The Women of Honey Hollow Pt. 04


Chapter 21

When I dressed the next morning I noticed that my clothes were a little looser, I supposed that all the work I had been doing had a positive effect on my physical being. I smiled to myself as I realized it probably had to do with all the sex I was getting also.

Fall was quickly approaching and I was looking around to see if there was anything that should be done in preparation for the coming seasons and the urge to go fishing suddenly hit me. I gathered up my pole, flies and creel and started out for the stream behind the house. I decided to walk a little bit downstream and see if it would be as productive as the parts I had already fished was. I am usually quiet when I am in the woods and today was no different. I was about to drop my line in the water when I heard some sounds off to my left. I set the pole down and set off to investigate.

Just about 10 yards away there was a sunlit clearing and I could see two forms on the ground embracing. A blanket had been spread out and the two ladies were almost naked. I couldn’t see who they were so I stayed just out of site and did a little voyeur work. I was surprised when I recognized one of the voices as Sue Smith. I decided to stay and see who her partner was and crouched down just inside the brush line. It didn’t take long before I saw she was wrapped up in the arms of Janice Beckham.

I shouldn’t have been surprised to find a lesbian relationship considering that there were no men around here to satisfy sexual urges. They had turned to a 69 position and were hungrily sucking each other’s cunt. Their breasts were pressed to one another flattening them but it was obvious that neither of them were flat chested. They were groaning into each other and soon fingers joined the mix.

Sue being on the bottom and facing me slipped two fingers into the slippery cunt that was just above her face and drove them in and out finger fucking her and bringing her to the brink of an orgasm time after time. Finally Janice begged her to let her cum and Sue slipped another finger next to the ones that were already there. Janice raised her hips off the ground and moaned loudly lifting Sue with her as she squirted her cum about a foot in a gusher. Her cunt dribbled cum and she kept pumping her hips and Sue turned around and they scissor their legs together and rubbed their clits together in a frenzy to cum again.

I could hear the wetness as the rubbed and pounded against one another until they each had simultaneous orgasms. They fell apart and held each other until they could regain some of the sanity that is lost when you have a great orgasm. They made some small talk that I couldn’t hear and I made my way back to where I had left my pole. I really didn’t feel like fishing anymore so I started back toward the house. I had almost got to the edge of the woods when someone said,” Did you enjoy that little show Mike.” I must have jumped a foot in surprise and turned to see Carol standing there.

“What are you doing here Carol?” I asked. She just laughed and said she could ask me the same thing. “Well I was going to go fishing and just stumbled on that little scene, how about you?” She said she had seen the two of them walk down the path next to the woods on the other side and decided to follow them and see what they did.

“And what did you see” I said as she blushed a little bit. “I saw them do mostly the same thing that you were doing with my mother last night except they didn’t have a cock between them.”

I wasn’t used to women and especially young girls talking like that and it was my turn to blush.

I decided to play dumb and asked how she knew what I did with her mother as we walked up to my house. She told me that ever since she was small she would spy on her mother when Jim came to visit and that it has become an obsession of hers to watch someone having sex. “What about your sisters, do they share your activities?” she said that they caught her spying one night and wanted to see what was going on and because she wanted to keep them quiet she let them see also.

“I was under the impression that you guys had gone away for the evening but it is evident to me that you just hid away someplace until I was involved with your mother. I don’t think that was very nice.”

“We didn’t hurt anything and you saw how she responded to your lovemaking, she really likes you.”

“How did your mother find out you were spying on her?”

She explained that they had made some noise one time and mom saw them duck away. She left Jim and came after them. They had gone to their bedroom and mom came in and gave them hell. Jim left shortly after that and she called them to out to talk. She explained that sex was a private time between two people and they shouldn’t be looking for an opportunity to spy.

