The Tenant


This is my first submission which is based off of a request from a friend to adapt a mundane encounter into an erotic literary piece. I hope you enjoy it.


College is seen as a place of freedom, debauchery, and parties…and my particular moment to prove it to me more than anything came on a day I expected to be troublesome and testy.

I was getting ready to start my sophomore year at the university and all had been taken care of but housing. Due to a botched piece of paperwork in the offices, I was labeled as “dismissed” from the university, and by the time we got it straightened out, the dorms were all full and I had just over a month to find housing. With the university I was going to being 2 hours away, it was tough to drive down and bid on a house while holding my job for a local contractor.

Amidst my searches on Thursday night, I found an apartment for rent right off of campus for $1300 per semester that was allegedly in good shape. I saved the number and dialed it later when I had free time, which was roughly 7PM. After a couple rings, a voice came through the other end of the line.


It was a woman, whom sounded as if she was either tiring from the day’s work or was growing old in age. With all of the noise of young children in the background, I assumed the first one.

“Hi, this is Luke. I’m calling about the ad you have in the paper about the apartment you are offering.”

She screamed at whoever was making all the noise and came back to the phone.

“Sorry…but yes, the offer is still open. In fact there is a kid coming in to view it on Monday at 2:30PM…do you think you could come down and view it at that time?”

I pondered for a moment, regarding of how far I had to drive and with work in the morning. It didn’t take much thinking to realize that it was much more important to have a place to live for the next 9 months than 8 hours of work with people that I hate.

“I can do that. I’ll be there at 2:30 and me and that other kid can view the house. I have a few other things to take care of down there at the campus, so I’ll be sure to be there. I suppose we’ll discuss terms when we get down there, right?”

“Great. And yes, we’ll talk about them when we get it all in place. And don’t rule out looking at other places…you might not be able to get this place because of other views that came before you.”

I could tell that she was starting to relax by her tone, but I still had no clue as to how this woman was in person.

“I understand and I will be there. I’ll print out the list of the other properties and bring it with me and find somewhere else while I’m down there if this doesn’t fall through. But if I could just ask one thing…”


“I don’t quite understand the circumstances at hand…it’s for one semester only from what the ad says…what’s that about?”

“Well…” She got a bit quiet for a moment and then spoke back up. “My son has to be out of school this fall semester because of a health problem, but since we already signed the lease for the apartment for the year, we are just leasing it out to somebody so they can pay for what we paid for it so it’s not wasted on this. He’ll be back in the spring, so whoever gets the apartment will have to move somewhere else at the end of the fall.”

“Oh…I’m sorry to hear that, but I think I understand now. Alright, I was just curious how that was working out with the one semester deal. That works for me. I’ll see you on Monday then.”

“Fine by me. You said you name was Luke, right? I’m Sally. I’ll see you there.”

“Yep. That’s me. Nice talking to you. See you on Monday. Goodnight.”

“Alright, goodnight.”

I hung up my cell phone and went back to my computer to type a paper regarding the scientific method for an online site. Nothing too interesting for me, but it was a time killer.


The weekend passed quickly, considering that I didn’t work on Fridays because my crew worked four 10 hour days to get our work week filled. But, that is not interesting, so I’ll just skip ahead to the day of the meeting.

I woke up rather early, rolling over to see that it was only 6:30. Try as I might, I couldn’t get back to sleep. I had told myself that I’d leave at 9AM so I could make it down to the campus by 11:30, traffic pending, and take care of the financial aid issues and discuss my class choices with my department’s dean.

I kept myself busy until 8, messing around on the computer and printing out the directions to the house where I would meet this woman at, and then I took a shower and started to gather my stuff together. The morning got longer when I realized that I couldn’t find my checkbook, mostly because I never write checks. Instead of going through the bullshit of tearing the house apart trying to find it, I grabbed a spare transaction booklet and went to the bank to have a short stack of checks made for me.

Finally getting on the road at 9:05, I drove the familiar roads, full of the bad drivers and morons as usual. Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir It was nothing new to have people around me drive like blind retarded midgets in a Suburban, so I just let it go.

