Twelve Days of Christmas – Day 07


Day 7 Saturday

I woke up to the incredible feeling of my sweet wife straddling me, slowly fucking herself on my hard-on, something she used to do frequently when we were first married. Now, with her very much larger boobs, the view was even more tantalizing, and I was soon trying to lift up towards her with each stroke. It was too slow an action to get me quite to completion, the grin on her face telling me that she knew very well that it was. Each stroke teased both of us, her soft wet pussy caressing my head and shaft in just exactly the way it needed to, to push me ever so close to climax, but not over that edge. From the look on her face she was intentionally doing the same thing to herself, enjoying how close she was to climax. She lifted her hands from my chest to hers and teased her breasts, lifting and squeezing them, sliding her fingers to her nipples and pulling on them. She’d release them after a soft groan and then circle her fingers around each nipple, the same way that I would tease them with my tongue. I don’t think I’d ever seen her tease herself this way, bring herself, and me, so close to climax, but not allow either of us to slide over the top. In all reality, I didn’t even know she was that attuned to just where that point was, or how much she apparently enjoyed being teased just barely there. Most times I was so much more concerned with helping her climax before I did that it never occurred to me that she might enjoy extending the ride.

She rode on me for at least ten minutes before increasing her pace, moving her hands back to my chest for balance and then bouncing harder, making her big tits bounce and flop on her chest. Her breathing grew more ragged, interspersed with soft moans and groans of pleasure. “Come for me.” She breathed when I was sure she couldn’t keep from climaxing any longer. But longer she went, teasing me finally over that point, slamming herself down hard on me over and over, her pussy clenching and tightening around me as her own climax began to wash over her. My body spasmed hard, my back arching and my hips trying to lift up to her as I began to cum in her hard, my dick spurting what felt like buckets of cum deep in her pussy. Only after what felt like a half hour of our mutual climax, she lowered herself down on me, straightening her legs out to lay flat on me, my now softening dick still deep in her pussy. She lay her head on my shoulder and gently kissed my neck and cheek the same as when we were newlyweds, soft and gentle and loving. I’d almost forgotten how sensual she could be after sex, not stopping teasing me with her lips and the tip of her tongue until my softening cock finally slipped from her. Only then did she get up and invite me to share a shower before she kicked me out of the bathroom.

I was glad it was the weekend. If nothing else, to give me a break from the craziness with Sam at work. I’d felt pretty guilty about what we’d done in the office the day before, but somehow my wife ‘giving’ me to Diane the way she did dulled that a lot. Not that I was going to tell her that I did anything other than kiss her everywhere if she asked, the extra, non oral stuff, would remain a secret.

She came out for breakfast in a crop top, shockingly without a bra, and a pair of loose fitting gray shorts, both of which had to come from the dark recesses of her drawers. The lack of a bra allowed her tits to swing with each move of her body, and the crop top was so short I could see the bottoms of both boobs showing. After we ate, I watched her unload the dishwasher, the floppy top hanging low enough that from behind her, I could easily see both her big breasts hanging down. If her clothing selection wasn’t meant to intentionally tease me, it was one hell of an accidental choice, because it had me hard in a very few minutes. Unfortunately, my first chore of the day was to clear the nine inches of fresh snow from the driveway.

I put on my heavy winter gear and headed out into the frigid morning. I’m never one to do anything by hand if I can get a power tool to do for me. So instead of shoveling, all I had to do was drive the garden tractor with the plow blade around. Of course I wasn’t stingy. I always took care of the whole neighborhood sidewalk and the driveway for the old lady down the street. When I was done with that, I pushed most of the snow off Tom’s driveway.

“Hey Scott!” Tom called coming outside. “Appreciate it!”

“Yeah. No problem. Just a little bit I can’t get,” Ankara bayan escort I said, motioning to the few feet along the garage door. “How are things?”

“Usual. Lots of work, grouchy wife, the usual.”

