There Goes the Neighborhood Ch. 03


All characters are 18 and over yadda yadda yadda…

– –

In the weeks following that Sunday, news somehow traveled about me. Every time I walked through the hall or even if I was at the grocery store, I could always feel the eyes on me.



They always gave me sly smiles, gentle waves or lip licks. From what Tariq found out, Emily had told all of her friends about me, not to mention writing my name featured in the girl’s bathroom stalls.

Of each grade.

“This could be a good thing…” Emily said as I helped her get her books before 4th period.

“What do you mean?” I asked, seeing every girl passing me giving long stares at my crotch.

“You have every girl in school wanting that huge cock in your pants,” Emily said, “you could capitalize on that. With my business expertise of course.”

“You make it sound like pimping,” I chuckled. Emily waited until the hall was mostly empty and pulled me in to kiss me tenderly.

“You would like me pimping you, wouldn’t you baby?” she asked in her innocent voice as she sucked on my ear lobe, her favored move that never failed to get me rock hard. She laughed as she felt my bulge.

“Don’t forget to come over after school,” she said with a seductive ass shake as she walked to her next class.

– –

Meanwhile, I headed to the library where I was free to relax until school was over. I missed elementary school where reading was encouraged more over gym class. But the good part was I could have some solace.

“Hello Kyle,” Rose McAllister, the librarian greeted me. She was one of my favorite advisors, “did you have a good Easter break?”

“Oh yeah,” I immediately replied, thinking back to the hours of hard fucking I had done, “it was pretty awesome.”

She nodded and smiled. Rose indeed looked beautiful in her blue top with a sole button in the middle of her cleavage with seemed ready to pop off under the force of her GG boobs held in her powder blue bra.

She looked even prettier with her gray skirt and black heels. I imagined examining her perfect body and ramming my cock through her big soft orbs.

I looked up to see her staring back at me, a small smile on her face.

After we talked a little longer, I went to the corner and plopped into the beanbag chair with a stack of encyclopedias. After the final bell, I was about to leave when Rose came over to stock the shelves.

I then saw a beautiful sight. She had on no panties meaning her wet cunt was shining brightly and soon my cock was growing down my pant leg.

“I almost forgot Kyle,” she said not seeing my condition, “when you were here the other day working on your story, you forgot to save it but I did it for you.”

Now I had a bigger problem if she had read the story. “I was at first somewhat shocked but I couldn’t stop reading. Did what you wrote about really happen?”

I hesitated but finally nodded.

“Incest is Best,” she said as she seemed to playing it over in her mind, “it’s a good title. I don’t blame you though. A boy needs a good pussy just like a woman needs a good cock.”

I couldn’t reply. Partially out of shock but also to the slight pain of my cock being constricted. She lowered herself until her round ass rested on her heels.

“Well look what we have here,” she said happily as she rubbed the large print on my thigh, “does someone have the hots for me as well?”

She shook her boobs from side to side and I practically slobbered at the sight. “Let’s get that fat cock more comfortable hmm? But first, I Escort Beylikdüzü remember you wrote that you are a tit lover. So…”

She undid her blouse and removed her bra, letting her beautiful breasts pop out, a milky white with hot pink nipples. She then moved them closer and I began to lick and suck them, hearing her moan.

“Fuck that feels good…” she gasped as she undid my past. It felt incredible as she reached into my boxer slot and tried to wrap her hand around it.

“It’s so big I can’t even get it out,” she exclaimed happily, obviously anxious to see it. Being as I couldn’t stand, she had me arch my hips so she could pull them toward my ankles.

I loved hearing her gasp as she saw my cock for the first time. My slit seemed to open as if breathing for the first time since its confinement. She looked on in awe as she examined the purple veins and throbbing head along with my maximum capacity balls.

“Good heavens…” she exclaimed, “I had no idea it was so huge! I see you weren’t kidding when you said 14 inches!”

My eyes however were still glued to her perfect breasts and she noticed. “Go ahead baby, give them a squeeze.”

I didn’t have to be told twice. I then gave them a hard grope before flicking my tongue against her tits and she moaned as she began to stroke me. The harder I sucked the faster she jerked me off as I began to slowly rub her pussy.