I arrived in the town at around 11:15. I drove around for a bit trying to find out where I was supposed to go amidst the chaos that filled the roadways. The myriad of one way streets and construction sites made the already messy street system all the more infuriating and I had little patience for it that day. After a while, I found the correct building just to make a point of reference, and then quickly headed off to the other places where I had to stop before the appointment.

As I finished my last meeting, it was nearing 2PM. I quickly walked back to my car on the other side of the campus, which was the closest I could park to that particular building at the time. I got in my car and drove to the house where we were meeting.

I got out of my car and walked up to the porch. Looking at my phone, I saw that it was only 2:20, so I shouldn’t have really cared that they weren’t there yet.

After a few moments, I saw a car pull up across the street and park in front of another house. In the window I could see a young woman talking on her phone and nothing more. From where I was at, she looked to be the only one in the car and she looked to be no older than 20. She had a darker shade of blonde hair going down onto her shoulder and a very bright looking expression on her face. She was wearing sun glasses, so I couldn’t see her eyes, but I could imagine. There wasn’t much else I could do but look at her seeing as I didn’t see the person I had called yet.

I looked over once more and she saw me, giving me wave and a tip of the sunglasses at me as if she were being flirtatious. I figured, from how she looked, that she was another college student who lived across the street, so I played along with it, giving her a look back at her in a very subtle manner. It had been a long time since I had actually been with a woman. It was over 9 months since the last time I had sex and the slightest notion of it happening was great in my mind.

A couple minutes passed and she still sat in her car talking on the phone. Finally I saw her pull it away from her ear and open her door. It was hard to constrain myself or my jock from what stepped out of the car. She was wearing a mid thigh length business skirt with a low cut pink blouse showing ample cleavage. She was roughly 5′ 2″ and her blonde hair hung to her shoulders and tossed around in the light breeze. As she stood up to get out of the door I could see her rather large breasts bounce slightly against her rather petite frame. She took her sunglasses off to reveal her piercing emerald green eyes. She was wearing a short heel and it accentuated her rather taut looking legs. As she turned towards the car to get he purse from the seat, I caught a glimpse of her ass as it stuck out slightly to display an amazing curve line.

All in all, she was a knockout, and little was keeping me from allowing myself to respond. Much more to my surprise, she began walking towards me. I was confused and anxious as to why this insanely gorgeous woman was coming my way on such a random occasion, when all of a sudden…


My focus on her was broken by the closing of the passenger side door of her car. A young man stepped out of the car and started walking towards me as well. He looked to be about my age and was a little shorter than myself, being 5′ 8″. He looked a bit less masculine and muscular than I, but I still felt a terrible notion pass through my head.

Oh shit…she’s got a boyfriend…

My horniness stifled itself momentarily as they approached the porch on which I stood, which I still had no understanding as to why they were there. My ethical code did not condone allowing cheating or encouraging it, even if it was for my own benefit. I just never saw it right to allow infidelity.

I looked away quickly but my distraction was soon broken by a familiar voice.

“Hi there. Are you Luke by any chance?”

It was the voice from the phone. My mind spun as I tried to comprehend how this woman who seemed to be no older than 20 was on the terms of doing this type of work.

“Uh…yeah, I’m Luke. You must be…”

“Sally. And this is my son, Ryan.”

My whole body seized up for a moment. I could not fathom that this woman was old enough to have a son my age. She hardly looked old enough to be out of college.

I shook both of their hands and stood off to the side as her son unlocked the door. Sally turned to me and started to ask me questions.

“So…how old are you?”

“I’m 19. I’ll be a sophomore this year.”

“Oh that’s nice. Ryan here is 21. He’s the one leasing out the room this semester.”

My mind still raced to keep up with reality and what I thought was going on. I kept thinking to myself that it was impossible. Even if she had this kid at 15 or something, she’d İstanbul Escort still be in her mid to late 30s…no woman looks like that at that age, so I thought.

My silence to her statement sparked her to speak again.

“So, what are you majoring in?”

“I just switched over from Psychology to Evolutionary Biology.”

