The Tigress Two


He heard her laugh drift up from below, that same infectious laughter that He had come to adore. The few moments it took her to reach the door and step inside seemed like an eternity, but then she was there and the world stopped spinning. He rose, took her in His arms and they kissed. Lips pressed together as if to cement a union that had remained unbroken since their last embrace.

“Take of your clothes.”

The words were simple, but said more than a matter of simple undressing could resolve. He wanted her naked. Needed to see the body He so desired without frill or flounce, view each millimeter of skin, each mound, each indent, feast His eyes upon her total surrender to the moment of uniting. They lay together, stretched out in luxurious union, two individuals now melded into one.

He tasted her. Tasted the succulent lips that opened so willingly for His invading tongue. Tasted the breasts and nipples that hardened to succulent fruits to be licked and nibbled endlessly. Tasted her sex, the lips swollen and slightly flared, the perfect clitoris hard and peeking from its protecting hood as if asking for permission to burst into full view. His mouth moved over her, endlessly craving more and like the tigress she is she purred and growled her pleasure.

“Inside, I want to feel you inside me.”

Her voice was a hoarse whisper and His responded without question. He moved His body between her wide open thighs and gently placed the head of His member against the dripping avenue to her core. Slowly steadily he entered her and as he did she came. That first climax was like the release of a floodgate that had held her lust in check for what seemed like an eternity since they last were Escort Beylikdüzü together. Her head fell back, eyes fluttering and a look of such angelic bliss upon her face as to capture all of His heart as fast as a caged eagle. Such was the force of that first climax that Wolf was expelled from her body like a shot from a cannon, followed swiftly by a gush of nectar as sweet as sugar water. His head moved downwards again, the tip of his tongue dancing around and across the bullet at the top of her center. Each lick, each suck, each gentle nibble caused a ripple to descend from deep inside her core bringing such sensations of pleasure as she had never known. A finger slid into her depths, stroking the velvet walls of her tunnel and the climaxes came faster and faster. Wolfs fingers could feel her cervix pushing down against His fingers and without a hesitation he pressured back causing the ripples to move up and down her heavenly channel continuously. They entwined in this fashion for moments, minutes, until Wolf rolled sideways and upwards to press His lips again to hers in deep impassioned kisses. The tongues danced like whirling dervishes, twisting and turning around each other in a wild frenzy.

“I want to suck your cock.”

Her words came deep from inside her, spilling out from a place that only He had touched. The desire she felt to pleasure Him was burning in her heart and soul, was all she could think or dream of fulfilling. Laying back He guided her mouth to His member. She took the tip between her lips with the sigh of an addict feeling the rush of narcotic in her veins. Her mouth moved slowly up and down the shaft, from tip to base grazed sensually Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan with her tongue. He waited, letting her have this moment, then pushing her back to the bed slid His fingers deep inside again. She came. She climaxed with utter disbelief, because each time was like a crescendo of feeling that seemed to rise unharnessed to the stars.

She stood and bent over the adjoining bed. Fresh lubricant glistened on her tight anal bud and Wolf spread equal amounts on the head of His fully engorged member. The tip nuzzled between her cheeks pressing against the tight sphincter. Wolf pushed a little and she moaned but gave no ground. Increasing the pressure He slowly pried an opening, then a little wider, a little more, till finally the mushroom head slid through the doorway to lodge ridge deep in her ass. She was already cumming but Wolf wanted all of her and she would accept nothing less than complete penetration. Since their very first meeting the need to have His cock deep in her ass had been a constant desire, something that haunted her daily thoughts and made her wake in the night wet and panting from her uncontrollable dreams. Now at last she was speared completely and her womb shuddered and quaked with release after release.

She bathed, to cool and ease her aching body and to cleanse the orifices that had been so thoroughly used. Wolf stood by the side of the bath, still erect, still full of vigor and fed His manhood into her expectant mouth. She sucked Him with relish, like a child working on a popsicle flavored with every wondrous taste imaginable.

“Come back to bed.”

His voice was gentle but commanding and she surrendered Beylikdüzü Escort utterly to His wish. She felt complete, content, as if this was where she was always meant to be, in the arms of her Wolf.

The fingers inside her were insistent. Not moving fast or hard or deep but touching and caressing her in places only she had found before. Imagine a hand deep inside you scratching that itch that can only be found and eased by yourself, that was how she felt.

She squirted, two hard long streams of nectar gushing from her urethra. Her eyes rolled back into the sockets she shook her head as if to clear the cobwebs that befuddled her. His right hand reached for her neck, the thumb one side and the fingers the other, the web pressed hard against her windpipe. The digits worked inside her again, and as her breathe dissolved in her lungs and she began to fight for oxygen she squirted again, once, twice, then with a huge gush a third time, a fountain of fluid pouring from her sex to soak the bed below her.

She sucked and licked Him; licked the shaft, sucked and kissed the mushroom head, tasted His sac, rolled His testicles on her tongue. The reward was thick and hot. Semen flooded into her throat, filling her cheeks, gagging her momentarily before she hungrily swallowed every drop. Not a drop was spilt and none was left unattended as her mouth worked rigorously and with great concentration to salvage all she could. Twice she was rewarded; twice she tasted His essence and came herself in satisfaction.

She left unwillingly, but responsibility was something Wolf knew well and would never put another at risk for His personal need. The tigress has to tend her she cub; it is the way of things and must be honored. She carried His mark deep inside now, each movement a reminder of the passion that burns within and between them, the knowledge of being bound by chains of pure shared ecstasy. Each time would be better, each new experience and experiment a flood of gasoline onto an already raging inferno.

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