The Winds of Change


Everyone in the story is over 18.

Hope you enjoy, thank you for reading.


The storm had moved in faster then predicted. I stayed at the office later to try and get things finished up. I didn’t have anything to rush home for, I worked hard to develop my career 5 years ago. Things were rough at first, but hard work and long hours got me noticed in the office by senior management. After 3 years I was offered the position of office management. A significant salary increase, meant I could afford the wedding of my fiance’s dreams, but a nice home instead of the small apartment we were in. They let me go home early to celebrate with my soon to be bride. I’ll never forget my excitement as I ran in the door, and caught her in bed with the guy from apartment 344. She tried many excuses as I quietly gathered a few of my things and packed them in a suitcase. I left the two lovers there as I left. She chased me out through the halls still naked, with one of their juices running down her leg. The last time I saw her was when the elevator door closed.

I was driving carefully along a desolate stretch of road when I hit a pothole hard, the car swerved to the shoulder, stopping after a tire dropped In the ditch. I got out, but it was no use. The pothole bent two rims, and the car was off the road. I pulled out my phone to call for a tow truck, no service.

“DAMMMIT, this just isn’t my day at all!” I yell, even though nobody could hear me. Here I am, a 45 year old guy, not in great shape, but a reasonable dad bod, stuck in the damn road.

The storm wasn’t expected to end anytime soon. I debated waiting it out in my car, but fear of someone not seeing the car and hitting it convinced me to try and find help of some sort. Walking up the road, I kept checking my phone. Still no signal. I was dressed for weather, but the strong wind and pounding rain was beginning to have a toll on me. I was about to head back to my car, when I noticed a mailbox in the tall brush. Looking closer I could make out what appeared to be a faint outline of a driveway into the trees. I walk up it to the tree line and see a house, a soft light glowing from the windows.

I walk as fast as I can up to the door and knock. The small porch offering at least a small break from the wind and rain. I wait what seems like forever. I’m disappointed, and turn to head back to the car, when the door cracks open, as far as the door chain would allow, and I hear a woman’s voice.

“Can I help you? What are you doing way out here in this weather?” she asks.

” I’m terribly sorry, I left the office late and got caught in the storm, my car is stuck, two flat tires and I can’t get any service. Could I please use your phone to get help?” I almost plead.

“Really not your lucky night. Storm took out phone lines. I’m waiting for the power to go out soon, and your cell won’t work for 10 miles in any direction. “

I feel crushed, there’s no way I could walk that far in this weather. I didn’t know what I was going to do.

“Thank you for answering me, sorry to be a bother. ” I tell her as I turn, bracing to head in to the intensifying storm.

“Hang on. ” I hear her say. Then the door closes and I hear the chain being slid. ” I normally wouldn’t allow strangers in, but I can’t bear to know you’re out wandering in the storm. When the phones come back on, we’ll call for help. Please excuse the mess, I was working online until the phone lines went out. “

“Thank you so much, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this. ” I’m almost in tears, I’m so relieved to have shelter.

I take notice of my hostess, I figured her to be late 30s, full curvy figured under a loosely tied fuzzy bath robe. Beautiful face, her eyes seemed to be a different shade with every direction, her lower lip puffed out a little below her upper lip. I try to tell myself to calm down and not offend my gracious hostess, but damn she was cute.

“I’m Heather.” She says, extending her hand.

” Brad, a pleasure to meet my savior.” I shake her hand in return. ” if I can do anything to help you while I’m here, please ask. I really can’t tell you how grateful I am. “

“Well, if you really don’t mind, there is a few things I could use help with, but first we need to get you out of them wet clothes, so I can dry them. I’ll grab a towel you can wrap around you. “

She leaves a towel on the washroom counter, I debate leaving my boxers on, but add them to the wet pile.

After putting my clothes in the dryer, she showed me around, pointing out small jobs. As I was working on a few things, she must’ve felt more comfortable with me. She told me she was 51, I really didn’t believe her. She was divorced and had a great job, until covid came and she found herself unemployed. She had investments, the dividends covered most of her bills, but she did some online work to balance things out. I was tightening the door knob to her spare bedroom, when I saw an odd round light and camera set up İçerenköy Escort near the bed. I was curious, but I didn’t want her to throw me out in the storm, so focused on the task at hand.

