The Young Pool Man


It is Saturday morning and the last thing I want to do is work. It rained a couple of times this week and I am behind so I have no choice. I was supposed to have your pool clean Friday but I was so far behind I did not get to it. I pull into your driveway and you drive around your fancy house to the gate by the garage.

I get my tools out of the truck and go through the gate into your back yard. Laying my tools out I get started cleaning when I notice you laying in the sun. You look amazing across the pool and I start to vacuum the dirt that was settled on the bottom.

As I am working my way around the pool I realize that you are naked. Not sure what to do I act like I did not see you and go on with my work. Trying hard not to look I glance at you every chance I get. You look so wonderful lying there with your gorgeous butt showing.

Thinking how wonderful it would be to kiss your beautiful ass I end up staring at it. You notice me staring at you and ask if I like what I see. I don’t hesitate and tell you that you are beautiful and I love looking at you. Then I return to my work some what embarrassed that you caught me staring at you.

It is getting Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir hotter and the sweat is pouring out of me as I work. You ask if I would like a cool drink of water and I gladly accept. Waiting for you to tell me where I can get it you stand up and your beauty is out of this world. You laugh a little as you see me staring at you as you walk into the house.

You return a few minutes later and bring me a large glass of ice water. I am amazed that you are still nude and how beautiful your body is that I keep staring at you. I drink the water down and hand you back your glass.

You tell me that I should take my shirt off and it will be cooler. I take it off and feel your hands sliding up and down my back. Shocked that you are doing this I turn quickly and step back. You tell me that it is ok and you start rubbing your hands up and down my stomach.

Your hands slide down and you feel that I have an erection. Slowly you unfasten my pants and wrap your hand around my erection. Softly your hand slides up and down my erection driving me crazy with desire.

You kiss me passionately then get down on your İstanbul Escort knees and gently kiss the tip of my erection. My excitement is screaming out of control as you put your lips around it. You move your mouth up and down my erection sucking it gently. My excitement is out of control and I start to shake and erupt in a wonderful orgasm.

I do my best to help you up with my body trembling and weak from the orgasm. We kiss passionately as I feel your body against me.

I lay you down on your blanket and move between your legs. I lean over you and softly kiss your breasts and slide my tongue over your nipples. Feeling them getting harder I gently wrap my lips around them and suck them into my mouth. Pulling them lightly I bite them before letting them go then do it again.

Slowly I kiss down your stomach sliding my tongue through your bellybutton. Kissing on down your stomach I get closer and closer to your pussy. Softly I kiss your pussy up and down then slide my tongue along the edge of your lips. Gently I rub your clit with my tongue then slide it back down your pussy. Pushing my tongue deep inside you I taste your Escort İstanbul wonderful juices. Sliding my tongue back up to your clit I rub it harder feeling it swell more. Wrapping my lips around your clit I start to suck it gently. As I suck your clit I slowly push my fingers inside you moving them in and out. Sucking your clit harder and moving my fingers in and out of you faster I feel your body trembling. I suck harder on your clit as I push my fingers deep inside you. You begin to shake as your orgasm moves through your body.

I move back over top of you and kiss you passionately placing my erection at your opening. Slowly I push inside you feeling your warm juices on my erection. Moving in and out of you I press against your clit. You push me off of you and onto my back. You get on top of me and slide down onto my erection. Your hips are rocking back and forth as I push up against you. Your swollen clit is rubbing against me as you move back and forth faster. I reach up and grab your breasts pinching your nipples. You press against me harder and our excitement is going out of control. We are both trembling and begin to shake. You rub yourself against me hard and fast as I pull your nipples. We explode in a fantastic orgasm and you collapse on top of me.

We kiss passionately as we regain our strength. I say I must finish the pool and you tell me it is fine as you jump in to cool off. I gather up my tools and get them loaded thinking this is a day I will never forget.

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