This Trophy Wife Needs Sex


This is a new fictional story line, with new characters. If it’s well received I will consider continuing with more parts. Enjoy!


My name is April, and I am just another young bored and sexually starved housewife. I can’t complain about our lifestyle, we make enough money to have nice cars, a big house with a beautiful pool, a hot tub and even a dedicated home theater with recliners. My biggest complaint is that we have a hard time getting away from my husband’s work for a vacation. Lets face it, after you have been married awhile the only time to get in some really good sex in is on vacation.

One of the reasons we have such a nice place is to try to make up for all we miss because of my husband Allen’s trucking business. It’s not a business with dozens of trucks and employees he can count on while we take some time off. He has 5 tractor trailers, and at any one time 4 to 5 drivers. We live slightly out of town on a large property that also houses his business in a garage, big enough to work on and service the trucks.

You can make good money this way, but not without being fully involved in the business and a jack of all trades so to speak. He trusts me with doing the books but almost everything else falls on him. He started as a hired driver, then bought a used truck that he spent as much time fixing than it was on the road, and has worked his way to where we are now.

We have and had been so involved in building the business we have not even discussed having a family. Maybe if I had children to tend to I would not be so bored, but then again the hassles of raising them might prove worse. At least the way things are we are able to enjoy the little time we do get for ourselves. We still have time to have kids as he is just 36 and I just had my 26th birthday.

Our sex lives are also affected by the business demands on my husband. He is gone a lot, running your own trucking business is demanding. Sometimes he has to go on the road himself if he is short a driver, other times it could be a rig breakdown, there are any number of things that can make him have to leave at a short notice. This makes it hard to maintain any kind of a sex life that could fulfill this horny young woman’s sex drive.

He likes to show this young trophy wife off, and does, but that comes with a lot of sexual frustration for myself. I like the attention that being shown off brings, but there needs to be a payoff for me. I am a young woman in her sexual peak, and I need to be fucked more often, much more. My husband using me to tease his friends just makes me more horny.

One thing we both look forward to are his bi-weekly poker games that he has on Wednesdays, a day of the week usually not affected by business interruptions. Its a night of drinking, my chance to flirt with his friends. If I play my cards right as the sexy in house cocktail waitress, I have a chance of Allen rewarding me with his cock after the game. I enjoy leaning over his friends as I bring them fresh drinks and snacks, and often get a little hands on when I can get away with it. Men are so easy to turn on, just putting my hand on a guys back and my head next to his so he can feel my breath as I deliver his drink, will have a effect on him.

The lack of regular sex has forced me to do a lot of masturbating and using some of his friends as subjects can create some real hot fantasy’s for myself. That and Internet porn is the only things that puts some excitement in my self pleasure sessions.

One of my favorite fantasy’s fueled by porn is to be taken by several men at once. I often imagine they are my husbands card buddy’s worshiping and then pleasuring me. Unfortunately the only thing I get from them is the worshiping part. At most, they might sneak a feel when I bend over them or give me a kiss on the cheek as they leave. I hate thinking that all my flirting is for the benefit of their significant others.

As far as my husband is concerned, I sometimes wonder if he has something going on the side, being gone so much it is not like he doesn’t have plenty of opportunities. He is not lacking in the cock area, one of the things that made me decide to marry him, but he often turns down my sexual advances toward him. I am a realist, I know that no one knows another person as much as they think they do. We all have our dirty little secrets and thoughts, I certainly have a few, I think it often comes down to whether we get a opportunity to act on them.

This summer I have gotten a really nice all over tan at our pool. I have been building up the courage to show it and more to one of our new, and younger drivers. I have flirted with him a lot, but he is a bit shy and I am the bosses wife, that throws up a roadblock to getting him to make a move on me.

His name is Alex, he is hot, sexy and often wears tank tops showing his muscles. I am the one that hands out the paychecks, and I have been trying to be in something skimpy and sexy when he is coming for his. If he ever does make a move on me, I will be all balgat escort over him.