“Ah, so you’re just a brainy young fella, aren’t you?” She giggled lightly and waved me into the house as her son pushed the door open. I could do nothing more than have my eyes fixated on her tight figure, and at this point I had noticed that the blouse she was wearing wasn’t very thick, showing a dark colored bra underneath through the fabric.

The house was rather dark, giving off an eerie feel to the place. There were things scattered about the living room from the person who was already living there in the other bedroom. Sally walked straight across the room and sat down on a chair in the corner, crossing her legs and running her one foot up and down her calf muscle.

I realized that all the thoughts and analysis of her was wearing on me, so I spoke up.

“Excuse me, but where is the bathroom?” She pointed down the hall next to the room we were already in. “Thank you.” I casually walked to the bathroom and locked the door behind me. I unzipped my pants and pulled my member out. I always knew I had something to be proud of in that. When I was fully erect it stuck out around 11 inches and was bigger around than my hand could reach. Ladies loved it, but it came with a price of trying to hide it in most situations. I moved it around a bit and found that the best way to cover it up would be to just relax for a moment and get it semi-flaccid again so I could run it down my leg in my rather baggy jeans so as not to be seen.

To cover my act, I flushed the toilet that I didn’t even use and washed my hands. I came back into the room to see that she was still there in the chair and her son was in another chair opposite to her. Between them, there was a couch, which I quickly sat down on the end nearest to her. Hurriedly to make short work of what I had just did and to keep it from coming up, I tried to start a conversation.

“So…when is that other guy getting here?”

She looked over at me and tilted her head a tiny bit. “I’m not sure, but…” She stopped midway through her sentence to stretch. Sticking her arms up above her head and pushing her chest out, I couldn’t help but be awestruck. Her son was sitting across the room texting so he didn’t notice me in my near-gawking stare. My libido couldn’t take it anymore and I could feel my dick hardening up and rubbing against my jeans, so I shifted my leg and hid it. She stopped stretching and continued on speaking. “…he should be here pretty soon.”

I nodded slowly and kept still hoping that my erection would subside. The next couple of minutes were a blur to me because she started talking to her son instead of me. I spent the time trying to regulate myself and I eventually got myself mostly flaccid again.

Amidst the talking between them, a phone went off. She looked down at her phone and opened it. There was a quick exchange followed by “You’re at the café? Hold on, I’ll send Ryan down to get you.” She stood up and handed her phone over to her son and told him to go guide the other person to the house from the café a little ways away.

Completely forgetting what I was doing, I sat up a little bit and uncrossed my legs. “Was that the other guy checking out the house?”

She turned to me slowly with her head pointed slightly downward. I saw a glint of surprise in her expression and then she turned away and said “yes” through a cough. Curious as to what that was about, I looked down quickly to see that the outline of my dick was still prevalent against my jeans on my inner right thigh. I quickly shifted my legs and sat back realizing that she saw it. In a panic, I shifted my entire body back into the couch and tried to talk.

“So…um…what did you say you do for a living?”

She turned around slowly and looked me right in the eyes. “I’m a radiologist at the local hospital.” She had started to peer down again and then back up. Her eyes were almost hypnotizing me. “We don’t live far off, but I figured he could have his freedom if he wanted to live on his own. I got my ex-husband…his father…to pitch in for the contract, so he could.” Her voice trailed off into ire when he came up, but she maintained a seemingly distracted tone. She took a step closer to me and I began to get nervous, but my eyes were locked on hers. She put one finger underneath my chin and guided me to stand up so she could get a look at me. I suddenly felt a sensation move across my member through my jeans as she smiled, so I looked down to see her running her hand over it. I couldn’t help but start to stiffen back up.

“…M-ma’am?” I could hardly speak because of how it felt. She put her finger to my lip and knelt down. She ran her hand from my crotch down my leg along my stiffened Escort İstanbul cock until she found the head. She traced it back up to the zipper and undid my pants and reached into my pants to retrieve her prize.

