Tied Up

Big Tits

“Love, we have dinner reservations at 7:30 and the movie starts at 9:45.”

“Ok, give me ten minutes.”

I went in to see what she was wearing and wanted to help her out.

“Love, I’ve got a lovely dress for you to wear, and I have something for you. Take your clothes off.”

“What are you up to,” she asked me with a smile.

“I plan on giving you a night you will always remember. Rules are, I’m in charge. I want to make you cum over and over tonight and I want to fill you with my cum until your pussy is leaking it out love. What do you think love?”

“Looks like I’m in for the night of my life.”

“Ok, I want you to wear this dress with no panties on. And, I’m going to put this bullet in your pussy and we are going to put this in your beautiful ass. And love, I will be holding the remote controls. By the time we get home, you will be dripping with your cum.”

“Wow! You’ve been busy.”

“I’ve been looking forward to this for a while now love. Here, let me help you get dressed.”

I took her clothes off and laid her on the bed.

“Spread your legs love.”

He looks at her pussy and gently caresses her thighs, “You have got the most amazingly beautiful pussy.” I kissed it and sucked on it to make it nice and wet and slipped the bullet inside of her.

“I’m going to lube you up nice here love and put this in your ass.” As I made her ass slippery, I put one finger in her ass and then two. As I was doing this, I turned her bullet on low. I put the anal plug inside of her.

“That’s it love, suck it right in.” I put both on vibrate just to see her reaction. She wiggled her hips and I knew this was going to be a night to remember. I already had pre-cum dripping off my cock.

I turned them off, “Ok, put your dress on.”

As we were driving to the restaurant, I made her pussy vibrate a couple of times, just to keep her on edge.

“How are you doing love?”

“How do you think I’m doing, love?” She mimicks with a slight sneer.

I had to smirk because this was going to be so much fun.

As we pulled up to the restaurant, I reached over to feel her pussy, which was nice and slick. I put my fingers in my mouth, her pussy always tastes so divinely delicious.

“You aren’t going to torture me too much at dinner, are you?”

“Of course not love. But I promise you, you will enjoy it all.”

I had reserved a table that was off on the side with dim lighting. We ordered a glass of wine and after our wine came I turned both the vibrators on.

She instantly closed her eyes and I could see her shaking.

“You cannot let anyone see you love. If you do, I will make them go higher.”

She gave me a smile that told me she was going to get me for this later but I knew she would forgive me very quickly.

I turned them off for a bit and let her calm down. Just thinking of her wet pussy was making me harder and again, I had pre-cum coating my cock.

Through our casual conversation and dinner, I turned them on frequently, one at a time and then both.

“Reach down love and play with your pussy.”

“Are you crazy, people will see me?”

“That’s what’s so intoxicating about it love. Just do it slowly and just for a bit, I want to taste you.”

She looked around and thanks to the dim lighting, no one could really see us.

“Love, if you don’t, I will turn both up to the max.” I knew she was going to kill me for this also but it was turning me on big time.

She slowly reached down, put her right hand under her dress and between her legs.

“I am so wet.”

“I bet you are love. Now, slowly caress yourself.”

She closed her eyes and I could tell she was enjoying this just as much as I was.

She demetevler escort was rubbing her pussy and I could hear how wet she was. I let her go for just a bit longer or she would be cumming.

“Now stop love and put your fingers in my mouth.”

I could see the haze in her eyes as she reached over and put her fingers in my mouth. Her pussy juices were all over her fingers and I licked them all off, and was looking in her eyes the whole time. It felt like we were the only ones in the restaurant.

“That’s the best dessert I’ve ever had love.”

“Do we have to go to the movie?”

“Oh yes, our fun has just begun,” as I smiled at her.

When we got in the car, I laid her seat back and spread her legs. I put my mouth close to her pussy and just blew on it softly. I put my tongue on her lips just to tease her. Her hips were bucking towards me and I grabbed her clit and sucked. It didn’t take long at all for her to have an orgasm, I planned on her having several tonight. I wanted her juices dripping all over her pussy, her ass and all over her thighs.

I put her seat back up and drove to the theater.

