Tuesday Story – 15 Mar 2022


Janet’s Dilemma


Janet was a little worried about herself. In high school she and her girlfriends often wondered what sex would be like. Last Wednesday when Ed Norris had come they went to the movies he felt her up more than she really wanted. At that time in the drive-in he had almost all of her clothes off. To her it really felt nice having their bodies close with nearly nothing on and he had startled her by saying he would like to strip her and shave her sex, vagina, in other words.

Having let Ed go as far as he did she felt she knew what it was like to have sex. It was not quite what the girls had talked about and she was afraid of going all the way. Being naked might not constitute going all the way but it would suffice at present and she wondered it would be harder to resist him without any clothes. She was not sure what she would do when he came for her this Wednesday. She did not want to sit around with her parents watching television which was what they would do if she and Ed did not go out somewhere. When they went out there were times when her mother would frown at her and have comments as they were leaving. Going out on Saturday evening was acceptable but even at eighteen, and ready to graduate in a month, her mother still kept a short leash on her.

Her mother’s attitude annoyed Janet. She was old enough to have a steady boy friend but her mother still tried to keep a hand in what they did. She would have been astonished if she knew what they were doing at the drive-in theater. It was now Saturday and she had arranged for her and Ed to go out inspire of her mother’s resistance. Her mother felt that they were seeing too much of each other and Janet should spend more time at home and not going out alone so often.

As she dressed while waiting for him to appear she could not make up her mind what to wear. It was a warm, unexpectedly hot evening in August, and she puzzled over what to wear. Dress in low cut underpants and bra she did not want to seem too inviting but still enticing. In the end she decided on a button down the front blouse and skirt that had a zipper in back with a button at the waist. It was too warm to wear hose and besides she did not plan on going anywhere dressy.

Ed came near six o’clock, just before sundown. She met him at the door and swept him into the car before her mother could stop them.

“Are we staying here or have you decided on going someplace?

“Ed, let’s go someplace away from here. I am tired of my parents. I feel like taking a ride in the car then maybe park else. Some place private where we could be alone and talk. I really do not feel like watching TV which is what we will do if we stay here.”

Ed was pleased. He was hoping to carry on the activity of last Saturday evening. He had a razor with him in case he could convince Janet to let him shave her the next time they were alone. Of course he had to undress her first the overcome her reservations of being shaved. He hid the razor in the glove box to keep it out of sight until the right second. He expected it probably would be difficult to convince Janet at first to be shaved he was going to try. She was not too enthusiastic about the idea last Saturday. But first they need a private place like the drive-in to do the act and he needed to warm her up first.

At first he was disappointed at Janet’s suggestion to go someplace else besides the movie to spend time to talk, but somehow he sensed a different attitude in her so he agreed.

There is a place down near the river where the old water processing plant used to be. The place and the filter beds are not used anymore and we would be really private there. No one goes there anymore since it was closed up. There is a wide area between the filter bed access openings that would be real secluded.”

“That sounds like a neat place to go as long as you are sure no one else will come. I would hate it if some outsider were Mamak Escort to show up.

“No one should bother us if you really want privacy. There are signs posted to keep out and a fence that restricts access. I was there a short time ago and know how to get around them.”

“It sounds like you have been there before, but whom with?”

He lied to her. “I was here a long time ago right after they closed the reservoir plant with a couple of guys. We were curious what the interior was like and found a way to get past the fence.” In reality he was there three months ago with another female when Janet had spent a weekend at her mother’s insistence visiting relatives.

She thought about it a minute, “Okay, let’s go there. It sounds like a quiet place to talk.”

She had other things on her mind and she felt Ed did too but she remained silent as they drove through town and out to the old reservoir. As she rode along she was thinking about their relationship. Janet was just five feet tall and Ed was about six inches taller with a medium build but one strong enough to force her into something she might not want to do. She admitted he had never tried to be abusive with her and she believed he would not do so. Dress as she was tonight in a blouse, skirt, panties, bra, ankle socks and low heeled shoes it might not be too hard to overpower her. She put the idea aside feeling comfortable with him. It was not the first time they were together.