Today I told him to come by the pool for his check and I made sure I had my briefest bikini on, really just a white almost transparent G-String and string top with only enough cloth to cover my nipples and pussy, I left the top strings untied when he came. My plan was to let it fall off and pretend not to notice. That made me pretty much naked except for the little cloth “V” covering my pussy. Today I definitely got a reaction from him, even though he was trying not to show it.

He showed up around lunch time and everyone was out including my husband. I heard his rig pull up so I got ready. Once he got his rig parked and checked in, I could hear him walking across the gravel lot. He was walking toward me, and I was getting excited, he would not know if I was awake or not since I have sunglasses on.

“Ahh, excuse me, April, its me Alex to get my check.” I pretended to be startled and jumped up leaving my top fall off. He seemed pretty shocked and I could tell he was pretending to not look at my tits, I had my piercings in, and quite frankly they are nice firm tits, and he was treated to a pretty good view. I just made some small talk giving him time to examine me topless.

“Oh My, my top must have fell off again,” I said, “Sorry about that Alex, I forgot I had my top undone to even my tan.”

“That’s OK” he said, “I turned my head when I seen it drop, I did not want to make you uncomfortable.”

“Sorry I embarrassed you, but I don’t like tan lines, and often am out here completely naked when I know everyone is on the road, it’s one of the perks of living out in the country. I guess it too late to put my top on now, you already seen what they cover, and don’t worry, I don’t care if you check me out, I don’t get much attention from Allen these days, he is always busy or gone.”

“Ah, Well I looked at them a little, he said, “and since you said it is OK, I can see how perfect they are, they’re as beautiful as the rest of your body, I like all your piercings, especially the one in your belly button, you are just beautiful, and those piercings help to make you sexy as hell, but I should not say that to my bosses wife I guess.”

I decided to try to use what he said to show him even more, and said, “If you are into piercings and like the belly button one, I will show you my favorite one, it has a real pearl on it, but don’t tell Allen I showed this one to you,” and pulled the strings on my bottoms put my one foot on the chair to spread open my legs to give him a good look at the pearl one through my clit hood, and used my fingertip to point out the pearl.

I figured that was all I had left to show him and finished by saying, “well anyway your bosses wife appreciates your complement’s and will not file a complaint with management.” Trying to add some levity to the situation I had him in.

I added, “Allen does not seem to care that I am sometimes nearly naked around you guys, he loves to show me off.”

I was naked with my legs open and getting such a rush from it I was not going to cover back up. I wanted to give him a excuse to look at my pussy some more, so I said, “Do you like the tattoo above my pussy? It’s kind of small, but it says “Welcome,” it’s my take on a tramp stamp, but I got it before I got married, I was always horny back then too, and it helped me get more action down there, I miss those days. If I look at those blue eyes of yours too long, well I guess I just better not, or I might really lose control.”

“I better shut up and get my leg off this chair, I can see I am making you uncomfortable again,” and said, “lets get you paid so you can have a night out with your girlfriend.” With that I bent over to get into my briefcase to get his check. I chose to open it while it was on the lounger, giving him a longer and better view of my ass and pussy from the rear. I got really close to him as I handed it to him. More than just close, I was touching him as I pressed up against his leg with my pussy and made sure to let one of my breast and its piercing press against his bare muscular arm, and said, “here you go, see you next payday, you are still pretty new here, I hope you know you can always come to me if there is anything you need, and I mean anything, you’re already my favorite driver.”

If he didn’t recognize that as a come-on, how much clearer can I make it, without just unbuckling his belt, pulling his pants down and sucking his cock. I could see his cock growing as I talked to him, it was torture. I need cock, and in my mind I pictured a large hard one hidden under his jeans.

As he was walking toward the gate, I was so hot I already had fingers in myself, teasing him and watching him check me out had made me dripping wet. I used a imaginary vision of him naked to masturbate when I got back to my lounger. I imagined he was standing here and watching me as he jerked that big cock of his till it shot ropes of cum all over me. batıkent escort I came hard, and I made a promise to myself right then and there that I was going to bed Alex, I don’t know how, or when, but I am going to rock his world.

