Turned on by Exposed Wife. Part 1


I recently had an early finish from work and decided I would do a little cleaning before my wife came home. I finished a few rooms, then felt grimey so I went to bathe and freshen up. Our bath takes an eternity to fill so I lay naked on our bed with the bedroom window open. The breeze blowing over me made my body feel great. Naughty lust fuelled thoughts started to enter my head; I needed motivation.Several years earlier, my wife and I bought a Polaroid camera Bostancı Escort and took some really naughty pictures of each other. I opened my cupboard and rooted the bag of pics out. I thumbed through them and found myself more than a little aroused. The pictures of my wife showed her in lingerie, naked on all fours and spread eagled on the bed. I gently rubbed my cock with one hand while stroking my balls, butt, and nipples Bostancı Escort Bayan with the other. My imagination ran wild as I imagined my wife riding my stiff cock.  I got a little carried away and unusually my cock pulsed without any real warning, and I blasted cum all over myself. My orgasm came on so quickly it caught me by surprise. Our bedroom is higher than all the houses around so I hadn’t closed the curtains.  Escort Bostancı I threw the pics on the window ledge whilst trying to contain my gloopy fluid. I made it to the bathroom and cleaned myself with tissue, then bathed. It took ages to remove all my cum from my chest hair.Feeling all chilled and clean, I brushed my teeth, then emptied the bath and walked back to the bedroom. I was just about to enter the room when I heard the window cleaner on his ladder. I waited outside the bedroom for him to go, he seemed to be there forever. Finally, his ladder creaked then I heard him moving away. I entered the bedroom cautiously. I figured that I had just had a near miss. He could’ve caught me thrashing around the bed; now that would have been embarrassing.

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