The Wimp and the Lion


The Wimp and the LionThis is a story of love and deceit, pain and revenge. There are four main people in the story. Jack Gibson is a genus, he graduated from college at 20 with master’s degrees, in Law, Accounting and Business Administration. Jack is CFO of Johnson Management Company. April Gibson, Jacks wife former Beauty Queen, her perfect body and face was created by the top plastic surgeons in the world. She graduated from college Suma in gold digging. The person she loves most is the one she sees in the mirror. Her one great talent is pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes. Andrew Johnson III, owner and CEO of Johnson Management, He has a BA in Business Administration that only took him six years to complete, his actual major was partying. He considers himself a connoisseur of fine woman. Debra Ann Foster, graduated Suma From Wellesley. Deb is Jack’s PA, she is very efficient, she always dresses very professionally, and she has natural beauty. *************** Jack met April during their Senior year of college, for him it was love at first sight. April felt Jack presented the best way to get everything she wanted in life. Over the Christmas Holiday April took Jack home to meet her parent’s. April’s mother confirmed this, and began in secrete to plan their wedding and April’s ascension to Country Queen, Over New Year’s Jack took April to meet his parent’s and she totally charmed them, much like a snake does to its pray just before it strikes ejecting its venom. Just before Valentines Jack called Peter Talbot, April’s down to earth father requesting his approval to marry his daughter, of course he said yes. Valentine’s day Jack took April out to a romantic dinner, culminating in Jack down on one knee proposing to April. Of course, she accepted, they spent the night in a luxury hotel suite totally sweeping April off her feet. That night April surrendered her virginity to him. Jack totally overwhelmed her in his ability to excite all her senses easily brining her to organum after organum for hours. The next morning while Jack went to the hotel’s fitness room for his morning workout, April called her mother telling her she had two big announcements for her, first Jack had proposed to her and she had given him her virginity last night. Her Mom was a bit shocked she had given up her virginity and told her she knew the first time can be a bit disappointing, but it would get better. April shocked her yet again by telling her that Jack had porn style talents and size! Flow told her she had to get busy and plan an engagement party at the country Club. They had a June wedding at the Country Club and were given April’s Grandparents property and home just outside of town. Jack would spend every weekend maintaining the property outside, Flow would send over her household staff three days a week to maintain and clean the inside. April stayed home to take care of the home (spending most of her time during summer sunbathing nude by the pool) Jack was hired by Andrew Johnson II as head of project development for his company. It was a Mom and Pop company run by Andrew and his wife Carol. Jack was hired as an employee and never put under contract. His first year Jack worked twelve to sixteen-hour days and traveled around the country developing clients. He not only developed the clients he also wrote their contracts and managed their accounts. At the end of the first year Jack had grown the company far beyond anyone’s expectations. Mr. And Mrs. Johnson called him into their office and promoted Jack to CFO, and interduces their son Drew who just graduated from college, and asked me to take him under my wing and teach him the business, so he could take over one day. Well Jack did the best he could, but you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. The truth was as long as Drew stayed out of the way Jack would make the company grow. When Jack got home and told April about his promotion, she insisted they hold a BBQ Party and invite the Johnsons, and their parents and a few of her friends. Of course, Flow got involved and the simple BBQ party turned into a catered calf and pig roast with DJ, open bar and bar tender. A few hours as into the party as darkness fell Flow was feeling no pain and latched onto Jack, I swear she was trying to rub up against him trying to feel his cock and distract him at the same time. When he was able to get free of her both April and Drew were missing. Jack went into the hoses and as he called her name, he heard a moan and then footsteps and the side garage door open and close. When Jack got back out back he saw Drew come out from the side of the house and a few minutes later April reappeared from the same direction the left side of her bikini bottom was pulled over exposing most of her left ass cheek, her hair a mess and make up a skewed. She scanned the pool deck looking for Jack and when our eyes locked, Jack gave her a look like he knew, and she just looked down. Just then he got a call from a potential client he had been courting in Australia, if he brought on this client it would double the company’s bottom line. Jack gathered Mr. And Mrs. Johnson and called April over and told them about