Trouble By The Pool


Trouble By The Pool

Catherine focused her efforts on arranging the flowers she had placed on on the poolside table. The plates and silverware had already been set as well as the floral print linens that were carefully folded and presented. Her daughter, 21 year old Megan, was due to arrive in just a few minutes and with Catherine’s husband away for the weekend, she was ready for a few days of catching up in the company of her only child. The two were best of friends although Megan’s job as a flight attendant made these visits rare and special to each of them. Catherine finished setting the table and stepped back, wiping the perspiration from her brow. At 45 years old she still had the looks and figure of a woman half her age and she worked hard to keep it that way. It was not uncommon for strangers to mistake her and Megan for sisters and Catherine always silently approved of the mistake as well as the sly looks that younger men gave her when they thought she wasn’t looking. Although having been married for over 25 years, she still drove her husband wild with lust and had a habit of dressing to please.

Satisfied that the table was finished she quickly walked around the pool’s edge checking for anything that needed last minute attention. She missed the professional services and the handsome, strong physique of the man who had cleaned her pool and deck, but certainly did not miss his leering eyes and nosy attitude. She had dismissed him earlier in the week just before her husband left on business. Next week, she thought to herself, she would find a replacement. Hopefully someone decent to look at from her window or deck, but who didn’t have that creepy look about him that made Catherine shiver with lust and shudder with distaste all at the same time. For now, she took comfort in the fact that her former employee’s wandering eyes were watching someone else.

Peter and Ed stared at Catherine from the relative safety of the privacy hedges that lined the property keeping any passing visitors from easily seeing the pool area. Peter growled quietly under his breath as Catherine moved around the edge of the pool that he had once worked on every other day. As she walked, she stepped between his steady gaze and the sun. For a moment the thin, gauzy material of her long sun dress turned transparent revealing the white, two-piece bikini that she had worn in preparation for a morning swim with her daughter. A natural blonde, she looked stunning in any bathing outfit and she knew it. Ed, Peter’s younger brother, smacked his lips.

“She’s as fine as you said Pete.”

“Yeah,” said Pete. “Better close up though. You’ll see soon enough.”

The two men moved quietly to the gate. Peter produced a key; a copy of the original that Catherine didn’t know about. The men quickly passed through the opening and re-locked the gate behind them. Peter knew the property well due to his many afternoons spent ogling Catherine from various vantage points behind bushes and fences, well hidden from neighbors on adjacent properties. The house had been built with privacy in mind and the pool area sat on the highest piece of the lot, well back from the street and hidden by the thick, plush landscaping.

Peter had a collection of pictures at home. Hundreds in fact, all taken by him as he watched Catherine, her husband and sometimes their daughter. Although he was supposed to be hard at work he was instead, prowling the edges of the pool waiting for a chance to see his employer sun bathing, swimming or just relaxing. A few of the pictures were of Catherine topless or even nude. He had shared those with Ed just prior to making the plans that brought them to this house on this day.

Peter and Ed stopped about fifty feet from the pool and rested silently behind a small structure used for showering and changing. Peter had often spied on Catherine from here and had many times stroked his cock hard before spilling his load onto the bark mulch that he had once carefully maintained.

He chuckled. “Bitch should never have canned me.”

Ed grunted, “Yeah, but she’ll pay for it now.”

Both men grinned with anticipation.

Peter considered his next move, noting the pair of wine glasses sitting on the table beside the pool. He knew that Jim, Catherine’s husband was away and he wondered who the second glass was meant for. Of the two men, Peter was the wiser one. Ed was younger by two years and tended towards compulsive behavior. The original plan was for the men to sneak up she was swimming and then to grab her when she stepped out of the pool. Peter had told Ed that she was fair game after that but that she needed to be taught a lesson that wouldn’t soon be forgotten.

For his part, Ed couldn’t wait to get going. He and his older brother frequently haunted the local bars and picked up women together. But unlike Peter who hoped to take a girl home and make a night of it, Ed preferred the parking lot. It wasn’t uncommon for one of his “dates” to be left sitting half naked behind the dumpster after Ed had finished. And while both men had a similar build; strong and animal like, Ed had an inch or so of height on his older brother which he tended to use to his advantage while enjoying the rough sex that he so longed for.

Peter watched carefully. He wondered if perhaps Jim was coming home early. Or whether Catherine had invited a friend. Or, if maybe her daughter Megan was visiting. And he thought that if it was Megan and if she was arriving unexpectedly, it would be unfortunate timing on her part.

Catherine finished what she was doing and walked across the broad deck towards the house and through the sliders that led to the family room giving the two men time to sneak into the pool house. There, they would wait until she came out to swim. They hadn’t made much for plans after that. Each would help the other keep Catherine under control but each would be free to have his way. They’d threaten her family before leaving to keep her quiet and then head off to celebrate their conquest.

Of the two, Ed was the more vicious and he felt his cock begin to swell as they shuffled around in the dark building, trying to find a good spot to look through the small window and watch the house. He occasionally stroked at the zipper of his jeans, eager to release his thickening penis and put it to use on the pretty and soon to be despoiled woman.

The waiting men heard a click from somewhere outside and assumed that Catherine would momentarily reappear. Peter stole a glance through the curtained window and was excited to see what he had been hoping for. Megan had just come onto the deck and strolled over to the table.

