Tricked to Serve – Part 5

Tricked to Serve – Part 5
Tricked to Serve – Part 5

“Just one thing before I go and see what your Slut of a wife is up to…or probably more appropriately, who is up your wife (this amused everyone, as I heard perverted laughter all around me). I have a little gift for you BITCH, before my boys have their fun.”

I was grabbed and moved, laid on my back and my ball-gag and blindfold removed. My eyes adjusted to the light and the first thing I saw were the three naked, hooded men with hard cocks getting me position.
My humiliating position…even with ball-gag and blindfold removed I still wore my leather hood, secured by the locked collar Mistress Alyson had placed around my neck (I understood and now welcomed the understanding of a Gimp-mask…I was Mistress Alyson’s and the men’s Gimp now), that matched the leather cuffs I still wore around my wrists and ankles, even though they had not been used yet, I was sure they would be. My French knickers halfway down my stocking clad and cum streaked legs from my ravaged arse, exposing my semi-hard cock as it seeped pre-cum, due to my arousal of my abuse and humiliating situation. As my eyes became used to light again I looked around from my prone position, and caught a glimpse of ‘Courtney’ as she left the room, her young naked body and leather hood gave me no way of confirming or discounting that ‘Courtney’ was just someone that shared the name of my daughter, but there was the fact that Mistress Alyson had already made sure I knew that Sarah was in the house, upstairs enjoying her own pleasures or being enjoyed for the pleasure of others…Mistress Alyson had referred to my wife as a ‘perverted SLUT’. Then Mistress Alyson stepped into my view, smiling as she walked towards me, the men also standing around me, naked and stroking their hard cocks, as I laid not moving watching Mistress Alyson approach, then stand above me, her legs open either side of my head. As I lay looking at the beautiful shaven pussy of Mistress as her fingers played along her wet lips…teasing me, knowing I wanted to replace her fingers with my tongue.

“Open your mouth BITCH, time for your gift.” I knew what was coming and welcomed it.

Mistress Alyson squatted down over my open mouth, holding her shaven pussy open gave me her gift…a stream of hot piss. My mouth filled with the golden stream as I tried to swallow, just as I had spoken about and promised Mistress Alyson on-line, if we ever met…now we had met, and I had been used, abused as Mistress Alyson had promised. Now I was choking while trying to swallow as Mistress Alyson’s piss continued to fill my mouth and cover my masked face.
The significance of Mistress Alyson pissing first was not lost to me, as she was in control of not only me, her new BITCH, but her house and everyone in it. Once Mistress Alyson had given me her piss, it would then allow, give permission for the others to do the same…I hoped that the three men that were now going to have their ‘fun’ with me thought the same, I was sure they did. As they watched me swallow and choke on Mistress Alyson’s piss.

I was now Mistress Alyson’s…her BITCH, her SLUT, her plaything, her property…just as I believed my wife Sarah was now, from Mistress Alyson’s comments. She owned us both…and I wanted nothing more now.

Mistress Alyson finished, leaving me piss covered and revelling in my position, knowing some of what was to come…the three hooded, hard cocked men were going to have their ‘fun’ with me. While Mistress Alyson left us to it and went to see to my wife…my mind thinking of what pleasures Sarah was experiencing while I was used in Mistress Alyson’s conservatory.

“Ok boys, time for you to have our fun. Bring my BITCH upstairs when you’re done.”

Mistress Alyson left, leaving me at the mercy of three naked horny and I assumed (hoped) perverted men. My fear of what would be done to me by them was minimal compared to my desire for them to use and abuse me.

“Right you sissy cunt you’re ours now…get on your fucking knees.” Mistress Alyson’s husband (whose name I later found out was Peter).

I followed my instruction and knelt before Peter as he held his hard cock, gently stroking it inches from my face. I want to lean forward and take it in my hands, wanking it as I sucked it deep into my mouth, but did not move…I had not been instructed to and knew already that my free-will and choice to act was no longer mine and that I had to only do as instructed…and I loved the feel of completely giving myself to the control of others, whether it be Mistress Alyson or her husband and the other two men standing around me now slowly stroking their cocks, just like Peter as he stood in front of me.

“Let’s find out if this sissy is as much of a pervert slut as his wife is…” one of the men said behind me as I felt my wrists being forced together behind my back and secured together using the leather cuffs that had not been used so far.

