Tricky Roadside Assistance


This story is my submission for the 2020 April Fools Day contest, I would appreciate your votes, and if you like to read my writing, I would like to read your comments. Thank you, and enjoy…


Finally driving home from work, she watched the moon drop below the horizon and all she could think was, at least this day is almost over. It had started with her oversleeping her alarm clock, causing her to have to grab the first bra she put her hands on without really paying attention as she rushed into her uniform. The dark purple lace peeking out of the low neckline of her work shirt helped her tips some, but it also seemed to encourage the rude customers. The ones that came to the Hooters-Wannabe sports bar to drink and ogle the waitresses in their short shorts and tall boots, but only leave a dollar or the change on the table if that.

Being the first day of April brought it’s own set of trials and tribulations in the form of co-worker pranks, customer pranks, and even the delivery guys had jokes today. The easiest way to get through it all was to act like they were all so original and keep on moving, trying to just make it through her shift and survive until she could relax on her own couch, her fuzzy robe against her skin, with her stash of movies and ice cream.

Then just minutes before the end of her shift, her boss had asked her to cover for a no-show, and work a double. Luckily for her boss she was willing to add more to her cash stash, and the only one waiting at home for her was Ricky, who would be fine with his catnip toys until she made it back. Days like these were a sad hazard of her profession, but today seemed like all kinds of petty aggravations were stacking up and trying her patience with no immediate reward for her.

After the extra long day at work she was enjoying the near solitary drive home on the dark country roads, but tonight her odd luck continued to hold on and one of the rear tires on her car suddenly blows. Luckily not forceful enough to cause her to loose control, but enough that she could hear the rubber slapping the pavement in a slowing rhythm as she pulled her Honda hatchback onto the wide grassy shoulder of the road. After dealing with the wave of tired frustration that had her fisting her hands on the steering wheel, she sighed as she opened her door and went to inspect the damage. The tire was totaled so she crossed her fingers as popped the back door open and lifted the floor cover that was hiding the seldom thought about spare tire. Relief swept through her when she found her spare in good condition, however it was quickly followed by dismay and resignation when she realized her jack was missing. Her spare was great, but there was no way she could use it.

Also keeping with today’s theme, her cell couldn’t find a signal anywhere around her location, so as she walked back to her car in the flashing illumination of her hazard lights, she tried to calm her mind so she could consider her options. Dropping back into the driver’s seat, she left one booted foot resting on the ground, and chewed on her lip while she thought. Just as she decided to appreciate the unseasonably warm evening and start walking, she noticed a faint light starting to glow in her mirrors. Distant headlights finally came around the corner, and she hoped they would stop to investigate and help. Willing to boost her chances, she shifted her body so she still had one booted foot on the ground, but now had the other knee on her seat, allowing her to watch the approaching car through her windows while her short shorts and tall boots were on display. She had that card, why not play it?

Sometimes he enjoyed the quiet nights, patrolling the old highways of the country, light breeze in the open windows, spotting more wildlife than people with the very rare car passing him on the road. Other times he hated the graveyard shift, where every night seemed exactly as boring as the last, and he wished for some distraction from the dark monotony. Tonight was one of the latter times, and after seeing only one car pass his parked cruiser in the last hour or so, he decided to drive a loop and count the deer. Again. Benefit and pitfall of being a police officer in a small country area.

As he came up to a curve in the road miles away from town, he spotted what looked like fresh tire debris in his lane, so he let his car’s momentum slow as he scanned the roadway. Spotting the hazard lights on the side of the road ahead, he slowed to pull up behind the stranded motorist in the older Honda with its back hatch open, that space mostly empty with the spare tire on the ground behind the car. The next thing his eyes locked onto was a very shapely ass in dark, sparkly shorts that was showing a tantalizing peak of a feminine butt cheek. Her long legs were the only other thing he could see of her at the moment, and they were encased in black boots that laced up to her knee and had heels tall enough to make him curious about how she could manage to drive in them.