Ed eased the car past a “Keep Out” sign and eased out onto the flat space between the reservoir towers and eased to a stop. He pulled her over against him on the bench seat of the car and kissed her, at first softly, then more urgently. He felt up her sides outside her clothing, then slowly over her belly and up to her breasts. She raised her hand easing it away but he persisted and she relented. Again she wondered if this was a good idea. She was playing with fire if they were not careful and she might not be able to resist once everything got started. She let him feel her breast, then relaxed, as she thought a minute about what was about to happen. Then in a moment of recklessness she decided to let things play out. It was a really good feeling as he gently caressed her tits, kneading both of them one at a time through her bra. She lay back and let him press her down on the seat.

She took a deep breath when he started unbuttoning her blouse. The warm summer evening air on her belly as it was exposed was soothing and exciting. She did not stop him when he pulled the blouse off her shoulders and down her arms. He played with her nipples again making them become sensitive. He finished opening up the buttons until her blouse was fully open then pulled it clear of her skirt and off her arms. Next he pulled her close against him and reached behind to unhook her bra. He pulled the straps off her shoulders and she let the garment slide off her arms. She was not sure if she were thrilled or apprehensive of being naked to the waist.

She felt Ed chest and he had opened up his shirt part way. She pushed the remaining buttons through the holes and opened his shirt all the way.

She pulled the shirt out of his trousers and she touched his bare skin. He too wore no under shirt or tee shirt. Both now naked to the waist she pressed her naked breasts against his uncovered skin and it felt stimulating. She liked the feeling of her now excited and protruding nipples against his skin and the sensual of feeling of her belly pressed softly against him

He began squeezing her nipples, and then the whole breast, alternating between them with more intense pressure as he kept up the massage. She began to feel a twitch, sort of an itch, and an unexpected sensation between her legs. It was unexpected, something that had not happened before. It stimulated her and she felt herself slowly becoming wet between her legs stimulating her to want more. She wondered Masaj Yapan Escort if she was losing all her resistance.

She snuggled up close to him. The feeling between her legs intensified especially when she realized he had reached behind her and loosened her skirt. She felt the skirt being pulled slowly out from under her buttocks and remembered she had no slip on, only panties. Her legs were bare except for ankle socks and shoes. She remembered a short time back he talked about stripping and shaving her pubic hair. That thought still disturbed her but now it might be close to happening it excited her. She still was not convinced she wanted a smooth crotch but the thought of what it would feel like persisted. The stimulation she was experiencing bewildered her and confused her on how she would react if he were to shave her.

The skirt slid softly out from behind her and she could feel both his hands behind her on the skirt waist and he pulled it out from under her buttocks with a quick jerk. It allowed no time to consider what was being done and partially slid down to her mid thighs. She glanced down seeing the exposed upper part of her legs between her crotch and her knees. Ed’s hands were on both sides of the skirt and he pulled it steadily pulled it down toward her knees. Reflectively she raised her legs allowing the skirt easily slip lower. She watched it slide past her knees and drop without guidance to the car floor. Ed reached down rubbed her lower legs then finally slipped it off her feet. It took him another minute to relieve her of the low heeled shoes and pull her ankle socks off. It took a second to feel her nakedness before she realized what he had done to her. Fully naked wondered if she might have come too far too fast. He had accomplished what he had suggested before but then she too had sort of asked for it. Now she became anxious with her own thoughts but dismissed them as to late to worry over.

She took a deep breath as Ed stroked her between her legs up near her sex. He caressed her softy pressing his fingers against her slot, then easing his finger inside and it slid in smoothly with the aid of her body fluids. By now she was really wet down there.

His fingers and hand quickly awakened an anticipated sensation, they had done this before and she really liked it, almost was addicted to it after he had done it to her on an earlier date. His finger wandered around until he found the small hardening protrusion that was awakening from her inner flesh. The object was like a very sensitive miniature man rising from the flesh to meet his fingers as they slipped smoothly in the wetness of her vagina. The more he pressed the more it made her feel overcome by the exercise. The more he rubbed her, slowly increasing the tempo, the more excited she became. She felt her buttocks raise from the car seat as the feeling became intense. It was like climbing the first hill on a roller coaster. The higher they went the more intense the feeling became becoming extreme as they crested the top. Before she stared down a wild climax was achieved. As the sensation receded she collapsed panting sinking into the car seat.

