Turned into a bimbo by her stepsister.

Turned into a bimbo by her stepsister.
The three women one by one slid out of the evening dresses they were wearing, helped by the men who were their dinner partners. Underneath they had no underwear but very kinky boots and long leather evening gloves. The men were quickly encouraged out of their clothes and guided to the very long corner sofa.

A very effective blow job each soon had the men hard as a rock. The oldest of the women smiled and fished some lube out from beneath the sofa and slathered the cock of her man with it. Out came her butt plug and some more lube went into her anus. The two other girls followed her lead, lube on, butt plugs out.

Then without further ado they climbed onto the men laps, squatted with their feet on the men’s knees, expertly avoiding impaling them with the stiletto heels of the boots and guided the men’s cocks up their arse. Soon all three were bobbing up and down as the men buggered them. The man in the middle with the leader of the women came fairly quickly and his cock softened. This didn’t faze her she turned around and rubbed her boobs into his face whilst fishing out a dildo also secreted under the sofa and ramming it in where the now soft cock had been.

The other two lasted rather longer but when they came their girls did the same. Boobs in face, dildo in arse. Also, what boobs the youngest was pretty big, probably double D, the other two even bigger, absolutely ginormous tits. All three women were platinum blonds, the archetypical bimbos.

The thing was though that they looked like bimbos and had the sex drive of a bimbo but were far from stupid. They younger girl did the accounts for her foster father’s consultancy, the other of the younger girls was her father’s secretary and a highly efficient one at that. As for the leader she was a partner with her husband in the consultancy as well as a bio-chemist.


Tracy was tired and upset but also relieved with the last exam out of the way she could put the terrible year behind her. All the time she had been studying her mother had been in a hospice dying of cancer. The reality was that her mother had been out of it on pain d**gs and Tracy had sat with her whilst studying. The hospice staff had been brilliant frequently finding her a bed if available and giving her lifts to school before she passed her driving text.

Now with her mother’s funeral out the way she was going to live with her Dad who she had first met at the funeral. Tracy was the product of a brief affair when her mother had been young. When the end was clearly near, she had traced who she could and this included a man who her mother had written to on and off for years.

After the funeral, which had been a dismal affair Tracy, Stan and some of the hospice staff and ex-colleagues of her mother but no other family as she didn’t have any. It was rather a relief when the somewhat shame faced Stan had said that he thought he might be her father.

The letters had been her mother’s attempts to persuade him that he was. They had a one-night stand when both very drunk at uni. The thing was that Stan was gay as a maypole and must have been really blotto to sleep with a woman.
Stan having met his possible daughter, agreed to a blood test and yes apparently, he was her father. Having had his parentage proved he behaved responsibly. Tracy was at that point a week away from her first exam and had been used to looking after herself for a long time but a sizeable deposit into her bank account each week solved so many problems. Plus, a fairly new beetle made getting to school so easy compared with the bus. Now exams done, she was going to live with him his wife and step-daughter. Since Tracy was unsure if uni was the best choice for her or if not what she wanted to do this gave her a breathing space.

Having packed most of her clothes into a couple of suitcases she left the home that had lately become a sad and depressing place. Off she set driving the beetle out to a new life that was going to take a turn she really didn’t expect.
The house was out in the countryside and was really quite large clearly her newly found Dad was not short of a bob or two. At the door she was greeted by a bottle blond with huge tits. Surprisingly this woman did not have an Estuarine accent but was quite well spoken.

“You must be Tracy, I’m Claudia, Stan’s wife and the tart behind me is Babs our stepdaughter. Unfortunately, you and Babs have something in common in that she too has lost her mother.”

Babs was like Claudia blond and busty. At least they were friendly particularly Babs who seemed really pleased to have another girl there and gave her a big hug.

Tracy was given a lovely room at the back of the house overlooking gardens and woods. It was much larger than the one she had at home and it had a big double bed. Bab’s showed her around the house, six bedrooms and downstairs largely open plan. With only a separate kitchen and study. Outside was a large garden and a swimming pool.

“How do you fancy a swim Tracy.” Asked Babs and the answer was very much indeed but she would take time to find her swimming costume amongst her bags. This wasn’t a problem as Babs offered to lend her a bikini. Getting changed Tracy was slightly surprised when Babs breezed in already changed in a tiny thong bikini that did nothing to hide her tits. Now Tracy was fairly conservative in her fashion sense but when Babs held up a bikini that was clearly tiny, she didn’t say no. It was Babs from before she had her boobs done so said that Tracy could keep it as the top half didn’t fit at all.

So it was that Tract and Babs walked out to the pool wearing the most outrageously small bikinis or so Tracy thought. When they got there working under a parasol was another platinum blond again with huge boobs and she was topless.
“That’s Sue, Stan’s secretary and Claudia’s lover. In case you hadn’t cottoned on the marriage whilst amicable does not involve sex.”

“Well I knew Stan was gay so I did wonder. How did you come about in all this?”

