The wife’s Story of Adult book store with fri


The wife’s Story of Adult book store with friOne day I had an Idea to finally go to the adult book store and buy a toy but didn’t want to do it alone. So I asked a friend to go in with me. My friend didn’t mind the thought of 2 women going into such a place. On our way over my friend asked why I was going in the first place. Well, I replied, My Husband has been wanting for years to see me do things and I want to do them but don’t know how to get them done. My friend asked, Like what? I said. The usual Man stuff. Two Girls together stuff. My friend said, “I think that is every guys fantasy”. Then my friend asked what was at this store that she wanted to buy specifically? I said, Well he wants me to buy some kind of toy that looks like a girl and wants to watch me play with it and lick it as if it was another woman. My friend laughed and asked, Really? I laughed as well and said, Yeah. And I want to buy a dildo that doesn’t taste gross. She asked, How do you find out if it doesn’t or not? I replied. I guess I will just hope to buy the right one. Then my friend asked if that was all. I said, Well not exactly, Then she asked me, what else is there? I replied, He wants me to take pictures of me with either another woman or man. My friend said loudly, Another GUY? I said, Yeah. He wants me to send him pictures of me sucikng on some strangers cock or watch me fucking him. I was thinking of making fake looking cum and drizzle it all over my face like I just sucked off some guy and he shot his load all over my face. Then send him some pictures of it. I should send different pictures of it on my tits and Bahçeşehir Escort pussy too and say stuff like, “He had A LOT for me.” or “I loved his cock in my mouth before he exploded” My friend said, Tiffany you dirty slut! She just laughed as they pulled into the parking lot. Getting out of the car and walking in we noticed that the parking lot wasn’t full, only one other car and thought it might be the worker. We walked in not sure what we would find and went to the back part where all the good stuff was. Looking around for a bit laughing and pointing at the different things. We picked out a dildo that might get the job done. Tiffany said, I want something that I can deepthroat and send him a movie of me doing it. My friend couldn’t believe what she was hearing. We joked around with a couple different things as my friend picked up a paddle and said, Since your being such a bad little girl, how about if I spank your ass to punish you? I jokingly bent over and my friend hit me lightly on the ass with it and laughed. I just stayed in the position and my friend asked, You want more? I said, Yeah while laughing. My friend took aim and reared back and hit me again. I sighed. And she did it again but harder as I let out a moan. My friend kinda got turned on at the fact that I was enjoying it. Again and again she began hitting my ass harder and harder. She grabbed my hair and pulled my head back as she wacked my ass good and said, “You dirty little slut you” Just then the guy behind the counter said, “You cant do that here, Your going to have to either stop or buy it. Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan We agreed to stop and continued to look around. We found a couple toys that looked like a pussy till we came across one we agreed looked the best and took our stuff and paid for it and was on our way. When we got to the car my friend said, Open it and let me see it. I take it out of the hard plastic case and gives it to her. She looked at it and gave it back to me and said, Try it out and send selfies to your husband. I took it and gave her my phone to take pictures. First I began to run my tongue around it and across it a little as pictures were being taken. Then slid my tongue in to the slit and licked it then started pushing it in and out and in and out sucking on it for a bit and the shoved my fingers in it pumping it while licking. My friend said, My gosh you’re quite the pro at that, it looks like you done that before. I replied, I never done it before. My friend was surprised, Really? I said, Yep as I licked and sucked it. After a few pictures and minutes of working the fake pussy with my fingers my friend said, That is kind of turning me on for real. I said, Ok. After a few more pictures my friend couldnt take it anymore and said, You have to try a Real one as she started to undo her pants. I agreed as my friend pulled her pants off and exposing her pussy right there in the parking lot she leaned the seat back and slid back and spread her legs. I was very eager to get in there and show her what she wants me to do, and that was to make her cum. We were both so turned on Escort Bahçeşehir at the moment that we didn’t care if anyone was watching or not. I buried my face in her pussy and started licking eagery sucking and licking it good. My friend Moaned telling me she loved it and to stick my fingers in it. I slid my finger into her wet hole and began sliding it in and out and I asked, Do you want More? My friend said, YES, MORE! I slid in 2 fingers and started working it in and out as I sucked her clit hard. moaning and loving licking her good. I heard a noise just outside the car and looked up and it was a guy standing their stroking his cock Watching us taking pictures of ourselves. When my friend seen him, she asked, You like what you see? The stranger said, Oh Yeah. I replied, Shoot your hot fucking cum on her pussy so I can lick it clean. I help my friend lift her hips up to the window and the guy moves closer. I lean forward and takes his cock in my mouth and starts sucking feverishly. Slamming his cock deep in my throat wanting his big fucking load to shoot. He says,” Im going to cum” I backed off of it and started stroking as spurt after spurt of cum shot out all over my friends thighs and pussy. I said WOW, That is a big load and then started licking it up. Buy this time I had the dildo between my legs fucking myself with it Hard and Fast with my friends hands on my head pushing her me between her legs Sucking and licking. Just then my friends legs began to shake as she was going to cum, It turned me on so much that I too started to cum all over the dildo I was plunging in myself. We both started screaming as we came thrusting our hips forward breathing heavy and laying their for a while. My Gosh that was Great she said as she pulled up her pants and it looks like the guy already left. I said, That was fun and my friend agreed. Don’t forget about the pictures and we left for home.

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