To Kill A Mockingbird: Behind the Scenes


It was a normal day in small town of Maycomb, Alabama.
Jem and Dill were off to the swimming hole for another day of Dill’s swimming training. Once again, Scout was left alone at home. She craved Dill’s hard cock. With Atticus at the courthouse, she was free to pleasure herself to her hearts content. She got on Atticus’ reading chair and unbuttoned her overalls. Her 8 year old nipples felt the cool draft coming through the screen door. She slowly pulled them down to her knees and then down to her feet. She kicked them into the corner of the room and she sat back down in her fathers chair. Scout put one leg over one of the arms of the chair and slowly inserted her pointer and middle finger into her young crevice. She then pulled out her fingers and moved them up to her moist clit. She rubbed it in a circular motion as her back arched from pleasure. She was about to reach her climax when she heard a noise in the corner of the room. Out from behind the door, a rather large Boo Radley stepped out completely naked. Scout looked at his large 9 inch penis, and figured he could stuff her more than Dill. She got up and started slowly walking to him.
Meanwhile, Jem was still teaching Dill how to swim. “This sucks” said Dill. “I’ll never learn to swim”. “Wanna know what’s more fun than swimming?” said Jem. “Come on, lets get out of the water.” Jem walked to the bed of the water and told Dill to get on his knees. Dill obeyed, confused of what was to follow. Jem quickly became erect and told Dill to open wide. Dill finally understood what Jems intentions were, and he leaned forward and began sucking each of Jems balls. He slowly moved up and covered Jems hard cock with his mouth. He then started moving his head back and forth around Jems cock, licking the head of his penis. Jem moaned in pleasure and his cock began throbbing. He felt that tingly feeling that he knows so well from his many years of masturbation, and shot his creamy white juices down Dills willing throat. Jems erection slowly deflated as Dill began to lick the rest of Jems man-juice off his lips. Dill was still as erect as a little boy in a candy shop, as the saying goes. Dill pushed Jem on his belly and began to spread his ass cheeks. Dill struck oil. It was apparent that Jem had shit earlier that day, and the brown crust was still coated all over his sphincter. Dill face dove in as he licked Jems asshole, savoring the flavor. This just made Dill even hornier, so escort haberleri he lifted Jem and brought him to a nearby large rock on the bed of the water. Dill was ready to try some real penetration, anal. Dill knew that if he went in Jems ass dry that he would probably pull out Jems anus. Jem saw this problem, as he swiftly thrusted forward and began sucking Dills wiener. He coated Dills cock with his saliva until it was about ready for the dirty deed. Dill then bent Jem over the rock and slowly inserted his tip into Jem. Jem clenched his asshole out of pure surprise, pinching Dills tip. “Relax” said Dill as he slowly pushed further into Jems anus. Jem groaned as Dills full cock was deep in Jems ass. Dill sped up, quickly thrusting his dick deep into Jems asshole. Jem grunted with each thrust. Dill kept penetrating Jems oriface until he was ready to release his warm love-milk. Dill sped up even faster as he reached his steamy climax deep into Jems asshole. Jem moaned as his ass was filled with Dills semen. But what goes in must come out, and Dill knew this fact. Dill laid down and told Jem to sit on his face. Jems asshole was soon covered by Dills mouth, and Jems ballsack was resting on Dills nose. Dill was then greeted by his own warm cum slowly leaking for Jems anus. Dill licked it all up and swallowed it, savoring the flavor. The two boys were now exhausted, and they both fell on their backs in the grass. The both then began to fall asleep. 
