Too Few Options


No matter how educated you are, no matter how interesting a job you have, you might have a problem with unsatisfied erotic fantasies.

I live in a country in which the capital city is quite small, around half a million citizens. If I go out in the evening, trying to find some company with whom to experience the fantasies I have, there is always the risk that the wrong people hear a learn about it. As a friend of mine said; “If I go to a place where there are promiscuous ladies around, the press might be around in a few minutes.”

I have been married four times. Why? A marriage with dull sex is a frustration if your fantasies are quite on another planet. One might ask why I haven’t “educated” my wifes to fulfill my needs. It is something you can’t do with any lady, can you?

It is not even a question of kinky fantasies. No incest is needed, neither bondage or S

We arrived to our first class hotel in the afternoon. As usual the day was warm and sunny. After settling in, we went to the pool area, took a table not too far from the bar, and ordered some drinks. My chose was a beer. It was nice and cool. After emtying my first, I felt for a second one. The witers were nowhere to be seen, so I went to the bar to order one. At the bar was standing a blond around 25 with a very good figure. Only in a bikini she was at once starting some vibrations in me. I smiled at her and the response was a very kind and warm smile in return.

“Been here for a while already I gather from you colour” I said.

“Yes, one week. Luck with the weather” she answered with a renewed smile.

“Coming from the north I feel like a pig being so white” I replyed.

“You look OK, but be carefull, don’t burn yourself” she said. Again the smile.

Involuntarely I was getting an erection. Damn, lets hope neighter she or my wife will notice it.

“I’m called Charles, nice meeting you and se you around” I said preparing to return to my table.

“I’m Sandra, the same to you. Are you here with your wife, by the way?” she countered.

“Yes, ….so I am” I said with a certain hesitancy.

“Well, that’s life. Se you” she said and turned to go to her table. So did I.

Returning to the table I made some efforts to move around so that my wife would not see my abdomen, just to be on the sure side.

“You are fast at getting acquainted” my wife commented dryly, but adding a smile afterwards.

“My charm never falters” I said with a smile.

“She is quite good looking” my wife Lisa said.

“I’ve seen worse” I admitted taking a deep gulp from my glass.

“Do you intend to take a bath soon?” I asked to change the subject reaching for my book.

“Soon, not that hot yet” she said sipping on her drink.

I thought about how Sandra had looked at me. Was there some kind of an interest showing in her eyes? I tried to start reading. Concentration was hard to find.

Half an hour later I saw Sandra walk up to the bar again. My glass was empty by now. Could I wager to go to the bar now? No, that could be too obvious.

Lisa rose. “I’ll drop in the pool now, do you join?” she asked.

“Not now, you know I don’t fancy the water too much” I said.

“OK, I’ll be back soon” Lisa said walking towards the pool.

“Where exactly are you coming from?” Sandra was asking standing slightly behind me as I turned around.

“We are from Sweden, Stockholm to be precise, and you?” I replyed standing up as my upbringing told me to do.

“I’m from Holland, please sit down. I new that you are a gentleman” she said with a smile competing with the sun.

Now I had to think fast. Can I ask her to sit down without risking a destroyd holliday. How would çankaya escort Lisa react? Obviously Sandra read my thoughts, because she started to walk back to her table.

“Talk to you later” she said, again with a beaming smile.

I sat down feeling stupid. Soon Lisa returned to the table, picking up her towel and starting to dry herself.

“You do have charm. Do you have a fix already?” she said, luckyly with a smile.

“Not yet” I said trying to sound as dry as possible.

“Why didn’t you ask her to sit down?”

“Of course I considered that, but I thought you wouldn’t be too happy if I was sitting here with a blons as you returned” I said.

“Hey come now. If it had been an ugly guy you would have invited him to sit down, so what’s the difference?” she teased.

“Right, you tell me”.

“Surely we are ready to get acquainted with new people on this trip, let’s not put any specific definitions on what kind of people are suitable and what kind not, yet” she said seriously.

“Right” I said.

Suddenly Lisa turned and walked away. I followed her with my eyes. She walked directly to where Sandra was sitting alone at a table. I saw them talk. They laughed. Sandra rose. They were coming back together to our table. I rose.

“I presume that you were laughing at me” I said with a smile. “Please sit down”.

They sat down, Sandra on the opposite side of the table from me.