“Mom,” Megan called. “I’m here.”

Within a moment, Catherine came running out of the house to greet her daughter. They hugged and laughed and the men heard them talk between themselves for a few minutes before Catherine headed back inside.

Peter could barely restrain himself and turned to Ed, eager to whisper new plans for handling two women. As they huddled in discussion, Megan grabbed her bag and walked towards the pool house. Seeing her approach, the men quickly scurried to find a hiding place as the door was thrown open and the young woman entered. She dropped her bag and phone on a small coffee table and walked to a closet where linens were kept. Opening the door, she grabbed a handful of towels and turned, letting out a small shriek of surprise as she came face to face with Peter. Her expression changed from surprise to recognition and then to horror.

The man reacted quickly, grabbing her slim waist and shoving his big hand over her mouth before spinning her around and into his full grasp. Her eyes, bulging in fear and blurred by tears caught sight of Ed now in front of her with spittle on the corners of his mouth.

“Bait!”, he hissed.

“What?”, asked Pete.

“Bait, Pete. Mommy dearest in the house will come looking for this one and when she finds the three of us, won’t do a thing that would cause us to harm her. Course, I can’t say what this little thing might be doing to me when Mommy finds us. What’s her name?”

“Megan.” Peter answered as he held the girl tighter. “Hey! Wait! Here she comes.”

Catherine walked back out towards the pool looking for her daughter. She noticed that Megan’s bag was no longer on the poolside table and she called out.

“Meg dear, are you in there changing?”

Peter clamped his hand tighter over the girl’s mouth even as she struggled harder. He pulled her young body against his tight torso and pelvis, enjoying feeling her squirm against him. Watching her writhing, Ed reached out and squeezed her breasts before tugging at her jeans and dipping his fingers into the waistband.

“Love it when the wiggle like that.” he whispered, forcing his fingers a little lower into her pants.

Catherine called again. “Megan???”

Hearing no answer, the men watched as Megan’s mother walked steadily across the sunlit patio to the pool house in the shade. She turned the knob and entered, blinded momentarily as she stepped into the dark building.

Ed took advantage of the moment and grabbed Catherine by her hair. Throwing her to the floor, he stifled her scream by pressing one of his booted feet to her throat. Megan tried again to get free but found herself held tight by Peter’s muscled arms. Ed took over as an evil grin spread across his stubbled face.

“Listen you two. This is not exactly your lucky day. But, for me and my brother here…well….I guess we kind of lucked out big time. So, play nice and make us happy and maybe, just maybe, things will turn out OK. Got it?”

Ed took a little weight off the foot that was pressing down on Catherine’s neck.

“Fuck you”, she hissed staring hard at Peter. It was clear that she despised him and had no fear of showing her disgust even as the weight of the situation they were in began to dawn on her.

Her words were still hanging in the air when the toe of Ed’s boot caught Catherine in the side of her head just behind her ear. The man reached down and grabbed her hair by the knot she had fashioned on top of her head and pulled her out of the pool house and into the bright morning sun shining down on the pool and patio. He stopped dragging her when they reached the lounge chair near the deep end of the pool. Peter followed, dragging Megan kicking and biting into the open as well. Getting tired of fighting the feisty daughter, he pushed Megan to her knees, kicked her to the ground and reached down, slapping her hard on the back of her head.

“Go ahead and scream now you fucking cunt. No one can hear you up here. Go ahead. Give it a try. But, every time you scream you’ll get a whipping. So, if I were you, I’d keep my bitch mouth shut”.

Ed laughed as he watched the two prone women freeze with fear as they began to contemplate their fate. Mother and daughter each began sobbing and Megan shivered as the smiling men stood over their victims.

“I have an idea” Ed snickered. “Let’s put Mommy here to work. She deserves what she’s going to get anyway. Little Miss Meggy here can watch. If Mommy does good, the the little one gets a pass. If not, the she gets to work too. That’ll make it easier than trying to keep the little bitch quiet while we work over her Mom.” Ed laughed. “Me? I’m hoping Mommy is crap and baby here has to make us happy.”

Without waiting for his brother to answer, Ed barked at Megan who was still laying on her stomach and crying softly.

“Take your clothes off you little whore”, he said “And do it quick. No fucking around.”

Megan struggled to her knees and looked up at each man with pleading eyes. Her mother glanced over with a horrified look on her face. Reluctantly, Megan stood and began to undress. She sobbed loudly as the men watched her unbutton and take off her shirt, exposing heavy breasts under a lace white bra. She dropped her shirt on the concrete patio deck before shakily unbuttoning her belt; unsnapping her jeans and pulling down the zipper. She wriggled out of her pants and the men stared at her crotch, barely hidden by a white thong. Megan paused, searching the eyes of the men for any sign of mercy. None was found. She reached behind and unsnapped her bra. Instinctively, she held the fabric to her breasts before resigning herself to the circumstances and letting it fall to the deck. Her breasts dropped heavily and then bounced upwards again exposing dark brown nipples surrounded by even darker brown areolae.

As if synchronized, Peter and Ed licked their lips, each wondering and even hoping that the brutal assault that would soon be unleashed on Catherine would fail to satisfy them and that they’d Escort get the chance to abuse this young woman who stood before them, near naked and trembling with fear. Megan hesitated again before bending down and slipping off her last item of clothing. Her well trimmed pussy hair gleamed brown in the sunlight, the color matching her shoulder length locks. It was clear to the men that Megan took care of herself and they gloated at the sight of her tight, short pubic curls barely covering her pussy lips.