Heather looked up from me, I heard her take a deep breath and her face turned red, I followed her gaze, and saw what she was embarrassed about… a sex toy was sticking out from under the pillow. I blushed and lowered my gaze.

The silence was awkward as I finished up tightening the door knob. I wanted to say something smart and smooth like some of the characters in the stories I’ve read, but anxiety silenced me. I finished the last few chores, and joined her in the living room.

“I’m sorry you seen ….” She stated until I cut her off.

“it’s your home, I shouldn’t have looked around. “

She sighed, then told me

“The online work I do is a webcam adult site. Turns out, people will pay decent money to watch a woman strip and tease them online. “

Wow, wait, what. Did she just say that. I looked over at her, she was uncomfortable waiting to see if I would judge her. Looking at her and picturing what she told me, caused my cock to harden under the towel.

“I don’t doubt it, you’re a sexy lady. ” I tell her before my brain can stop me.

She looks at me, she was thinking about something. As her eyes stopped on my crotch and her cheeks flushed red, she crosses and uncrosses her legs. I fear she’ll throw me out in the storm, she’s nice enough to take me in, then I go and get hard thinking about her. Then I see a slight smile form on her lips.

“Giving you shelter from the storm was the right thing to do as a decent person, you doing work around my house shouldn’t be uncompensated. How about I give you free access to my account?” she says rapidly, almost like she’s afraid she’ll change her mind.

“Really, you don’t owe me anything, but if you’re sure, I’ll gladly take it. ” I respond just as fast, afraid she’d change her mind.

“I might as well give you the tour of the office equipment, you’ve seen some of it already. Come with me. ” Heather says, extending her hand to.

The room was pretty crowded around the bed. There was lights and computer parts all around the end. A monitor showed a live picture of the room in the right corner, the rest was a large chat group screen with the word offline in red in the bottom. There wasn’t enough room to stand beside her, so I stood close behind her and looked over her head as she pointed things out. Good thing I’m 6’1″. I noticed a few times as she moved, she’d accidentally rub her ass against my crotch. Leaning ahead, she moves the pillow, exposing a bunch of sex toys.

“These are props for my show, guys and some women really like to see me rub them over my body. ” she explains.

Her bent over in front of me, describing her work has me as hard as a steel beam. I’m starting to feel sweat bead on my forehead. She moves her ass back against me again, when she starts lightly grinding against me, I know it’s not accidental this time. I wish I could say I did something exciting like other stories I read, but I froze. I almost forgot to even keep breathing. She turns around and I notice her robe is untied. She’s wearing a sexy red body suit underneath. Biting her lower lip, she shrugs the robe off, it falling to our feet. With a smirk, she reaches for the towel around my waist and undoes it. As it falls on top of the robe, she chases it with her hands, caressing my thighs. Running her hands back up to my hips, she starts to turn me around. Me feet get tangled in the discarded fabrics and I tumble onto the bed behind me. Her hands travel up my body lightly, I can’t help but moan under her caressing. My head rolls side to side, I see the computer screen has words on the screen. Before my eyes can focus on them, the towel I had worn is wrapped around my eyes and outstretched arms.

“Relax and enjoy handsome. ” Heather says, her voice sultry and almost dripping in lust.

Heather trails her finger nails up my sides, I tremble under her touch. I feel her play with my nipples, my back arches. I never realized how amazing it would feel. Her fingers stop, I groan in disappointment. Her hands move back to my sides, then I feel her warm breath on my chest. A soft moist warmth envelops my nipple as her tongue explores it. Her teeth lightly graze my nipple, not being able to see her is driving me crazy. She moves lower down my abdomen. My cock throbs in anticipation, adding more precum to my already wet belly. Her tongue chases my juices, my member keeps adding more. She takes my cock head in her mouth, I cry out in pleasure. Her tongue dances all around, it seems to be everywhere at once. If this is a dream, I hope I don’t wake up. As her mouth moves down my length, she lightly runs her fingers over my heavy balls. The pleasure is almost overwhelming me. She moves back to my head, taking my shaft in her hand. She strokes while her tongue dances around my head again. I’m Escort İçrenköy getting close and try to warn her. Her hand strokes faster, her suction intensifies. I can’t hold back. I cry out as the cum shoots out. She doesn’t break suction until the last weak throb.