Carol said that they had a long talk and she explained that she needed to learn what it was all about and because they were home schooled and there weren’t any boys around there wasn’t any chance escort bayan esenyurt to experiment. She said her mother said they were too young to be experimenting anyways but they could ask her about anything they wanted to know. She said at the time she was 12 and the twins were 9 and none of them had their period yet or even started to grow boobs.

I had to chuckle to myself as I could see how wound up she was getting. I looked at her and the 5 years since she started to spy on her mother was kind to her and the twins were coming along fine also. I let her vent a little and then I felt as an adult I had to voice an opinion.

“Carol” I started to say “let me say something here. I know what you are saying but I feel violated by what you did. I feel that what happened spoiled a beautiful evening and when I saw all of you hugging when I left I had to wonder what was going on. Now that you have told me you and the twins were spying on me I have to wonder if your mother was in on it.”

“NO, NO, she thought we had gone to visit someone and just timed it so we came back as you left. We asked how the evening went and she took us into her arms and hugged us. Please believe me when I say she didn’t know anything about it.”

“Well” I said “how do we get past this mistrust I feel about you kids? I really feel disappointed in you and your sisters.”

Carol looked down and I could see a tear in her eye, it welled over the lid and ran down her cheek. I really felt sorry for her because I knew in my heart she was conflicted about her actions and was feeling bad about what she had done. I hoped she could convey what I said to the twins and stop their spying also.

“Carol, let me say something to you and I really hope you believe me. I want you to know that I forgive you but if you do it again I will make your life miserable, do you understand.”

She nodded and didn’t say anything but came over to me and hugged me close.

“Furthermore I want you to know if there is anything you want to know you can come to me and I will answer you to the best of my ability. I know I am a lot older than your mother and my views might be a little old fashioned but I will really try to get past our ages and answer you truthfully.”

She hugged me again and asked if that included the twins also and I said that it did. They could all come together if they wanted to if that would make it easier. I thought that they were so close that they would feel better in a group. I didn’t want to be a sex therapist but maybe I could give them the male point of view and that would help them when they decided to leave the community.

She got up to leave and kissed me on the cheek and I knew I had gotten thru to her at some level. I knew I would have to talk to mom at some point but that could wait for a better time.

I had a chance to think about Sue and Janice and tried to remember what Jim had to say about them. I couldn’t remember anything that indicated lesbian couples but I suppose that would be a natural outlet for someone who the closeness of another person during sex. I had forgotten to ask Carol what she thought about watching the lesbian couple but maybe that was a good thing because I didn’t want to fan the flames if it turned her on.

The more time I spent here the more complicated it became. I was sure the ladies that worked out of town must have found someone to help with their Libido at least I certainly hoped so because I would never be able to take care of everyone sexually. I was aware of my limitations and as much as it was an ego booster I was also becoming some sort of mentor to some of the people. I would have to be careful what I said if the girls came over to ask me anything.

Chapter 22

Sunday and the rest of the week was quiet and I was able to catch up with my family and let them know I was ok. They were all involved in their own lives but I felt I owed them a phone call once in a while. I didn’t let on about my extra activities around town. I did a little fishing and didn’t find any surprises in the woods like last time. The stream was productive every time I went out and I didn’t take every fish I caught because I didn’t want to fish out a small stream. Early on I had decided to only fish it every few weeks and only take what I would eat that day.

We had a few showers and the grass and shrubs were looking good and I did a little extra pruning.

I cleaned the house and did my laundry, you know all those exciting that need to be done. I looked at the inside of the house with a critical eye and thought it could do with some TLC. I made a list of things like paint and maybe some new shades or blinds. The rug in the living room was a little worn and faded. I knew it was a good rug at one time but I thought it’s time had come and gone. The kitchen was in good shape and it just needed a fresh coat of paint. All the rooms were fairly small and I thought a gallon of paint for each would be Escort Bayan Avcılar all it would take. The bathroom was all ceramic and other than painting the ceiling and trim it was ok.

I called Grace and asked her to come over when she had a chance and she was curious but I put her off and told her I would tell her when she got here. She said she would come by in the afternoon if that was ok.