“Well, Luke…you certainly know how to make an impression, don’t you?” She chuckled lightly and yanked it out of my pants. She gasped and moved back a little bit to comprehend my entire cock at once, grabbing it at the base and gazing along the side and giggling like a school girl as she touched it. She stood back up and had her breasts pressing against my chest and forcing my dick up against her stomach under her blouse as she locked my eyes in her gaze. “May I ask, young man, what this is like this from?” She smiled and ran her fingers against my rigid penis.

It was hard to remain sane, but I tried to impress her knowing where I could have gone with it. “Well, I’d say that you’re a big portion of it. I didn’t expect you to be so damn stunning. What does that tell you?”

She smiled even bigger and pressed herself even harder against me until our faces were merely inches apart. “I must be doing something right then. If at 45, I can make a young stud like you do that, then I think I got it made.”

A bit confused at this point at her choice of words, seeing as I had never been called “stud” before, I grouped myself together to realize what she had just said. “45? No way…” It would have made sense with her 21 year old son, but she was still so unbelievably beautiful that my brain wouldn’t accept it fully. “When you got here, I thought you were your son’s boyfriend.” She giggled and ran her hand down my shaft, twisting her hand gently so as to give a deeper feel. “Ma’am, you could make it do a lot more than just that…but…” I stopped her as she started to breathe heavier and stroke a bit more aggressively. “…I don’t think this is safe. Your son and the other kid will be back any minute now.”

She looked down at her watch and took a step back from me. “Oh shucks. You’re right…but that cock of yours is not getting away from me if I have my way.” That sentence alone made me swell against her hardened stomach even more. “We’re going to take care of this as soon as I can get them out of the way, do you understand? I haven’t had a lay in 3 years, and you better make that wait well worth it.”

I was too shocked to think straight, but there was little thought required in that situation. “I’d be honored, ma’am. I wouldn’t miss an opportunity with a little slice of perfection such as yourself.” She blushed and leaned up to kiss me, leaving me in near ecstasy.

“Well, aren’t you just sweet?” She leaned back down and kissed my throbbing cock as it stuck out in front of her. “I guess it’s got to go. Darn…” She kissed it again and slid it off to the side so she could get it back into my jeans, then she let it go around the side so I could hold it down. She let me sit down on the couch and then she bent down in front of me, giving a full view of her canyon-like cleavage first, then leaning in and kissing me again. She got up and walked to the bathroom directly afterwards and remained there for at least 3 minutes. The other boys came back and I told them where she was. By the time she came back out, I had controlled myself a little bit so I wasn’t throbbing out of my pants. She proceeded to give us the tour of the small apartment.

We had been in the kitchen when the other two got ahead of us on their way to the actual bedroom. Sally grabbed my ear and whispered quickly “I had to take off my panties after just seeing you. I’m so wet right now…” She tapped the head gently as she walked by, giving me a look of seduction as she rounded the corner. I contained myself as much as possible so as not to be noticed, but her teasing was killing me. I walked into the living room and stood off to the side so they could walk back in and sit down. I could hardly believe what was going on.

A knock came to the door as I sat down on the couch. The landlord had come. The next hour was just sitting there, listening to his ramblings and to be told that the lease had already been signed by another person so we were both out of luck for this house, but he had another one that he’d call us about that night. As he left and gave us his business cards, the other guy left promptly, leaving me, Sally, and he son.

She gave me a look of impatience as her son stared at the wall like his brain had stopped functioning. I pulled my phone out and checked the time. Now approaching 4:15, we began to get restless. She looked over in deep thought, and then turned to her son and started to unveil a plan.

“Hey Ryan, do you want to pack up some of your stuff from your room and take it back home? I have a bit of stuff to do here in town and I can just walk to those things and call you when I’m done.” He got up without question and walked over to the bedroom. She stood up and walked just past me. She turned and started to whisper to me. “Hey, help him get that stuff together then we can have our time.”

Without a second thought, I walked into the bedroom and started to help him collect his things. As I got to the door to turn around, I looked and saw Sally sitting in the chair in the corner flashing a seductive glare at me, so I turned away before I ended up letting her son know about what we were doing.

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