Subject: Trent Asks Daddy for a Boyfriend – Part 5 (Gay / Adult Youth) Trent Asks Daddy for a Boyfriend – Part 5 (Gay / Adult Youth) This is a work of fiction and fantasy. There is no truth to any of it and any similarities to real people is a pure coincidence. This is my first story of this nature. If you don’t enjoy man-boy sexual fantasies then please close out now. I welcome feedback and would love to hear your favorite ota Please remember that Nifty needs your donations to provide these awesome stories – fty/ ************************** Trent Asks Daddy for a Boyfriend – Part 5 (Gay / Adult Youth) Standing in my young son’s bedroom with the man who just made love to him for hours, I gave my son’s boyfriend a nice firm hug and asked him to spend the night. “Where do you want to sleep, man? We don’t have a guest bedroom but the couch pulls out, the recliner is comfortable, or I have plenty of room in my king-size bed,” I said. “Or,” Jake interrupted me, “would you let me sleep in here with my boyfriend?” I shouldn’t have been surprised but I was. “Dude, of course you can, but this is just a tiny twin-size bed. It won’t be very comfortable,” I said. “But it would make me the happiest man in the world to snuggle all night with my boyfriend. I promise I’ll be good,” Jake said. “Ok suit yourself man, but I’m just across the hall if you change your mind about the king bed. I promise I’ll be good too.” We both laughed quietly. I stayed and watched the naked adult climb his big furry masculine mechanic body into my son’s bed. He snuggled up behind Trent spooning the little boy in his big manly arms. The sight melted my heart. “Good night,” I whispered, “and you don’t have to be good if you really can’t control yourself. I’ll understand. Plus I still have a video baby monitor in this room so I can be a p*rvert and watch if I want.” Jake gave me an eyes-closed thumbs up and I left the 42 year old naked man alone snuggling with my equally naked little boy and I went to bed. I slept like a baby that night. I was exhausted – we all were. In the morning when I woke up I immediately thought I could hear voices coming from Trent’s room so I knew Jake and Trent were awake. I reached onto my nightstand and clicked on the video monitor. My cock stirred at what I saw. Trent was lying on his back in his Marvel sheets and Jake was lying on his side right next to him. Jake had clearly pulled the sheets down, probably hoping I was watching. They were obviously still naked from last night. Jake was speaking lightly into Trent’s ear while he lightly fondled Trent’s soft peepee. Jake’s long cock was only semi hard and was laying across Trent’s little shins. “You’re so handsome. Has anyone ever told you that?” I heard Jake say softly. “You’re a very very special boy. Big Jakey wants to make you so happy, buddy.” Jake’s big calluses fingers gently molesting the boy`s whole body while he spoke. Big hands on the tiny soft thighs. Big fingers rolling the raisin sized testes. Manly thumbs rubbing the light brown babyish nipples. And an occasional soft pinch of the peepee head. Trent turned to Jake, “Did you snuggle me all night in my bed?” Jake nodded and fondled the boy gently. “Do you like my room?” Trent asked. Jake nodded. “You know what else I like?” Jake asked my son. “What?” Trent asked. “I like waking up with you,” Jake said and Trent beamed with the cutest toothless smile. “I like making you feel good like we did last night too. I like kissing you. I like snuggling with you and…. I like your cute little tiny pickle,” Jake said as he continued to fiddle and fondle and molest the adorable little smooth jiggly hairless innocent light pink penis with his big manly rough mechanic fingers. I was rock hard in my bed. “I remember the tingles last night. It felt funny… but good funny. I didn’t know I could feel that way in my peepee. I liked it. I thought I was gonna pee on you but it was just the peepee tingles.” Both just smiled. “Do you wanna kiss again right now?” Trent asked the man in his bed. Jake chuckled, “I’d love to kiss you, little man. Do you mean kiss like big boys? Like we did last night?” “Yeah like on tv with our tongues. You said I was a good kisser last night and I wanna practice again,” Trent beamed. “Well let’s see if you’re still a good kisser today,” Jake said as he moved his bearded manly face down onto the child lying next to him. Their lips met softly Eskişehir Escort and Jake held the boy’s