the call and that he needed to be there first thing Monday morning. That meant he would have to pack and leave right away. Jack told them he might be gone for a week maybe two, Mrs., Johnson called the travel agent they used to get him tickets as he went up and packed, he didn’t even say goodbye to April, he wanted her to know he was pissed. When Jack got to the airport and got thru TSA, he had a couple hours before his flight, so he went into the VIP lounge sat down to relax and check his phone no messages. Jack decided he wasn’t going to call her till she called him. Jack wound up being gone almost a month, the customer wanted to be sure they were the right fit for his company. When Jack got back, he went straight to the office to give them the good news that he had closed the contract. When Jack got into the office, he was told to go straight to the conference room and was greeted by the whole company a big welcome back banner a cake and cheers from everyone. After a brief celebration Andrew told everyone to go back to work but asked Debra Ann Foster to remain. Carol Johnson took Jacks hand and said I’m worried about you; you’re working so much so I have promoted Deb to be your PA. I know you two have worked very close together for the past year and she seemed like the best choice. Jack said thank you I really could use the help. He asked by the way where is Drew, Andrew looked at Carol and she said he took a month off right after you left and went to Jamaica, then she said April went with him, they are due back this weekend. Jack looked at Deb and said are you ready to get to work she said yes sir He said you better call me Jack if you want to keep this position. Jack said today is Tuesday I want you to find me a plush furnished penthouse close to here by Thursday that I can move in by Friday, Deb said no problem my big sis is a real estate agent , then she asked purchase or rent he told her purchase. When he got home, he found a note from April. Jack I had a chance eryaman escort to go on vacation while you were away. Please don’t be upset with me I’ll see you when I get back and make it all up to you. Love April The next morning as Jack walked into the office Deb was on his heels telling him his schedule for the day and that he had an appointment at one o’clock with her sister to check out a penthouse. His morning flew by at noon he called Deb in to order them lunch and gave her a credit card the name on it said JG Enterprises. Jack told her that was her card to keep, it was for all work-related purchases. Jack walked out of the office at twelve thirty and told Deb to hold the fort down the rest of the day. Jack met Deb’s sister Linda in the lobby of the West Loop building. Jack recognized her immediately and introduced himself. Linda coldly asked are you ready to see the property he said yes, she said follow me, there was no talk in the elevator on the ride up. once upstairs in the penthouse the temperature went from frosty to subzero. Finally, Jack said he was in real need of a residence and he did not know what he had done and asked Linda to please tell him. Linda lit into him saying Deb worshiped the ground he walked on. She said how rich people like him used up and threw away innocent girls like Deb. She said she went to school with my wife and knew what a bitch she was. Jack said he wished she would warn him before he married her! Linda said what? Jack told her he would not reveal his personal feelings towards Deb but there was no way he would let anyone hurt her. Linda looked directly in his eyes smiled and said damn you’re in love with her, gave him a kiss on the cheek and apologized for her attitude. Linda went on to show him the two-floor penthouse with all the amenities, including infinity pool out on the deck, hot tub off the master, gourmet kitchen, six bedrooms outdoor kitchen at the pool deck, and five bathrooms. Linda said the view of the city lit up at night was specular, and that April would love it. Jack said there is no way in hell April will ever enter in this penthouse, Linda asked and Deb, he said she could move in tonight. Linda asked does she know how you feel about her, I said no but she will know in the next six months. Linda took Jack into the penthouse office and he asked her what account to transfer the funds to purchase the property. The penthouse was purchased in the name of JG Enterprises. Linda handed Jack the keys and said she would have the new deed to him by Monday. She said she forgot to mention that there was weekday maid service and room service from the five-star restaurant. Linda took Jack downstairs and interdicted him to the building management and staff. Thursday evening when Jack pulled in his driveway there was a strange SUV in the drive. When Jack got out Deb and Linda said D & L movers to help you move your things to your new place. Jack quickly turned his head so they wouldn’t see the tear running down his cheek, but Linda had. As Jack unlocked the door, she leaned over and whispered into Deb’s ear he is very special don’t let him get away. They quickly cleared out all his clothes except a few old work clothes he would need when he came to do the yard maintenance. Jack left a note on the table.