Megan stood in shame and cried, forcing tears down her cheeks only to drip onto her heaving breasts. One tear met another on her right breast and the stream ran across her young skin before meeting with, the dripping off her nipple. It fell onto the hot stone of the patio deck, soon to be met with others until a torrent of tears and sweat surrounded the nude body of Catherine’s terrified daughter.

Catherine averted her eyes, partly due to the embarrassment of seeing her daughter naked but mostly because she knew that her turn was next. She didn’t know what was coming but she began to silently pray that whatever it was would be enough to satiate the men and keep them from turning to her only child.

Catherine stood up and wiped her tears, causing the men to turn towards her. Before they could speak, she reached down and pulled her dress straight over her head before tossing it sharply to the ground. She had their attention and she intended to keep it. Peter folded his arms in satisfaction, seeing his former employer begin to strip before getting her punishment. Ed was more overt in his reaction, reaching down to stroke his pants causing the woman to stare at the ugly bulge under the cloth of his jeans. The men began to breathe harder, seeing the bright white bikini that Catherine was wearing contrast beautifully against her tanned and taught skin. She looked nothing like other women of her age and though the style of swim suit was typically more appropriate for younger women, she wore it well.

Peter glared at Catherine as she looked into his eyes. This woman had taken his job….his livelihood….his sustenance. This bitch; this queen bitch standing in front of him like she was better than everyone else. He couldn’t stand the sight of her yet he couldn’t stop looking. He was tormented and his rage bubbled up from deep inside his body. With savage strength he whipped an arm across her face knocking her to the hard, hot patio deck. In an instant, he was above her showing rage in his eyes and face.

Catherine saw stars and gasped, trying to catch her breath and control her fear. Then, in an act of sheer violence, Peter reached down to Catherine’s pelvis and put his hand into her bikini bottom directly below her navel. He paused. Catherine held her breath and braced expecting him to yank her bottoms down her legs and off her ankles. Instead, the strong man gave a mighty pull straight up. Catherine’s torso rose nearly four feet from the ground held only by the white fabric of her suit. Her legs kicked hopelessly while her arms and head dangled and swung crazily. The man yanked hard and the cloth fabric finally let go. Catherine dropped to the ground. An angry red bruise began to rise across the spot where her bikini bottom stretched before it gave out. Dazed from hitting the stone surface from such a height, Catherine lay back with her legs splayed wide revealing a completely shaved pubic area and parted pussy lips. Too dazed to cover herself, she lay sobbing while the other three stared at her bald crotch.

Peter acted first. He yanked his sweaty t-shirt over his head, then undid his jeans before stepping out of them them. His clothing mixed with the rest strewn across the violent, shameful scene. As he turned again to stare down at Catherine, both women locked their eyes on his hard, shaved cock. It bulged with ugly veins and sported a thick, helmet shaped head. Megan cried louder, still standing in the nude watching her near naked mother on the ground in front of her soon to be rapist. Catherine’s eyes widened in terror as she watched Peter’s cock throb up and down causing the man’s heavy balls to slightly sway,

Peter reached down between Catherine’s breasts and and his muscled arm grabbed the thin strap of material between the cups of her top. Nearly as violently as he had torn her bottom off, he snatched the top up and over her head spilling her breasts and knocking the air out of the woman as she landed again on her back.

Catherine’s breasts were somewhat larger than her daughter’s and not quite as firm but still very attractive. Her nipples had a more rosy sheen than Megan’s and they were somewhat longer. To no one’s surprise there were no tan lines to be found on her fit, curvy body.

Pete stood there for a moment, stroking his thickening cock while he thought of what to do next. Drops of sweat drizzled down his torso and, with no pubic hair to slow their pace, continued down his legs. A few ran down his arms and met his hand providing some lubrication as he moved his fist up and down his shaft. Ed waited, all the while trading glances between the younger woman and her mother. Finally, Ed prodded Megan to move closer and pushed her shoulders, forcing the girl to her knees.

“Let’s get you front row seat for your Mom’s performance”, he growled.

Megan complied, keeping her gaze from her mother’s exposed body until Ed roughly grabbed her brown hair and forced her to look. She settled in, sobbing just a foot or so from her mother’s side before Ed stood back up and quickly pulled off his clothing.

Megan glanced sideways at Ed’s nude form and peeked furtively at the man’s hanging penis. Ed’s cock area was not shaved and his dark, curly pubic hair surrounded a half hard penis. She could see that the man was not as thick as Peter but his member would probably be quite a bit longer. Her gaze then went to the man’s ass and she saw the firm muscles from which tree trunks of legs descended. She shivered at his apparent strength, finding there the danger she knew the man possessed. She hated the thought of what these men might soon do to her mother.

