The Wedding


Chapter 1

“I can’t believe you saved your wedding dress!” said Frank Jellicoe.

Amanda Jellicoe rolled her eyes for the umpteenth time at her husband’s comment, then hugged his arm. They were standing to the side as their daughter Melisande, ‘Melly’ for short, and her new husband posed for photos with the rest of the wedding party on the steps of the church. “It’s like I told you, honey. It didn’t cost all that much to have it cleaned and stored, and we might have had a daughter who would like it.”

In truth, Melly had jumped at the chance, especially after she saw it. Frank delighted in it as well, since it would be one less thing he had to pay for. The dress had lasted 23 years in pristine condition, and Frank thought his daughter looked as gorgeous in it as his wife had on their wedding day. It was silk, a white which neither Amanda nor Melly had deserved, heavily brocaded across the tight white top and shimmering down through the detachable train. It was off-the-shoulder and low cut, though not so deep as to be vulgar, and it had showed off Amanda’s ample bosom very nicely. Now it did the same for her equally buxom daughter.

“Would you believe I could still fit into it?” she asked her husband smugly. “I tried it on.”

Frank’s eyes lit up at the idea. Leaning down, he whispered in her ear, “You should have brought it out every once in a while. We could have fooled around, you in your gown and me in my tux.”

Amanda playfully elbowed him in the ribs. “Give me a break. You don’t have a tux, and besides, who fools around in their wedding gown, anyway?”

Frank surreptitiously licked his wife’s ear. She had changed over the years, maturing only slightly, and looked at least 10 years younger than her age. Now her long brown hair was cut and curled around her face, frosted slightly to hide the gray she hated. She still had the large bust, narrow waist and pleasantly ample rear that had originally attracted her husband’s eye. Today she wore a slim and form-fitting pink dress, cut sufficiently low enough to highlight her spectacular breasts without detracting from Melly’s beauty, and high enough above her knees to show off a pair of great looking legs. Sheer hosiery and three inch heels completed the look.

Amanda shivered at the touch of her husband’s tongue. “Frank…” she whimpered, her body reacting involuntarily to his touch.

“Besides, you know somebody who fooled around in a wedding gown once, don’t you?” Frank asked. He slipped behind his wife and pressed against her soft ass, his erection grinding against her.

Amanda shivered in delight as Frank pressed against her from behind. She whispered back, “Yes…”


If there was one thing that Frank Jellicoe was sure about, it was that Amanda Bentley looked damned fine in her wedding dress. Amanda Jellicoe now, he reminded himself. They had been married all of 56 minutes, by his watch, and he wanted to do nothing more than consummate their marriage, and to hell with everyone else. Frank wasn’t at all sure how the marriage would work out, about jobs, or grad school, or kids, or any damn thing at all. Frank was very sure that his new wife had the best set of tits he had ever seen, and the best pair of legs to ever wrap around his waist.

Now it was time to leave the front steps of the church and head over to the reception. The wedding had taken place at four o’clock on a Friday afternoon, and the reception was at six, and they had blown almost an hour taking photos. Now it was time to stuff everyone into various cars and head over to the banquet hall. Frank led Amanda down the stairs, and helped her into the car, with the bridesmaids helping with the train, then he went around and got in the other side.

Frank grinned at Amanda as he settled in next to her and she grinned and laughed back. Jerry Jellicoe had spared practically no expense for his only daughter’s wedding, and had even given the newlyweds a Bermuda cruise for the honeymoon. However, he had a completely blind eye towards transportation, and rather than get a few limousines, had decided that his car was as good as any limo. Detailing Amanda’s oldest brother to drive it, everybody else had to make do with their own cars.

As far as Frank was concerned, his father-in-law drove something only one step removed from a pimpmobile. It was a white Chrysler, the one with the ‘rich Corinthian leather’ and had a sunroof, blackened windows, wire wheels, whitewalls, and a ludicrous ‘Winged Valkyrie’ as the hood ornament. Amanda had dutifully defended her father, but secretly agreed with Frank.

“Let’s go!” cried out Jerry Junior as he pulled away from the church amid a blare of car horns. It would be a good thirty minutes or more to get to the reception hall.

Frank smiled at his wife and leaned over and kissed her. “Congratulations, Mrs. Jellicoe.”

Amanda blushed and grinned. “Congratulations, Mr. Jellicoe.” She leaned forward and returned the kiss, and Frank wrapped his arms around her.

