The Train Ride


She was sitting by herself looking out the train window at the people still milling around on the platform. The station was very busy since it was shortly after 5 and most businesses were winding down for the day. Luckily for her this train didn’t seem that popular and with any luck she would get this set of 4 seats (2 facing her and the one beside her) to herself. She leaned back against the red tweed and breathed a sigh of relief as the intercom announced the train would be pulling out in 1 minute. Sixty seconds until she could totally relax and know she was going to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Suddenly she heard someone jogging down the aisle and sat down right beside her. With dismay on her face she looked to her right and saw a tall, lithe man with a big grin and milk chocolate eyes looking back at her. He stuck his hand out and said, “Hi, I am Scott.”

She mustered a halfhearted smile and replied, “I am Diana. You know there are plenty of empty seats.”

Scott, still grinning, said, “I know, but none of the others are beside a pretty girl.”

Diana muttered something and then in a louder voice bluntly told him, “Look, I would really rather be alone if you don’t mind.”

“No I don’t mind at all,” Scott replied, showing no intention at all of moving to another seat. “But I for one am not moving, I like this seat.”

“Fine!” was all Diana could muster. She turned her head towards the windows and firmly closed her eyes.

After what seemed an eternity, but closer to 20 minutes, Çankaya travesti of listening to his cheery banter, Diana had decided she would scream before she ever got to Denver in 2 more hours.

Then she felt it. A feathery light touch on her right knee. Did she really feel that, she wondered. Then it happened again, just a little higher on her thigh. “Oh my God” screamed through her head. That man beside her was touching her! What should she do? She decided just to ignore it for the moment and maybe he would stop.

He continued to caress her thigh with each touch slightly closer to the edge of her black leather skirt. Soon he hesitated and Diana held her breath. He had reached the smooth black leather. What would he do Diana wondered. With a gasp lodged in her throat, she found out as he slid his fingers under her skirt.

In her head, she knew she must stop him, but with her body slightly trembling she realized suddenly that she was enjoying his touch and didn’t want him to stop. So she kept her eyes shut and tried to breath normally as his fingers reached the lace top of her hose and then continued until they reached the lacy elastic of her panties. She felt his fingers slide down to rest on the lace covering her clit.

She couldn’t stand being quiet anymore. She started panting quietly as she turned and met his passion filled gaze with her own glazed eyes. “Don’t stop please,” she whispered.

He slid his fingers up and down along her clit as he started nibbling Dikmen travesti her soft shoulder through the soft red silk covering it.

She turned her head further and sought his mouth with hers as his fingers slipped inside the lace and stroked the hot wet skin he found waiting there.

“Oh God,” he moaned against her mouth, “Your skin is incredible. I want to touch more of you”

She tentatively reached her hand out and stroked the zipper of his black jeans. Scott moaned again, louder this time and his breath escaped in gasps as she pulled down the zipper and pulled his huge hard cock out. Diana smiled at him and then lowered her head and slid her mouth over his cock.

Scott thought he was going to scream in pleasure. Diana slid her mouth up and down his shaft for a long time and then circled his head with her tongue before plunging down the length of him. She pulled her mouth back and proceeded to lick his cock as if it was a lollipop. He took advantage of Diana’s position and slid his hand across her backside and under her panties so he could fill her pussy with his fingers.

Diana paused a second as Scott’s fingers plunged inside her hot throbbing pussy. She couldn’t remember being this hot and reckless in years.

Scott grabbed her by her hair and dragged her mouth back up to his. “Come to the loo with me now!” he ordered. Silently he zipped his jeans and walked to the restroom. With no hesitation, Diana followed him.

In the tiny stainless steel Eryaman travesti cubicle, they fell into each other’s arms and started pulling at the other’s clothing. It seemed neither one could get it all off fast enough. Scott stopped when he saw the black lacy panties that he had felt and he had to admire the matching lace that cupped her beautiful breasts. He took one in each hand, lace and all, as his tongue found hers and they moved as their bodies moved as close together as possible.

Suddenly, he whipped Diana around and shoved her over the sink.

“God you have a beautiful ass! he moaned as he slid the lace to one side and plunged his throbbing cock into her tight wet pussy.

Diana screamed. She had never known such a huge cock. Scott moaned as he pushed his way into the tightest pussy he had ever fucked. He pulled part way out and then plunged again, over and over again, harder with each thrust, until Diana screamed with pleasure as her hot pussy got hotter and started throbbing even more. Scott didn’t stop even though she begged him to. He continued to plunder her tender flesh until his cock exploded inside of her spewing his cum into her wetness.

When his cock was empty, he withdrew from her delicious pussy and helped her stand up. They stood hugging while they both tried to get their breath and heartbeats back to normal. Then they kissed and dressed themselves.

Without a word they walked back to their seats and collapsed. Suddenly the conductor announced they were approaching the Kansas City station. Diana turned to say something to Scott, but his seat was empty. She quickly stood up and glanced up and down the aisle. She spied him; he was just sitting down next to a blond. She heard him say, with a big grin on his face, “Hi, I’m Scott…”

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