As if her thought projected to the men, both began the violence that had been certain to happen. Peter forced Catherine to her feet before directing the nude woman to lie on her back atop the flattened lounge chair. He went and stood behind her so that her head was staring up at his reddened balls. He carefully moved forward until his open legs were roughly in line with her cheeks. His cock arched up towards the sky and he reached down to quickly knead her quivering breasts. Then, he took his hand and placed it under her chin, forcing it up and her head back. With an angry yank, he pulled her head until it was grotesquely forced backwards. Her mouth, wide open, was his target. He stroked his cock a few times milking a drop of precum to it’s tip before leaning slightly forward and plunging his fat penis into her throat. His size made her choke and gag and he instantly reacted by slapping her face with his hand. Driving his veined cock deeper into the poor woman’s mouth, he issued a gruff warning.

“It’s your mouth or hers sweetie so be careful about how you take it.”

Catherine tried to relax her throat and, in doing so, felt his cock slide a little deeper. As her spit began to build up and mix with his salty precum, the man began to pump long strokes between Catherine’s lips and teeth and deep into her mouth and throat.

Megan watched her mother arch her back painfully causing her breasts to jut out while she gobbled the man’s prick. Neither woman was a stranger to sex of any kind. Megan, in fact, had taken some pride in the breadth of her sexual experience in spite of her young age. However, she had never witnessed such a violent and furious act as seeing her mother splayed across their chaise lounge, head forced backwards and filled with the angry flesh of a muscular intruder.

Catherine lay prone, working hard to accept the hot, wet meat being forced into her mouth and trying hard to keep from gagging. He stroked his penis into her with regularity, his tempo allowing her to occasionally swallow her spit and his juices before it got ahead of his down stroke, choking her and causing her to close up when she needed to be wide open. She was quite good at giving head to her husband and Jim liked it when she throated him deep as he spurted his cum. Secretly, she had also been providing oral pleasure for one of the men who worked on her car, in return for some open legged tonguing from him in return. But neither Jim nor the mechanic who liked Catherine’s shaved pussy were built like this man who rutted into her open, drueling mouth. Catherine had to work hard to keep this man in her and out of her daughter.

Ed watched Peter throat fuck the older woman for a while before kneeling down and opening Catherine’s legs. He used his fingers to part her bald pussy lips and then inserted one finger into her vagina.

Swishing it around, he exclaimed to Megan, “This cunt needs a little attention, don’t you think?” Ed placed a second finger, followed by a third into her snatch.

Catherine groaned as she felt the violation and was temporarily grateful that it was only thick fingers that were stretching her open. She was also praying that both men would now concentrate only on her, leaving her daughter to be a witness to, not a participant in, the savagery. Peter, standing above and slightly behind her prone body, had settled into a rhythm getting his cock sucked while Catherine began to work her tongue across his thick head, swirling it around his veined shaft and into his pee hole in hopes of bringing the man to a climax.

Suddenly, Ed pulled his fingers out and held them up to the sunlight. Megan looked up and instantly saw the glistening fluid. She looked back down at her mothers face, knowing that in spite of the dire circumstances, her mother could not suppress desire even as the man between her legs brutalized her. Tears of shame rolled from Catherine’s eyes.

“Pete!”, exclaimed Ed. “Looky here. This cunt is turned on!”

Peter’s response was a simple grunt as he concentrated on forcing his cock into the older woman’s open mouth, showering her with sweat while he pumped her throat.

Ed held his hand out to Megan.

“Here. Taste some Mommy cunt juice.”

Megan turned away only to find herself once again staring at the burly rapist pushing his erection between her mother’s lips and listening to the horrible gagging as his prick continued it’s violation. She turned back towards Ed to find that the dripping fingers were gone and Ed was standing in front of her face. Megan watched his cock dangle and sway. Each pump of the man’s heart pushed a little more fluid into his prick and it began to lengthen. She had been right. It was long. Longer than she had guessed and it was still growing. He walked behind her with a gleam in his eye.

“OK, OK. If you don’t want a taste from my fingers, you’ll just have to lick it off yourself!”

With that, he pushed Megan’s head between Catherine’s legs, demanding that she lick the open, moist lips. Megan cried and her mother gasped a deep breath.

“You said I wouldn’t be hurt,” Megan blurted, inches from her mothers swelling pussy lips.

“Hurt?” said her captor. “Eating your mother’s snatch hurts? NO….THIS HURTS!” he said, before brutally slapping her upturned ass cheeks with his open hand.


Megan complied, horrified at what she was being forced to do. The skin on her ass stung and she imagined it was turning a horrible shade of red. Crying, she found her mother’s cunt lips and pushed her hesitating tongue between them, near the bottom. Tenderly, she lifted her tongue trying not to push it in too deep nor be caught only halfheartedly performing her shameful task. Nearing the top of her mother’s shaved pussy, she pulled her tongue out, dropped her head a little and darted it back in once again. She repeated this three times before allowing herself to come close to the spot that she knew would be the most sensitive.

Ed watched and pleasured himself, stroking his hard-on down its generous length from the tip to the thick bush at the base of his shaft. He savored the sight of his young victim with her red ass and exposed pussy going down between the swelling cunt lips of the older woman. What Ed could see that Megan could not was the hardening nipples and rolled back eyes of Catherine. Knowing women as he did, he knew that Megan’s mother was far from hating what was happening to her body even as she despised the fact that she no longer had control.

Peter was still bucking his fat cock Escort Bayan into Catherine’s mouth and the predictable motion of his thrusting transferred down Catherine’s body making her vulva gently rock as Megan licked at her slit. On Megan’s next up stroke, Catherine’s body was pushed down by the force of Peter’s phallus filling her throat to it’s entire length and Catherine’s swollen clit met Megan’s soft, warm tongue.