“Hey, hey, none gaziosmanpaşa escort of that mushy stuff now!” yelled Amanda’s brother from the front seat, eyeing the pair in the back seat. He was grinning maniacally at them.

“Mind your own business.” replied his sister.

“You need a girl of your own.” added Frank. Laughing, he placed his hands on Amanda’s waist and lifted her up and pulled her into his lap.

Amanda laughed at this, then leaned forward over the front seat and turned the rear view mirror to the side. “Mind your own business for awhile!” she ordered. Giggling, she settled back into Frank’s arms and began kissing her new husband eagerly.

Jerry Junior readjusted the mirror and Frank saw him wink, then turn his attention back to the road. With Amanda blocking the view, he ducked his head down, away from her lips, and planted a kiss in the valley of her breasts. Amanda squirmed and pulled back, worried that her brother would see something, but Jerry Junior seemed oblivious and Frank ignored her silent protest. He pulled her back and kissed her lips again.

Amanda had settled in for a very pleasant, if somewhat sterile, necking session when she felt Frank’s hands moving. The one behind her back held her against him tightly, but the one around her waist moved down to her legs. Moments later she felt Frank’s hand move under her dress and slide up her leg. Amanda tried to pull away, but Frank kept her held against him. Pulling her face away from his, she worriedly whispered, “Not now, Frank!”

“Why not?” he answered with a smile. He kept his hand moving northward until it reached the top of her thighs, and then he began pushing her legs apart gently. His fingertips began brushing against her pussy, protected though it was by the layers of pantyhose and panties.

Amanda whimpered as her body began responding to Frank’s assault. It had never been difficult for Frank to bring her to orgasm. A good fingerfuck was all it took, and now was no different. Her body began responding, her legs slipping slightly apart to allow him easier access. “We can’t…” she protested weakly.

“Why not?”

“Jerry, he’ll hear us.” she whispered back, biting her lip to remain quiet. Frank had pushed his hand up higher, so that his fingers had begun to pull her pantyhose and panties down far enough to finger her bare pussy.

“Then you’d better come quietly.” Frank replied with a grin. Twisting his hand slightly, his middle finger entered her pussy and made contact with Amanda’s clit. Amanda was a very loud fuck, a real moaner, well known around the frat house. Frank had been screwing her since his junior year, three years ago, and on more than one occasion was the butt of jokes the next morning as his frat brothers would start moaning and yelling out, “Oh Frank! Oh Frank!”

Amanda gasped, shuddering at the touch, and buried her face in Frank’s shoulder. She whimpered as he began fingering her clit slowly. “You bastard!” she said. She began to kiss him fiercely and her moans were swallowed up in his mouth.

By the time the pair arrived at the reception, Amanda was in a pitiful state, teased and excited beyond endurance, and the first thing she did once they got out of the car was to scurry off to the bathroom and finger herself to orgasm. Frank had simply grinned and laughed at her desperate need, then teased her the rest of the evening about it.

“That’s the last time you will ever touch me!” she had hissed at him at one point during the night, at which Frank had laughed uproariously.

The first argument of their married life concerned when they were going to leave the reception. Frank had wanted to leave about an hour before the end, while Amanda wanted to stay. Frank had won the argument, and they had changed into normal clothes in the bathrooms. Both had packed bags and left them in the trunk of Frank’s Toyota, which his mother had driven to the reception. They were met by their parents in the lobby as they were about to leave, and Amanda was eternally annoyed to hear her father say, “I was wondering when you two were going to leave! Now we can have some real fun!” Frank and the others had laughed, even as Amanda looked daggers at her father, then everyone kissed and hugged and Frank bundled his bride out to the car.

Most of the cans fell off the bumper within the first five miles. They had told everyone that they were staying the night in a motel near the Chicago airport, but Frank had other ideas. Reaching across, he unbuckled Amanda’s seat belt and patted the bench seat next to him. Amanda smiled and slid next to him, and he draped his arm around her shoulder. Amanda snuggled against him and sighed contentedly.

Frank looked at his wife in the dying sunlight and liked what he saw. Amanda had changed into a simple sundress and high-heeled sandals, and looked gorgeous. She was busty and leggy and he would never be able to wait three hours to reach Chicago and fuck her. Pulling gölbaşı escort his arm back from around her to make an adjustment to the radio, he slipped his hand down and began rubbing her leg.

