Together with You


You kiss me and wrap your arms around my waist pulling me tight against you. I enjoy the attention that you give my lips, and I snuggle against you. You hold me close, rubbing my back softly, deepening the kiss as you press your body firmly against mine. I wrap my arms around your waist, and savor the feel of our bodies pressed together.

You break off the kiss, and smile as your hands trail along my sides. “I won’t share you,” you growl in my ear. You nibble on my neck. I tilt it, to give you better access. I shiver with each nip of my flesh. “I’m perfectly fine with that. I don’t want to be shared.” I reply. You kiss the loves bites that you littered along my neck. I reach down, and curl my fingers into your butt cheeks.

You grin, tangling your fingers in my hair, and growl “My good girl.” into my ear. I relax myself into your hand. My stomach tightens sharply as I hear your growl in my ear. I smile at the words that convey your pleasure. I feel you get rock hard, pressing yourself against me. I move my hips from side to side slowly. I want you to feel my interest.

You smile playfully, and let go of my hair. I watch you walk to your bed, take a seat, motioning with your hand for me to come to you. You watch me hungrily; your cock throbbing hard in your jeans, straining to be free.

I walk towards you, and stop when I am between your legs. I raise my eyebrow at you. I lean down, and nip at your ear as my hands undo your jeans. You shiver and grin when I nip your ear. You put your hand on my neck, gentle and firm. You kiss me deeply while I undo your jeans. Your other hand goes to my pussy, rubbing, and squeezing me teasingly.

I smile at the knowledge that I am not the only one affected in our dealings. I feel your hand on my neck, and I whimper. I push your hand away from my puss. I don’t know how I’m supposed to focus on the task at hand with you doing that. I get your pants undone, and pull them down.

You chuckle when I push your hand away, smiling as I whimper. You kiss me hard one last time, before letting go of my neck. You place your hands on the bed, watching me with hungry eyes.

I savor your kiss while it lasts, then look down and smile. Your cock is hard, and thick. I flick my finger against your cock, and watches it bounce. I reach my hand down, and stroke your balls from underneath. I like the way your cock jumps at my touch. I slowly trace a pattern of circles and whirls over your length. I look into your eyes, gently dragging my nails up the shaft. I bend my head, and let my breath roll over your swollen head. It jerks backwards, and I smile.

You shiver, and grin as you watch me play with your cock. My hand and breath gives you goosebumps. Your cock throbs with every heartbeat, anticipation growing as you watch me hungrily, taking in every little thing I do to you.

I place my hand around your cock, and stroke you slowly for a bit. I dip my head, and drag my tongue from your balls, up your shaft, and to the tip of your head. I swirl my tongue around your head until it’s all wet and glossy. I hold it in my hand, and blow cold air over the tip. batıkent escort I stroke your head with my thumb, meeting your eyes.

I curl my hand around your cock, firmly, and stroke down. You groan in pleasure, watching me. You place your hand on mine, sit up, and kiss me. I feel you against me. My eyelids drop, and I let myself be free to feel.

You hug me tight, and rub my back softly. I love feeling our bodies meet. The contrasting planes and curves arouses me. I breathe deeply. Your scent envelops me. I squirm my hips against yours. My gaze is drawn to yours. Staring into your eyes, I see myself standing at the edge of an abyss.

You kiss me hard, then nip at my neck. I feel your hands on my hips, picking me up. I wrap my legs around your waist. I cling to you. I’m willing to go where you lead. I’m frustrated, and I grind my hips down into you.

I feel your hand cup my pussy. You massage me. Your eyes blaze with hunger and need to take what’s yours. You rub my clit with your thumb; hard and fast as you slide a finger inside me. Your cock is hard, throbbing against the inside of my thigh.

As your hand touches me so intimately, I feel myself starting to water. I roll my hip against your hand to invite you closer. I see your desire. I am not afraid to burn in its blaze. It will only temper me, and make me stronger. I feel your thumb jammed against me. Your finger slipping inside me. I push against them. I am greedy, and I want more. I feel the weight of you against my thigh. You feel heavy.

You see and feel my need, as deeply as your own. You pull your hand away. I feel you slip away from me. My muscles squeeze in vain trying to keep you there. You take off my tank top, and toss it aside. My skin shivers as cold air hits it. I feel your hands on my heavy breasts. You hold them in your hands. Massaging and squeezing them as you press your cock tight against my hot wet pussy. Your mouth replaces your hands on my breasts as you lave my nipples. Your tongue traces little circles around them, as you suck on them hard and hungrily.

You place your hands onto my hips, and press me down harder against your cock. I feel you tickling my clit with your cock. Teasing me, building desire and wetness. Preparing me for your invasion. You slide yourself inside me in one hard motion; without warning to the hilt, a moan of pure pleasure escaping your lips. I feel you invade me all at once. I gasp. My walls are pushed out with your invasion, but snap back, tightening around your length. They hold you inside me, branding you as you have just done to me.

You moan as you feel my pussy tighten around you like a vice. You hold still as you savor our mutual branding. I see your eyes taking my appearance in. I love to be savored, loved slowly. I squeeze my muscles to torment you. I relax, and hold still for your inspection of me. I hope that I meet to your approval.

Slowly you start to move your hips. Pulling out until just the tip of your cock is inside me, before slamming hard all the way back in. I feel the way that you are beşevler escort building my desire. I know that you are trying to distract me. That you love to see my face contorted in surprised pleasure at your invasion.