While we were watching the movie, I had both vibrating off and on and she must have cum at least ten times. Seeing her squirming in her seat, knowing she had no panties on was driving me over board, it was hard for me not to fuck her right there.

I reached over and put my hands on her pussy and stroked her. I turned her bullet up and told her to keep quiet as I stroked her very wet pussy and felt her juices flowing all over my hand.

When we got in our car after the movie, I had to put my mouth on her and just taste her, I can’t get enough of her ever. I licked her lips just to get a nice taste then we drove home.

When we got home, I took them out of her and she went to the restroom to freshen up.

“Would you let me tie you up love?”

I thought about it for like a millisecond and answered right away, “No, I wouldn’t mind.”. The thought of not being able to stop him when I couldn’t take it was an intoxicating feeling. I trusted him 100%, so why not?

He brought out four long strips of cloth, apparently he knew I would say yes.

He waved his hand Royally like for me to lay on the bed. He very carefully tied my hands and I had plenty of room to move. He tied the other two near them and I asked him why he had four. He told me I would see.

He leaned over me, sucking on my breasts and playfully nipping at my nipples which made them peak nice and hard. He gives me that sexy, cocky smile and he spread my legs apart and touches my pussy, which had juices all over.

“Like satin,” he says quietly to himself. His lips caress my lips and his tongue licks me all over. Then he spreads my lips apart and does one of the things he does best, eat my pussy.

He is slowly but ever so efficiently licking all over and as he puts a finger inside, he grabs my clit with his mouth and sucks hard. Two fingers go in and he moves them in and out faster. As I am moving my hips in rhythm with him three fingers go in and he sucks even hard and I flex my hips higher to get his face deeper into my pussy and scream that I am going to cum.

My juices flow out and his fingers work their magic and make it come faster. As I calm down, his mouth laps up my juices, his tongue enters my pussy; he spreads my pussy open and his tongue goes as far as it can go. My hips once again flex to his face begging for more.

As his tongue is inside of me, his fingers find my clit and rub it harder and faster and I cum again on his tongue in his mouth, not a drop fell.

I told him I wanted his cock inside dikmen escort of me but he gently reminded me he is not to be rushed. He loves to eat my pussy andhe just licks and sucks on the juices all over me.

Then he reaches over me and grabs one of the other strips of cloth, takes my foot and ties it, same with the other. He was able to get my legs spread far and back.

He asked if it was too uncomfortable and all I could do was shake my head no.

His beautiful cock was so hard and I could see pre-cum glistening off the head. He comes between my legs and enters me swiftly which made me gasp. His cock isn’t just beautiful, it’s huge.

He fucks me so hard and fast, not slowing down and I told him I’m going to cum again which makes him go faster.

Him slamming his cock against my pussy and me being so wet, the slushing sound was so intoxicating and I was cumming on his cock again, yelling with ecstasy. As I am cumming, he clenches as he fills my pussy with his sweet cum.

His gentle strokes inside me felt so good and I could do was lay there with my eyes closed.

He asked me if I thought I could deep throat him. I didn’t care if I could or not I was going to give it my best shot.

He relaxed my legs a bit so they wouldn’t cramp up and brought his cock to my mouth. He still had cum on his head and I couldn’t help myself but to raise my head and suck it off.

He slowly put his cock in my mouth which filled it up with no problem. Telling me he’d take it real slow, his cock went in and out of my mouth, stretching it out and the taste of our juices together was intoxicating!

I remembered I had to relax my mouth and throat if I was going to do this. He was getting more and more in and I swear I was getting wetter. He brought the head to my lips, I sucked it, tasted his juices flowing out, looked him in the eye and shook my head, I was ready to take all of him, I had to.

I relaxed my throat and his cock just kept going and the feel of his balls on my chin was incredible. He put his head back in ecstasy and slowly fucked my face.

“Damn love, this is fucking incredible! The way your throat is contracting around my cock is fucking amazing!!”

I could feel his juices in my throat and I swear my pussy is cumming on it’s own. I had saliva dripping out of my mouth but he didn’t stop.

He moves a little faster and then he pulls it out and I gave him a look like he was crazy and he once again fucked me hard in my pussy, putting every bit of him in me, grinding his hips against mine, no air in between, every bit of his beautiful cock inside of me.