“My Mum was a single mother who married Stan before he would be willing to admit he was gay. People were less accepting then so you can see why. Anyway, after she died, he continued to look after me and when I was old enough, I joined the blond booby club.” With this she removed her top too.

“What do you think? Not as big as Claudia or Sue but pretty good aren’t they.”

“They are an impressive size.” Tracy was not sure what to say also should she remove her top like the others. To be honest she was a bit body shy and didn’t want too but equally didn’t want to be a square.

“I really want to get in that water.” Tracy took a dive in and swam lengths, Babs joined her and they swam along together for a while enjoying the refreshing water as for once England was hot.

“I dare you to get rid of the top.” Tracy now had a choice and decided that fitting in was more important so off it came. Once she was topless this gave her a thrill and she felt quite deliciously naughty. Claudia came out after a while with a jug of real lemonade they all sat round the table and Claudia removed her top as well.

In fact, they stayed wearing just bikini bottoms all evening and it was quite turning Tracy on. That night she went to bed wearing just a tee-shirt and lay back thinking. It was weird they were all busty platinum blonds. Tracy also wondered what it would be like to have tits that big. As she was lying there, she started to drift off to sleep not really aware that her hand was between her legs. Tracy did not masturbate well not often.

The door opened and the sound woke Tracy and she realised what she was doing and removed her hand. This gave the intruder time to get over to the bed. It was Babs and she was starkers. Before Tracy could say a thing, Babs climbed in beside her.

“Don’t say a thing but wait and then decide.“ With that Babs kissed her and the shocked Tracy kept her lips firmly closed, the problem was she was feeling randy. A hand slid down to her crutch and started to work away with far more purpose than her own had. Tracy tried to say stop but by opening her mouth to talk all she did was provide an opening for Babs tongue.

The problem was Tracy found she liked, she liked it quite a lot and her self-control was collapsing. This time she opened her lips deliberately to join in the kiss. Babs sensing victory sat up with those tits in front of Tracy’s eyes. This was when Tracy decided to throw caution to the wind, she really wanted to feel what those huge boobies felt like. Tracy sat up herself and pulled off the tee-shirt that was already riding up from Babs groping.

Tracy put up both her hands and started exploring those tits. They felt soft with no obvious implants. Also fondling them felt nice. This time it was Tracy’s turn to commence a snog. Full on and with no reluctance she kissed Bab’s as she had kissed her boyfriends.

From kissing and fondling Babs moved on to climbing on top of Tract and eating her out with great skill with the intent of getting her very turned on. In this Babs was very successful and Tracy was losing all rational control. Just above her face was Babs groin so she arched her back and tried an experimental lick. Babs lowered her muff to make this easier. Tracy was fully seduced and started to kiss and nibble at her lovers most sensitive parts as far as she could copying what was done to her.

Each had only one orgasm but both were massive and prolonged, leaving them exhausted. Babs got off and turned around to give Tract a cuddle and they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

In the morning it was Tracy who awoke first, giving her time to mentally process what had happened the previous night and her reaction. On one level she felt guilty about enjoying another women but the bit that said ‘wasn’t it nice though’ had the upper hand.

When Bab’s arm moved so Tracy could freely move, she slipped out of bed intending to have a shower, however all the time the previous night’s pleasures were replaying in her mind. Babs was sleeping with her legs slightly parted, so instead of a shower Tracy put her head between them and started to eat out her friend. Babs woke to pleasure.

“So, you’re not mad at me.” Babs didn’t get an answer as Tracy kept on munching away instead wiggling her bum a little in the cutest way. Babs just lay back to enjoy the sensation whilst massaging her own breasts. Once she had cum Tracy crawled up her body and lay on top of her smaller boobs resting on those massive jugs.

“I feel a bit uncomfortable and guilty but I enjoyed that so much that I cannot doubt I am bi. I think I am just having to accept that if I am living here, I am going to be a bad girl and I like it.” She then leant down and kissed Bab’s without the slightest diffidence.
They wandered down to breakfast without a stitch on to find that Claudia and Sue were eating breakfast each wearing a pair of tiny shorts only. Sue seeing Tracy naked smiled and removed he shorts before going over to where Claudia was cooking and pulling down, he shorts as well.

“Seeing you two it looks as though Bab’s attempts at seduction were successful.”

“I feel a bit guilty and decidedly naughty but, in a word, yes, I have discovered I like girls.”

“To be fair the great tart is very good at it. Nudity is no longer a problem I gather.”

“No to be honest I have never been that bothered about my body, it’s not fantastic but it isn’t that bad either.”
“Oh, I quite like it.” Piped up Sue with clear carnal intent.

It was Saturday so nobody had to work much to do. So, the result was a lesbian orgy. Tracy was introduced to some interesting new ideas. Fisting she soon got to like having been introduced to it a finger at a time. The resultant climax was one of her best yet. Also, Claudia used a strap-on to bugger Sue. This was something that Tracy wasn’t prepared to try yet however she did get to try being screwed through her muff.