“Yeah. I hear ya.”

Tom laughed. “Yeah, right. You love your job, and your wife doesn’t bug you for sex all the time.”

“Diane giving you trouble?”

“Her usual. Fuck me Tom, make me come Tom. You’d think I wasn’t giving her any, but she ALWAYS seems to want more. Guess it’s her job being a trainer, seeing all those young guys at the gym.”

“And that’s a problem?” I chuckled. “I wouldn’t mind that problem!”

“Maybe we should trade wives for a while. Maybe you could wear her out.”

“I don’t think my wife would be interested in trading.”

“How about I loan her to you then?”

“Jesus Tom. You’d really loan out your wife to have sex? Really? I mean my wife would be seriously pissed if I even suggested something like that!”

“Maybe you’re right. Besides, who’d want her anyway? I mean she’s not all that good looking.”

“Hell Tom. She’s a good looking woman. Especially in all the spandex she wears.”

“Not really. I mean when she was twenty, she was one hot piece, but that was nearly twenty years ago.” I shook my head, the conversation going downhill fast. “We still on for the game tomorrow?”

“Yeah, sure. Kickoff at three fifteen.”

“Good deal. See you then, and thanks for the plow job.”

I started the tractor back up and headed to my yard to put it away. After walking in and stripping my heavy clothes off, I found my wife vacuuming the living room floor. I stepped behind her and wrapped my arms around her, letting my hands slip up under her top, capturing both big soft tits in my hands.

“Oooooooo! Damn your hands are cold!” she squealed. I kissed the back of her neck and squeezed both tits. “I hope you’re planning on doing something besides make my boobs cold!”

“Anything you want,” I said, kissing her neck.

She reached behind her butt and found my hardening dick in my pants. “I know what you want.”


“Uh huh. You wanna take mama’s shorts off and put mister happy in. So why don’t you?”


“You know a better place?”

I chuckled and moved my hands from under her top. She stepped the half dozen steps to the coffee table, pushed down her shorts and stepped out of them. She spread her feet and bent over, pushing her ass out at me. I undid my pants and pushed them and the men’s bikini underwear down as I stepped behind her. She looked back at me expectantly, slowly wiggling her ass side to side. I held my hard-on and rubbed my engorged head up and down her wet lips. Before coaxing my dick slowly into her, my shaft spreading her lips and sinking slowly into her wet depths.

“Ohhhhhhh. Fuck,” my wife moaned as I stroked slowly in and out in short strokes lubricating us both with her wetness. In and out I stroked, working my strokes longer until my body gently slapped her bare ass.

“Tom was complaining that Diane wants sex too much. Wanted to swap wives because he thinks you don’t want as much sex.”

“Really? He doesn’t want to have sex with her?” she asked a little breathlessly.

“Yeah. He doesn’t seem to think she’s all that good looking anymore. Not like when she was twenty,” I grunted, stroking harder into her, looking down past her a little to see that her swinging tits had pushed the shirt up enough to be completely exposed and swinging like huge creamy pendulums.

“What a dick. She’s way good looking, isn’t she?”

“I think so!” I grunted, feeling my cock swell in her, my orgasm suddenly pushing up as my mind went on a tangent and imagined Diane standing in front of us undressing. “Shit honey. I don’t think I can hold back any longer.”

“Don’t worry. Just let go. You can owe me one.” She panted.

“Uh huh,” I grunted as my body jerked hard, driving me deep into her and filling her with a second load for the young day.

“You never answered, unless that was the answer.”

“Yeah, She’s good looking. Dressed or undressed, she’s damn hot,” I panted.

“I always thought you liked how she looked.”

“Yeah, not bad.”

“Didn’t look like just not bad under the mistletoe the other day. Looked to me like you were ready to fuck her right there.”

I pulled out of her and turned her to face me. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her as Escort bayan Ankara an answer.

