The Walk


I sit at my desk, browsing the net before I start work. The phone rings and I automatically answer it.
“Thank you for calling ……, this is Lee.”

I hear a voice, deep and sexy asking me if I am ready.

I shiver as I answer softly “Yes, I am always ready for you.”

He chuckles and I feel myself get instantly wet. I love the sound of his voice. Nice, deep, sensuous, commanding.

He talks to me, telling me what he is going to do to me when he gets here. How he is going to roll my nipple between his finger and thumb while he rubs my clit, making me cum almost instantly. I can almost feel his breath on my skin.

The phone goes dead and I whimper, wanting more, needing to hear him tell me how much he wants me. I start to dial his number when I hear the door open. I look in the tv monitor and see it is him. I hang up the phone and watch with anticipation as he closes and locks the door.

As he locks the door I study him. I look at his graying hair, the growing bald spot on the top of his head that I love to run my fingers over. Down to his face where I can see the lines etched around his brown eyes. I look further down and see the abundance of white hair peeking out the top of his t-shirt.

Further down over his stomach to his jeans, knowing they will have the smell of his trade on them, gas and oil. It brings back the smell of my childhood from days of cutting wood with my dad. Down to his work boots, slightly Bornova travesti muddy from being in the wet woods.

I love to watch him walk. That swagger that comes with confidence and age. I would know that walk anywhere.

I stand as he enters the office, unbuttoning my shirt as I move towards him. I hold his face as I kiss him, feeling his breath on my mouth, tasting him. I love to kiss him, the way he gives small kisses, then sucks my tongue into his mouth gently as he moves his hand inside my shirt.

I hold my breath until I feel him roll my nipple, pinching it just a bit. I let out the breathe with a small moan. It feels sooo good. I am waiting for him to slip his hands inside my pants, wanting him to touch me so bad.

He chuckles as he knows what I want but makes me wait. I kiss him again, pleading with him to touch me, to make me cum, please. He kisses me back, leans me against the wall and moves his other hand slowly downward.

I grab his shoulders, hanging on tightly. I feel him move his hand inside my pants and further down as he reaches my wetness.

He leans to my ear and says “You are so wet for me.”

I just hold on tighter as he moves his fingers in tandem with the ones on my nipple.

I start to shake a little and he whispers to me, telling me how hot I am, how good I make him feel, how sexy I am. He tells me he wants me to cum on his hand, all over his fingers. Buca travesti I feel his fingers working faster, I cry out as I get closer, hearing him talk softly in my ear, telling me to let go, to let it happen, to cum for him.

I grab his sweatshirt, the back of his head, shaking, feeling myself start to fall to the floor as I hold my breath, let it out in a yell, and cum all over him.

He holds me up, makes me look at him, grins and asks if I am ready for one more.

I kiss him and hold on tighter, he can make me cum like no one ever has. He moves his fingers and I spread my legs trying to keep my balance.

He smiles and shoves his fingers up inside my pussy, pulls me close and says
“Jesus, you are so wet, so ready for me” as I grab him tightly again. He keeps saying “Give me one more, just one more, I know you can do it.”

He moves his fingers back to my clit and I moan, his hand felt so good inside me. He kisses my neck, rubs hard, and pinches my nipple again.

I feel myself soaring higher and higher, can feel my orgasm building fast and hard, it is so close, right there. He gently bites my neck and I feel it let go, crying out loud, yelling his name, sliding down the wall with him catching me, telling me that now he is going to fuck me.

He moves me to my desk, pulls my pants down, pulls my bra up and off, letting my tits sway as he pulls on them. I am shaking so bad, I watch as he Konak travesti rips his shirts off, undoes his belt, lets his pants fall to the floor and moves towards me.

It is fast, frantic, wild. He lifts my legs to his shoulders as he rubs the head of his cock on my clit sending shivers through me. I am so sensitive and he doesn’t stop, he just keeps rubbing it up and down, over and over and as I cum again he drives himself into me.

I fall back on the desk as he fucks me hard and fast. I hit the monitor behind me, not caring. I can only see him, hear him, feel him. He grabs my arms and I know the bruises will show later from his touch. I don’t care.

I look him in the eye and tell him it feels so good. I love what he is doing to me, how he makes me feel, how no one else can do this to me like he can. He is fucking me faster now, with an urgency that lets me know he is close.

He asks what else I love and I say him. Only him, no one else but him, I belong to him.

He grunts, says yes, and pushes into me so hard I slide back on the desk. I can see on his face that he is ready. I reach up, grab his shoulders and move myself up and down on his hard cock, feeling it swell, and then pulse as he shoots wave after wave of cum into me.

I can feel his warmth fill me as we hold each other tight. I kiss his neck and his face, run my fingers through his hairy chest, loving the feel of him.

He rests against me as I hold him and touch him. His chest is heaving, his breathing fast and hard still.

He kisses me and I lean back against the desk as I watch him leave the office to go get cleaned up. I love to look at his backside as he moves away from me.

I love that walk.

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