“Can I bring you ladies something to drink?” I asked.

I got their wishes and strolled to the bar. What now? “Be carefull now” I thought.

Coming back the ladies were in vivid discussion about nothing in particulare.

The sun poured down. I moved a few inches to get in the shadow under the parasoll. Sandra observed, “I should do the same, becoming like a crayfish, cooked that is, is not a good idea.” She moved her chair in the shadow beside mine.

“I’ll take the risk. It’s not nice to look like a sheet of paper” Lisa said. The discussion continued. We were telling each others what we do, about our past and so on.

Under the table Sandras leg came against mine. It stayed. I hoped that my expression didn’t betray me. She moved her leg up and down sending some electric impulses through my body. I looked at Lisa. No reaction. I looked at Sandra. She gave me a quick glance, continuing the chat with Lisa. I was having renewed problems with my tool.

“I think I’ll have a bath after all, now as you have company from eahothers” I said standing up. I took my towel keeping it in front of me in a casual way. I left.

“Don’t drown” Lisa said after me. They both giggled.

In the water I wandered why I was there. Surely I would have prefered to be somewhere else. I got out of the water, dryed myself at the pool noticing that my body was back to normal again. I returned to my seat.

“Our glasses are empty” Lisa commented.

“Do you ladies have the same preferences again?” I asked waving at the waiter close to our table. They both nodded.

I placed the order and leaned back in my chair. Again a tuch from Sandra’s leg. We got our drinks.

“Can you join us for dinner tonight. You might know a nice place around here” Lisa suddenly asked. Inside I was feeling great.

“Yes, that would be lovely. I know some nice places” Sandra said.

“Good, that’s settled then” Lisa said standing up. “I’ll have another bath in the pool” she said and went.

Under the table I felt Sandra’s hand on my penis. I turned to look at her. She was smiling.

“This will be very interesting” she said looking me straight in my eyes smiling in a, in my opinion, very genuine manner.

“It cebeci escort certainly is. I’m a bit nervous though. This is the first similar situation ever with my present wife. I have no clue how she might react if the situation developes in the direction I hope.”

“Let’s go forward easily with ultimate tact” she said trying to brush away my worries.

I was rock hard with her hand still on my cock.

“You are very polite to me, you and your now not so little friend” she said removing her hand.

“How come you decided to get aquqinted with me. I’m quite much older than you?” I asked.

“Age doesn’t matter. When I see charisma in a person that is the thing that matters. My problem is that the guys I fancy are usually married. I’m not interested in destroying marriages. Therefor anything that developes is limited, in this case, to this stay in the hotel. Agreed?” she asked with a devastating smile.

“Agreed” I said spontaneously, thoughts raging in my mind.

She again put her hand on my tool, still hard as ever.

Lisa was returning. I placed my hand between Sandras legs. Her bottom peace was soking wet. She hadn’t been bathing lately, had she. I looked at her removing my hand.

“That was short” she said smiling again.

“The water is lovely” Lisa said reaching the table. She sat down taking a sip from her drink.

“Yes, I think I’ll jump in. Then I’ll go to my room and prepare for the night. Can we meet here at seven?” she said beaming at both of us.

“Sure, we have a date”. I stood up.

“Forget the manners. We are on holliday now” she said with a smile and left.

I sat down.

“I see you have a hard on” Lisa commented with a smile. “She is sexy”.

“Have to agree. Why did you invite her to dinner?”

“Tell you later. Perhaps we should go to our rooms to prepare for the night?”

“Sure, let’s go”.

I was thinking. Is Sandra a girl picking company to have them pay for her food and drinks? That would explain her sudden interest in a guy doubble her age. On the other hand that would surprise me, she seemed so nice and right forward. You never can tell. So what. A pleasure is a pleasure.

At seven we met at the bar at the pool.

Lisa and Sandra kissed eachothers on the cheeks, so did Sandra and me.

“How about a drink before we go?” I asked.

“Not for me, how about you Lisa” Sandra said.

“I’m fine too” Lisa said and off we went.

Sandra brought us to an Italian restaurant quite close to our hotel.

We hade a nice dinner with only a few drinks.

Came time for paying the check.

“Now, this goes on me” Sandra said grabbibg the bill.

“No way” I said trying to take it from her.

“Seriously, I want to pay today. Unless you agree there will not be another evening out together. Believe me”. Lisa looked at the situation.