Finally, she removed from her tits and thrusted my cock into her mouth. I grunted at the first contact and she went faster, using her tongue to pleasure me even more.

As she moaned softly around my prick, she began to fondle my balls which overflowed her fingers. Her huge udders tapped my thighs as she moved down, soon fitting me completely down her throat.

I was in heaven before she pulled, swishing my precum around her mouth like a wine connoisseur before swallowing it. “Absolutely delicious…” she then said with a large smile.

She then gave a deep suck to my balls before licking up to my head and twirling her tongue over my slit while staring straight into my eyes. She gave me a wink and then placed both of her meaty tits on each side of my throbbing cock.

“Fuck them Kyle!” she ordered, “show how much you love them!”

I grabbed them firmly and began to rapidly pump upward, my balls slamming against her stomach. It felt indescribable as my cock was tightly wrapped in the gorgeous hunks of flesh. I felt her tongue dance across the tip before she removed her tits and she began to rapidly suck me off, burying me down her tight throat.

She then licked from the base to the tip before sucking gingerly on my head. She then pulled up and kissed me deeply while I massaged her juicy ass.

She forced down her skirt and said, “I need it Kyle. I need to feel your hard pole inside me.”

I was happy to comply as she stood and lowered until my head brushed against her cunt. She licked her hand and rubbed her aroused tits, her pussy juices dripping onto my prick and the carpet.

We both moaned as my cock pushed into her pussy, her wetness quickly the length of my prick as we kissed. She began to ride, gyrating her hips as I continued to fill my mouth with her warm melons.

“Yes Kyle,” she whispered as she ran her fingers through my hair, “suck my tits baby.”

She held my face to her warm tits like a nursing child as I cupped her ass while she moaned. I gave it a hard slap and she began to ride faster while I rubbed her clit.

“Oh fuck!” I moaned as her pussy tightened. Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan I kept my hands on her beautiful breasts, tweaking her hard tits as her ass clapped against my balls. She cried out as I latched onto her hips and began pumping into her.

“Holy fuck!” Rose screamed as her huge tits bounced madly, “You like me riding your fucking gigantic cock like this?”

“Hell yeah!” I shouted, “it’s amazing!” She squeezed my cock with her pussy repeatedly, the beanbag getting wetter with our combined juices. My cock was swollen with delight as she picked up even more speed, her juicy breasts bouncing all the more.

“I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this for so long,” Rose moaned, “with all I’ve heard…”

I gave a questioning groan as I sucked on her tits.

“Do you know how many of these tramps come in here day after day? Whispering about you and this huge cock you have!” She highlighted this by slamming hard against me.

“Fuck!” I shouted under her as I began to fuck her as hard as I could.

“Yes baby,” she begged, “bury that fat cock deep in my naughty pussy!”

Hearing her pleas, I began to fuck her harder, my balls making loud slaps against her ass each time. “God yes!” Rose screamed, “drill me!!”

We kissed as I wrapped my arms around her and continued to fuck her, my cock drenched in her juices as her juggs smothered me. She cried out as she began to cum but didn’t slow down at all, pushing me down and began to ride me furiously.

I moved my hands to squeeze her ass before moving to her thighs and sexy feet as she hammered my cock into submission. “Yeah,” she growled sexily, “you like that don’t you baby?”

I looked into her lust filled face and at her huge succulent breasts, shaking hypnotically as I began to match her bounces, making her cry out as she clawed the carpet.

Her mad pace had me on the verge of explosion but I held out, taking her battering. She was master cock rider, her walls squeezing the life out of me.

“Don’t fight it Kyle,” she taunted, “you’re just like me. Putting off a shy persona but deep down you love it! Deep, dirty, sweaty all-out fucking!”

She slammed into me even harder and I matched each hit, making her scream. “Yes baby! Harder!”

We kissed furiously as I squeezed hard on her juicy ass. “Oh fuck yeah,” I grunted through my gritted teeth, “you feel so fucking fantastic!!”

I attacked her boobs again, sucking and nibbling the perfectly shaped hard nipples as she began to bounce faster. “Yes baby! Yes! Keep fucking me! Just like that!!”

She pulled my face into her sweaty perfumed cleavage and I licked the wonderful and warm canyon as she rode me like a cowgirl. I lay back on the sweaty beanbag chair and began to fondle her flailing boobs like stress balls.