“Your wife is a right fucking slut…you must have been too busy dressing in panties and sucking cock to satisfy her, but don’t worry we have been satisfying her…well us and hundreds of others. There is nothing your slutty wife wont do…but don’t worry you’ll get to watch all the videos.” Peter laughed, “Hey John, stick one of his wife’s films on now, let him see what a hot slut she is, while we have our fun.”

The other man standing by my side moved to a large screen TV in the large room and began typing on a laptop connected to the TV, the TV screen came to life showing a picture of my wife standing dressed only in white stockings & suspenders, white high heels holding an hard cock in each hand of as two naked men stood either side of her, I did not recognise the men, but what I did see was that my wife’s breasts were streaked with cum, and focusing closer there was cum in running down the inside of her legs to her stocking tops. The image on the TV screen should have made any normal husband livid with anger & betrayal…but to me I found it incredibly arousing, with a hint of jealousy that I was not there to witness it and also enjoy the cocks my wife obviously had.

“Move closer bitch, don’t want you missing watching your wife fucked how she likes it…this is a great video.”

I was pushed and encouraged to move closer, moving on my knees with my hands bound behind my back. The image on the TV screen not changing from that of my wife cum streaked, smiling and holding two hard cocks. Once I was close enough to the screen for Peter, John changed the picture…
Now the static image on the screen showed Sarah in a wedding dress, obviously taken before the previous picture, as she was wearing a dress but Sarah was holding the front of the dress up to her knickerless pussy and the same white stockings and suspenders as the previous picture. Sarah was smiling widely, enjoying her picture being taken flashing her pussy in a wedding dress, while around her stood half a dozen naked men, all holding hard cocks.

“Your wife enjoyed making this video…taking all six of us like the slut she is. She did say it reminded her of your wedding…”, I wondered what Peter meant by this, Peter soon informed me, much to his amusement. “…your precious wife has always been a slut. It seems you were the fifth cock she enjoyed that day when you went to your honeymoon suite, she even had her cunt filled with two loads of cum when you took your vows. And we and many others have been enjoying her body for months, while you dress in lingerie and look for cock…you are right couple of sluts, and now we own you both BITCH !!”

Peter grabbed my hooded head with one hand, holding his hard cock with the other, and brought them together, pushing his cock deeply into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat making me gag again.

“That’s it you sissy whore…fucking take my cock. You’re our fucking whore now.”

Peter began to face-fuck me roughly, enjoying my gagging and struggling. John now changed the image on the TV screen, now the video began of my wife dressed in a wedding dress walking towards six naked men with hard cocks…like tonight the men wore masks hiding their identity to me at least, though I was sure that Sarah knew exactly know they were. As she approached them and began stroking their cocks, then turning to face the camera what Sarah done next, shocked but also made my cock jerk in arousal….
Looking straight into the camera smiling Sarah said,

“Hi Logan…hope you are enjoying your time with Mistress Alyson and Peter, and other friends they have arranged to use you. Did you really think I didn’t know about your dirty little passion for cock and wearing my underwear…well now you’ll be wearing your own underwear all the time. But for now I have six hard cocks to take, enjoy the show Logan.”

As Sarah finished her speech, that I could only see from the side as Peter continued to roughly fuck my mouth, I saw her kneel in front of one cock and take it in her hand and slide her lips over the thick shaft, while five other men stood around watching and wanking.
I realised that I had been oblivious to Sarah’s passions and sexual pleasures, but now clear to see was that tonight had not been planned in secret by myself to meet Mistress Alyson, I had been manipulated, guided by Sarah and Mistress Alyson. I had been TRICKED and now I was entrapped in the perverted pleasures that I had desired, but controlled by others…I could not stop or end it, even if I wanted to, but I didn’t, I want it continue…

My attention on Peter’s cock had slipped as I took in what I saw and heard on the TV, Sarah not only with naked men but recording a message for me, knowing I would be watching it after going to meet Mistress Alyson and knowing what that held for me. My wife knew me better than I knew myself and somehow had planned my current situation…sucking Mistress Alyson’s husband’s cock. Something Peter reminded me of as I had stopped sucking by holding my hooded head tighter and forcing his thick hard cock into my throat, making me gag again.

“Focus on my fucking COCK, BITCH! You can watch your slut-wife’s video another time, there are a lot of them…”, (this brought a laugh from the others), “…and you will be watching it in person from now on as you are fucked and used just like Sarah. And she can be a filthy slut. Don’t worry BITCH we’ll be making videos of you too…just like tonight. Now suck my cock!!!”