“Give up Charles. She means it” Lisa said.

“OK, then tomorrow it’s my turn. Agreed?”

“Agreed” Sandra said producing her platinum Amex card.

No comments.

“Let’s go to our appartment for some drinks” Lisa suggested. No one objected, so we left for the hotel.

I was walking in the middle, my arms underneath each ladies’ arm.

In the appartment Lisa commented that we had forgotten to turn on the air conditioning. She just solemny removed her clothes leaving only her bikinies.

“Why don’t you do the same” she asked.

“Sure, only I don’t have a bra. Do you mind?” Sandra said.

“No, not at all” Lisa said dropping her bra as well. That was brave, Lisa being 15 years older than Sandra with a body well preserved, but not close to the perfect body çukurambar escort Sandra had produced in view.

I felt a bit embarrased. Thoughts having run through my mind all the evening and now being with the two women in only pants had created a bulge in my trousers which could not be hided.

“You have too much on” Lisa said going to the bar. “What will you have?”

Sandra asked for wine and I asked for a Scotch. I removed my clothes dawn to my trunks. Sandra looked at them and obviously what showed in them. She blinked. We got our drinks and sat down in the sofa, I in the middle.

“Now, what shall we talk about?” Lisa asked with a smile.

We all smiled. Could my smile have been a little silly one?

Silence. Can I trust that I can leave all initiative to Lisa I wondered. I didn’t have to wonder too long. Lisa put her hand on my prick and started to rub it softly.

“Now my Tarzan, can we have a look at it?” she asked. “Get up” she ordered.

I obeyed. Together the removed my trunks. Tarzan was harder than perhaps ever before.

“I envy you, Lisa” Sandra said looking keenly at my prick only two feet away.

“You both too, take off your pants” I wagered.

They too obeyed. I got even harder, or so I felt.

“You may touch it, Sandra” Lisa said. Lisa stood up and gave a warm and tender kiss.

Sandra took hold of my tool with a soft grip. It felt fantastic. Pre cum was already floating out. The soft massage continued.

“Now, you may not forget us” Lisa said. “I think that we need your tounge for a while, guests first” Lisa said sitting down.

I went down on my knees. Sandra had to let my tool free. Between her legs I approached her beautiful cunt. I started to lick. I felt Lisa taking my hand bringing it to her cunt. I fondled her clit. I was scared that I would loose my hard on my tool not being the object of consideration at the moment. That was uncalled for. Sandra and Lisa kissed. I continued the licking and clitoris massage. From the sounds I gathered that the ladies were satisfied with what I was doing.

Sandra came saying “Oh how lovely”. Lisa came saying “wanderful”. Not the sayings you read in the porn books. I didn’t mind.

“Now you sit down” Lisa said to me. I did.

“Sandra, take care of Charles for a while. I’ll go onto the balcony to cool down a little” Lisa said walking out. Over her shoulder she added “Save some for the night”.

Sandra went down on her knees between my legs. “You have a lovely wife” she siad taking hold of my prick. She started with a few soft hand movements up and down my shaft. Staying with her hand at the root making all foreskin streched to the utmost she went down on the throbbing tool with her mouth. Her head moved up and down. I brought my hand into her soft hair uttering “You are lovely, you are sexy, I get crazy”. I felt an eruption coming closer. I didn’t want to yet. She must have noticed what was about to happen and let my tool out of her mouth. She also let it go with her hand. She came up to me in the sofa and gave a warm kiss on my mouth. I responded taking her left breast in my hand caressing it softly. She put her leg over mine and straddled me letting my absolutely stone hard prick sink into her vagina. She mede a few carefull movements with her abdomen bringing me again closer to an eruption. She looked me into my eyes with a sensual smile.

“We must be carefull now. It’s too early to let you cum.” She lifted herself off me, stood up bringing her cunt agains my lips. I licked. I licked her cum.

“Lets have our drinks. A pause is called for as is Lisa”. She stepped down and went to the balcony.

“Why don’t you join us for a drink?” she said to Lisa who obeyd.

After the drink Lisa suggested – “Why don’t we move to the bedroom?”

We did. That night I came four times. So did they. We decided to spend the next night, me in Sardras room, the next Lisa in Sandras room, and there after all together.

That was the best week of my life.

But only a fantasy.

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