Well it was Wednesday night, poker night, and I was looking forward to doing some serious teasing. Like a good wife I had gone shopping and made sure the bar was stocked with liquor and plenty of beer, and snacks.

I was still horny from standing there topless, and then literally showing my naked body to Alex earlier, it effected my judgment when it came time to pick out a outfit. There usually is 4 of Allen’s friends at the poker game, and usually the same guys. I will have to say that all of them I consider fuckable, some I would like to have fuck me more than others, but then again I can only guess which ones have the biggest endowments. I can fantasize them all to be well hung, but that is probably as far as I will ever get with them.

I decided to wear a new pair of very skimpy and skin tight white shorts and a light colored top, as I really have a dark tan going this summer and want to show it off. These shorts are not only short but low cut too, they do not even come up to my waist, in fact they just barely hang on my hips, allowing my belly button jewelry to stand out. My top was powder blue with some frilly white lace at the top, as the actual material barely covers my nipples. I do have a bra on, but only a push-up to make them stand out even more, I am fine without one, being so petite and a 34D, but there is no such thing as too much cleavage.

Well, 8:00 O’clock came around and the guys were here joking around and having pre-game drinks. I was acting as barmaid and made sure the drinks were potent enough to give them the nerve to flirt back at me in front of Allen.

After about 3 hands and a two rounds of drinks Allen’s pager went off. He was not happy, one of the rules he has in place for the drivers is, non emergency calls can be left on his voice mail but only a crisis is reason to page him. That way he was not married to the cell phone and can relax and have a little fun at times like this. This was one of his new and younger drivers, so he left the room to call him and see what was up.

I was happy as it gave me a chance to show the guys my goods without him watching me. I just finished my third margarita and feeling little pain. I went around to each player and picked up their drinks for freshening one at a time. I would bend over with my arm around them and give them and the guys across from them a look at my nips. Yes, I am a tease, when Allen left I pulled my top down enough to expose my nipples and piercings under the lace. It only took one flash for me to get excited enough to get my nipples hard.

Allen returned and I quickly pulled it back up to get the news. Our newest driver let the shipper overload him, they took advantage of his inexperience. He was stuck at a weigh station with a big fine to be paid, and not able to leave with the load. We had one truck here and no drivers available so he was going to have to load a pallet jack and go move some of the load to it and pay the fine, fortunately he only had one drink so far, and could leave right away. It was a four hour drive to get there and another five hours to the destination. He was pretty much going to be gone a full 24hr day, likely longer as legally you can only drive 11 hrs under normal conditions in a 24 hr day.

Before Allen left he said, “Go ahead with the game guys, no reason you can’t finish, and don’t be afraid to ask April for anything, right honey?”

“Yes, I will give them anything they want, you heard him guys,” I replied while trying not to giggle, I often do when I drink too much.

He gave me a goodbye kiss and Joe offered to help him load the jack, and went to the garage with him. The rest got to see my nipples again, I pulled my top down even further, they got to see my nipples, their piercings and full areolas. Joe was soon back and the game was back on, and I did my best to distract them, showing even more of my nips and pulling my shorts down dangerously low on my hips, it was fun.

After a few hands and more drinks they lost interest in their money game, I saw to that, and then they ask me if I would like to join them. I said, “I would love that, but I am not too good and would not want to lose this house, so what else can we play for,” trying to give them my best seductive smile and view.

Joe suggested a game of strip poker, and I could see the rest of their faces light up.

“OK, guys it is a hot night, the air is barely keeping up, so what do I have to lose, but you have to promise not to tell.”

That actually got me my first laugh, Joe said who are we going to tell, Allen, and we all have wives, some even have a girl on the side. Do you think its odd that we never do any family things together, do you even know any of our wives?

“No, I guess I don’t, I have met one or two beşevler escort by pure chance but never at a place where we could talk.”

“Thats right, its a unwritten guy rule we have. We can play cards, golf, hunt or fish together but no wives or family.”