I was looking forward to her visit as I hadn’t seen anyone all week and some company would be good for my state of mind. She arrived around 2 in the afternoon and came bouncing up the walk with a spring in her step. I was glad to see that she had overcome her anger about finding out about her fathers “hobby”.

We sat on the porch and spent some time with small talk and I finally got around to telling her what I would like to do inside the house if she didn’t have any objection. She was amazed at the amount of stuff I wanted to do and offered to pay for the paint and rug.

We went in the house and walked from room to room and discussed some colors. In the end we thought it would be good to get some paint swatches and then decide. I offered to go with her and maybe some of the paint could be picked up right then depending on the shade we picked out.

Grace didn’t want to be the last word on the color and as long as I didn’t want to paint a room black I didn’t think she would be too hard to please. We had a few laughs about the goings on around here and she mentioned that she thought all the “exercise” I was getting looked good on me. I asked what kind of exercise she was talking about and she just smiled and winked at me.

I mentioned that Carol had stopped by a few times and she just raised an eyebrow. I assured that if I was going to try something I wouldn’t be telling her that she had stopped by. I told her I wasn’t encouraging any more than friendship and I was just trying to supply a male mentor type of relationship for her.

She expressed her concern because Carol was just old enough to really catch a man’s eye and had the body to back it up. Add that to the fact that she was probably hornier than a pail full of bull frogs and that spelled TROUBLE. I agreed with her and promised that I would be careful. I told her that I would not invite her inside and all talking would be outside just like it had been. In the back of my mind I was thinking that she was going to be 18 shortly and then all bets would be off if I lived that long. I think Grace could read my mind because she said “almost, almost.”

I didn’t say anything and changed the subject to her web design business. She told me about her latest projects and I wished I knew more about it so I could understand what she was talking about. She had lapsed into computer speak and I guess she could see the blank look on my face because she laughed and hugged me while apologizing.

Her hug triggered my libido and I held out my arms for another and when she came to me I pressed my groin to hers and she pressed back letting me know that she was interested. We stayed like that for a while just hugging and kissing feeling comfortable in each other’s arms. My hands started to roam down to her round firm ass and she pressed her chest to mine and I thought I could feel her nipples through her shirt.

We were drifting toward the bedroom as we groped and fondled each other and she was pulling my shirt out of my pants. I had my hands under her shirt and cupped her breasts thru her bra. I could feel her nipples thru the lace of her cups as I nibbled at the lobes of her ears. Each time I nipped she shivered and ground her pussy harder into me. I undid her slacks and pushed them over her hips and she did the same to my shorts and my hard cock sprung up and poked at her crotch. By the time we got to the bed we had lost our clothes and tumbled down in a tangled heap making love sounds to one another.

Grace seemed to be in a hurry because she spread her legs and raised her hips and took me deep inside her starting to thrust right away. I met her passion and we had a great fuck not stopping until we were satisfied and enjoying the afterglow of great sex.

I smiled at her and she said she needed a hard and fast fuck and thanked me for knowing just what she required, no senseless screwing around when you are in need. I said that sometimes it is good to have monkey sex, just passion and fucking.

We rested, cleaned up and decided to have some dinner and made a date to go shopping. We thought that Knoxville would be the logical choice for the best selection and just relaxed for the rest of the evening

Chapter 23

I picked up Grace and asked if she was in a hurry or had all day, she replied that she had all day to enjoy shopping and my company so I took my usual back roads route to Knoxville. She was talkative and I let her chat about anything and everything.

She finally asked about my “Dates” with the residents of our town. I just smiled and Escort Bayan Beylikdüzü she punched my arm lightly and pressed me for details. I reminded her that I wasn’t going to gossip about the ladies I had fucked and she kept teasing for something, anything.