April I will be over Saturday morning to do the yard work. Jack As Jack locked the door, he leaned his forehead against it and started crying, Deb and Linda gave him a big hug and Linda says she is not worth your grief, Jack said no I just have never failed at anything. When they got to Jack’s new place, the building staff moved all of Jacks positions into the master and Deb helped him setup the office, Jack asked Linda to call down and order three Surf and Turf dinners for them. Linda returns and finds them in the office Jack was logging onto the Company Server Deb was standing beside him with her arm around his shoulder and the other pointing at the screen. Linda says I expected to find you making out, Deb yells LINDA THIS IS MY BOSS, and Linda says who loves you he told me so last night! Jack yells LINDA YOU Weren’t SUPPOSED TO TELL HER. Deb says oh my god is that true! Jack stood up pulled Deb into his arms and gave her a long loving kiss. Out the window behind them the lights of the city were lit up in spectacular fashion. Linda says this doesn’t look like failure to me looks you traded up. Friday morning when they walked into work Doris the receptionist was crying her eyes out, Jack asked what is wrong she babbled out Carol had died during the night. Deb hugged Jack and started crying. Jack asked where Andrew was, Doris said he was in his office. Jack asked Deb to take care of Doris and went to see Andrew. When Jack walked into Andrew’s office, he found Andrew just staring out the window. Jack asked Andrew what happened, he turned in his chair to face Jack, and said you know she loved you like a son, How could Drew do to you what he has done after everything you did for him and the company. You know she put you and Deb together in hopes you two would become romantically involved. How am I going to keep on going without her she was my whole life? Jack said she was a wonderful woman if there is anything Deb or I can do just ask. He looked at Jack and said takeover I need to go make arrangements for Carol, Jack said I’m sending Deb to help you. Two weeks later sadly Andrew passed away, the doctors said he had grieved himself to death. Drew took over the company and started sending Jack and Deb to the most miserable places in the world to drum up new clients. Deb and Jack were on a plain in January heading to Alaska. Deb asked how we rated first class normally we are back in the cheap seats. Jack said I upgraded us. He opened his brief case took out a brown envelope, Deb asked is that the PI’s report Jack said yes and spent the next hour reading it. When he finished reading the report, he put it back into the envelope, didn’t even bother to look at the pictures. He looked up at Deb and she asked well, Jack said just as I thought they started having sex at the BBQ and been fucking like bunnies ever sense. Deb said so they have been fucking like bunnies for the past year and a half while you won’t have sex because your still married. Jack got a big smile on his face. Deb asked why you are smiling, Jack told her last weekend when he went to cut the grass, April told him he was being c***dish that she and Drew were just friends and there was nothing going on between them and tried to get him to fuck her. Jack said he just ignored her and cut the grass, she got pissed and went shopping. When he got done, he went in the house and microwaved her three-month supply of birth control pills. Jack took out his cell phone and called his PI and asked where they are now, his PI told him they were sunbathing on the beach in Cancun. Jack said serve them now. *********************************************** Drew started laughing, April asked what’s so funny, Drew said I was just thinking about your wimp husband freezing his ass off in Alaska while we are living the good life here on the beach. esenler escort Just then a man walked up the them and asked are you April Gibson, she says yes, the man says you have been served and hands her a big brown envelope that contains both divorce papers and a copy of the PI’s report. The man then looked at Drew and asked are you Drew Johnson he said yes you have been served handed him another brown envelope, then said you two have a nice day. Drew asks what is this shit, April opened her envelope and said Jack is divorcing me, Drew says he’s suing me for Alienation of Affection. April looked at the PI’s report and said he has everything all the way back to the BBQ. Drew asked what is he proposing, she said the standard 50/50 split no retirement or alimony. But he’s filling on grounds of adultery. If my dad