Not kızılay escort wanting to startle her, he turned his own hazard lights on rather than his roof lights, before shifting into park and cutting off his ignition, but leaving his headlights illuminating the scene. He could see she was alone, and her rear passenger tire was partially shredded and flat on the ground, but her spare looked solid where it lay nearby. Then her movement pulled his eyes back to her as she straightened up and out of her car, and his attention was completely captured.

Her long dark hair spilled straight over a shoulder from the ponytail she had it in. A pale blue body-hugging tee-shirt barely held her cleavage behind the screen printed “Joe’s” logo. He knew that place, decent food, not bad prices, and waitress that were very nice to look at. Like this gorgeous creature, who he remembered seeing a few times the crew went out for drinks and wings. She was very efficient at her job and had a very fluid way of walking, her hips swinging and always drawing his eyes. He watched as her body language shifted from a sexy flirty stance to a slightly more subdued, though no less appealing posture, once she took in the police paint job and dark lights on his cruiser. Grabbing his hat, he stepped out of his car, and greeted her with a friendly tone.

“Hi. Looks like you ran into some tough luck tonight, miss.” he said as he slowly approached her, settling his hat on his head and hooking his thumbs in the front pockets of his pants.

“You have no idea.” she replied with a sultry southern accent, as she slid a hand over her head and down her ponytail while she appreciated her view of the approaching solidly built officer. His eyes followed the path of her hand and then slid even further, plainly appreciating his view before he seemed to realize what he was doing, and snapped his focus back to her face while embarrassedly clearing his throat. He was very tall and broad shouldered, making his uniform look very nice on his trim physique, this was a cop who kept himself very well fit. She recognized his face from work, Officer Baker, he occasionally came in with some friends and while they would get crass sometimes, he was always polite and friendly.

“Well, still, good evening, ma’am. Can I assist you in any way?” he asked in his deep rumble, as he stopped a few feet away from her with his body facing her car. You sure can assist me, she thought as his musky male scent brushed over her in the slight breeze, and she tilted her head back just a touch to be able to look into the tall officer’s eyes. Even with her heeled boots he was a couple inches taller than her. She smiled at his friendly greeting.

“G’evening, officer,” she answered as he returned her smile, and she unconsciously ran a hand over her hair again. “I had a tire blow on me…” she started to explain but faltered as her traitorous imagination conjured thoughts of this handsome cop blowing on her. “And then, uhm, my jack is missing. My spare is good, but my jack is, uh, gone.” She finished as she mentally kicked herself for the awkward moment and the blush she could feel heating her face, as she led the officer to the troublesome wheel, missing his very appreciative gaze at her sashaying backside.

“Well, lucky for you, Miss,” the officer said after looking over what she had pulled out around her car and what she was missing. “Jacks are part of the basic equipment all police cars are required to have. I’ll have this fixed for you in no time.” He walked back to his patrol car while she cleared the area for him, silently thanking Lady Luck for sending a helpful and handsome police officer. Maybe all that karma from the April Fools pranks were finally paying off. Once he returned with the jack, and without his hat, she made herself helpful by handing him tools as he needed them, and after he had removed the old tire she rolled the spare to him. While he worked and they chatted in the light of his car’s headlights, she admired the clear flex and bunch of his muscles under his shirt. Especially when he handled the flat and spare with ease. In the sharp light she could see that his thick pale brown hair was a little past a buzz cut and starting to show some wavy curl, and his shadow of a beard was a couple shades darker with little flecks of silver shot through it.

He knew she was just trying to help, but having her moving around him while he was kneeling at the tire was extremely distracting. She would be adorably short next to him, but those damn boots lifted her crotch to his eye level while he was trying to focus on the tire in front of him. He was almost certain she had made a point to fold at the waist when retrieving tools for him, barely bending her knees to pick things up. More than a few times her back had been to him, so he’d been gifted with a beautiful view of her ass and the seam of her shorts disappearing between her thighs.