I reluctantly told her some of the wild things that happened but refrained from revealing any names. I guessed that she probably knew anyways but I felt better keeping some secrets. I could tell she was getting excited as she was rubbing her thighs together and once in a while I could see her tweak a nipple. Joking, I said if she was that curious she should just hide in my closet and she could see for herself. She surprised me when she gave me that cunning smile of hers and said she just might do that.

Thankfully we got to Knoxville before the conversation escalated and we ended up fucking in a parking lot somewhere.

We found some paint and an area rug we liked and stopped for lunch at the local 99 restaurant. The food was good but like most fast food places it was just lunch. We spent the day in town and headed home around 6 o’clock.

Dropping Grace off at her house I was heading home and thinking how much I enjoyed her company and what a pleasant day it had been. I also wondered if she was serious about watching me with one of the “ladies”. I also had the fleeting thought that maybe she wanted to have a threesome with someone and filed that away for another time.

A few days had gone by and I had all the ceilings repainted with a fresh coat of white and that spruced up the place a lot and I hadn’t even started on the walls yet. I was lucky that there wasn’t much in the house so it was easy to just cover everything for the renovation.

Imagine my surprise when Grace showed up with Mary, Rachael, Jenny, Julie and Jasmine dressed in work clothes and ready to paint. They had their own brushes and rollers and they paired up and each team took a different room. I couldn’t believe how quick they were done and the place looked really great.

I had prepared burgers and dogs for lunch and I was looking for something to go with them when Carol, Kim and Carrie showed up with some salads and dessert.

I started the grill and cooked the meat and when it was done we found a place to sit and had a picnic of sorts. We took our time eating and let the paint dry before cleaning up and putting the furniture back where it belonged. Carol and the twins washed the dishes and I gave them each a hug and thanked them before they left for home.

We folded up the drop clothes and got the rug down and when everything was back in place they declared the job done. I reminded them that the job wasn’t done until I had cleaned up the brushes, pans and rollers and that I had better get to work. I suggested that they clean up while I was doing that and then we could all relax.

They disappeared into the bedroom to wait for their turn in the shower and I got hard thinking about all the lovely, hot bodies in one room. I laughed to myself when I thought about the pussy smell in my room and it would be a jerk off night if it lingered in there.

I had been cleaning up the tools outside with a pail and hose and set the tools on the porch to dry. I didn’t know what belonged to who so they would have to sort them out themselves. I rinsed myself off under the hose and was somewhat presentable when I went back in the house.

CHRIST I almost had a heart attack. Six sexy women in panties and nothing else decorated my living room and all I could think of was a harem. They were draped on the couch and chair and they all had SEX on their minds. If you think for a minute you would like to be in my place you are nuts, that was the scariest thing I had ever encountered. How the hell was I going to take care of them. I just stood there with my mouth open and in shock when Jasmine said:

“Well are you just going to stand there or are you going to join the party” and she slid off the arm of the couch and slithered up to me like a snake coming to its prey. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me deeply with open lips and a slippery tongue. Mary joined us and she stripped my shirt form me and Grace took care of my pants.

Julie, Rachael and Jenny were still where they were but had lost their panties and were casually rubbing their tits and pussy waiting to see what would happen. Mary hooked her fingers in Jasmines panties and worked them over her hips giving her pussy a kiss as it was revealed. Grace was rubbing her tits into my back as Jasmine was fondling my cock and balls. I was in heaven and hell at the same time or as they say “between the devil and the deep blue sea”

All the windows were open and the shades were up waiting for the trim to dry and I wondered if Carol and the twins would be around to watch what was about to happen. If they did it was too late to worry about it and their mother was with us and obviously ready to fuck, suck cock, pussy or tit whichever presented itself to her. I was ready to do the same and I didn’t know where to start.

Jasmine led me to the chair and I sat down and she knelt between my legs and took my cock almost all the way down her throat on a single stroke of her hot mouth. Her brown skin shone in the sunlight streaming thru the windows and I looked to see Julie get up and come over to us.

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