Ed had taken off his clothes after he stripped her and was lying next to her as he masturbated her. He knew it must have been pleasing by the sigh she made when she relaxed. He also felt with a little more attention he could have her at a point he could suggest shaving her lower belly, upper thighs and crotch. The thought really excited him and he hoped she would be submissive. He rubbed his cock against her vagina he had vacated and pressed in past her outer lips until he was all the way in. He was not sure how his penetration felt to her but after a few strokes she responded but he eased up removing himself before he released his sperm. He did not want to make her pregnant, just wanted to have sex and some extra stimulation afterward.

They sat Moldovyalı Escort there a few minutes after the exercise was over. Both needed a rest and he needed a way to broach the subject of shaving her. Then he decided it would be better just to go ahead and do it and see what happened. The worse thing would be she would become angry. He would not force her and if she refused then what the hell.

She cuddled up next to him and they both rested. She appeared to be asleep and he opened the glove box and took out the box and removed the razor. Gently he eased her off him and against the passenger door. Her legs were mostly closed and pull them gently open until she was completely exposed.

Janet lay beside Ed for a while partially asleep. The he moved her away against the passenger door and spread her out on the seat. He legs slightly parted extended almost to his side of the seat. Then she felt him pull them apart, sliding them until they were completely open with her vagina fully exposed. She felt relaxed and groggy laid out that way. She heard the glove box door open and close, the silence. She realized she was fully extended and exposed. All her sex was uncovered as she felt him softly squeeze her nipples and kiss her belly.

Next she felt him press his tongue against her tummy and slowly move down to her vagina. It felt soothing and exotic. She lay there in sort of a half sleep. There was a strange feeling between her legs, something smooth moving, sliding along her skin. It ran up her inner thighs to her crotch, and then passed over her open sex and along each side. A soft caressing feeling on both sides of her vagina opening began and then changed its position and came up to her lower belly moving sleekly and slowly up from her crotch to almost her belly button.

The glove box door clicked again and he eased his hand all over her crotch, even to her thighs and belly. It felt as though something was missing. The skin seemed to have lost some kind of a cover. Then it dawned on her. Ed had shaved her! She did not know how to react. Should she tell him she was astonished he had done that to her, or should she just let it go. After all it was only hair and would grow in again. His hand continued massaging her pubic area and it began to feel really pleasant and was awakening a need to go farther. She wanted his hand inside her again and she guided him in that direction.

He seemed to know what she wanted and he slipped his penis inside again but not for long. She felt him go all the way in, pulse a few times, then remove himself. It was enough to satisfy her. She was still fatigued from earlier and glad he had let up.

They laid there for another short period and he suggested they head back home.

“It is after two o’clock in the morning. I had better take you home before your mother wakes up and finds you missing. That could cause an alarm and a lot of fuss.”

Groggily she moved on the seat, picked up her clothes, pulling on her panties first. As she did so she felt herself. Everything from her upper thighs to her belly button was smooth, no hair at all. He had cleaned her out all over her lower body. She had not expected him to go that far.

“You shaved me!

“Does it feel good?

“You should have told me.”

“Would you have let me?”

“I do not know.”

“Did you enjoy it? How does it feel to you now?”

She did not want to answer that. There was silence for a moment.

“If you do not like it remember it will grow back although now you are sheered I would prefer you keep it that way. Besides, maybe you would like to do your lower legs, arms and head.”

The last word, head, startled her. She thought being with pubic hair was going far enough and no one could see what had been done. Shaving her head would be a radical departure from what was socially accepted and everyone would see her bald head. She did not want to think about it even though, in the back of her mind, it thrilled her.

“You are right. You need to take me home. I will see you on Wednesday and until then no more sex talk.

Authors Note: The time of this story is in the late 1950’s when cars had bench seats and there were drive-movie theaters. Both in the twenty-first century have disappeared.              

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