she sucked me clean. As she did, some of our combined juices leaked out of her and dribbled onto the deck. I was exhausted and she seemed to finally be satisfied.

We used the outdoor shower to rinse off a bit and after I got dressed and when I was ready to leave Sandy saw me to the door, still naked.

“I want you again.” She handed me a slip of paper with her cel number. “I’m here for another week.”

That was two days ago. I still have the number and I must say, I’m in the mood for some pussy.

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