Well, I was in the game then, and the thought of becoming naked in front of them made me wet. I lost my top on the first hand and the guys were disappointed to see I had the push up bra on, but it only covered the bottom part of my breast. They did not have to wait long to see all of them. I lost the bra on the next hand, and yes I folded with some decent cards in my hand, I could not wait to be topless in front of 4 men. I had the recent turn on of Alex seeing me naked, and I was hooked on the thrill of it.

I am actually a pretty good poker player, after a few hands I still had my shorts and g-string, and was able to hang on long enough to take 3 of their shirts, 2 of their shorts and Joe’s boxers, and he was now naked. I think Joe folded a couple of times to get that way, he is fit and known to be a ladies man. I soon lost my shorts and was now only in my g-string. Sitting in the chair, and up to the table cheated them out of much of a view, even after the next hand when I lost it too and was naked with Joe.

“Well guys, I would like to keep playing, I am having fun but what else could I use to bet? Joe was again first to come up with one, and suggested it would be me actually getting out of the chair and showing them what I am hiding under the table the next time I lost.”

I said, “Allen said I was to give you anything you wanted,” and giggled. “So Joe, you have no clothes left and I already can see your cock, so if you lose to me, I will probably ask you to do something for me, or to me.” We all were pretty drunk then, I don’t think they had any idea how far I was willing to go, I know I didn’t.

After the next hand I had to stand up, and I treated them to a to a showing of the piercing I have on my my clit hood. We played some more, I took Trent’s boxers, now he was naked, the next hand beat Joe and I made him lick my clit for 30 seconds. I was no longer just hot, I was boiling over and liked the way things were going.

They eventually had me with my legs spread while leaning back on a bar stool and masturbating, one hand fingering my pussy the other working my clit. The guys all had there chairs away from the table now for a better view for all of us, and Joe had one hell of a big and hard cock for me to focus on, Trent was well hung as well, in my mind I already had both their cocks in my mouth.

I was super horny now and there was no way I was going to go a whole day and a half without some cock, so I made this statement, “I don’t think its fair for Joe, Trent and I to be naked, and the rest of you still in your boxers, if you want to just watch me masturbate that’s OK, but if you want to see me sucking cock, you got to strip.”

With that statement the action part of the evening was underway, since Joe and Trent were already naked so I decided that they would be first to get sucked, and I told them to sit side by side as I sucked and jerked them off.

I used my tongue on Joe’s shaft, then was mouthing his knob as I jerked Trent, I did that until I could feel him start to squirm, I switched to Trent, when I felt he was dangerously close to cumming, I stopped to check out the rest of the guys a moment, I got their attention and then pointed back to my round naked ass in the air and said, “can I get a little help back there guys?”

I heard their chairs scooting and falling over and the next thing I knew I was surrounded. Trent was now in front, Joe now in the back and Tim and Jeff on each side. Joe was so turned on he had his tongue going in and out of my ass hole and Jeff was using his fingers to fuck my cunt, Tim had his hand in it too and found my clit immediately with the help of the piercing, and was stroking it.

It didn’t take long for me to get off with a whole team of men at work. I came so hard I scared them when I collapsed to the floor, and had to take a break to regain my composure. I could see a look of disappointment on their faces, I think they thought this young girl was a light weight, and was down for the the count, but I proved them wrong.

I sat up and said, “If one of you guys gets me a fresh margarita, after I finish it I will let all of you guys run a train on me, if you want to that is. But you have to promise not to cum in me, because in return I want a bukkake. My husband is well out of town by now, and I have 4 naked men here with nice hard cocks, and I want to take advantage of a possible once in a lifetime opportunity to be covered in your warm semen.”

I guess I was a little naive, and had no Idea what I had gotten myself into. The porn videos I had enjoyed that showed girls taking on a dozen guys or more, must have been edited down time wise. With a couple of margarita breaks between getting fucked, I was on my back with my legs in the air with a cock in my cunt, and another one in my mouth for almost an hour and a half. Then I was laying there looking up at 4 guys over me, cocks in hand, jerking off their loads one at a time, that was another 10 to 15 minutes laying there with my mouth open waiting for their tasty cum.

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