finds out I’m cheating he will disown me. Drew says so what I have more than enough money for both of us. Look let’s make a counteroffer; we will offer him everything no 50/50 split he keeps everything; I’ll promote him to CEO and give him a ten-thousand-dollar a year increase, for a quick no fault divorce. The stewardess asked Mr. Gibson would you like you bed made up now, Jack said yes please. Jack put his case in the overhead. Once the bed was made up Jack and Deb climbed in and stewardess pulled the curtain closed, then heard a little giggle from Deb. Deb says I can’t wait until you devoice that bitch, I’m so honey I might **** you before we get off this plane, then she says Jack what are you doing, Jack oh my god its huge, Jack says as far as I’m concerned when she was served, I was a free man, Deb says oh OH YES FINALLY! The next morning the stewardess tapped on the curtain and said we will be landing in Fairbanks in 45 minutes. Deb lifted her head looked down at Jack and said I love you so much, but I won’t walk right for a week but damn it was worth it! Deb said you’re a porn grade lover why the fuck did April choice Drew over you? Jack told her one-word Money. They think he has it, she asks what do you mean they think? Jack smiled and said let’s get dressed and I’ll explain it, but I’m surprised you don’t know already. By the time they got dressed and cleaned up the plane was on its final approach. They put on their heavy coats on as they disembark the stewardess hands them both a set of wings and says thank you for flying with us. When they entered the terminal, a man approached them and asked are you Jack Gibson, Jack said yes, and the man handed him an envelope and said you have been served. Jack got a cart and picked up their luggage. They sat down at a food bar and ordered breakfast. Jack opened the envelope and it contained divorce papers from April. Jack said son of a bitch she is suing me for divorce. Deb asks what she wants, Jack says No Faught, No Split I keep everything, No Support, No retirement just a fast divorce. Jack says but wait there is more Drew proposes to settle the Alienation of Affection suit by giving me a ten thousand dollar a year raise and making me CEO. Deb asks what do you think, Jack got out his phone, called his lawyer, Jack says yes, I have them and totally accept, we are in Fairbanks I’ll get the next plane out try and get us in court by three tomorrow afternoon. I walked over to the ticket counter got them first-class seats back to Chicago, they had a three hour wait. Deb asked what was going on as our breakfast was served. As we ate our breakfast, I took out one of our standard contracts that I had drawn up and initiated when I started with the company and told Deb to read thru it. As we munched our breakfast Deb reading would say things like really, oh shit, WHAT! Then when she was done, she looked up at me and said if I read this right, you own the contract. The clients pay a fee monthly, 25% of that payment goes directly to you which is by my quick calculation is several hundred thousand dollars every month. The remaining 75% goes to the CEO for distribution for paying bills employee salaries and profits. I say your close except my monthly cut is quite a bit higher than your estimate. That’s how I was able to pay cash for the penthouse. She says wait if you become CEO you would control 100% of the funds coming in and going out of the company. You can do a hostel take over and kick Drew out he will be penny less. I said that is one option, another would be to sell all the contracts to a competitor and retire or start a new company of our own and hire everyone for our new company. As we finished lunch Deb pulled something out of her pocket looked at it and said OH MY GOD did you look at the wings the Stewardess gave us , He said no she handed it to him and printed across the wings it said MILE HIGH CLUB MEMBER, we both laughed. We had two more hours before we had to board, I told Deb I had to go to the men’s. Once inside I took a chance and called Ober ( Fairbanks had Ober service thank god) I told them I was at the airport I needed to go to the best jewelry store in town to purchase a wedding ring set and be back in two hours to catch a flight. He said no problem then asked if I wanted a car or Eskimo ride. I said what the hell Eskimo, he said make sure you have a warm coat and the driver would be out front in five minutes. Jack and Deb checked their bags and to put on their coats Jack told her they were going sightseeing. They walked out front and heard dogs barking in the distance