“Mmmmm.” murmured Amanda, forgetting her earlier anger at her new husband. She relaxed, leaning back against the seat and spread her legs to allow Frank easier access.

Taking this for the permission it was, Frank began moving his fingers more boldly, slipping them under the hem of the dress and rubbing her thigh through the pantyhose. Within minutes he was stroking her pussy though the tight fabric of pantyhose and panties, and Amanda was squirming wildly on the seat.

“Lose the pantyhose.” ordered Frank, pulling his hand away from her pussy.

Amanda took a few seconds to come down from her excited state. “Wh…what?” she panted out.

Frank grinned at her in the near darkness. “Take off your pantyhose and panties, I said. I want to finger your pussy, and those damn things are just in the way!”

Amanda looked wildly around at the traffic. “Are you nuts?” she asked.

“Come on, who’s going to know?!” he answered. “Please?”

“Oh, hell, okay.” agreed Amanda, smiling at him. She could always pull her dress down, and besides, they were married now. They were allowed to fool around now, and even fuck, and nobody could say a damn thing! She kicked off the sandals, then after looking around, lifted off the seat slightly and reached under her dress. She pushed the pantyhose and panties down her legs and slipped them off, then smoothed her dress out decorously.

“Put your sandals back on.” ordered Frank.


“Well, come on, honey, what were you going to do? Get dressed in the parking lot? Nobody will know!”

Amanda shrugged and bent down to slip the shoes back on. She actually felt extraordinarily wicked and horny, sitting in the car without any panties on. Even though nobody could possibly see, she felt as if every other driver knew what she was up to.

Frank’s hand rubbing her back brought her out of her reverie. She heard him say something, and looked up as she slipped the second sandal on. “What was that, honey?”

“I said, ‘Take off your bra, too.'”, he answered. Before she could protest, he begged, “Please?”

“Oh hell, why not.” she replied. “Just remember, if I have to go inside someplace, I’m getting dressed first!”

“Yeah, sure, whatever.” Frank’s eyes were practically bugging out as he tried to keep them both on the road and on Amanda. Now he could see her naked and it wasn’t wrong or immoral. Amanda managed the task of removing the bra by loosening the top and pulling her arms inside. They reappeared a few moments later with her bra. She tossed it to the floorboard alongside her underwear, then snuggled up against her husband.

Frank tossed his arm around her shoulder but lowered his fingers down her front, to dip inside the top of the sundress and caress her naked flesh. Amanda whimpered at his touch, her nipples responding, puffing up and stiffening against the fingertips flicking across them. Next, he pulled his arm back and reached down between her legs. Amanda spread her legs wide, pulling her dress to her waist, and Frank dove in, fingering her clit as she moaned in orgasm.

Finally, unable to stand the strain any further, Frank saw an exit that promised a few motels. He pulled off and drove to the first one he found. “Stay here.” he ordered, “And don’t put anything back on.”

Amanda pulled the dress back down and tried to compose herself. Frank came back out a few minutes later and pulled the car around to the side. He grabbed a suitcase from the trunk, then unlocked the room door and ushered Amanda inside. Once inside, he looked around briefly, flipped on the light switch, and tossed the case aside. Taking his bride’s hand, he led her to the bed and kissed her. Amanda felt his fingers moving behind her, unzipping the dress, then Frank stepped away and pushed the dress down her naked body. Her breasts were heaving and her pussy lips were pouting in anticipation. He pushed her gently down onto the bed and crawled alongside her. Quickly undoing his pants, he pushed them low enough for his painfully stiff cock to come into view, then crawled between her outstretched legs…


“You know, it’s not nice for the mother of the bride to look sexier than the bride herself.” whispered Frank into Amanda’s ear. His stiff cock was poking her ass and Amanda was becoming seriously turned on.

“God, you’re awful!” she replied quietly. ‘Why not?’, she thought to herself! If she considered herself to have any serious weakness, it was for hanky-panky with Frank. She and Frank were done with their photos. She pushed herself out of Frank’s encircling arms and turned to face him. Speaking lowly, so that only he could hear, she said, “I need to go to the bathroom. Join me in two minutes.” She left and went inside the church and went down the side keçiören escort hallway.