She takes me in her mouth as my cock starts to soften, careful to avoid my sensitive crown. I feel her weight on the bed, then feel her thighs on each side of my chest. I can smell her excitement. The towel is removed from my eyes, I see her reach down to her crotch, and I hear snaps being undone. She watches my face as she raises the front of the body suit. My eyes devour every inch of her smooth mound as it’s exposed. She moves ahead, covering my mouth with her sweet pussy. My tongue reaches, trying to get as much of her as possible. She grinds on my tongue, crying out loudly. My spent cock, starting to twitch and stiffen again. I focus on her clit, her moans become one drawn out sound. Her body stiffens as her orgasm overcomes her.

She slides off my face, leaving a trail down my chest. She moves lower and lower. I feel the heat of her pussy on my fully erect cock. Lower she moves, slipping me into her. She sits up and grinds on me. Our moans filling the room. She starts moving up and down. She’s so tight around me, her juices running down my balls.

As she rides me, the monitor catches my eye again. The room view shows us fucking. The red offline is gone, replaced with the word online in green. A box below the room view, says total tips… $1240. I blink trying to see a decimal, Heather was making it hard to focus on the screen. She’s riding me harder, her breasts moving under the body suit with the movement. I look over to the top of the monitor, near the top left I see a username and the comment, – suck his cock for 25. There’s many lines with sexual requests like that, almost all the things she’s done to me. At the bottom, show your tits for 50. Her eyes are closed as she’s riding me, now I’m curious. I reach up to her shoulders, gently guiding the body suit straps off her shoulders. I ease it down slowly revealing her full breasts. Once exposed the total jumped to $1290. Play with her nipples, showed on the screen from another user. I reach up and cup both of her breasts, gently circling each nipple with my thumbs. A load oh fills the room and she grinds down harder.

Suck her nipples is the next request, who am I to argue with her fans. I lean ahead, it’s a little awkward with how she’s riding me, but I get my mouth close. I extend my tongue, tracing her nipple with my tongue. I flick her nipple with my tongue before taking it in my mouth. I exaggerated the sucking noises and moans I was making. Heather was starting to tremble, I knew she would cum soon. I moved to her other nipple and gave it the same treatment. She looks down at me, her eyes glazed in lust.

She glanced at the monitor and seen the last few requests, she smirked at me when she realized I knew what was going on. She started a cycle of grind, tighten her muscles, loosen to drop back down and repeat. I wouldn’t be able to last much longer, after I few cycles she ground hard arched her back and screamed out in orgasm. The tight contractions of her pussy, milking my cock drawing my release. I gasped as a powerful ejaculation tore threw me. It was so strong it felt like it started in my fingers and toes. She collapsed on me, both of us drained. I may have passed out, I’m not sure.

When I could see again, I looked up at her smiling at me. She rolled her eyes towards the monitor. I glance over, the tips were now over $1400. Another request from a user at the bottom of the screen.

– Make him clean you up, then kiss him for $100.

It dawns on me, they want me to lick my cum from her pussy. I’ve never tasted mine or any guy’s cum before, I didn’t know if I was ready for that. She looked at me, waiting for me to make the decision. Before I can think too much I nod my head. She smiles and makes her way back up my body, until she was once again straddling my face. I started gently licking her. I was surprised that other then a slight musky taste, it wasn’t bad. It didn’t take too long and all I could taste was her sweet juices. She slides back down my body and kisses me. She sucks my lower lip between hers, exaggerating sucking and moaning noises for the audience.

She looks over at the camera,

“Thank you everyone, hope you enjoyed. We certainly did. ” she blows them a kiss and switches to offline.

” $1537, that’s the most I’ve ever made in a session. Looks like I gained about 250 subscribers too.” she tells me. As we lay there, she tells me she didn’t plan on the internet coming back on when it did. She was getting excited seeing me in the towel. She hadn’t had sex in almost 2 years, and seeing me get hard under the towel for her turned her on more. Heather could sense my anxiety and was hoping that showing me her toys she used would turn me on enough to make a move on her. İçerenköy Escort Bayan She noticed the cameras were back on right after we started making out and was going to shut it off, but the tips were starting to add up fast.