In what seemed like kolej escort next to no time the stranded woman had a fresh tire on her car, with the flat and her tools stored under the floor cover in the back of her car. Noticing some grime on his hands, she offered a clean wipe and went to reach through the open front passenger window of her car to get a couple of the spare wet-naps from her work apron. He watched as her butt wiggled on the windowsill, suddenly struck by the thought of the boots and the window putting her hips at nearly the perfect height to match his hips. He enjoyed watching through the window as her breasts swayed with her search, and he again swept his gaze over her beautifully rounded ass propped up in the air. He couldn’t help it, he was an ass man and even though he tried to fight it, his body was reacting very quickly to the heady mix of what he was able to see and what his mind was doing with it.

Once she found what she was hunting and started to lean back out of the car, he tried to clear those thoughts from his mind and face but his body remembered and began to stiffen more. He was careful to be looking at the ground when she straightened back up, and to have the light of his headlamps shining on his back so the growing bulge in his pants wouldn’t be too noticeable in the half light. He was now trying to figure out how to ask her for her number without coming across like the creepy cop that expected something in return for his help. She handed the packets to the officer and watched as he cleaned all the smudges from his skin. As he thoroughly cleaned his hands he kept trying to remind himself to be professional, and to keep his thoughts from going to some naughty places with the beautiful waitress, but he was failing.

She had noticed his attempts to not be caught staring at her body while they were working on replacing her tire, and while she was taking her time ‘finding’ the wet wipe . Usually at work this would make her feel annoyed, but every time she caught him at it she felt a thrill run through her body and wanted him to keep looking so she would find ways to give him really good views. Since he did seem to enjoy it, she wanted to see what else she could get to happen, but didn’t want to be accused of trying to bribe a cop or being a red light girl. She had an idea, it was a wild, half thought through fantasy, that would require the perfect opening to act on. This April Fools prank of her own could go wonderfully well for both of them…. or she could possibly be arrested for assaulting an officer…. But it could go really well….

Finished with the wipe he balled it up, stuffing it back into the little foil packet then into his pocket before he looked back up into her expressive face. Her honey-brown eyes glittered in the light, her cheeks looked flushed, and something seemed a little off with her breathing. “Thank you so much for your help, Officer Baker,” she said, reaching out to lightly touch his arm and trail her fingers across his bicep. “Today was a trial, but I really appreciate the assistance, especially from someone so capable.” Then she held her hand out, offering a shake which he accepted and covered their clasped hands with his free one.

“You are more than welcome, I’m glad was in the right place at the right time to assist you.” He said as he absently started caressing the back of her hand. This sent a small tremor through her body and caused her to catch her breath for a second. He noticed the extra shift in her breathing and while keeping their right hands clasped, he slid his left up her arm, cupping her elbow and asked her if she was feeling ok. Since her body’s natural reaction to him could be used to fit her plan, and she’d caught sight of how tight his pants were getting when he shifted, she decided to commit to her crazy plan and see what happened. It had been far too long since she’d had any physical contact that she wanted, so she let herself enjoy the feel of his strong hands on her, and didn’t fight the blush warming her neck and face.

“Do you mind, uhm, I’m feeling a little light headed…” she said, which was not a lie, as she let herself sway very slightly away from him. He immediately reacted by drawing her back level, sliding his body next to hers to support her, and with gentle words and firm hands, he encouraged her over to sit in the open space in the back of her car.

“What’s wrong?” he asked as he scanned his eyes over her face in the light from his car, noting the hot flush to her cheeks, neck and chest, and her short breaths. “Can I help you somehow? Maybe some water?” She nodded at that, and he fast walked back to his cruiser, reaching through his window to grab a water bottle from his little cooler. Once he stood up and turned back to her, he saw her squinting in the glare of his lights, so he also snagged his flashlight and cut his headlights and hazards off, but kept his parking lights on. Taking the water back to her, maltepe escort he broke the seal and twisted the cap off before handing her the bottle. She gratefully accepted it, taking a couple small sips before he handed her the lid, then she closed the bottle and set it aside.