Repeating it, every time harder and harder, but never faster. Your hands pressing my hips down roughly onto you. Meeting your thrusts up into me, squeezing and massaging my hips as you do. As I feel you pushing your way deeper inside of me, I push my palms against your back flexing my fingers. When you start grinding me down on you, my fingers curl inward to your flesh. I love being as close to you as I can.

Ravish me to your heart’s desire. Let me cling to your strength. I strain against you. Holding on to this tide of intense pleasure. I feel your muscles move under my hands, and I pull them down a little to see how you will react. I see you smile in pleasure. You flex the muscles in your back against my fingers. Making them curl even more; letting me know that you’re not fragile and you like it.

You start increasing the pace of your hips, as I squeeze my muscles around you. You time your movements with my clenches. You nip at my skin. Your hands massage their way to my ass, squeezing and rubbing hard. You show me that you love how I feel in your hands. I feel your hands on my ass. I love the way you always need to be touching me, close to me.

Pulling me down harder on your cock to drive you as physically deep as you can go. I roll my hips with your thrust to help you go deeper. I feel my clit grind itself against your stomach. I can’t ever remember being so wet for anyone else.

I feel you shiver delightedly; pressing your back more into my hands. I smile at your enjoyment. I slowly drag my fingers down, and watch your body jump in response. I feel your quickened pace, the tension building. I feel you pressing against my clit making all the nerves fire off with each drag of your flesh. I tip my head back, and you cover your throat in kisses. Your hips move harder and faster; pounding my pussy mercilessly with your cock. You press your stomach harder against my clit. You feel how soaking wet I am.

You decide to switch things up, and let me set the pace now. Letting the movements of my hips decide how hard fast and deep that I want you. You’re curious to see what I’ll do with more freedom. I get wetter. I feel you become still. I look at you, your eyes challenging me.

I put my hands against your chest and push you onto your back. I keep you inside me while I get comfortable on my knees. I pull my pussy lips back so my clit rubs against you. When I’m situated where I want to be; I meet your eyes, and roll my hips in a slow motion. I’m taking you deeper inside of me, letting all my wetness flow over your hips.

I hear you groan in pleasure when I roll my hips. I see delight cover your face. Your hands go to my legs to help keep me steady as I ride you. Seeing how worked up I am, makes you harder inside me. I can feel your patience, as you wait to see what I will do.

I keep doing it slowly. büyükesat ankara I want to tease and torment you the way you have done me. I lick my thumb, brushing it over your nipple, and blow air on it. Your body shivers in response, and your cock bucks inside of me. I squeeze my muscles as I roll my hips. I want you to feel me milk every inch of your cock. My breasts sway as I ride you, and my long hair brushes against your thighs. I lean back so you can see the pleasure on my face. So that you know that I cherish this time with you.

You moan, leaning your head back. I hear you groaning as I tease you. I’m happy to hear that you find it delicious and pleasurable. The look on your face is intoxicating to me.

I brush the back of my hands against your shoulders, down your arms, to your wrists. You shiver when you feel my hands brushing your skin. I grasp them gently in my hands and move them behind me to my ass. You place your hands on my ass. Squeezing and massaging it, full of need.

It brings your head and body close to me which I like. I nip your ear, and start to drive down on your cock, slowly and deeply. I move my hands to your shoulders. at the sides of your neck, massaging it, and grind my pussy against you with each roll of my hips. I feel your cock jump each time that I repeat the process. I land butterfly kisses on your jaw to your mouth, where I lick your lips in an invitation.

You shiver at my nip on your ear. A moan escapes your lips when I drive down on your cock, deep and slow. I know it feels so good for you. I can feel your cock twitching with your need for release. A groan of pleasure starts deep in your chest, when you feel my hands on your shoulders and neck. When you feel my kisses reach your mouth, and my tongue inviting you deliciously; you kiss me hard with all the lust and need I am inspiring in you. Each grind and role of my hips causes you to moan involuntary against my lips.

My tongue dances with yours. I like what your hands are doing to my ass; it forces my muscles to squeeze harder. The muscles in my tummy are spasming from what I’ve been doing, and I know it won’t be long before my puss follows suit. I move my hands down to your chest, and push until you are on your back again.

I brace my hands on the bed, on both sides of your head, and roll my whole body; grinding down against you. My clit is smashed against your skin. I feel you strain inside of me, expanding against my walls. I drive myself until I can no longer hold back. The pleasure is exquisite. There is nowhere else that I want to be, than doing this to you.

You moan, and grit your teeth against the pleasure, completely losing yourself in what I’m doing. Unable to take it anymore, your hips buck uncontrollably as you cum hard inside of me. Your hands fly to my shoulders, pulling me down into a deep and loving kiss.

I feel you pull me down, and my lips open in anticipation as my body quakes from our efforts. I can feel you jerking and throbbing inside me, and it heightens my pleasure all the more. I collapse against you, no longer able to hold myself up. I feel your arms wrap around me, and I sigh contentedly as I feel the last ripples of my orgasm subside. I shift to the side, so that I am partially on you, and let my fingers play in your chest hair. I rub my cheek against your chest savoring the feel of your body against mine.

Nothing else exists for us, except this moment right here with each other.

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