“Yeeeees!!!” Rose screamed as she began to pound my balls even harder, “I’m cumming!!”

I barely could fight the urge myself as her cream poured over my prick and I began ramming her like there was no tomorrow as we kissed deeply, my glistening cock pumping deeper into her pussy.

“Oh yes,” Rose grunted as she tightened yet again, “feel that pussy wrapped your hard cock.” She moaned louder as her juices continued to pour out. I was so entranced with her sexy body, I could barely focus on anything else as she continued to throw her ass back to take more of me inside of her.

“You can let it out whenever you want Kyle,” Rose moaned, “I want to feel your hot, thick cum blasting inside me.”

I Beylikdüzü Escort slapped hard onto her boobs and yelled out as her ass slammed roughly onto my thighs. She leaned down to let her tits dangle over my face, letting me suck the sweet nipples.

“You wanna cum baby?” she asked seductively as she bounced on my cock, “don’t you want to see your slutty librarian knocked up?”

I hit her with the same cockiness. “You want my baby huh?” I asked, “You want your huge boobs to get even bigger to nurse the child I’m going to shoot into you?”

“Fuck yes…” she grunted as she picked up while I fingered her ass, “Give it to me! Put a baby in me who’ll grow up to be as hung as you are!!”

The beast inside me was starving.

And it was being fed by the lust of my formerly shy and quiet librarian, now screaming on top of my cock.




Her ass turned red from my hits and she began to ride even faster.

“That’s it!” I shouted, “ride my cock you slut!”

“Fuck!” Rose screamed as her eyes rolled to the top of her head.

I instantly grabbed it and pulled her face to mine and kissed furiously. “Does it feel good?”

“Yes daddy…” she gasped, “it’s deeper than I ever imagined!”

I brought my hand down even harder on her ass, my balls beginning to boil.

“Yes! Fuck my hole good and deep!”

“Oh fuck!” I shouted as she went faster, “I’m gonna cum!”

“Give it to me baby! Flood my cunt you hung BASTAAAAARD!!!!”

“FUCK!!!” I shouted as I arched my back and began cumming like a long stream of piss. I wrapped my arms around her, drowning myself in the softness of her boobs as I fired thick jets of cum into her.

My cock was so swollen, it felt as if it couldn’t even be removed. She continued to slam herself down on my iron-hard cock.

“Kyle!” Rose screamed, “I feel it! It’s tearing open my womb!!”

“I love you Rose!” I cried as I held onto her ass to avoid screaming from the strong mixture of pain and pleasure I was experiencing as my cock kept firing without stopping.

“I LOVE YOU TOOOOOO!!!!!” Rose screamed as I finished with one final burst that seemed to drain all my strength. We fell together onto the chair, kissing intently as our bodies continued to thrash with our dying orgasms.

We were lost in our dwindling sensations, our sweaty bodies still locked together. We were both panting for breath and kissing softly.

“That was the best fuck I’ve had in my entire life…” Rose panted as she linked her fingers with mine.

I was about to respond but I was so exhausted, I fell asleep on the soaked chair, Rose’s heart beating in perfect unison with mine.

– –


I awoke with a start, seeing Rose dressed and actively shelving books from the cart. I then found my clothes were back on, my cock finally flaccid in my pants. The beanbag chair was dry.

“About time you woke up sleepy-head,” she said with a smile, “you’ve been asleep for almost 2 hours.”

I could hear the last buses rumbling off from the parking lot. It was a dream. Just a dream…

I got my backpack and stretched, taking a final glimpse at Rose’s ass as she finished her last tasks.

It had felt so real…

“See you tomorrow Kyle,” she said in her usual positive tone.

“Huh?” I asked, “Oh… yeah, tomorrow.” I shook my head and walked out to my car, tossing my bag into the passenger seat. Before I cranked up, I heard something clatter against the car floor.

“What the…?” I asked as I saw a disc in a clear case had fallen out.

Inside was a note reading:

Keep working on that story Kyle. I hope our session today gave you some material to work with. If not…

On the back was her address and phone number. My cock got harder as I saw her walk to her car in the faculty parking area. She caught my eyes and smiled.

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