Trip to Mexico Pt. 01


A trip to Puerto Vallarta sounded like an excellent idea. It had been a while since Jim and his wife went on a vacation and this next 2 weeks with a group of friends was going to be just what the doctor ordered. Their sex life had not been great for the last few years, in fact it was non-existent. Jim took,the opportunity to grab some Viagra from a pharmacy down there hoping it would help.

On Tuesday the girls decided to go to a world famous spa downtown while the guys went to play golf. As much as Jim loved to play golf it was not on his agenda so he bowed out wanting to get some alone time. Curious about the Viagra he decided to take one to se how it would work. He figured he could just rub one out if it worked well.

The hotel had 3 saunas, 1 for men, 1 for women and a third for both. Jim opted for the men only so he knew he could relax and seeing that it was early in the morning would most likely be empty, which it was. Being 60 years old he wasn’t in the best shape but not overly large either and is rather comfortable in his own skin. He went to the opposite side of the sauna and laid his towel down to sit on. He was able to lay his head back and was now thoroughly relaxed.

After about 10 minutes he felt the Viagra kicking in. He hadn’t been this hard in years and marveled at how hard he was as he absentmindedly reached down to stroke himself. Hell, why not he knew he had the sauna to himself so he stretched out, tilted his head back, closed his eyes and enjoyed his slow manipulations. He never heard the door open.

It wasn’t until he heard a voice right next to him say “You sure look like you are enjoying the sauna.”

He jumped a bit when he heard the voice speak and tried unsuccessfully tunalı escort to cover himself up in vain because his 7 inches were just raging so hard.

The man next to him said “no worries bud, it’s just you and me here and I don’t care. In fact I am enjoying the show. My name’s Jack which at the moment is pretty ironic.”

“My name is Jim and this is a bit embarrassing. I didn’t expect anyone to come in here.”

“Yeah, it’s usually empty in here this time of day. Was surprised to see some one else here. You look like that thing is a little painful right now.”

“A little, I foolishly experimented with a little Viagra this morning and it seems to be working wonders.”

“Haha, well you might as well take care of that thing before you lose your mind. It won’t bother me at all.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, why not. I might as well join you. I doubt anyone else will come in here.”

It was when Jack reached down that Jim noticed Jacks fine cock. 7 inches like Jim’s but not quite as thick. It looked real nice…Wait, what? Was he really looking at another mans cock and…liking it? Could it be the Viagra? He was now stroking himself but couldn’t take his eyes off Jack’s cock. He was breathing heavily now and was filled with a lust he hadn’t felt in years.

Jack took notice of Jim’s attention and smiled at Jim making him blush as he had been caught staring. “It’s OK Jim, we’re just 2 regular guys relaxing in the sauna, no big deal.” And with that Jack shifted closer to Jim and reached over to grab his cock. “I have no problem with this and I hope you’re OK with it, too.”

Confused at first Jim tentatively reached over and grabbed Jack’s türbanlı escort hard on. It felt odd at first but seemed very natural. He slowly worked his hand up and down using his fingers as he did when he was masturbating himself. When he was on the upstroke he felt the precum that was oozing out of the head and used it as lube for his fingers to rub all over the head bringing out a moan from Jack’s mouth. What was he doing? He was mesmerized by what his hand was doing while staring at Jack’s cock. He suddenly became consumed by a hunger he never had before and lowered his head into Jack’s lap.

He started by licking the top of the head tasting the precum, which he loved. Swirling his tongue all around and under the head made Jack groan. After a few minutes he took the head into his mouth and tried to replicate the motions he knew he liked when he was getting blown. The position was uncomfortable so he maneuvered himself between Jacks knees. There he could really take in more of Jack’s very hard cock making Jack’s pleasure intensify. Jim slowly worked his way down all the way to Jack’s pubes and marveled how easy it was too deep throat him. Jack was now close to cumming and he said so, but this made Jim want to work harder. He wanted the cum.

It was at that moment the door swung open and they heard “Oh my God I am so sorry” and the door closed again. At that point the guys didn’t really care and finished what they had started with Jack telling Jim “watch out bro, I’m cumming” which only encouraged Jim to go harder. Stream after stream filled Jim’s mouth which he hungrily swallowed what he could with some dribbling from the corners of his mouth. When Jack stopped Jim ulus escort didn’t, slowly working up and down determined to get every last drop. Jack couldn’t take any more and nudged him away.

“That was incredible and I’ll bet it was your first time.”

“It was, how did you know?”

“Just the way you went about it. It was definitely not my first time. I sure hope that guy doesn’t rat us out.”

As if on cue the door opened again and a lone man in his early 30s walked in. “I’m real sorry I interrupted you guys. Had no idea anyone was in here.”

“But you came back in” Jack said with a smile.

“Yeah, about that. I saw what you guys were doing and was wondering if you guys could help a fellow out” as he opened his towel.

“Well, I know Jim here really could use some relief so let’s see what we can do.” With that he positioned Jim on a bench. Jim had gotten so turned on giving head he completely forgot about his own. Jack positioned himself between Jim’s knees and commenced on giving Jim the best blow job he ever had. The new guy who never gave his name stepped up on the bench and positioned his cock at Jim’s face which he hungrily took into his mouth. Between Jack’s expert mouth and Jim’s raging hard on it didn’t take long for Jim to cum. The moaning with his mouth full was enough to put their new friend over the edge as well. For the second time today Jim was rewarded with a massive load. The feeling of cumming while taking this guys load at the same time was enough to drive Jim crazy.

The new guy quickly wrapped himself up with a towel and said “thank you” as he hurried out the door. Jim had just had one of the most powerful orgasms of all time yet he was still hard. This was not lost on Jack.

“Damn dude, looks like that thing won’t quit” said Jack.

“No kidding. That stuff is amazing. I feel like I could go all day.”

‘Well, if you have the time I have a room all to myself. You’re more than welcome to come on over and spend some time with me.”

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