“Feeling better I hope.” he said as he perched himself next to her. He set a hand on her shoulder as he used the other to turn his flashlight on and prop it in the back of her car so it aimed at the roof, throwing a soft light over them. Taking a slow deep breath she weakly grabbed at his arm and felt his bicep bulge as he lifted his arm to cup her shoulder. She felt a fresh blush begin as more possibilities, hopefully, flashed through her mind. Then she let herself fall limp against him and closed her eyes.

When the waitress fainted in his arms he felt a second of panic before training kicked in, and he cradled her rag-doll-limp body, gently laying her back into the flat space. It was then he realized that in all their chatting about work they had forgotten to swap names, so he had no idea what to call her. He knelt over her, lightly patting her cheek and squeezing her shoulder, and when that got no response he started to feel that panic try to rise again.

“Come on, Sweetheart, you have to wake up. Tell me your name, hun. Tell me what’s wrong.” he talked to her, trying to get a response, or coax her back to consciousness, as he checked her breathing and tried to find her pulse. Finally locating the throb of life below her skin he relaxed some because it was strong, if a bit erratic, but she was not breathing. Shifting his hand from the side of her neck to cradle the back of her head under her ponytail, he tilted her chin up which caused her mouth to drop open. For half a second he was almost distracted by her plump lips, still slightly shimmery from a lip gloss, before he pinched her nose closed, set his mouth over hers to push his breath into her body, trying to ignore the lusty rush that hit him on contact.

For her it was more like a high-voltage jolt that hit her when the officer’s lips settled over hers, his rough chin brushing her cheek. He blew into her mouth and she swore she felt her heart skip a beat, her mind short circuiting as her lungs filled with minty fresh him. She let the shared breath flow from her when he pulled back slightly, then held her breath just long enough for him to lean back in. This time she tilted her chin up at the last moment to meet him, causing him to freeze in shock when their lips met. He felt that full electrical charge race through him this time, locking him in place as she sucked his lower lip into her mouth and held it between her teeth for a couple heartbeats before gradually releasing him.

They slowly opened their eyes to look at each other, gauging the other’s reaction to the moment. When the fear for her left him, he was filled with relief, anger at her, and arousal, which made for a strong and heady emotional mix. He fisted his hand almost painfully tight in her hair, his eyebrows pulled together in a scowl, and just as she was about to apologize, he crushed her lips against his own. Powerfully demanding that she yield to him, which she did with a whimper as he tilted her head and deepened the kiss even more, wiping out any coherent thought as her hands clung weakly to his arms.

Abruptly he released his control of her mouth, but kept her head pinned in his hands. “Are you ok? Why did you do that? Don’t ever do that to me again.” he demanded in a deep angry growl, while his thumbs betrayed his soft side as they gently brushed her cheeks. She had to take a couple deep breaths to remind herself how to speak so she could reply.

“Ok, I won’t.” she promised with a gulp. “I, uh, wasn’t sure how to ask you to kiss me without it coming off sounding like a slutty bribe.” She finally confessed, while she fiddled with a shirt button on his uniform. Slowly glancing up from his chest to eventually look him in the eyes, she found him still intently staring at her, but with a slight twinkle in his gaze.

“Well, I have to give you points for creativity,” he chuckled, “and it saves me from sounding like a dirty cop when I ask you for your name and number.” The relief that washed through her when he finished voicing his thought, caused her to grin and she tightened her grip on his shirt to draw his face back down to hers.

“Kim, my name is Kim, and I’ll give you my number in a little bit.” she breathlessly confirmed as she lifted herself the last couple inches to be able to initiate their next kiss. He followed along with a deep groan as her tongue caressed his lips, begging entry which he granted and as their tongues danced against each other, their hands started to explore. He kept one hand cradling her head and slid his other down her chest to gently rub across one of her nipples, drawing another whimper from her. However, his hand continued down her body to slide around her waist and then he lifted her to press her body against his. She had been running her hands over his chest and felt his pecs go rock hard as he effortlessly lifted her, surprising a gasp then a breathy chuckle from her. Since he had their chests trapped against each other, she wrapped her arms around his back before rocking her hips into his, finding definite hard evidence.

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