Frank tried to keep from grinning too broadly. He couldn’t believe his wife at times. Ever since that first trip after their wedding, when she had stripped down to a dress and her heels, she had become something of a closet exhibitionist with her husband. Eager to please the man she loved, Amanda had quickly learned the type of lingerie that really turned him on. Frank wasn’t completely sure what she was wearing under her dress, but was almost positive that her hose were stockings; she didn’t own any pantyhose!

Frank slipped back into the church and went down the side hallway to the women’s bath and gingerly knocked on the door. Not getting any response, he stuck his head inside and whispered, “Amanda?” then stepped in and looked around wildly. He had never really been in a ladies room before and wasn’t completely sure what to expect, other than the probable lack of urinals. The room was empty. Confused, he stepped back out into the hallway.

“In here, silly!” whispered Amanda loudly. She had heard her husband fumbling around in the hall and peeked out the men’s room door. Frank laughed and slipped inside with her and watched her latch the door. “We are probably going to go to hell for this, you horny bastard!” she told him as she pulled her dress up around her waist.

Frank licked his lips at the sight and began fumbling his pants open. Amanda was wearing thigh top stockings, held in place with garters attached to some form of body brief. His wife spread her legs wide and reached down between them, and Frank heard a quiet ‘SNAP’ as she undid the crotch. He loved seeing her shaved pussy.

Frank pulled his stiff cock out through the fly of his pants and stepped closer. Grasping his wife firmly by the waist, he turned her away from him, so that she was leaning forward over the bathroom sink, facing the mirror. Tugging the dress higher, he stepped between her wide-spread legs and stuffed his cock into her cunt. Amanda groaned as he began to fuck her. “Mmmm, baby, you are so tight and juicy!” he whispered as he bucked against her.

Frank quickly unzipped her dress and pulled it down far enough that he could see the rest of her lingerie. The body briefer was black and strapless, and so sheer that her erect nipples were plainly visible through the fabric. He reached around and tugged it low and her big D cup tits popped into view. Amanda gasped as Frank plowed her from the rear. “Oh, baby, you are such a good fuck!”

It only took Frank a few minutes before Amanda’s spasming pussy drove him over the edge. He pumped what felt like a gusher into her twitching cunt, sending her over the edge as well, and she was forced to stuff a knuckle into her mouth to stifle her orgasmic cry. Drained, Frank promptly stepped back and stuffed himself back into his pants.

Amanda took a paper towel and wiped her cunt dry, then rearranged her clothing. “I’m surprised lightning didn’t come down through the roof.”

“God saves that for the priests screwing the nuns.”

“For that remark you probably will get hit by lightning!” she replied.

Chapter 2

The uniformed driver held the door open stiffly, nodding with a restrained smile at the bride and groom as he ushered them into the back of the limousine. Frank Jellicoe had a considerably more refined sense of propriety vis a vis automobiles than his father-in-law, and had hired first rate limos and drivers for the wedding. The driver tried to hide his grimace with a thin smile as he realized that the bride was half smashed as she climbed into the back of the limo.

“Go slow!” Melly cried out as the driver began closing the door. “I plan on necking with my new husband!” She broke out into raucous laughter, along with the rest of the bridal party waving them off. It seemed as if each of them had smuggled a bottle of champagne to the wedding, and had opened them all during the photo session afterwards.

The driver fixed his face into a semi-smile at this. If anybody tossed their cookies in the back, there was a hefty surcharge for cleaning, but that simply meant he would be the one cleaning it up. He settled into his seat and endured the inevitable playing as the crocked bride ran the electric partition up and down a few times, then raised it completely.

Melly drank some more champagne, then gave the bottle to her new husband with a smile. Dave was nowhere near as drunk as his wife, who had an astonishing capacity for booze. She didn’t drink excessively very often, but when she did, she could really put it away! He rolled his eyes at her statement, then sipped some from the bottle and set it in a bottle holder in the door.

“Baby, you are too much.” he told her softly, leaning over to kiss her. “Mrs. Talbot, I love you.”

Melly wrapped her arms around the groom’s neck and returned the kiss passionately. “I love you, Mister Talbot.” She moaned at the touch of his lips. Pulling back, she grinned and said, “Melly Talbot. I like the sound of that.”

“Me too.”

Melly crawled up onto Dave’s lap and straddled his waist, an action which took considerable energy considering the length of her wedding dress. “You know that bit about ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue?’ Want to see?” She flipped the hem of her dress lightly. “Huh?”

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