An involuntary shudder took over Catherine’s body even as Megan stopped licking, leaving her tongue momentarily depressed against the hard button of her mothers sex. Megan felt her mother’s legs begin to twitch and close and she knew that an unintentional yet unavoidable orgasm was imminent.

In shock, she pulled away as Catherine’s exposed gash opened and closed slightly. Megan gasped as she saw her mother’s nipples rise and tighten, the pinkish skin curling up and forcing the long points to push straight up. Watching, Megan’s own nipples ached as she knew how they must feel. Shamefully, she looked back down between Catherine’s jerking legs and watched her mother’s pussy spasm and asshole pucker and pulse.

Ed noticed too. “Hey, Pete…..we have a cumming slut here!!!”

Peter looked up and saw Megan’s wet face and the slippery, open cunt of Catherine. Rudely, he twisted Catherine’s long nipples and watched as his hard motions made the woman’s ass rise up seeking more stimulation. He felt her throat open again and his cock slide deep. The woman had lost control and now, only wanted to be satisfied. He looked at Megan.

“Finish her off”, he said rudely.

Megan obeyed reluctantly, committed to finish her job quickly now. She dropped her head onto Catherine’s cunt and drove her pink tongue deep into her soaked pussy before running it up to meet her mother’s swollen and begging clit. She reached up for her mother’s legs and pulled them together until her head was surrounded by sweaty, quivering thighs. She knew that she was being watched by the two men, one fucking her mother’s mouth and one stroking his cock over her ass. If making her mother climax would cause the men to do the same, it would be over. Or so she hoped. She got to work as Catherine began pumping mouthfuls of sweet juices out of her gaping slit.

Without warning, Peter pulled out of Catherine’s mouth. Her head snapped upright and she took an enormous breath of air, relieved to have seven inches of muscle out of her throat. But her relief was short lived. She looked down just in time to see her daughter sticking a pointed tongue hard against her sensitive clit She didn’t have the time or the energy to move her hips away in order to avoid the collision between clit and mouth. Catherine exploded in shameful pleasure, releasing the air she had just gulped in, shrieking and moaning as waves of guilty pleasure racked her beautiful body. The men watched, each holding his cock as Catherine bucked about while Megan forcefully rode her mother’s mound.

Tearfully, Megan pulled away still staring at her mothers smooth crotch and swollen pussy lips. Catherine lay flat and spent, unable to stop shaking from the pleasure and the shame of what had happened. Her legs felt weighted down. Her cunt was on fire and she felt as if the slightest breeze across her pussy would be more than she could take. She put her head back, throat sore from the monster cock that had been fucking it and mouth tired from her forcing it open to accept his massive penis. Her forehead was sweaty from his full balls slapping and rubbing across it and just thinking about her hardened, exposed nipples brought more tears to her eyes. She painfully began to stretch her toes which had previously been splayed out as her daughter brought a climax to her unwilling but traitorous body. Yet, as she recovered, she realized that no seed had been spilled. Not into her throat or cunt nor sprayed across her ample breasts. The men were still full.

“Get her up,” demanded Peter and the two men helped Catherine to stand. She wobbled back and forth, focusing between the thick, heavy cock that was still covered with her saliva and the incredibly long cock that rose grotesquely out of a tangle of dark pubic hair while being stroked by the younger man.

Noticing her stare, Ed moved towards her.

“Looks like we have a real whore here,” declared Ed. “Can I have a turn now?”

“Sure” said Peter. “But I think she’s ready for the both of us. Someone turned on her juices!” The men glanced at Megan who was still kneeling on the ground beside the spot her mother had just climaxed on.

The men shoved Megan back a little before returning Catherine to the lounge where she was made to lie flat on her stomach. Ed knelt at her side and positioned himself so that Catherine could suck his lengthy cock while Megan watched. His first thrust into Catherine’s tired mouth was deep but Catherine was well used to being mouth fucked by Peter. Even the second thrust, deeper than the first, didn’t gag Catherine. Her love of giving head, years of practice and the gagging that Peter had given her made it easier to take this man. Megan marveled at how easily her mother was mouthing the long penis and silently hoped that Catherine would find a quick, relatively easy way to finish off these two monsters so that she wouldn’t be their next victim. She felt guilt in hoping that her own mother was talented enough to make two, hard bodied and younger men climax but she also realized that in spite of the horror of being stripped, slapped and forced to give her mother an unwanted orgasm she wasn’t in apparent danger of being penetrated at all. Moreover, her mother had only been raped orally. It could have been worse, she thought.

Suddenly, Catherine reached up and took hold of Ed’s penis. Gently, she began to stroke it with her experienced hand while she slipped it in and out between her lips and teeth. From time to time, she cupped the man’s heavy balls before returning her hand to his slippery shaft that continued to work its way into her throat.

Megan was shocked. These were violent men after all, committing a serious crime and here was her mother, being violated yet again but apparently helping the man penetrate her mouth. Was she trying to finish him quickly, as Megan had been hoping for or…..wait……was that….a…..moan? Then another. Megan gasped. Her mother was liking it!

Peter noticed too and walked behind Catherine to admire her smooth ass cheeks as she lay belly down servicing his brother. Peter grabbed an ankle and pulled it to one side. He then did the same to her other ankle, leaving her legs wide open and exposing Catherine’s still dripping pussy.