tiny cheek in his hand. I began masterbating in my bed watching them on the monitor. Jake stopped touching the boy’s little penis and as they gently kissed he just ran his big adult calloused fingers up and down the tiny naked body. I watched the bearded man make out with my son in his bed and it made me so horny to see Trent be the first one to use his little tongue. “Atta boy,” I thought. I loved watching the fat big adult tongue explore the tiny boy mouth, and the thin little child’s tongue go into the man’s big warm wet bearded mouth. I intently watched as their untouched penises simultaneously became fully erect; one tiny and smooth and barely 1 3/4 inches, and one hairy with a large foreskin fully adult and four times as long as the child’s, veiny and horny – a peepee and a cock. Soon they were both very erect and I wanted to go watch this in person. I snuck out of my bed and down the hall. I then stood in the doorway of Trent’s room and quietly masterbated watching the mechanic make-out with my son in his very own bed. I stood at an angle where I hoped Jake would see me in the doorway but Trent wouldn’t. The man’s hands were gently feeling the naked tiny boy from head to toe as they kissed passionately, occasionally stopping to fiddle with the teeny erection and silky smooth boy balls. Then back up to the boys chest and his cheek, then all down his soft smooth tummy, a gentle squeeze of the bald stiffy and down the hairless small thighs and even to Trent’s little feet. I could see Jake’s cock begin to drip. My son pulled away and said, “So am I still a good kisser?” He had Jake’s saliva on his lips and chin. “The best in the whole wide world,” Jake smiled through his beard. “Hey Jakey last night was really fun, and you promised today you would answer my questions and I could help you make more gravy this time.” The adult p*do in my son’s super hero bed smiled and said, “Ok buddy. I remember. Ask me anything you want. Anything at all.” Just then Jake noticed me in the doorway and winked. I loved watching them, with Trent thinking they were alone. Curiously, Trent asked, “So why does your peepee have a `skin cover thingy’ on the end? It looks different than Daddy’s and mine. I thought all peepees were the same.” Jake explained, “Well, kiddo, there are two types of peepees; circumcised and uncircumcised. Mine is the uncircumcised kind and the “cover” is called a foreskin. Here let me show you.” Jake kicked the Marvel sheets completely off the child’s bed and rolled onto his back placing his 8″ adult erection on full display to the little boy in the full light of the morning. In the brightly lit bedroom Trent had a perfect view of the man’s long pulsing cock and he was fascinated. He scooted on his knees right down to Jake’s hip in order to get a close-up view. I could tell that Jake was very excited and proud to have the young little eyes on his ped dong. He held it and slightly manipulated his generous foreskin as he explained to the boy. “See all this skin that you called a cover? It’s very soft and silky.” Jake pulled the foreskin up gently into a wrinkly snout over his bloated cock head and then put a big finger down into it and ran it around his head with the veiny foreskin all still pulled up. “You wanna touch it and see how soft it feels? My big cucumber is hard but the skin is really soft. It’s all yours, little man. Go ahead and pull on it and put your fingers in like I did if you want.” Excitedly Trent reached his little tiny hands to the long erection that was bigger than his forearm. He used his left hand to grab the shaft and his right hand to play with the bearded man’s foreskin. The left hand was so small it didn’t even fit half way around the cock. The tiny boy fingers on Trent’s right hand pulled the foreskin up like a snout and the wrinkled skin was indeed soft and warm. Then Trent began to put one finger into the foreskin and wiggle it around. I heard Jake moan as my son played with his uncut cock. Soon Trent had 4 of his tiny little boy fingers under the foreskin and Jake was breathing heavy and the big veins in the sides of his cock began to really show. Trent’s fingers were also getting wet. I was beating the fuck out of my dick hidden in the doorway watching my barely 9 year old son play inside his adult boyfriend’s generous Eskişehir Escort Bayan wet foreskin. “Hey Trent. That feels really really good buddy. You know what else you can do?” Jake asked. “What?” said