True Sex Stories: The Intruder


True Sex Stories: The IntruderSince graduating from university, my sex life has been somewhat quiet. As I’ve been living at my parent’s house for nearly three months, I’ve been desperate to have a really intense fuck. As I’m still in the process of finding a job; out of boredom, I’ve been watching a lot more porn than I normally would and by doing so, my mind has become more open to kinky sex. After watching a gay porno of an intruder breaking into a guys house and fucking him, I wanted this to happen to me. I relished the idea of a stranger breaking in, wearing a hoodie and gloves and using me. The amazing combination of fear, excitement and pleasure the guy in the video felt was something I wanted to experience. All that was stopping me from living out this fantasy was finding a suitable intruder and my parents. As my Dad is currently unemployed, he is constantly in the house which gives me next to no chance of having fun with a guy. I don’t really like going to others guys houses for sex as I hate having to do the walk of shame after a long horny session. At university, I had no problem having sex, I had my own room and my flatmates (all straight guys) didn’t say anything against me inviting guys around. Even though I can moan for England when a guy fucks my tight ass. In this case, I would need to be strategic if I was going to have a fuck at my parent’s house. With my parent’s wedding anniversary coming up on the 5th September, I thought this was an opportunity I could capitalise on. I checked my Mum’s shifts, and I knew my Dad wouldn’t be going anywhere, so I booked them into a nice restaurant and managed to get them a three course menu package. This would at least give me about three hours in which I can enjoy living out my fantasy. The next step was to find a suitable candidate to play the role of the intruder. Luckily, I do have a nice network of potential fuck buddies on Grindr, I just needed to find the right one. One candidate was a scally guy, he was hot and looked very bad-ass. I loved that thug look he had where he’d be posing wearing Nike gloves sticking this middle finger up. This guy would have definitely provided the element of fear if I’d given him my address. The downside was that he could potentially have been a little too rough for my liking. I don’t think GBH is really my cuppa when it comes to role play. The other candidate(I’ll call him Mike for this story) was a lot more refined than the scally lad, he was a tall, bearded guy with tattoos, not to mention tall and hench. The only downside was he’s fucked me before so it does take away the excitement a little, especially when he’s messaged me loads of times since he last fucked my hole. However, he was fucking gorgeous and definitely should be rated a 9/10 when it came to providing me with orgasms. Another bonus was that I knew he was sane, or at least he appeared so the last time we met. After exchanging pleasantries with each other, I canlı bahis asked him what sexual fantasies he had. He told me he liked the idea of tying a guy up and using him for his own pleasure. After telling him my fantasy, we agreed to combine both of our fantasies in one. The plan was for him to break into my parent’s house when they’re away and snatch me off guard and tie me up and use me. I decided, with a bit of anxiety to give him my address. With only hours to go until showtime, I was annoyed to find Mike had disappeared off of Grindr. Had I been blocked? Had he got cold feet and decided to bail out? I felt annoyed as I’d actually planned for this day and was unlikely to get an opportunity like this again for a while. Regardless of Mike now no longer coming around, I decided I needed to perk up and get somebody else to pleasure me. It was almost approaching 7pm and I was impatiently waiting for my parents to fuck off whilst watching Mary Nightingale reporting on the refugee crisis on ITV News. They finally came into the living room, and I have to say they do scrub up well after a peck on the cheek from my Mum they were finally on their merry way for a few hours. I went to my bedroom and checked my Grindr profile half hoping to see Mike, but that was wishful thinking. Instead most messages were from overweight old people. There was one hot guy who messaged me, so I thought I’d try my chances. As he lived 10 miles away I didn’t want to waste any time trying to get him to do role play. After sending me a few pics of himself I decided to have a piss before I had a play with my already semi-hard cock. On my way to the bathroom a figure comes shooting out of my parents bedroom and drags me in there. I’m thrown onto their bed and the next thing I know I’ve got a leather gloved hand covering my mouth. I try to scream but his grip is too firm. I attempt to look at the assailant but his face is covered with a balaclava. Right now I am genuinely terrified, I wasn’t expecting this. ‘Make one scream faggot, and I’ll kill you’ the intruder said whilst pulling out a knife. I try to remain as calm and collected as possible. The intruder starts to use his knife to cut through my shirt revealing my toned yet shivering body. ‘That’s a nice body you’ve got there faggot, if you’re good to me I wont hurt you’ he said whilst moving the hilt of the knife down my torso. The blade was cold and my nipples were hard with fear. I was scared that I could barely speak when I asked him what he wanted. You could see him smiling underneath the mask at how scared he’d made me. ‘I’ll tell you what I fucking want’ he then pushed me flat on my back got on top of me. His legs over my shoulders and his groin inches from my mouth. ‘You’re gonna suck my cock you faggot’ he commanded in that deep masculine voice. I felt like I could barely breath, I was that scared. The intruder pulls out his enormous cock which hits my cheeks as soon as it’s released. bahis siteleri The intruder starts rubbing his throbbing cock over my firmly closed mouth. ‘Open your mouth up, faggot. Or do you want me to hurt you?’ As soon as I opened my mouth, his gloved hands grabbed the back of my head and forced his cock deep down my throat. I immediately start choking and gagging. I feel his hard cock getting bigger inside of me. My eyes are now watering and the intruder is edging backwards and forwards and fucking my throat like it was pussy. ‘That’s a good faggot, are you enjoying me fucking your throat?’ I continue gagging and choking and get a firm slap across my face. ‘Answer me, faggot. Are you enjoying this?’. I try my hardest to answer ‘yes’ only to be laughed at by the intruder. He finally took his hard cock out of my mouth, I take a massive breath of oxygen. My spit and his cum dripping from my lips. He then opens my mouth and spits in it, before putting his meat back down my throat, for what feels like a lifetime. After finally his cock out of my mouth, he turns me around so my stomach is on my parent’s bedsheets and starts using tying my hands together. I’m breathing heavily, I’m both terrified and excited. ‘That’s a nice ass you have there faggot’ the intruder said whilst spanking my ass with a big sharp slap. I then feel my ass cheeks being squeezed and spread apart. I then get a big dollop of spit hit around my hole. I then feel a finger inside of my hole and I moan loudly. I feel an instant pain at first and my muscles are feeling very tense down there. I continue moaning in pain. The fingers starts slowly going in and out of my ass. The intruder is still wearing his leather gloves and finger my tight ass wearing them. The pain slowly starts to feel good, I continue moaning but this time I’m enjoying it. ‘Does that feel good faggot?’ the intruder asked clearly knowing I’m enjoying it. ‘Yes sir’ I told him as he then went on to put two gloved fingers in my ass. My cock starts to get hard and my moaning continues. The intruder then started to grab my hard cock with with his other gloves hand and started to wank my hard cock. As all of this is happening I’m thinking to my self that my fantasy is finally coming true, and Mike has really given me exactly what I wanted. I couldn’t believe all of this was happening on top of my parents bed. Both of the intruders hands were once again spreading my ass cheeks as far as they can go before sticking his tongue inside my hole. ‘Oh yeah! Oh fuck!’ I can barely contain myself as my hole is being explored by his wet tongue. I’ve never orgasmed like this before. Everything I’m doing is wrong, risky fucking, fucking on my parents bed… But it felt so good. ‘Get up faggot’ the intruder lifts me up and lays on the bed himself. He starts to take off all of his clothes, just leaving his mask and gloves on. Christ Mike has a fucking hot body, I definitely knew it was him güvenilir bahis as I recognised the tattoos. ‘Sit on my face, faggot’ I tried to do as I was told, but with my hands bound from behind I did struggle to get on the bed properly. I was then dragged up with my ass positioned over Mike’s face. Mike’s tongue is inside me again, this time it’s deeper. I see this throbbing cock and lean over and put in my hungry mouth and take it as deep as will go. I hear Mike moaning and that turns me on more knowing I’m pleasuring him. His tongue is now deep in my orifice and I’m moaning and choking on his huge cock at the same time. This goes on for several minutes until he pull his tongue out of my moist ass. ‘Ride on my big cock, faggot’ he pushes me off of him and I sit on his massive cock. As his cock goes inside me, I moan so loudly. It feels so good. He starts pounding me harder and harder. My legs feel like jelly, my cock is so hard and my balls feel so tense. ‘Fuck me harder!’ I beg him. For minutes he pounds me, we’re both sweating like crazy. He then pulls his cock and changes positions. He motions me on my back. My hands are still bound behind my back and aching like hell. He spreads my legs to the side and continues to pound my hole. As I’m moaning he shoves his gloves fingers in my mouth. The taste of cum and leather is amazing. Mike is now moaning like a wild b**st. I know he’s almost ready to come. ‘Come in my hole, sir’ I beg. Next thing I know, I feel warm liquid pouring into my hole, it felt so good. Mike is now relieving himself. He was leaning his head backwards in pleasure. He then pulls his cock out of me. He’s now breathing heavily and starts stroking and teasing my rock hard cock. ‘Make me cum’ I pleaded. ‘. ‘Make me come what?’. ‘Make me cum, please sir’. ‘That’s a good faggot’ he then gripped my rock hard cock and put it in his mouth. He put two of his gloved fingers in my cum-filled hole and started giving me head. I feel as though I’m going to explode. I’ve never orgasmed like this before. I continue moaning and look at Mike’s eyes looking at me as he sucks my big rock hard cock. He then starts milking my cock with his hands. I’m moaning like crazy and then, boom. My cum is spraying everywhere, all over my body, and all over Mike. I could tell he was surprised by how much I came. I never came like that the last time we fucked. He then starts rubbing my cum all over my body and face, which felt amazing. He then untied me. He took off his mask and his face and hair were dripping with me sweat. ‘Have I made your fantasy come true, faggot?’. ‘Yes sir’ I said. He grabbed me and gave me a long and intense kiss. ‘See you around’ and then he picked up his clothes and left. I looked at the clock and I had roughly half an hour to clean up before my parents were expected to come back. I loaded all of their bedsheets into the washing machine and would tell them the dog shit on their bed. I then sprayed the room with a fragrance and then had a much needed bath. I still haven’t seen Mike on Grindr, but something tells me he might come back again. Even if I never do see him again. I can honestly say I had the fuck of a lifetime.

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