then a dogsled pulled up and the driver said Mr. Gibson I said yes, he said I’m your Ober Driver, Deb put her hands over her mouth laughing the driver unfolded a bunch of furs and says Mr. Gibson please sit inside and spread your legs, then he said Miss. Please sit back between his legs Deb did then he covered them in the furs and asked are you ready? Jack raised his hand and pointed forward, the driver yelled mush and with a jerk they were off at full speed. Deb was laughing and laughing then she felt Jack reach up under her coat and cup her boobs Deb looked up at Jack and saw tears running his cheeks and he said I love you Debbie so much, then he bent his head down and they kissed a long warm loving kiss. Suddenly they pulled to a stop the driver was unwrapping them, put his hand down and helped Deb out, Jack climbed out and before Deb could say anything, they were inside the store. It took her a few seconds to realize where she was. The store owner came up to them and said Ralph your driver called ahead, Mr. Gibson I have our wedding ring sets set up over here, Jack said just a second then asked Deb for her phone, without question she unlocks it and hands it to him, Jack asks what’s your father’s first name, Deb says Sam why, Jack holds up his finger, then speaks into the phone, hello Mr. Foster this Jack Gibson, yes, I’m that Jack Gibson that works with your daughter. Yes, she is fine the reason I’m calling you is I’d like your permission to request your daughters’ hand in marriage, yes, she is standing right beside me, yes just a second and he hands her the phone. Deb says hello dad, no its not a joke we are standing in a jewelry store in Fairbanks Alaska. Dad I do love him he is fatih escort the best man in all the world. Deb says dad wants to talk to you, Jack says yes Sir. Ok of course Sam thank you Sam, listen do you and your wife like Broadway Shows, good Deb will give you a call you can stay at our penthouse I’ll arrange all your transportation, the women can get together and plan the wedding and we can find man things to do, yes I look forward to meeting you and your wife, thank you buy, Deb looked at a bunch of ring sets, then they brought out a set and Jack saw a tear run down her cheek, she put it on and held it up and said it’s the most beautiful ring I have ever seen in my life, Jack told them we will take the set and handed him his credit card . Deb said wait a second, I want to see men’s nose rings I mean wedding rings. Jack picks out a plain white gold band, Deb hands the man the credit card Jack gave her, Jack says wait that’s my card Deb says I know I’m a CPA I know how to economize! Once all the paperwork was done the owner said you have a lifetime adjustment and cleaning with these rings. Jack and deb jumped back into the dogsled and back to the airport When they boarded the plane, the stewardess said you two just got off you only get one set of wings! Once they were in the air and free to move around the cabin the pilot came on and said if you look to the left you will see Mt. Denali off in the distance, Deb said look Jack so beautiful when she turned around Jack was on one knee with the ring box open she gasped oh my YES Jack said wait Debra Foster will you do me the honor of becoming my wife and grow old with me, she shouted YES. The stewardess rolled up a cart with Champagne popped the cork and yelled CONGRATULATIONS, we don’t have wings for engagements so this will have to do. Debs phone went off it was her mom Hi Mom oh you were out, yes, I’m getting married. Jack is the best man in all the world, let me show you she took a picture of her ring. Deb puts her phone on speaker and says OH MY GOD what did that cost, does he have a brother? Deb says Mom what about dad, she says he’s not going to live forever and laughed. Deb asked her mom can you come see us this weekend, we really need to get the wedding planed fast! Her mom asks are you pregnant Deb says no well I don’t know I mean we are sexually active as of last night and I’m not on birth control and I am ovulating and I’m horny as a bunny! Jack and her mom both yell WHAT at the same time. *********************************************** The court is called to order at 3:00 Thursday afternoon, the court clerk reads off the case of April Gibson VS Jack Gibson in a no fought divorce, The Judge asks are the litigants represented by counsel? The lawyers both say yes, have the litigants been advised of counseling? Yes, your Honor nether is interested. The Judge said let me see this is a no fought action, all property, is divided, no c***dren, all neat