Tina and Her Bosses

Group Sex

I have been married for 10 years to a lovely loyal woman. But 6 months ago things changed. My wife Tina who is just the best looking woman I have ever seen. 5-7 135 36c-25-36 long dark hair and brown eyes to die for took a new position at a local insurance agency. She seemed to love her job so and each night she would come home from work tired but so very happy with her days work. I would ask her about her bosses Tom and Jim all she would say was that they were strong willed men who took care of her at the office, little did I know just how they were doing that.

One day for I don’t know what reason I decided to pay my wife a visit at her job, it turned out to be the most humiliating and erotic day of my life. When I arrived at her office and introduced myself to the receptionist she informed me that my wife was busy on a conference call and that I should wait in the lobby for her. Just then Tom a strong, well built man who is one of Tina’s bosses walked in. asked me if he could assist me not knowing who I was. I introduced myself to him and shook his hand, his grip was like a vise grip he smiled and invited me to his office where I could wait for Tina.

As we chatted he told me how wonderful it was to have Tina under him. He said she had filled a great void for both him and his partner Jim. I told him how pleased I was that they were happy with her work and that she also commented on how much Ankara rus escort she enjoyed her position here. He asked me if Tina had told me just what her duties were here at the office, I told him that she never really discusses her work load only that it was very fulfilling.

Before long my wife Tina walked into tom’s office I walked to her and gave her a kiss hello and told her I was going to surprise her by taking her to lunch. She seemed stunned to see me, she turned to tom and asked him how long we had been talking and if any thing interesting had come up. I didn’t think much of it at the time but, tom said no not yet Tina but maybe we should involve Jim in our chat before we go any further. He picked up his phone and asked Jim to join us. Within a few seconds Jim entered the room. Again another large strongly built gentleman entered introducing himself to me. Tom then explained that he thought they should allow me to see what type of work my Tina did for them.

They each took a position on each side of my wife. Jim spoke first about how wonderful she does her job as he began to speak I noticed tom begining to caress her back it seemed funny but I really didn’t mind. As Jim continued to speak I could see that toms hand was now firmly resting on Tina’s tight ass almost patting it and I could see that Tina was in no rush to have him move it away. I could ankara ucuz escort also see her nipples growing harder and poking through the thin blouse she work to work that day. As Jim stopped talking tom took up the conversation still his hand on her ass as Jim now began to run his hand up Tina’s arm across her neck and into her long hair. Tina was begging to breather heavier I was stunned. I asked them what they were doing. They just responded by saying were going to show you what Tina does all day for us.

With this Jim told Tina to make him happy. She replied with Yes sir as you command. She reached back and began to open the belt and pants of her boss. I couldn’t believe it!! My wife! I watched as Tina reached in and began to remove her bosses cock. It was HUGE.. must have been 10 inches at least And without hesitation Tina’s mouth opened wide and began to engulf it. He smiled at me and said. She how well she works for us. I was shocked but I was also feeling very turned on by it all. As Tina worked Jim’s hard cock into her mouth tom reached down and began to hike up her skirt she was wearing thigh highs, I had never seen her in thigh highs before. And her panties were thongs again a first for me. Tina looked back over her shoulder as tom reached up and slid her panties off her ass. She spoke to him. Please sir, take my pussy ankara yabancı escort for your pleasure, and fill me with your wonderful seed. Was my wife really begging her boss to fuck her and shoot his load deep into her pussy??. My god as tom revealed his cock it was hard and wet already he positioned himself behind her and without hesitating he drove it deep into her. Tin moaned like never before as he began to savagely pump her . stroke after stroke deeper and deeper into her body as Jim continued to pump her mouth. I just could not take anymore my cock was roaring to be let out. I opened my pants and jerked off while watching the woman I love being double-teamed. It was to erotic to contain myself. I could tell tom was reaching his peak and sure enough he screamed as he shot his load deep into my wife’s pussy. After depositing his seed Tina quickly turned and began to clean his cock with her mouth as Jim began to mount my wife. She begged and pleaded for him to also season her with his seed. Jim noticed my hard cock in my hand and told Tina she should help her husband. Tom told me to stand infront of her and let his whore suck my cock. He pumped and pumped her while I opened my wife’s mouth and drove my smallish but hard cock into her mouth. It didn’t take long for me to drop my load and soon after it was her bosses turn. He hollered as he drove his seed deep into her. After he had cum he had Tina clean herself up and return to work.

We found out 2 months ago that Tina was pregnant. Were not sure just whose baby it is yet but im sure the child will be well taken care of by Tina’s bosses. She continues to serve them daily and I continue to reap the benefits of have a whore for a wife.

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