Scout slowly walked towards Boo, amazed by his huge 9 inch cock. She reached her hand out, but remembered that it was impolite to touch people’s dicks without permission, as Atticus taught her. Her hand fell back by her side, but Boo grabbed her wrist as moved it back up to his rod. Scout knew permission was granted as she wrapped her hand around his cock, not even able to fit around the entire monster completely. She was so desperate for the Boo cock, and she needed it inside her. Boo looked down at her, wanting to shove his dick inside her tight pussy as he had dreamed of while looking at her from his house. With Scouts new empathy skills, she understood Boos longing face. She said “how bout you get on the ground” and Boo obeyed, laying on his back in the Finch house. Scout climbed on top of him with one foot on each side of his body. She then grabbed Boos erect cock and lowered herself down onto it. Boo stayed silent as usual. Scout escort hikayeleri kept getting lower until she could feel the head of Boos cock pressed against her 8 year old lips. She could really understand the size of his dick as she fit the first 2 inches of it inside her. She could feel her pussy stretching, and she knew it would be a really tight fit. Hopefully her years of shoving random household objects into her pussy during her previous masturbation sessions would help her fit Boos dick in her tight pussy, she thought.She slowly slid down Boos cock like a firepole until about half of it was inside of her. She rubbed her now moist clit as she lowered down another 2 inches onto Boos hard cock. She felt her limit reached as she clenched her pussy around the 6.5 inches of pure cock deep inside her. She then extended her knees and rose up off of Boos cock. Boo, still silent, smiled as this was the most pleasure he ever had in his life. Scout slid back down the same length of his dick as she already started to feel that tingly feeling again. She sped up, and she noticed that Boo’s face tensed up as he was about to reach his own climax. She continued forcing herself down onto Boo until she had reached her max, and she sprayed her fluids down Boos cock. She began to slow down, but that was when Boo reached his climax, shooting his warm cream deep into Scouts exhausted pussy. She got up and walked back over to Atticus’ reading chair and took a seat. She could feel Boos semen dripping out of her as she shoved her fingers inside herself, coating her fingers with Boos juices. She brought her hand back up to her face and she licked her fingers clean. She savored the salty taste as she looked back over to Boo, who was just recovering and getting up. She really wanted to clean off, so she grabbed Boo and they walked to the waterhole naked. 
Jem and Dill were fast asleep as they laid on the grass. Jems head rose as he shook Dill awake. “Did you hear that” he asked. “What?” Dill asked, though he was cut short by the sound Jem mentioned. “I’m scared” Dill said. “What if its Boo Radley?!” he nervously asked Jem. Then, out of the bushes, walked a naked Boo Radley. “What the hell?” Dill muttered as he saw the tall naked man walk over to the water. The boys were about to run back home until they saw Scout follow behind the man. “Scout?” Jem asked as he got up and walked over to his also naked escort ilanları sister. “Scout what are you doing here? And who is that?” Jem asked, pointing at Boo. “Oh that’s Boo” she said as Jem and Dill both took another look at the man. “Well what are you doing here with him?” Jem asked. “We’re just cleaning up. We just fucked!” Scout told her older brother. “You…fucked?” Jem asked as he felt his young cock getting hard again. “Yeah, it was so much fun!” said Scout. Scout looked over at Boo, who was just staring at Dill. That is when Boo bolted out of the water and sprinted at Dill. He grabbed Dill and tossed him onto the same rock him and Jem fucked on before. That is when Boo immediately shoved his now fully erect cock entirely into Dills asshole, causing his ass to tear and he died from the pain. Boo pulled out his huge dick and walked over to the water. Boo was tired, as this was the hardest he worked ever in one day. Boo laid on the water bed and fell asleep, snoring loudly. Scout laughed as she looked back over to her brother. She noticed her brothers erect cock, and started to feel horny once again. Without saying a word, she got on her knees and began to lick Jem cock. Jem felt so good as his younger sister licked the head of his cock. Scout shoved Jems entire cock in her mouth and thrusted her head back and forth. She then started to rub his balls as she continued to suck his hard cock. Jem was about to cum again, but he wanted to feel what it sisters pussy felt like. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and she stood up, smiling at him. Jem leaned forward and kissed her. He then grabbed her hand and brought her to an area in the grass. She laid down, spreading her petals and waiting for her older brother to penetrate her. Jem got on his knees and began to make his way closer to his sisters pussy. He put his tip in and it felt so good. He then slowly inserted the rest of his 6 inch cock into Scout. Scout knew he was a lot smaller than Boo, but it felt good nonetheless. Jem began thrusting his cock into his younger sisters warm and moist pussy. He felt so horny and he was already about to reach his second climax of the day. He shot his boy juice into Scout. Scout was still horny and awaiting a climax though. Jem saw this, and he pulled out and shoved his face into her pussy. This was Scouts first time receiving cunnilingus and it felt really good. Jem could taste his own salty semen as he licked up and down his sisters pussy. He then began to start lightly sucking her clit, causing her to tense up. Jems tongue sped up and Scout could feel that her climax was immanent. She then arched her back and shot her fluids all over Jems face. Tired, they both fell over in the grass and fell asleep.

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