“That was an I’m guilty kiss if I ever felt one,” she whispered as she rubbed her nose against mine playfully. You were, weren’t you? Going to fuck her right there?”

“It was tempting, especially when she started to play with me under the mistletoe.”

“She was thinking about it too. She must have thought about it all morning and worked out how to get the two of you naked in the same room. You didn’t seem to be exactly disappointed when I gave you permission either.”

“Not really. She’s always been attractive, and since she saw us having sex the other day, she’s been even more provocative.”

“Speaking of provocative, seems to me Samantha was trying awful hard to get you to kiss her.”

“She was. And not just any kiss, but a sexy kiss. Since she saw you sexting me, she’s been kind of provocative too,” I said quietly.

“Yeah. I got that idea. So she got her kiss?”

“Kisses,” I admitted.

“Oh! My. You want to tell me just how many kisses?”

“Well, roughly four.”

“Four kisses? Long wet fuck me kisses? Right out in the office?”

“When you gave her permission, everyone was already gone. It was just us left, so we were in the public office, but it was just us.”

“And you kissed her four times?”

“Uh huh,”. I whispered. “Once here,” I said kissing her lips. “Once here,” I said pulling her top up and kissing her left nipple. “And once here,” I whispered, kissing her right nipple.

“I think I can guess where the fourth was,” she said with a frown. I reached down and stroked her pussy lips. “That’s what I thought. So she was naked? By her hand or yours?”

“Mine,” I whispered.

“Did she kiss back?”

“Oh yeah, she definitely did.”

My wife kissed me softly, pulling us together so her tits pressed tightly to me. “So…. you know what I’m going to ask next, right?”

“You know I won’t lie if you ask, so don’t ask what you don’t really want to know,” I whispered back.

“Thank you, lover. I suspected as much.”

“You did? When?” I asked, expecting her to be angry, and surprised she wasn’t.

“When you took off your clothes yesterday. There was lipstick on your dick.”

“Oh damn. You know it wasn’t my idea.”

“I know. I wondered how she talked you into it. Getting naked would do it. You can’t resist a naked woman. I suppose that’s partly my fault, being so prudish about when and where I’d get naked. Partly her fault too for letting me think it was more public than it was. I never thought she’d let anything get too far in the middle of the office.”

“I’m sorry lover. I shouldn’t have let it get that far to start with either.”

“No, you shouldn’t have. But I’ll forgive you…this time. But I’m going to have to have a chat with her. Now, let me get back to my chores. I need to get everything cleaned before the kids come,” she said before kissing me again. We broke the kiss and she stepped to her shorts and pulled them on, my cum visibly leaking from her pussy as she bent over to step into them.

I had chores as well, and went about mine, finishing my ‘have to get done’ list by dinner time. Nancy wasn’t done yet, and after a dinner of delivered pizza, she went back to work.

It was getting late in the evening when she walked into the family room. She stood in front of the TV while she loaded something into the blue ray player. She turned and walked to me, climbing into the recliner with me. “I was digging some stuff out from under the bed and found a shoebox.”

Uh oh, was all I could think. I knew exactly what shoebox she found.

“It was full of DVD’s. I thought maybe if we watched one, we’d figure out who they belong to!” she said, laying on me enough there was no way I was getting up to turn off the player. The title screen told me everything I needed to know. This particular movie had been one of my favorites before internet porn became popular and free. Back when I was using DVD movies to masturbate to. My favorite scene was one of the first ones, where a couple hiking in the mountains found the strange looking ancient flute, and when they tried to blow in it, the tune made the two undress and have sex right there on the trail. I loved watching the guy undress the buxom blonde and lick and fuck her.

We watched the movie unfold, her hand gently rubbing my growing hard-on as the guy on the screen Bayan escort Ankara undressed the incredibly sexy girl. She was soon standing on several rocks with her back against a huge boulder, the guy standing between her legs licking and fingering her to the first climax of the day.