Peter laughed as he rammed his hard cock into my open mouth, face-fucking me for his pleasure as I gagged. Despite the shame, I was incredibly aroused, though it was probably because of the humiliating shame of watching my wife on the screen with six naked and erect men, sucking on one while her hands gripped and wanked two others, as I knelt in lingerie still wet from Mistress Alyson’s piss as I was face-fucked by her husband watched by two others, slowly massaging their own cocks waiting for their turn to use me that I was so aroused. My arousal did not go unnoticed as my cock jerked and began to leak pre-cum, bringing comments from Peter and the others.

“…looks like this SLUT likes watching his wife playing with cocks…”
“…that’s it Bitch, your wife is a cock loving whore. Look at enjoying that cock…”
“…are you getting jealous of your wife getting all that cock…”
“…don’t worry you’ll be getting plenty cock to SLUT…”

Peter continued forcing his cock in and out of my throat, encouraged by the others eager for their turn, as my wife continued to play with the six cocks on the screen, moving her mouth and hands from one to another. I tried to continue to watch, but this was made difficult due to Peter gripping my head as he fucked my mouth and making me gag as he forced his hard cock repeatedly into my throat, my gagging making my eyes water making it more difficult to focus on the glorious sight of my wife orally pleasure all of the men.
Peter’s thrust became harder as he drew closer to releasing his thick cum into my willing mouth…I felt the familiar jerking of a cock in my mouth as Peter’s cum pulsed from his shaft filling my mouth, choking me but Peter held my head firmly until he had finished using my mouth as his cum receptacle, I had become nothing but a body, a toy for their pleasure and despite all rational thoughts or society’s oppressive morality I was loving my position. Already waiting and wanting of the next of the men to use my mouth for their own fucking pleasure…my own pleasure of no importance to my abusers, but my surrender, my submission, my use was my pleasure…a pleasure that surpassed any pleasure that society’s moralities would accept as normal, but why would I accept, should I conform to the rules of so many that had not allowed themselves to experience the soul changing pleasures I was experiencing tonight.
I started to become light-headed as Peter kept tight hold of my hooded head, my face pulled against his crotch, his cock filling my throat as it softened after his climax. Then I felt the spent cock slide from my mouth my lips, chin and mask dripping in saliva from my gagging and Peter’s spunk that had escaped my gagging mouth. I expected one of the other men to then step forward and take Peter’s place, to use and abuse my mouth and give me another load of hot cum that I would welcome and savour. Taking the opportunity to focus on the TV screen I saw Sarah now holding and pushing two cocks into her mouth, stretching her mouth in the most beautifully sexual way…I was loving watching my wife taking those two hard cocks, like no husband should. But I was discovering tonight that we were not a ‘normal’ husband and wife, we were different from other couples, we enjoyed and craved the pleasures that ‘normal’ couples would not allow themselves. I had thought I was the one in our marriage that was hiding my perverted passions, but Sarah obviously had her own passions that seemed as perverted as my own. As I was concentrating on watching my wife on the screen expecting another hard cock to be forced into my mouth, Peter had another idea in mind for me.

“Open your mouth BITCH…time to wash down my cum..”

Peter’s hot stream of piss began quickly filling my mouth and covering my masked face, running down my lingeried body, still damp from Mistress Alyson’s golden shower before leaving with her young lover. Peter’s piss continued in a heavy stream as I swallowed without being told, knowing what was expected of me. Though I could not swallow quick enough and I my body was becoming increasingly wetter with warm piss as it ran down from my face. Again Peter grabbed my head pushing his semi hard cock into my mouth as his piss continued, choking me, making me gag and cough piss escaping my mouth around the cock held in place in my mouth…much to the amusement of Peter and the other men. Finally Peter finished, removing his cock he shook the last drips of piss from the end of his cock over my wet masked face.

“Right who wants the fucking whore next?” Peter asked the other two. The man that had been watching mostly stepped forward, ‘John’ still close to the TV and holding his cock in one hand a video camera in the other.

“I’ll have him on his knees on the seat facing the TV…think he is going to enjoy watching what his slut wife does next.” This brought a laugh from the all as Peter helped move a leather Chesterfield chair be moved so the back of the seat faced the large TV screen…the image paused by John, showing Sarah kneeling with her breasts on show from the ripped wedding dress her mouth halfway down a hard cock.