“I’m sorry, I should have asked you first. I was so turned on at that point, and for some reason the requests were making me hotter.”

“A little heads up would have been nice, it was surprising at first when I realized what was happening. It was pretty hot though. “

She goes over to a drawer, hands me an envelope. Opening it I find five, one hundred dollar bills. I look at her surprised and hold it out to give it back.

“I don’t need this, the experience was week worth it alone. ” I tell her.

“That’s not even half of what we brought in, it will cover most of the new rims you’ll need if they’re bad.” She responds with a tone that tells me she won’t take no for an answer.

She goes to her phone and makes a call. When she returns she says,

“I called my brother, he has a garage in town. I told him my friend hit a pothole near my driveway and needs repairs. He’s going to come by with his tow truck, but can’t get here until morning. You’re welcome to stay the night. “

I thank her for looking out for me. It’s getting late and we both call it a night.

The next morning, Heather retrieved my now clean dry clothes from the laundry. After getting dressed, we sit and talk a bit more while waiting for her brother. We told each other the basics of our last relationships. Neither looking to get into a serious relationship anytime soon. Turns out that last night was the first time in two years, either of us had sex. Both had opportunities, just none that felt right. I’m a little taken aback when she invites me to come by on Tuesday evenings to put on more shows, offering to split the income evenly. She says she usually only performs three nights, a week, and would like to have a little routine for the subscribers. I’m curious, and ask if she had other routines for the other nights. She blushes and before she can answer her brother knocks and comes in.

After introducing me to her brother Tom, I thank Heather for her hospitality while my car was broke down. She told me she was very happy I stopped by and was sorry about my car getting damaged.

I called out “See you Tuesday.” She smiled and waved as I climbed in the tow truck. Getting the car back to the shop, confirmed two rims were bent and needed to be replaced. Tom gave me the shop discount, and replaced all four with new alloys for $800.

The week seems to go slow, I keep thinking about how the night of the storm ended up. I’ve read lots of stories about stuff like that happening, but never thought I would be so lucky. I never thought I could be an exhibitionist, but damn it was so hot. Tuesday finally came, I had a few comments at the office about how happy I seemed. I was definitely excited. I watched the clock all day, I wasn’t staying late tonight.

The weather was much better this week. I laughed a little when I seen a fresh black asphalt patch not much before Heather’s driveway. Guess I don’t have to worry about that one now. I pull up the driveway and park my car. Heather greets me at the door.

“Little earlier this week, come in over got dinner almost ready. “

“Yeah, I had something to leave the office early for this week. “

She smiles and then returns to the kitchen, telling me to freshen up if I needed to, food was just about ready to serve. I’m not sure exactly what it was other then delicious, she definitely knew how to cook., something my ex fiancé wasn’t great at. During dinner Heather brings up how tonight’s show should start. She didn’t want it to seem rehearsed.

” I’ll crawl up the bed, and then call to you to check something, then you come in and do what comes natural. “

“Okay, that should work. ” I replied.

We finish eating and quickly tidy the kitchen together. We set up her ‘office’ for the show, she changes into tonight’s outfit and then relax and chat until it’s time to go. This week she opted for a black nighty, almost transparent except for the special places that the designer put a thicker lace to keep the tease factor. She had black stockings on that the tops, almost matches the heavier lace of the nighty. I wasn’t sure how the tips would go for the show tonight, but I know one tip she definitely raised.

Heather watches me as I’m checking her out, a sly grin raises the corner of her luscious lips when her eyes see my lower reaction. She walks around the room, pretending to fix up things, but I know she was just teasing me. I was eagerly awaiting the time for the show to start.

When the time came, she had me stand off camera a bit. She opened the live feed for the show, then crawled slowly across the bed. I stood where I could watch the comments on the screen. I wasn’t the only one enjoying her outfit. Lots of compliments, some sweet ones and some dirty ones, but the guys were definitely appreciating her. After crawling around the bed for about 5 minutes, the tips were already above the $100 mark. She crawls over to the far side of the bed, looking over the side at something unseen and calls out,

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