Trent with his child fingers still under the adult foreskin. “If you place both hands on the sides of my big peepee and gently pull down then you can see my mushroom and my peepee will look more like yours and Daddy’s.” Immediately the child grasped the pervert’s veiny cock on the sides and began to slowly pull down. Trent’s eyes lit up as the adult cock head came into view. The soft skin erotically peeled off the erect slimy dick and revealed a very dark almost purpleish brown beautiful flared out mushroom head. Jake looked so handsome in the light of the morning, nude, erect, hairy, masculine, bearded, and his kind eyes were watching his new little lover explore his very aroused cock. “Cool!” Trent smiled that little boy missing-tooth smile as he pulled the skin slowly back up over the mechanic’s mushroom head. “I can hide your mushroom in your skin!” What a sight. I was slow stroking so as not to cum, taking in this scene. A masculine handsome and kind 42 year old hairy beefy man was in my son’s bed. My barely 9 year old boy, who was so small that he looked several years younger, was on his knees playing with the man’s very hard uncut dick. The man’s huge balls hung way down between his somewhat spread legs and his calloused big hand was rubbing the child’s back and occasionally his tiny round bum cheeks. A waifish hairless naked little guy and a big handsome hairy man were spending their first Saturday morning together in bed and it was beautiful to watch. I hoped it was the first of many weekends together for them. Jake had his eyes closed as the tiny hands continued to play and explore with his cock. He had always wanted a sexy little guy like Trent to play with his cock. As Trent continued to play up and down with the foreskin he said, “Jakey, what’s this wet stuff. It’s more slippery than pee is?” Jake opened his eyes and saw how much clear pre-cum was oozing out of his big piss slit down his shaft and over Trent’s babyish hands. “Oh no buddy that’s not pee. Remember I told you about the baby gravy? That’s just the stuff that comes out sometimes before it. It happens when a man’s big peepee is very wet excited and happy,” Jake explained. “I like making your big peepee happy. Can you tell me about the gravy again, Jakey?” Trent asked as he continued to play with the man’s foreskin and watch the big piss slit leak. “Well, when you’re a big man like me and your peepee is very very happy and very very excited, your testicles will make some white gravy and it shoots out of the same hole you pee from. Remember seeing my cucumber shoot gravy on your pickle last night?” Trent listened intently as he scooted a little lower on the bed to check out the man’s nutsack. As the tiny little hands picked up the massive bull balls he said, “So these big bally things are testencles and they make the gravy for your big cucumber to squirt?” Jake nodded and was in heaven watching the little guy hold and caress and play with his big loose ball bag. Trent’s hands looks so tiny on the man’s massive sack. “I wanna see the gravy again! You said I could do it! Can I do it right now? How long does it take?” Trent was full of questions and still holding the man’s huge warm nuts. “Ok ok Jakey would love for you to help make some gravy this morning.” Jake looked over at me and winked. My cock was drooling. “And yes, you can do it all by yourself this time, but let’s get you into a better position.” With Jake still lying on his back he put his legs together and had the naked little boy straddle his legs right at his hairy upper thighs. This put Trent’s young tiny smooth body on full display and also made it so Trent’s little peepee was right up against the p*do cock and balls. Jake’s long cock stood straight up between them, practically to Trent’s chin. As Trent moved into position Jake took in the sight of this excited little skinny naked boy crawling on him. His tiny smooth penis was soft and jiggly and the sexiest thing he had ever seen in his life. Jake loved when the boy was erect but there was something also very exciting about a totally soft bald little boy penis as it jiggled and flopped around all small and smooth and circumcised – so small and Escort Eskişehir so sexy and not a hair in sight. Trent was in position straddling Jake’s hairy thighs with the man’s cock right between his legs. “Now what?” he asked excitedly. Jake instructed, “Now grab my big cucumber with both hands with one in the