“Great idea Brian…but be honest you just want to watch your cock in his slut-wife as you fill his arse.” Again this was amusing to the three men, as I remained kneeling, knowing already and accepting my position, that I was not to move until instructed. And know I knew the name of all three men, but even with that knowledge they were strangers to me, their masks giving them some anonymity, even though I did not recognise their voices or match them to names I now knew.

“Right BITCH over here get in position!” Brian commanded.

I moved over to the positioned chair on my knees, but with my hands still secured behind my back getting to my feet (in my heeled ankle boots) and onto the chair proved a problem. After Peter, Brian and John had enjoyed watching my difficulties trying to comply with my instruction my hands were momentarily released.

“Now get in position before I decide to beat your fucking sissy ass rather than fuck it.” Brian’s threat only aroused me more in my position, and now accepting and exploring the submissiveness I had always had inside. I had received some spanking from other men that I had met in secret, but they had never gone as far or hard as I had wanted, and never felt comfortable asking for…but now it was not for me to ask, I was being threatened with what I wanted to accept…feel my body painfully accept the delicious sensations of giving myself to another, others to enjoy, use, punish & abuse.

I knelt on the leather seat, my ass presented in front of Brian, my hands were secured again in front of me, my elbows resting on the wide leather back of the seat giving a unobstructed view of the TV screen still showing Sarah with her mouth around a hard cock. Then Brian’s hard cock pushed against my hole. There was little resistance as my arse was still recovering from the large strap-on that had stretched me so wonderfully and painfully. A fact that did not go unmentioned by Brian as his cock slid deeper into my opened arse.

“No need for lube here…his arse is as open as his wife’s cunt…Courtney’s strap-on stretched it nicely. Right bitch let’s see some more of what your wife likes to do while your wanking yourself in panties at home.”
John restarted the action on the screen, my wife’s mouth restarted it’s movement up and down the hard cock filling her mouth. Brian’s hands now gripping my hips as his cock thrust hard and deep into my willing hole.
“You like watching your wife suck cock bitch? Look at her she loves sucking cock…and it’s my cock she’s sucking there. Now my cock is filling her sissy husband’s arse…keep watching bitch, it gets better.”

Brian continued hammering relentlessly into me, then I felt the pain as his hand landed heavily on my arse cheek, stinging initially causing me to cry out, then the stinging became heat radiating through my body. Before I could get used to the glorious warmth painfully radiating from my ass another shot of pain exploded through my body as Brian’s hand landed again. Again causing me involuntary to cry out.

“Peter, shut this bitch up…I can’t hear the TV….”

Though I half expected Peter to fill my mouth with cock again, even after just cumming it was not cock that filled my mouth. A ball-gag was pushed in my open mouth and secured, then Peter stepped back again allowing me to see the screen as Brian’s cock used my hole, his hand repeatedly striking my reddening arse. Brian obviously enjoying my gagged moans and my jerking body as he spanked me harder than I had ever been…but I was loving the abuse…as his hard cock thrust forcefully into me. On the screen the cock Sarah was sucking (the cock now fucking me) began to pulse, then Brian pulled out of my wife’s mouth and holding his cock sprayed his cum over Sarah’s smiling face. Streak after streak of cum cover Sarah’s face…then like Peter had done to me, Brian held his cock after cumming then told Sarah to open her mouth. I watched and listened as Sarah followed her instruction as I had and the Brian released his piss into Sarah’s open mouth and over her cum streaked face. Sarah accepted his piss swallowing as the piss stream continued, then the other men on the screen moved in closer and began to cover Sarah with their piss.
My attention fixated on the glorious vision and sounds on the screen, my wife moan in pleasure as she was covered in piss from six men, her hands moving between her legs pulling up the wedding dress as it was soaked and her fingers beginning to play with her pussy, rubbing and then fucking herself. As I was fucked and abused by Brian…wanting it all to continue and to progress…I wanted to see Sarah being fucked in person and not just on a screen. And I knew that was going to happen, until tonight I was the only one that did not know that was going to happen…

I had come here tonight thinking I was having a secret meeting with Mistress Alyson, someone that I thought I had found by luck or chance, but the reality was that Mistress Alyson, Peter and my wife had planned it all. I had been tricked into a situation that I wanted to be in, submissive and used by anyone that wanted to use me.
I had been manipulated and TRICKED and now I was serving Peter, Brian and John while watching my wife pleasure six men, with the knowledge that Mistress Alyson had gone upstairs with her young lover to enjoy my wife…

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