Sleeping with Babs’ became the norm over the next few days and Tracy got less and less bothered and found herself fitting in with this strange household even more. Tracy knew that Babs would like her to go bleach blond as well. After thinking about it for a week she agreed and returned from the hair salon with nicely styled long platinum hair.

The other things she agreed to was to try out being buggered by a strap-on. First however she was determined that she would be the one wearing it. Babs thought about it for all of a second and agreed grinning broadly. The massive application of lube and some helpful advice from Claudia and Tracy started to bugger her lover. Slowly and diffidently at first but as she went in deeper with the strap on dildo and the result was clear excitement. Tracy then built up the speed and strength of her thrusts. Babs was clearly ecstatic at the attention and squirted in a stream into the swimming pool. Tracy for her part was enjoying what she was doing particularly as Sue was playing with her tits all the time.

Having played that man part and seeing the result Tracy happily took the feminine role. Babs was very gentle until it was clear that Tracy was enjoying being ‘done up the arse’. Then Sue joined in wearing another strap on which Tracy sucked her in her first split roast. Not wanting to be left out Olivia produced yet another strap on and proceeded to give Sue attention one hole after another.

Tracy not that slowly got into the debauchery of the household but still felt a bit uncomfortable on one level whilst being excited, her hair was now with the platinum blond hair she as considering the final step to being one of the resident bimbos, her boobs. Nature had given her a generous but not excessive portion in the tit department, 34C. Whether she had the nerve to increase this to 42 or 44 she didn’t know.

They were lying basking in the sun whilst Sue was working at the laptop and Olivia was analysing market reports and Babs was doing the books. As for Tracy it seemed weird to be starkers whilst working on a statistical analysis scheme that they hoped would make market predictions less time consuming. Naked they may have been but idle they weren’t.

“Hey Stan’s got a new client and he wants us to provide our special entertainment.” Announced Sue.

“Special entertainment?”

“It’s our devious way of somewhat binding our clients to Stan. Basically, they get to have orgies with us. Being the randy b**sts, most men are, they fuck first and think about possible consequences later. They screw around with some huge breasted bimbos during which we quite openly take photos and give them a copy. Later on, they start wondering what would happen if those photos get out and talk to Stan for reassurance. Of course, we wouldn’t it’s bad for us as well as being immoral. Stan assures them we would never betray a client. None the less they resist any of the temptations of our rivals and we make sure they get a good service. Also, we like screwing.”

“Aren’t they usually unattractive?”

“A lot of the time but they are also enthusiastic and quite co-operative. It also weeds out those we can’t trust. If they try being bastards to us, they leave. At any one time only one person at the orgy is a new client. The other men are clients we have had a long time and enjoy a good fuck with. Pete in particular is six three and a rugby forward. Very useful if things go wrong“

“When are we going to do it?”

“The client, who is called Kevin is doing the paperwork Friday and will come around for a meal and a shag in the evening.”

“OK Tracy. There is no pressure to take part, you can go off for a weekend break if you don’t want to. Apart from anything else the huge tits are part of the deal. One thing that might influence your decision is that the enlargement process can have a modification that will result in your breast producing a chemical that reduces inhibitions and increases libido. All three of us have it by the way.”

“So, I really would be a blond bimbo.”

“Apart from your brain, that will work fine though occasionally sex drive will get the better of intellect. The modification is my invention by the way. Trouble is there is little in the way of legal use for it. Also, since I only have a bachelor’s degree I can’t publish. For the moment we are keeping it private though we are not the only big titted tarts around here”
“What do you mean?”

“Well one of the more local clients took part and his wife caught him. The price he and we paid for her silence was that both her and her daughters became big titted tarts. All three join in on occasions but they are all red-heads not blonds. Now Babs has decided to become as big as Sue and I, do you want to watch.”

Tracy did and watched as her lover got even bigger. That decided her and by evening she was the same size as the others and felt so hot. Babs and Tracy didn’t get much sleep that night and were allowed a long lie in the next morning.


Four elegant but large boobed blonds got up from the dinner table and conducted their guests to the lounge. The girls were not identical but were variations on a theme, all platinum blond, but otherwise hairless with exceptionally large busts. Each was dressed in a long evening dress and was wearing long leather gloves above their elbows.

Their male partners were under no illusions as to what was coming next. Down came the dresses revealing those magnificent great tits. Then the dresses fell away further to reveal that all they wore underneath were kinky high heeled leather boots.

The orgy quickly moved to the huge sofa, one man in particular was fascinated by his partners forty-four-inch boobs and was playing and licking them. It didn’t take much to get any of them turned on. The women were unashamed tarts and the men knew what to expect. Before long they were fucking in a variety of positions.

Then the party trick, first the leader kissed her partner and whispered in his ear before climbing on him cow girl style with her feet on his thighs. Then she lowered her arse onto his cock, with that the other women following suit. Four pairs of tits bounced as the women were buggered until they came. The women however did not collapse but kept bouncing until the men came one by one.

Tracy looked over at Babs and their eyes met, both girls had a broad smile on their faces.

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