middle and one nearer the top. That’s it. Good job.” Trent’s tiny hands barely fit halfway around the adult erection. “Now slowly move your hands up and down my big hard peepee like you were doing before so my foreskin goes over my mushroom head then quickly pull it back down so my mushroom pops out. Atta boy. That makes Jakey feel SO good buddy. Just do that over and over. Up over the mushroom then quickly all the way down. Like my mushroom is playing peek-a-boo.” All three of us watched the tiny boy masterbate the long erection between his spread little thin smooth legs. Jake’s hands were on the boy’s hairless small thighs as the foreskin moved over the head into a drippy snout and then down revealing the bloated horny purple shiny cock head over and over and over. “Your peepee is so warm and hard, Jakey! And it’s really doing that pee thing again that’s not really pee.” Trent’s tiny hands struggled to fit all the way around the mechanic’s rock hard rock and Trent’s fingers were covered in slippery pre-cum. Breathlessly, Jake instructed, “Now if you spit all over my mushroom and start to go faster and faster I’m gonna make the gravy for you real soon, buddy.” Breathing heavy I could tell Jake was already close to ejaculating as his little naked boyfriend learned how to jerk him off for the first time. All three of us watched the little boy spit on the adult dark mushroom head as his teeny hands beat off the swollen veiny man cock. The 9 year old boy sat on the hairy strong thighs masterbating an erect dick. So hot. Panting, Jake said, “Can you scoot up a little so your little peepee is rubbing on my big cucumber? That’s it. Yes!” Trent scooted his spread legs up Jake’s thighs so that his soft tiny smooth little boy penis and testicles were now rubbing the base of the adult dong between his legs. Trent’s penis was still flaccid and jiggly. He was practically sitting in Jake’s big nutsack as thier penises touched. “Oh Trent. Jakey loves you. You’re so good at this. Faster. I love feeling your little boy peepee on my big hairy man peepee. Faster. Hump your peepee on mine, Trent! Faster. Pull my cock faster. Rub your peepee on my big hairy cock! Rub your little 9 year old weiner on my dick, Trent! Jakey’s … gonna… make… you some… gravy… budddddddy!” Just then the big mechanic’s p*dophile cock exploded in blast after blast of thick semen. I was shocked at the amount and thickness of the cum erupting from him. Trent’s little bald peepee was now stiff and rubbing on the spasming adult cock. The comparison of the two erections made me want to nut – 8*” vs 1 1/2+” rubbing each other. The look on the boy’s face was priceless as the big dink in his hands sprayed more jizz into the air and onto his little face and neck and belly. Jake moaned and growled as his cock flexed over and over as six huge ropes of cum went everywhere in the twin-size bed and on the two of them. Seeing Trent’s tiny erection dripping with the man’s fresh warm cum, I too then ejaculated a huge wad all over the hallway floor as I watched Jake lay my boy down onto his furry cum sprayed chest and kiss him over and over on the mouth saying, “I love you Trent. I love you my beautiful special boy. You were so good at that. You make Jakey so happy. My big hairy peepee is so happy. Lay in my warm gravy with me. I love you so much. You’re my boy.” Everyone took a beat to catch their breath and I thought it was likely time for a shower since little Trent was now covered in semen from today and last night, but just as I was about to enter the room and say `good morning’ Jake said, “Uh oh I can feel a little hard pickle on my furry belly.” Lying on the man’s chest with his tiny naked round smooth white bum exposed, Trent smiled. “You said a bad word, Jakey,” Trent said with a toothless smile. Jake’s big hands were rubbing his back and caressing the teeny round butt cheeks, occasionally spreading them so I could see my son’s cute little anus. “I’m sorry buddy. I guess that happens when Jakey gets excited and a handsome boy is making his big cucumber feel really good. Forgive me?” Trent just smiled and laid back down on the man’s chest. “Hey, is that somebody’s stiff pickle I feel poking into my furry belly?” Jake asked. Trent blushed, smiled big and nodded proudly. “Do you want Jakey to make your beautiful tiny peepee feel really good again?” Once more Trent nodded eagerly. End part 5.

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