Megan groaned inwardly, knowing what was coming next. She had harbored some hope that Ed would finish in her mother’s mouth quickly and then Peter would go back for more, ending where he originally started. With both men satiated, she would tend to her poor mother and count their blessings. It was not to be and she began to grow angry.

Peter looked down at the woman sucking his brothers prick and he slapped his own cock making it jump hard up and down. He stared at Megan.

“Now Megan darling. I would have been finished already and your mother would have a belly full of spunk if you hadn’t done such a fucking good job. How long have you been snatch-snacking on your Mommy?”

Megan shook her head from side to side, denying the man an answer and trying to shake off the vision she had in her head of her mother getting fucked from both ends.

“Since I had to pull out before she bit me as she started cumming in your mouth, I get to fuck her now. You could have spared her that but you’re just too good between a bitches legs now aren’t you?”

Peter smiled and grabbed his heavy cock. Holding his hand out to Megan he barked,


Megan obeyed and dribbled a stream of saliva into the man’s open hand. Peter took it and covered the swollen head and reddish shaft with it. Megan stared at the man pulling on his fat dick and shuddered to think of how painful it would be if he put that into her, even if it was just her mouth.

Peter straddled the chair and laid down on top of Catherine. She didn’t miss a beat, continuing to take most of Ed’s lengthy penis into her mouth and moaning now and then as he pushed his length into her waiting throat.

Peter pushed the head of his engorged cock against her slippery wet pussy lips and pushed his shaft into her body. All the way into her body, in one long, quick stroke. Catherine gasped through her nose, her mouth full of the other man’s dick and now her pussy filling with familiar, fat meat. Megan watched the man’s strong ass cheeks clench as he rove his hard prick into her mother’s cunt and saw the man’s balls bounce against her bum. As the men developed a complementary rhythm, Catherine began to sweat and her body tingled once again. Hating the rape but loving the feeling of being stuffed, she cried quietly and began to feel herself lose control once again.

Horrified by the men fully violating her mother and shamed by her mother’s reaction to the rape Megan could only watch as her Catherine’s toes began to curl up and down. The men, panting now in ecstasy and grunting in lust were gang fucking a woman who was slowly building to another lewd and unwelcome orgasm. Catherine was now regularly sucking Ed’s long cock all the way into her throat, his thick pubic hair bumping against her nose. He held her head so that he could feel himself forcibly fuck her opening. She kept her eyes closed, mainly so that the man couldn’t see the tell-tale look of pleasure that a woman shows when she’s being properly drilled. She also lifted her butt up a little to accept the pounding in the other end. Peter’s hands held her ass cheeks as he pushed into her and she loved the feel of his enormous hands holding her smooth flesh while he ravaged her cunt.

Megan watched as if in a trance. Here was her mother’s lithe body being spit roasted by two muscled men, against her will while all she could do was watch. And this, after she was forced to lick her mother into ecstasy. She was ashamed but still hopeful that her mother would finish things for her. Peter grunted loudly and slapped Catherine’s ass causing her to arch her back down and her bum up, accepting his thrusts eagerly. Megan hoped her mother’s cunt was tight enough to milk the man’s tireless rod and that her mouth was luscious enough to drive the other cock into an explosion of semen. It had to end.

The men continued to rape poor Catherine. Megan glanced to her side and spotted her flip flops. They had come off her feet earlier when the men forced the women out into the open. She thought about slipping them on and running. With the two men on the edge of cumming, she might have a chance to get her phone in the pool house. From there, she could run into the hedges while dialing 911. Even if she tossed her phone, the police would trace it and help would arrive quickly. If the men threatened her mother, Megan would return. If they ran, it would be over.

Slowly, she reached for her shoes and slipped them on her feet. The men continued their assault on Catherine, her moans now loud and frequent. When she had her feet protected, Megan jumped up and ran for the pool house.

The reaction was immediate. Ed pulled out of Catherine’s mouth, allowing her to scream loudly.

“Nooooooooo”, she yelled to her daughter.

Ed bolted towards Megan and quickly gained on her despite the lead she had initially taken. But unlike Megan, the man had no shoes and he tripped over the rough mulch that separated the patio surface from the wide open entrance to the pool house. Megan burst through the opening and slammed the door shut behind her as she heard Ed’s heavy body hit the outside of the building.

Mixed with alarm and amusement, Peter watched his brother chase the near naked daughter before seeing him fall hard against the siding of the pool house. Unlike Ed, he saw no need for a chase, or for more mercy towards the younger woman. He pulled his raging hard-on out of Catherine’s cunt and stood up, still straddling the lounge that she lay on. He reached for Catherine’s sweaty, blond hair and pulled it and her head straight up. In an instant, his large hand was around her neck. He stepped forward, releasing her hair and putting a second hand around her throat. His cock, now even more excited by the violence, scraped against the back of her neck leaving long strings of fluid wherever it bumped her soaked skin.

“STOP! NOW! Stop or I’ll snap her neck right here,” he bellowed.

Megan heard him and slowly drew the curtain of the window aside to see her mother’s back arched Bayan Escort while her ponderous breasts swayed above the spot where she had been laying. Two huge hands were wrapped around her neck and Peter’s huge, angry cock swung menacingly. Megan had never even picked up her phone.