Then he keeps slamming into me over and over again until he gives me his sweet cum again.

He lays there breathing hard for a minute, trying to catch his breath.

He tells me a few minutes later he has a surprise for me and he asks me if I would mine if he blindfolded me.

I told him, ok, thought it might be interesting. He puts the blindfold over my eyes and then gives me the most amazing sweet kiss.

He moves down and I can tell he is reaching for something. I feel his fingers on my pussy and a pretty big object.

“Is that a dildo?”

“Yup,” he says. As he puts a bit of it on my pussy and just starts to push it in, I can feel how big this thing is & it’s definitely feeling much bigger than his cock.

He slowly rubbed it on my lips and put the head in again and pushed it a bit farther. I squirmed telling him this thing is way too big and is he crazy!

I could tell he was smirking when he gently told me to relax because I was going to love this and beg for it again tomorrow.

He pushed the dildo in and I elvankent escort could feel the width of this thing, it had to be at least 3 inches wide and felt myself tense up.

“Relax baby, trust me. You thought I made you cum before, you’ll love it, I promise.”

I relaxed and he said, “that’s my girl.” he pushed it in again a little further and then back and forth.

I was moaning and squirming like crazy but I think I might really like this.

“Damn love, you’re pussy is so hot!” Farther in it goes and I can feel myself stretching and then he reaches for something and then I feel the vibrator on my clit.

He pushes the dildo in and out as far as he had it at a fast pace and then a little farther and by now I’m pretty much yelling with pleasure. I am getting wetter and he’s about to make me cum again, he’s so damn good at that!

The pace gets faster and sure enough, I raise my hips and cum all over that thing.

He took it out and slammed his cock inside me with such fierceness, and before long I had his cum in me again.

He lay on me panting heavily and I asked him if he was ok. He told me he couldn’t help it, my pussy was so hot and the way that thing fit it and stretched it was fucking awesome!

As he goes back down, he takes the dildo again and keeps pushing farther in.

“That’s it love, relax the pussy.” I did and it went in farther and I didn’t think I could take anymore. In it went and he took it out and kept speeding the pace up.

“Yes love, suck this bad boy in, that’s it.”

I couldn’t help but moan like crazy and spread my legs farther to take it all and it kept going farther in and then he said, “that is so fucking hot!”

He reached up & took the blindfold off and told me to watch.

I watched as that big ass thing went all the way in my pussy and couldn’t believe it. “Fuck me with it.”

“My pleasure,” he says.

I watch it go in and out and see my lips wrapped around it and know I must be stretched out pretty good but I don’t give a damn, I want more of it.

I lay my head back, arch my body to give him more of me, if that was even possible.

He is fucking me harder and faster and I’m filled with cum by now from the both of us and the wetness is making me hotter.

With his left hand, he pulls my lips apart to get a better view of it going in and out.

“Damn, that’s a beautiful picture love!”

He fucks me with it for a little while longer, then takes it out.

I just lay there, ready to pass out from sure pleasure.

He took his cock and rubbed the head of it on my pussy lips while stroking my clit.

He continued to do this and my clit was so sensitive already, I didn’t think I could cum again.

As he stroked me, the head of his cock was wrapped in my lips and when he occasionally touched my clit, I was bucking my hips at him.

It was amazing how he could make me cum without even having all of his beautiful cock inside of me.

Listening to our juices and as he stroked my lips faster, I came on his cock and he could feel the warmth flowing all on his shaft.

He untied my hands and ever so efficiently picks me up by my hips and puts me on his face and sucks on my pussy so gently I just put my head back and close my eyes and enjoy this.

After he sucks my juices, he asks me if I would mind riding his cock again for a bit.

I give him a sly smile, in which he took it as a yes and told him he would have to do all the work because my legs were like jelly and he said with a smile that it was his pleasure.

He lifts me up and slides me on his cock and I just moaned, closed my eyes again and his hands and hips did all the work.

He did not fuck me hard, just gentle up and down on his cock and that was so soothing and the wetness from my pussy and him inside of me was it for me.

He stroked me for a little while longer, came inside of me and then we both laid down.

He was holding me and I was out in a matter of seconds, with a complete smile on my face and wet as can be between my legs.

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