“So, these were your way of dealing with not enough sex?”

“Yeah,” I admitted quietly.

“I’m guessing you like what’s on?”

“Pretty much.”

As the movie progressed, she rubbed my hardened dick through my pants. Part way through the first of several sex scenes, she started to undo my pants, and soon had the front of my pants open and my hard dick sticking up. I was a little surprised when she shifted to climb onto my lap, straddling me. She pulled her shirt up and off, baring her chest. “I don’t think my tits are as big as hers.”

“Not quite, but they’re pretty spectacular to me,”

“I’m not blonde,” she said as she pulled the leg of her shorts aside and guided me to her pussy.

“That’s okay.”

“Is this when you’d start stroking?”


“Does it take a long time to make her come?”

“Not too long, at least not the first time.”

“She comes more than once before he comes?”

“Uh huh.”

She started to ride slowly up and down on me, very slowly sliding up and down my shaft. “Is this what you’d imagine?”

“Sometimes,” I admitted.

“And other times? You fucking her out there?”

I hesitated, not wanting to cause an argument. “Sometimes,” I finally admitted.

“With those tits and being outside, I guess I can see why you liked this,” she said softly. “I suppose you’d like me to do that, strip out there and let you lick and fuck me.”

“I wouldn’t mind,” I admitted.

She lifted and dropped faster, making her boobs bounce with each stroke. “This better?”

“Uh huh,” I grunted as her faster stroke and the combination of her tits bouncing and the blonde on TV tits swinging wildly now that she was bent over with the guy pounding her from behind, pushing my excitement level higher by the second.

“Are you going to come? I can feel you getting longer and fatter inside me. Are you thinking about me being her? Me being naked like that?”

“Oh yeah!”

“Come for me. You don’t have to wait for me, just let it happen. Think of me there, riding you, begging you to come for me. That’s it, that’s it baby. I can feel it growing, getting so close as I rub my pussy up and down your big fat hard cock. Ohhhhhh. That’s it lover. Come for me. Fill me up with your come!” she cried as her own orgasm started to wash over her. Her pussy clenching and squeezing me as she tried to continue bouncing on me, though without the coordination of a few moments ago.

“Oh shit!” I grunted as my body jerked hard, shooting a gush of cum up into her hot pussy.

“That’s it,” she panted, pressing herself down on me hard, driving me fully into her. “Come for me baby. It feels so good when you come in me. Did Sam moan like this too? Could she feel you filling her up?” She asked breathlessly while her pussy clenched and released around me, her chest heaving as she worked to catch her breath.

Her comment almost ruined the climax she’d teased out of me. She’d never shown any interest in porn, so to bring it out and appear so understanding, actually playing along with it, was a shock. Introducing Sam into the mix was even more of a shock. I felt like I’d just been set up for a major tiff. “Sam?”

“Uh huh. She and I had a nice little chat this afternoon. She tried to take full responsibility for what happened, but we both know it takes two to fuck,” she said as she sat on me, wiggling slightly to feel me still inside her.

“And?” I asked when she didn’t add any more.

“She and I came to an understanding about who this belongs to!”


“Let’s just say that she can’t expect to keep borrowing you to make up for her husband’s lack of attention.”

“Ahhh. I see.”

“Good,” she said softly as she rolled off of me, my now soft dick slipping from her. She lay down next to me, or half on me, her head on my shoulder. She kissed my cheek gently several times.

“You want me to turn this off?”

“Did you masturbate to other parts of it?”

“On occasion,” I answered.

“Then let’s watch it so I can see what else turns you on.”

I was surprised, but held her to me, gently teasing one of her nipples with my finger while we watched. When the movie was over, we went to bed and snuggled, spooned together. It didn’t take long for her to work my hard-on into her pussy from behind. She just wanted me to hold it there while she teased her own clit to a small climax before we fell asleep together, linked by our sex in a way that I couldn’t remember sharing in years.

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