The door crashed open and Ed entered, knocking Megan down on the floor of the pool house. He hit her hard on the head, once and then again before grabbing her ankle and unceremoniously dragging the girl, legs splayed, back to where her mother was being choked. Catherine’s face was turning a bright red and Megan thought that her actions might now mean a death sentence for both of them. She started to scream, hoping that help would come from somewhere. She resorted to pleading, succeeding at last in getting the release of the hands from around her mother’s neck.

“Well, that pretty much does it” Ed gasped, his face ruddy from the exertion of catching and dragging Megan. His cock swung back and forth, it’s head purple and swollen. Megan knew that she was doomed to feel him inside of her.

“Yep,” replied Peter still holding his naked prize by the shoulders as if he were going to shove his member back inside of her pussy at any moment. “No holding back now ladies.”

At that, Peter released Catherine’s shoulders, letting her fall face first on the lounge chair. Megan was dragged to the front of the lounge where she was made to kneel facing her mother and watching as Peter returned to his spot between Catherine’s open legs. Megan watched Peter stroke his incredibly thick cock with delight and, to her astonishment, it grew even thicker. Peter smiled in an evil way before leaning slightly forward and releasing a gob of spit. It fell directly on Catherine’s ass, just an inch or so above her puckered asshole. He dropped another load of spit into his open hand. Grinning he stroked his erection a few times causing the slippery saliva to coat his enormous, shaved phallus. Crouching a little, he peered between Catherine’s open legs gazing at her smooth pussy and crinkled rosebud before forcing his penis into her ass.

Although Catherine had tried to prepare herself for this possibility, she didn’t see it coming. The scream she let out startled Megan who looked desperately into her mother’s eyes. There, she saw pain, humiliation, horror and fear. Their mutual gaze was brief however as Ed grabbed the younger ones face and forced her mouth open. Megan gagged as Ed forced his lengthy cock between her lips and down her throat. The fucking that she had nearly avoided was now upon her and their was no stopping the sexual violence that she had unleashed.

Megan gagged again as Ed forced his prick between her lips and down her throat at an ungodly pace. Choking, she tried pushing him away only to feel the sting of his hand on her face followed by a sharp and cruel twist to her nipple. She thought he was going to rip it off so she tried to calm him by sucking harder on his angry penis. His cock grew as he tortured her body with his hands and he felt her give in to his intrusion.

Catherine’s screams got louder as Megan was getting her mouth fucked. Peter pushed deeper and deeper into Catherine’s unwilling rectum. While she was no stranger to anal sex, it had always been gentle and polite or accompanied by appropriate toys to enhance the lusty penetration. What was happening to her ass now was nothing of the sort. With Peter’s strong hands holding her shoulders down, the only thing she could do was scream while watching her pretty young daughter get throat fucked inches from her eyes. Any good sensations that she may have inadvertently felt while being spit fucked by the two men earlier were now long gone and she endured her agony loudly and without regard for additional punishment for her vocal protests.

Both women missed a signal from Ed which caused each man to stop. Pulling out from their victims, they silently traded places. In shock, Catherine watched Peter slide his ass filthy cock into her daughters open mouth while he reached down and slapped her bouncing tits. Megan, her mouth gaped widely by the thicker prick, watched as Ed burrowed his long tool into her mother’s ass bringing another primal scream to her open mouth.

The men continued mercilessly, driven now by anger, rage and revenge. The two women were being used and were hopelessly enslaved by the fury and passion flowing through their sweaty, muscled bodies and inflamed cocks. At one point, Catherine was forced onto her back and double penetrated, screaming at first when the men filled her bottom holes then quieting as Ed directed Megan to squat over her mother’s face and accept oral sex. In despair, Megan obeyed and her open sex greedily accepted her mother’s experienced tongue.

When it was time for Megan’s ass rape, Ed took her from behind while the young woman crouched on hands and knees. Beside her, Catherine was forced to hands and knees as well. Peter shoved his prick into Catherine’s mouth as Ed, slowly at first, penetrated the tight ass of Megan. Catherine felt that she was lucky to be sucking a familiar, if fat, cock but her luck soon ran out. Megan began to get more of Ed’s long penis up her anus and what was acceptable at first suddenly began to hurt. Ed thrust deep and hard and Megan screamed. For that, Ed slapped Catherine across her already sore pussy and each deep thrust of his long prick into the young rectum of Megan had a similar cause and effect. One long thrust into an unwilling ass; one long scream by the owner of that ass; one hard slap across a gaping pussy and one long muffled cry from a mouth already filled by hard cock.

Peter began to lose control. Each time he saw his brother stroke deep into Megan’s bum causing a scream, he knew that Catherine would get a pussy whipping. What Ed didn’t know was that each time Catherine opened her throat to scream in pain, Peter’s cock would slide fully down, well past the point it had ever been before. His smooth cock skin and balls were particularly sensitive and in spite of his efforts, he shot spunk into Catherine. One time, deep in her throat but as she pulled off in surprise, he left another in her mouth. He wanted to have Megan again, anxious to give her an anal fucking like his brother was doing. He pulled out and suggested a particularly vicious finale.