and clean, the Judge says ok 90 days from today your final judgement will be issued. April’s lawyer says your Honor my client has a bit of a delicate situation and we were wondering if you could issue an immediate divorce, and maybe farther impose upon you to marry her to her fiancée we have all the necessary paperwork. Mr. Gibson do you have any objections, Jack said no your Honor the sooner the better, my fiancée and I will stand in for them the judge told the clerk to rush the divorce decree paperwork thru, it should be an hour. Then the judge asked the four of them to approach the bench. Jack interduce Deb to April, April yells oh my god where did he get that ring for you, Drew did you see her ring as soon as we get out here you are buying me one twice as big. After the ceremony such as it was the judge pulled Jack aside and said you made a very wise choice, I have a feeling those two will be before me again before long. Drew’s lawyer had us adjourn to a conference room. His lawyer got out the paperwork and said by signing this Jack you will be the new CEO and the Alienation of Affection lawsuit will be resolved. Jack signed it. As soon as I signed it April snatched it up and said ok Drew smash the wimp like a worm put him out the street, fire his ass. Drew’s lawyer (actually the company lawyer) he was too cheap to get his own said we have one other issue to deal the last will and testament of Andrew Johnson. The room got dead quiet. The lawyer opened up the document read thru it. He said this is very simple Andrew left everything to Jack, all the company, all its holdings and all his funds, property and holdings. April screamed NO GOD PLEASE NO. Drew, he left you a message. Drew Your Mother and I are so ashamed of you. Jack took you under his wing and tried to give the knowledge to run this company, and you repaid him by fucking his wife and ruining their marriage. I know in six-months’ time under your leadership you would destroy the company it took your mother and I thirty years to build. Your only hope is Jack takes pity on you and brings you on and trains you, if it were me I wouldn’t. Dad Jack never saw Drew again after that day. He heard that April had had twins and that her parents were razing them. Twelve years later Jack stopped in a Seven Eleven late one night to pick up orange Juice for breakfast, he noticed a frumpy woman with hair askew and pulled back into a bun filling the Nacho machine. Jack said excuse me mam can you ring me up please, when the woman looked up Jack realized it was April, she went running into the back of the store saying no no no no! A baby started crying in the back, Abdul the store owner yelled what has gotten into you woman, stick a tit into the baby’s mouth and shut it up. He looked at Jack and said sorry Sir I don’t know what’s gotten into my wife, after giving me eight k**s I didn’t think anything would cause her to act that way. Jack went home that night looked in on Dave his twelve-year-old son (yes Deb was ovulating that first night on the plane) and Alice his eight-year-old daughter sleeping in their beds. Jack got into bed pulled Deb into his arms she rolled over and smiled, Jack said I’m selling the company. Deb sat up and said what’s wrong baby, Jack said life is too short not to enjoy it, too many late nights and trips away from you and the k**s. Tomorrow morning call the travel agent get us booked into all the theme parks in Orlando then cruse the Caribbean, maybe one of those Win Jammer cruses till the k**s have to go back to school in the fall. Deb said are you ok are you having a midlife crisis. No just a realization there is much more to life than work, maybe over the Christmas holiday we could go to Fairbanks, I wonder if Ralph is still there! Deb asks what you are going for number three! The day after Christmas Deb’s parents came to stay with the k**s as they were walking the door Deb said wait I have to get something, ran back to her jewelry box and grabbed two pins shaped like wings, put one on herself and pined the other on Jack. When they boarded the plane, the Stewardess smiled and said welcome back I see you have flown with before, wait didn’t he propose to you on the trip back, Deb said yes and she held up her ring she stewardess said I remember that ring, Deb said that wasn’t the only thing he gave me on that trip! Six weeks after the trip Deb walked by Jack nude her breast still perky and sitting up, flat tummy, long sensual legs and a sparkle in her eyes. She handed him a positive pregnancy test strip.

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