Subject: This is What They Call Love 2 I hope you guys like this. If you can please consider donating to Nifty as this allows us to keep bringing you great stories. As always I love to hear from you the readers so any feedback at all is welcome ail. Please do not post this anywhere else without my permission, enjoy Chapter 2 Cory sat quietly, watching the buildings pass by as they rode along in the uber back to Triston’s house. He chuckled to himself. Conversation had flowed smoothly and in the midst of things Triston had realized he had never given Cory his own name. Cory did begin to shift uncomfortably as he notices they were moving into the more affluent area of town. They finally pulled up to an old style bungalow that had definitely seen its share of upgrades. Walking in, Cory was awestruck at the beautiful wood floors, the open space, and the kitchen with stainless steel appliance and granite countertops. Triston observed Cory as he took in the surroundings. He wasn’t the flashy type and enjoyed living comfortably. This was after all supposed to be his home. Triston shook the thought away before turning to Cory. “Can I get you something to drink, or something to snack on?” Triston offered as he began to get more comfortable. Cory’s attention was drawn back to Triston as he was stuck in place watching Triston disrobe, something he always did out of habit. Remembering he had guest he turned back to Cory to observe the young man blush and quickly avert his eyes. “Sorry about that, ankara escort I tend to just sort of strip as soon as I get home.” There was no verbal answer from Cory; he just nodded still with a blush upon his face. “Actually, come to think of it, I didn’t consider that you wouldn’t have anything to wear, let me see if I have something from my younger days that might fit you ok.” As Triston left the room Cory couldn’t help watching the man and the way his nicely filled out his boxer briefs. Regaining his composure Cory became curious about his surroundings. Wondering over to the mantel above the fire place he found his eyes drawn to a picture, Triston and a man he couldn’t quite place. “That was from a different lifetime,” Startled Cory dropped the picture causing the frame to shatter. “I’m so sorry I was just looking and I didn’t mean to,” “Don’t worry about it, I’ve been meaning to do away with that thing for ages. Here you go, that might be a little bit snug these are definitely from my days at university.” Cory thanked him before being shown to the guest room where he would bunk down for the night. Triston lay awake the broken picture frame coming to mind, unable to sleep he made his was to kitchen for a drink only to stop just outside of the room Cory was asleep in. The moon cast light into the room just enough to cast a glow over his sleeping form. His breath caught in his throat. The blankets were pushed aside and the outline of Cory’s naked form ankara olgun escort lay before him. The drink forgotten Triston quietly made his way back to his room his hardening tool already in hand and an image burned in his mind. Cory stirred from his slumber, the smell of breakfast in the air and the sounds of cooking coming from the kitchen. Slipping back into the discarded night pants from the night before he made his way to the kitchen. Before him the gorgeous man in just an apron and boxer briefs was a site that made him wish he had taken a moment to take of his morning hard on. “Good morning sleepy head, I hope you’re hungry.” Cory’s stomach growled before he could answer causing Triston to howl in laughter. “You didn’t need to go through the trouble. I am the one that owes you for being able to get a good night’s rest.” Triston simply waved him off and directed him to sit The young man sitting before him filled him with a sense of hope and longing that he hadn’t felt in a long time as he watched him clear the meal before him. Triston always enjoyed doing these types of things and didn’t realize how much he missed the simple acts of service. Full and satisfied Cory cleared up his place at the table before giving a quick kiss on the cheek in gratitude. The rush of electricity was felt by both men as they stopped and gazed upon one another slowly closing the distance. Their lips came together in a quick sensual kiss ankara ucuz escort before the two they pulled a part. “Thank you for having me I had a nice time with you,” Cory stated feeling a blush creeping up his face. “The pleasure was all mine; do you need to get back to your roommate soon? I can take you if you would like.” Triston offered not really wanting the young man to leave just yet. “I don’t have anywhere that I need to be in a hurry, and usually Caleb’s guest stays for one more round before then walking out the door, so I’ve got time to spare.” Cory exaggerated a little knowing that Caleb often did not keep them around for long once he got his fill, but he wanted a reason to stay with this man for just a little longer. “Would it be to unbecoming of me to ask if it would be ok to kiss you again?” Not usually one to be shy about what he wanted, Cory felt the need to be sure before he acted. “I would like nothing more at the moment,” Triston responded. Cory moved into his open arms as their lips met again. Triston’s hand slowly and softly exploring the curves of his body. All to soon Triston was pulling away from the young man. “As much as I enjoyed that, I believe we should cap things off here.” Cory couldn’t help but hide his disappointment. Triston placed a finger under his chin bringing him back to eye level, “That is not to say that things are ending but I think we would benefit from getting to know one another. So, how about you join me for dinner this evening and we will go from there. He simply nodded in response, a grin plastered across his face before he embraced the man once more. Triston held the young man tight, inhaling the scent and the warm feeling arising within him. He was hopeful that he had possibly found a light in his life, and he was eager to see how bright it could become

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