Forcing the two naked and abused women to crawl, the men guided them to the edge of the pool, there to lay flat on their stomachs with their heads and shoulders precariously perched over the water. The men, dripping in sweat and panting heavily, urged them to wriggle forward until most of the women’s bodies extended above the deep water. Catherine and her daughter had to struggle, holding their torso’s up lest they topple into the pool. Another inch forward and they would slide in. Quickly, their bodies tired trying to keep their heads above water. Flailing their arms about, they tried pushing themselves up and out of the water or reached back hoping to find the edge of the pool.

Behind them, the men took their places. Ed knelt behind Catherine and Peter behind Megan. Each man reached forward and grabbed the hands of their victim, pulling them back and holding their arms tightly behind their backs. The girls bodies shook hard as they worked to keep themselves from falling face first into the pool. The men reached under, playing with their nipples now hard from contact with the cold water and harder still from the terror of their rapes. Cocks sliding between the ass cheeks of the two women, the men prepared themselves for a final fuck.

Peter took Megan first, forcing his rock hard erection into her anus and shoving it into her rectum with anger and delight. His motion nearly drove them both into the pool but her tight ass held his thick cock as he pulled back and she temporarily regained her balance. Her tits had splashed into the water and she was shocked at the contrast between the cold water on her nipples and the hot skin of the cock that was forcing itself into her ass.

Ed guided his long tool into Catherine’s pussy allowing no relief to her as he sent it deep into her hole. The woman grunted and moaned, feeling the head of his shaft knock against her cervix. He mouth opened wide but no scream came, her throat too raw for any meaningful protest. The jizz that Peter had left in her mouth swished around as she gasped for breath and saw the water near her reddened face.

In unison, the two men forced their angry, rage filled erections into their respective holes and, as if planned, released the women’s arms and placed their hands on their victims backs. Pinning the girls down between their shoulder blades, they pumped furiously as their weight forced the women closer and closer to the deep, dangerous water.

Catherine and Megan struggled as first their aching nipples, then their ample breasts, their shoulders and finally their necks and faces were forced into the cold water.

The men grunted and groaned and felt their cocks squeezed hard by the girl’s organs as sheer panic set in. Peter and Ed held on tight while the two victims thrashed and twisted before mutually running out of strength and succumbing to the force of the strong rapists pushing them down.

Catherine dropped her head below the water and turned to see Megan’s head splashing in beside her. Catherine tried to scream under water, letting out a trickle of semen left over from Peter’s cock when he ejaculated into her mouth. A torrent of bubbles flew from her lungs. Megan felt as if she was going to vomit but held it back as best she could.

Above the naked and struggling women, the men started to climax. Catherine’s cunt and Megan’s ass had been rigorously contracting during their plunge as they fought for their lives. The men had never felt anything like this and the two women, without their knowledge, were providing intense satisfaction to the men above.

With a deep groan, Ed came first, spurting thick loads of white hot semen into Catherine’s cunt as she spasmed heavily, milking his enormous cock dry. Peter followed closely with his own orgasm as young Megan unconsciously clenched down on his impossibly thick shaft causing him to shoot ropes of his hot goo deep inside her bum.

Underwater, Catherine’s eyes were wide open as she shuddered into a hard and abrupt orgasm. The cold water, her held breath and his searing hot jism that she felt spray deep into her cunt overcame her intense fear and she once again lost control of herself. She could hardly believe that she was having the most intense orgasm of her life, even as that life was about to end. She felt her nipples get hard enough to pop as wave after wave of ecstasy rolled over her. Opening her mouth, she screamed…not in terror but in pleasure.

The girls were pulled from the pool. Peter still had his cock in Megan’s ass in spite of his efforts to extract it. She too had orgasmed and her intense pulsations caused her ass ring to clamp down hard enough to keep him inside of her. Ed had pulled out of Catherine’s pussy but stared at it as her cunt lips opened and closed uncontrollably sending spurts of creamy sperm mixed with thick cunt juice onto the edge of the pool.

With a final tug, Peter finally yanked his penis from Megan’s stretched rectum drawing his own river of spent seed out with it. With a mean grin, he reached down and plunged three fingers into Megan’s swollen pussy causing an immediate orgasm. She writhed beneath his hand and he watched with admiration as she moved her beautiful ass up and down, humping the cold tile of the pool’s edge.

As they coughed the remaining water from their mouths, Peter stroked his now softening cock while staring down at the two abused women.

“Cum sluts. Cock whores.” he said. “Should have left you both in the water. Would be like having two slutty pool toys to play with.”

“Yeah,” said Ed. “We coulda’ had a pool party with our friends. At least for a while….heh heh.”

The nude girls lay still, sobbing and coughing, cum dripping from their bottoms.

“So….here’s the deal now.” said Peter. “Hubby doesn’t know. And he won’t unless you girls tell someone. But, if you do tell someone, then we come back and show him exactly what he missed. He’ll get all the details the hard way.”

“Yeah,” said Ed. “The real hard way. You two get to do this again….for him to watch. Except, we finish with him.”

“That’s right” Peter said. “We like the men too so unless you want to see your wonderful husband…or Daddy… with a cock in his mouth and another in his ass, you’ll keep this to yourselves.”

Peter reached over and ran his finger into Catherine’s pussy and Ed twisted one of Megan’s brown nipples as they got up to leave.

Wordlessly, mother and daughter cleaned and dressed, each thinking of what the future held for them. Each hoping that the men would never be returning.

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