The Wolf


Tonight was like any other for me, hunting, killing, and eating. That doesn’t sound too bad except my prey just happens to be humans.
You see i’m a Lycanthrop or as we are usually called a werewolf. Now I wasn’t born like this, nor did I want it. You see about ten years ago
I was walking home when I saw this dog (or what I thought was a dog) get hit by a truck and being a dog lover I had to go see if I could help.
When i got closer I saw it was a large wolf, it looked dead so I reached out to check if it was breathing when the damn thing bit me and ran off.
I thought nothing of it, I just went home and bandaged my hand. The bite barely broke the skin, so when the wound was gone two day’s later,
it didn’t raise any alarms. The first changes I noticed were I started to lose weight, and I was 60 pounds overweight. So when I dropped it all in a
month I was worried. Then there was the appetite, a stronger than usual craving for meat. The last subtle change was my sex drive went into overload.
Then a week later there was a full blood moon (a red moon) and as you can guess I turned.

The next morning the cops found the tenth grade bully torn to shreds.
It’s been like that ever since, except I now have some conscious choice to my kills. I still have to kill I just choose who or what i kill. Since then I got
a stay at home job Writing Books and moved to the country. I mostly feed on sheep now but humans are still on the menu. Tonight I had eaten a sheep but there has
still a hunger I had yet to feed.

So now I was stalking my new prey, a pretty young emo Escort chick who’s family had moved here a month ago. She had pale
skin that glowed in the moonlight, black hair with streaks of blood red, a firm ass and B cup tits. She was wearing her usual black skirt with a black and
purple tee, and knee high boots. She was the hottest of all the girls in my eyes. I waited til she left the road to take the shortcut through a small patch of woods.
She never know what hit her. First I ripped off the shirt and skirt, then just to mess with her I backed off for a few seconds when she tried to get up I ripped off the
black lace bra and thong reveiling her hairless pussy and firm breasts. Now to scare her even more I flipped her on her back so she could see me rape her. Without waiting I rammed into her cunt only to find
the bitch was wetter than a fish! She was actually turned on by this. As I fucked her for all I was worth she started to spur me on. I pulled out and reaimed, and
rammed my 8″ cock up her ass causing her to scream. I then started to lick and gorp her tits while I fucked her ass.

After ten minutes she had cum eight times when I felt my balls tighten, so I pulled out just in time to spray her tits with cum. As I looked at her I noticed she had passed
out. So while I chuckled to myself I covered her with some leave and the remains of her clothes and left. The next morning the cops were out asking questions, this was routine for me so it only took a few minutes to get them to leave. I should have known that wouldn’t be the end of it. A couple of days Escort Bayan later I rode me bike down to the store
on my way home when the girl came riding up on her bike, as we rode down the road we started to talk. She said her name was Sandra Slater, “Mine’s Stephen Wolf” I said.
Her eyes went wide “your not the Stephen Wolf who wrote the series on werewolves are you” she said? “Yes I am” I said “and that’s Lycanthrop not werewolf”. “I know”
she said. “I was testing you”. The last remark caused me to start laughing. We continued to talk all the way home, as we stopped at the garage she brought up her attack
a few nights back. That made me really nervous which she picked up. She asked if I knew anything about it, to which I said no. She let it drop after that.

We continued to spend time together over the next four months. She never brought up the attack again. On her eighteenth birthday we started to date publicly.
Her parents liked me so they had no problem with it. On her 19th birthday I proposed. We got married on the lake a mile south of my house. That night I was getting
ready for bed when I heard Sandra trying to sneak up on me, I laughed to myself, she didn’t know I had really good hearing. As she pounced Iet her jump on me
before I tossed her on the bed with ease. Then I attacked her tickling her till she begged for mercy. As we lay there catching our breath, we looked at each other and started laughing. All of a sudden she rolled on top of me and shoved her tongue down my throat, a minute later we were rolling on the bed till I let her pin Bayan Escort me down. “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.” She said as she sat up and opened her robe reveiling her outfit. It was the same one she wore when I took her in the woods!

“Don’t worry” she said as the color drained from my face. “I’ve know for years.” While I was getting over the shock she leaned down and kissed me. “Take me” She whispered “take me now, as a wolf” So I focused and shifted form, man to wolf. Sandra slowly worked her way down taking my cock in her mouth sucking and bobbing
her head on my now pulsing she then rolled off into the doggie position. I Slowly began to lick her cunt my rough tongue sending shivers of pleasure through her body.
I positioned the head of my cock at her wet enterance and slowly pushed in till I felt my balls hit her clit. I started to slowly pump in and out gradually gaining speed
till we moved with such speed we were a blur of passion. “I’M COMING” Sandra yelled. Her words pushed me over the edge and I blew my load till it began to squrt
from her pussy. We collapsed on the bed as I shifted back to human form. “My love” Sandra asked “would you promise me something?””What is it” I asked.
“You have to promise first” she said. “I promise” I said. “I want you to turn me” She said. I thought for a few minutes. “Are you absolutely sure this is what you want” I asked. “I have thought about it for a long time” she said. I sat up and said “give me your hand”. She sat up and held her hand out as I shifted back to wolf. I looked
her in the eye as I bit down on her hand till I drew blood. Over the next month and a half Sandra Slater fully became Sandra Wolf. Last night we went on our first hunt
together. Soon we plan to start our own pack.

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